Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Movie | Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order)  

Andrew PhilpotAndrew Philpot...D (voice)
John Rafter LeeJohn Rafter Lee...Meier Link (voice)
Pamela AdlonPamela Adlon...Leila (voice) (as Pamela Segall)
Wendee LeeWendee Lee...Charlotte (voice)
Michael McShaneMichael McShane...Left Hand (voice) (as Mike McShane)
Julia FletcherJulia Fletcher...Carmila (voice)
Matt McKenzieMatt McKenzie...Borgoff (voice)
John DiMaggioJohn DiMaggio...Nolt / Sheriff / Machira / John Elbourne (voice) (as John Dimaggio)
Alex FernandezAlex Fernandez...Kyle (voice)
Jack FletcherJack Fletcher...Grove (voice)
John HostetterJohn Hostetter...Polk (voice)
Dwight SchultzDwight Schultz...Benge / Old Man of Barbarois (voice)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynnMary Elizabeth McGlynn...Caroline (voice)
John DeMitaJohn DeMita...Alan Elbourne / Priest (voice) (as John Demita)
Debi DerryberryDebi Derryberry...Girl (voice)

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Movie Trailer

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust - Official Trailer

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Film Description

In Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Movie the distant future it is the year 12,090 where vampires and the undead causing terror through the night are in rapid decline, thanks to a dumpyel; A half-human, half-vampire bounty hunter known as Dee. 

On this quest he is hired for $20 million by the father of a young girl who was kidnapped by a powerful vampire who plans to take her with him to the stars. 

But Dee learns that he is not the only one on their trail, as the man tells her that he has also hired a group of vampire hunters known as the Mark Brothers. 

So now both are in a race to see who can get their hands on the girl (dead or alive) before they reach their destination. But Dee also suspects that maybe the girl went of her own accord, which throws a spanner into the mix.

I always used to watch anime when I was a kid, but it kinda died out when I hit my late teens. Well, until it picked up speed again when I caught the fantastic 'Neo Genesis Evangelion' anime series a few years back. 

So, now I am an on and off viewer, but I am glad I got switched on for this special. Being a horror fan and after reading the synopsis of the movie I thought it looked great and it definitely was. 

But I also found out that this was a sequel, which worried me that I wouldn't have a clue what was going on, but that's not the case here about some of the things our protagonists are doing as they progress toward the story. 

Huh. , It feels a little different, especially in terms of violence by keeping it within the confines of the story and then going all out with pointless messiness. The thrilling violence is done at a decently smooth pace, when the action kicks in it's as sudden as a speeding train. 

The animation is breath-taking, it is simply eye-candy with distinct details and sharp imagery that is pure film-craft. 

The heavy blanket of Gothic atmosphere that has been created breathes upon you with its dark, sordid apocalypse, where there is a wonderful mix of eerie terror and sweet innocence. 

Whereas, this anime has great visuals. The story should not be forgotten, as it is a lyrical, thoughtful tale that is richly developed with an emotional vibe that is truly captivating. 

You could call it a hybrid with an abundance of material being worked into the structure of the story; Horror, Medieval, Western, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. These adventurous aspects really ensured that there were a series of nifty surprises and highly spirited standoffs between enemies, with a kicking soundtrack to boot. 

The moralistic story builds a metaphor that you can say about racism and that notion should never be relied upon, but rather one must look inside to find the true meaning. 

The spontaneous dialogues are quite meaningful and have spots of dry humor scattered throughout. The fruitful characters are well rounded and they add their little parts to the story. 

But the star here is the taciturn, but extremely lethal Dee; Who is wearing his black overcoat and wide-brimmed hat that hides his face. He is not alone as he is accompanied by his black horse and a talking parasite in his hand.

A truly compelling and exciting anime piece that delivers all the goods in a wonderful mix.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Movie might be called an animated version of Blade by some, but it's so much more. 

The Vampire Hunter Movie (as Blade) in this animated horror/adventure is half-human and half-vampire, but that's where the similarities end, as the film takes place in the distant future and Dee is a hunter who comes to battle. The evil of its time likes the good old sword. 

The things that made Vampire Hunter Movie D Bloodlust Movie great were the incredible music and cinematography as well as a great story. 

but that's not all. What impressed me the most was that despite being a vampire/demon film, the creatures and weapons were original. Some things were given a bit of work while other things were completely new to me. A lot of care went into the making of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Movie and I have a feeling the result was as good as the effort. 

I would also like to say that Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Movie is in my top 3 of vampire movies, right next to From Dusk 'til Dawn and Dracula (by Francis Ford Coppola).

As soon as I read the story of Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Movie, I thought I would love it - but that feeling quickly dissipated when I found out it was animated. Not that I have anything against animated films; I don't like them very much. 

Still, there's a couple I like and, considering the plot, I figured it should be worth a go anyway, and it was. 

The problem with animation these days, especially when it's coming from Asia, is that it's far too likely to get high praise regardless of how good it actually is, and that can make it very difficult to judge. 

Whether some movies are worth watching or not. While Vampire Hunter D Film is definitely worth a look, I think a lot of it's appreciation is due to the fact that Asian cinema is so in vogue right now. 

The plot is classic vampire fodder, which is why it immediately attracted me, and it follows the story of a young rich girl who is apparently kidnapped by a vampire. 

The vampire population is dwindling, thanks to bounty hunters, and our story begins when a girl's father hires a hunter - Vampire Hunter D Movie - to find his daughter. He also hires another crew, but they soon learn that the girl may have gone with the vampire of her own accord...

One reason anime has consistently received high ratings is that, unlike other types of animation, the adult orientation allows for more developed characters; And some of the characters and exchanges in Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Movie are really cool because it's animated. 

Vampire Hunter D Movie manages to enthrall the audience through action and emotion, both of which are very well done. The characters are much more complex than in most live action vampire films, with the central half-human, half-vampire figure providing most of the intrigue. 

I didn't like the design of Vampire Hunter Film much, but like the only ones in the whole movie; Dee's presence is enough to ensure that all of her scenes are highlights. 

The adult orientation of the film allows for more freedom in its action sequences than in most animated films, and most of them are really well done. 

The real star of the show for me was the spooky atmosphere, which fits the film really well. The animation helps Vampire Hunter D Full Movie massively in that regard as the filmmaker's only limit is their imagination, which means the atmosphere is allowed to be layered more coarsely than a lot of horror films. 

Overall, it's a pretty decent movie, and while I would have preferred live action; Vampire Hunter D Movie shows that animation is an adequate premise for a horror movie.

This anime is based on a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi and was first made into a film in 1985. 

That movie, the anime "Kyuketsuki Hanta D", was a great one for me to watch because of its great dark atmosphere and intriguing. Pot. This longer and more expensive film however did not impress me with its story or even the characters.

The story felt muddled at times and that was the biggest reason why the film didn't always capture my intent. 

This was also the reason why the film really felt like it was being stretched at times and was definitely getting long. With a different and darker take on the genre I am sure the film will turn out to be a better one still.

I wasn't too impressed with the animation style this time around, although I can certainly dig a good anime movie from time to time, so I'm familiar with its animation style and often quite like it. 

Its action but also its concept and characters seemed far removed from the original, making it a redundant film, especially after the better-known 1985 production.

Because the film never grabbed me, everything else in the film basically fails to work as well. This was not a film that entertained me or one that I enjoyed watching, although it is far from the worst thing you will ever see.

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