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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman...Novalee Nation
Ashley JuddAshley Judd...Lexie Coop
Stockard ChanningStockard Channing...Sister Husband
Joan CusackJoan Cusack...Ruth Meyers
James FrainJames Frain...Forney Hull
Dylan BrunoDylan Bruno...Willy Jack Pickens
Sue McCormickSue McCormick...Cake Supplier
Keith DavidKeith David...Moses Whitecotten
Ray PrewittRay Prewitt...Tim
Laura HouseLaura House...Nicki
Karey GreenKarey Green...Rhonda
Mary Ashleigh GreenMary Ashleigh Green...Girl in Bathroom
Kinna McInroeKinna McInroe...Wal-Mart Clerk
Laura AuldridgeLaura Auldridge...Wal-Mart Assistant Manager
Alicia GodwinAlicia Godwin...Jolene
Dennis LettsDennis Letts...Sheriff
Richard Andrew JonesRichard Andrew Jones...Mr. Sprock (as Richard Jones)
Kathryn EsquivelKathryn Esquivel...Mrs. Ortiz
Mark MathisMark Mathis...Reporter
JD EvermoreJD Evermore...Orderly (as John Daniel Evermore)
Sally FieldSally Field...Mama Lil
Linda WakemanLinda Wakeman...Hospital Receptionist
David AlvaradoDavid Alvarado...Cellmate
Mark VogesMark Voges...Religious Man
Angee HughesAngee Hughes...Religious Woman
Todd LoweTodd Lowe...Troy
Margaret HoardMargaret Hoard...Mary Elizabeth Hull (as Margaret Ann Hoard)
Rodger BoyceRodger Boyce...Officer Harry
Gabriel FolseGabriel Folse...Policeman #2
Mackenzie FitzgeraldMackenzie Fitzgerald...Americus Nation
Nataly PeñaNataly Peña...Angela Ortiz (as Natalie Pena)
Yvette DiazYvette Diaz...Rosanna Ortiz
T.J. McFarlandT.J. McFarland...Ray
Richard NanceRichard Nance...Johnny DeSoto
Tony MannTony Mann...M.C. of Banquet
John SwaseyJohn Swasey...Jerry
Scarlett McAlisterScarlett McAlister...Kitty
Kylie HarmonKylie Harmon...Praline
Cody LinleyCody Linley...Brownie
Bob CoonrodBob Coonrod...Ernie
Heather KafkaHeather Kafka...Delphia
Angelina FiordellisiAngelina Fiordellisi...Nurse
Cheyenne RushingCheyenne Rushing...Co-Ed
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Deborah AbbottDeborah Abbott...Bar Girl (uncredited)
Alecia BatsonAlecia Batson...Girl in Bar / Girl on the Street (uncredited)
Stacy BellewStacy Bellew...Wal-Mart Girl (uncredited)
Jeff ChiuJeff Chiu...Student on bicycle (uncredited)
Jeff CooperJeff Cooper...Nightclub Customer / Pedestrian (uncredited)
Rebecca DavisRebecca Davis...Photo Finalist (uncredited)
Lisa Del DottoLisa Del Dotto...Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Jeremy DenzlingerJeremy Denzlinger...Reporter (uncredited)
Gareth B. DePutronGareth B. DePutron...Wedding guest (uncredited)
Dan EgglestonDan Eggleston...Truck Driver (uncredited)
Adrian GarzaAdrian Garza...Young Brownie (uncredited)
Thalia HarithasThalia Harithas...Extra (uncredited)
Susan HegartySusan Hegarty...Rosita (voice) (uncredited)
Jim HenryJim Henry...Bar Room Fighter (uncredited)
Molly HoweMolly Howe...Lynne (uncredited)
R.C. KeeneR.C. Keene...Walmart customer (uncredited)
K. Todd LytleK. Todd Lytle...Customer at Gas Station (uncredited)
Erica MincksErica Mincks...Miss Sequoyah (uncredited)
Trevor Doyle NelsonTrevor Doyle Nelson...Partygoer (uncredited)
RyeRye...Americus Nation (voice) (uncredited)
Bobby ShueBobby Shue...Wal-Mart Customer (uncredited)
Cassandra L. SmallCassandra L. Small...Birthday Party Guest / Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Russell ToweryRussell Towery...Bass Player (uncredited)
Chris WarnerChris Warner...Wal-Mart Employee (uncredited)
Gena WestGena West...Hospital Visitor (uncredited)
Jerry WuJerry Wu...Bar goer (uncredited)
Jason C. YoungJason C. Young...Professor (uncredited)

Where the Heart Is Movie Trailer

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Where the Heart Is Full Movie Description

In Where the Heart Is Movie is a special kind of movie. City of Angels, Message in a Bottle, and Where is the Heart all have that special ingredient that grabs hold of the viewer and keeps them hooked till the last tear drops from their eye. 

Natalie Portman is very well cast in her role as Novalee Nation, a 20-year-old pregnant woman who decides to move to California with her boyfriend. Tragically, when she and her boyfriend stop at a Wal-Mart in the middle of Oklahoma, he leaves her behind and moves on without her.

The film follows her life after she learns that her boyfriend has left her, and is not coming back. A very unique screenplay allows Where the Heart Is Film to spark a love for Novalee, and allows the audience to develop a friendship with her. 

Lexi Copp (ASHLEY JUDD) becomes Novalee's best friend when they meet in the hospital after Novalee's baby is born. Where the Heart Is Movie has everything it takes to be a great movie. 

The choice of actors is excellent and the direction is also excellent. Of course as with every movie made, at least all that I've seen, there were some mistakes in the movie. 

For example, Novalee's mother left her when she was about 8 years old. Right after she gives birth to her child, her mother appears with her, and frankly, nothing happens of that scene. This is totally irrelevant. Plus, there's the whole six-week stay at Wal-Mart to consider. I mean could this really happen?

At any rate, in no way should these 'mistakes' deter your intention to see Where the Heart Is Full Movie, it is a genuine tearjerker, and I believe the best one to date since For Love of the Game It is a movie.

I have to admit a bias towards sci-fi, action adventure, mystery, conspiracy movies etc. I've sat through "Steel Magnolias" and "Fried Green Tomatoes" with my wife, and while I can acknowledge that they're well-made movies, I've never seen an entirely female or predominantly female cast. 

Haven't been too keen on movies. I never much cared for Sally Fields movies either. (Maybe I'll always think of him from the "Bandit" movies...) My first impression from all the trailers was that "Where the Heart Is Movie" was nothing more than another "chick-flick" that I'll undoubtedly be looking for. Well made, but forgettable. I was wrong.

Natalie Portman records a great performance as a humble and downtrodden pregnant teenager who learns early in life that "our lives can change with every breath." 

Ashley Judd delivers an Oscar-worthy performance in her supporting role as the older, married friend who has trouble finding the right man to father her children.

Stockard Channing plays the unforgettable "Sister Husband" who takes the young girl and her newborn baby in, and Sally Fields makes a brief appearance as the young girl's absentee mother, one of the highlights of the film. Is. Fields deepened my respect for her as an actress with my five minutes of film time like no other actor/actress has ever done. 

Joan Cusack appears as a talent manager in the film's sub-plot and is phenomenal even in her brief on-screen time. 

Yes, there are men in the film, veteran David Keith and James Frain among them, but for the most part, the film relies on a vision of the world through the eyes of its female lead. I loved Where the Heart Is Movie - the comedy, the drama, the love story... 

I laughed, and although I hate to admit it, being the tough guy I am, I cried - many times - during this wonderful movie to learn to be content. To be with what we have and learn to appreciate how unique and special everyone and everything is.

It's not like a movie like "Where the Heart Is Movie" comes along and makes such an impression that you don't want to see it end. That's exactly what happened to me when I sat down to watch "Where the Heart Is Film".

From the first few moments of the film, I knew it was going to be special; This is because Natalie Portman. 

Portman has a unique look of innocence that not many actresses can pull off like she does with her character Novalee Nation. I couldn't wait for the next scene she would be in because of her physical beauty and the beauty in the performance she gives.

Portman's performance was praised by Ashley Judd. As I looked at Judd and Portman, I could tell that these were two actresses who knew exactly what the other would say and do moments before it was actually done. 

Ashley Judd lights up the screen every time she appears in a scene. It's no wonder she's the best at what she does.

Another reason I liked "Where the Heart Is Full Movie" relates to the dual story lines of Portman's character, who is determined to raise her daughter on her own while trying to pursue a career in photography. 

The other story revolves around an ex-boyfriend who is trying to make a name for himself in country music.

The film is a sweet and sour human-interest story with a side order of romance. The story has a country flavor, plenty of country music and a story that could serve as a movie version of typical songs from any country music CD. 

It's riddled with bad decisions, misfortune, and tragedy at every turn. It's sad, corny, stereotypical, and unfortunately full of the kinds of things that actually happen in rural America. Despite this raging gloom, there's an upbeat fatalism in it that suggests that for some people at least, bad breaks and a struggle against tough times pay off.

The story follows the life of Novalee Nation (Natalie Portman), a poor young girl who is ready to start a new life with her unaccountable boyfriend. 

When Novalee rests at a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma, he abandons her, literally leaving her barefoot and pregnant. 

With only five dollars to her name, she takes up residence in a Wal-Mart and eventually has her child there. She becomes a minor celebrity and is adopted by the Welcome Wagon lady. The remainder of the film explores his various relationships and experiences in this small town over the next seven or eight years.

The story is engaging and full of emotion. Novalee's character development is excellent, though director Matt Williams could have spent more time on some of the supporting characters, particularly Sister Husband (Stockard Channing). To their credit, the film was well shot, and the tornado scene was spectacular.

Natalie Portman's performance was one of her best to date. She played the role with an almost helpless determination that made her a very likeable and lovable character. 

Her Southern accent was terrible, but her portrayal of rural Southern attitude was on target. Although the part did not have much range, she was extremely effective with the emotional element, and received great sympathy and praise for her response to her desperate situation.

Stockard Channing was wonderful as the eccentric Welcome Wagon Lady. I would love to see this part expanded to see more of Channing. She was charmingly hot and awkward. 

James Frain was also very good as Forney. He made the character very interesting and friendly. He remains a solid supporting actor who has shown himself to be extremely versatile (Hillary and Jackie, The Reindeer Games, Titus). With a free-spirited portrayal of Lexie, Ashley Judd adds another fine performance to her resume.

It was a good story with a happy and upbeat ending. I rated it 7/10. Add one point if you are a woman or if you have ever lived in a mobile home. 

It will find its most enthusiastic audience with women because of its extreme sentimentality, but it's not too 'feminine' to be enjoyed by men, making it a great date movie.

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