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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Jeremy IronsJeremy Irons...Profion
Bruce PayneBruce Payne...Damodar
Justin WhalinJustin Whalin...Ridley Freeborn
Marlon WayansMarlon Wayans...Snails
Robert MianoRobert Miano...Azmath
Tomas HavrlikTomas Havrlik...Mage
Thora BirchThora Birch...Empress Savina
Edward JewesburyEdward Jewesbury...Vildan Vildir
Zoe McLellanZoe McLellan...Marina Pretensa
Lee ArenbergLee Arenberg...Elwood Gutworthy
Kristen WilsonKristen Wilson...Norda
Martin AstlesMartin Astles...Orc #1
Matthew O'TooleMatthew O'Toole...Orc #2
David O'KellyDavid O'Kelly...Three Eyes
Richard O'BrienRichard O'Brien...Xilus
Kia JamKia Jam...Thief #1
Nicolas RochetteNicolas Rochette...Thief #2
David MandisDavid Mandis...Thief #3
Robert HennyRobert Henny...Crimson Brigade
Stanislav OndricekStanislav Ondricek...Another Mage
Roman HemalaRoman Hemala...Council Mage
Tom BakerTom Baker...Halvarth
Andrew BlauAndrew Blau...Elf #1
Marta UrbanováMarta Urbanová...Elf #2
Jirí MachácekJirí Machácek...Loyalist General
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dave ArnesonDave Arneson...Cameo appearance (scenes deleted)

Dungeons & Dragons Movie Trailer

Dungeons & Dragons Film: Honor Among Thieves | Official Trailer (2023 Movie)

Dungeons & Dragons Full Movie Description

In what can only be described as the worst movie made in the past decade, Dungeons & Dragons will leave you begging for mercy.

Hands down, the biggest contributor to the demise of Dungeons & Dragons Film was the script. It was some of the most outrageous, trash talking dialogue I've ever seen in a movie.

Props come in a very close second. The $35 million used to make Dungeons & Dragons Movie must have been used on a late night taco run, as the quality of the props is so poor. 

The movie's "priceless artifact" looks like it fell out of a box of Firecracker Jacks, while some of the armor and backgrounds are straight out of the bargain bin at your local toy store. 

The better efforts at making fantasy films have been shot on camcorders in people's backyards around the world.

The acting was terrible all around. Some, and I do mean SOME, attempts at serious dialogue were crushed by the worst script ever. 

The only calm character in the entire proceedings was Demadar, who was still very goofy. 

I think if I was 8 or older, I would have thought that was creepy. The great actors of Dungeons & Dragons Film in particular should have been silenced by the script/quality of the film, and their mere presence on screen only adds to the insult.

The makers of Dungeons & Dragons Film should be ashamed of themselves. Hundreds of thousands of loyal D&D fans have been waiting more than 25 years for a great, inspiring movie from their hobby. 

D&D has an amazing level of material written about it, and any one of its 100+ books would have made a better movie if read aloud by Pee Wee Herman.

This horror show of a film will surely ensure the demise of a great hobby in the public eye for at least the next 10 years. 

Any potential fan of the sport will not be able to forget this awesome movie experience. Consider yourself a warning, and don't ever watch Dungeons & Dragons Movie.

It's unbelievable how Dungeons & Dragons Movie could have been made with such good actors and so much money, but such a poor script and direction.

The dialogues of Dungeons & Dragons Film are painful, as is the story.

The acting is also below any standard you would expect from such an expensive film. Jeremy Irons in particular was baffling, his performance so pathetic and flat as if it would be in a bad movie for three-year-olds. That wasn't acting, that was agony! I cried every time he came on screen.

Thora Birch was also well below her level in 'American Beauty', apparently unable to tell how one was supposed to put some life into her bad dialogue and flat character, and somehow also thinking it was her own fault. Was.

Thief Snails (Marlon Wayans from Scary Movie) had some good moments in his slapstick scenes, the only good moments in the entire movie. 

Unfortunately they don't last long. However, Wayans seems to have the talent to shine even in the worst of movies.

The lead actor's performance was also poor. His dull and cheap sunnyboy behavior really pissed me off, and I didn't see any reason for him to be 'special', much more 'untalented'.

The effects where better than the story, but not really that exciting either.

Some say fantasy is all about conventions, but that doesn't mean you can forget all the rules of making a good story! This story was not fit to come on screen. This story also did not deserve such good actors and effects. This story was nothing but nonsense!

And I can't believe Jeremy Irons and Thora Burch are such bad actors, they've proven they can do so much better! I can only guess that it must have been the director who forced him to put up such a poor performance.

Definitely not recommended for anyone except maybe children under ten. oh wait, they're not allowed? no harm.

I just saw Dungeons & Dragons Movie for the first time, and can confirm that it is worse than what I had heard. 

Now as a rule I always ignore reviews of movies even if they are bad because some movies can be bad and still be quite entertaining even if the acting and plot are okay. Unfortunately, it's not only all of the above, but also very tiring and downright exhausting.

The major unknowns (to me anyway) leading threesomes are all terrible and also featured terrible actors. Justin Whalin is just laughable and one of the worst heroes in a long time. 

Probably since Val Kilmers great performance in The St. Zoe McClellan is pretty enough (which probably offsets her shortcomings among other reviewers) but is still terrible. 

Worse though is Marlon Wayans, whose performance is not only terrible and completely unfunny, but also of a racist nature. The rest of the cast is bad too, but at least guys like Jeremy Irons, Bruce Payne, and Thora Burch know they're only making it short, and are at least good actors if the material is there.

Ridley and Snell are thieves from the bottom of their world. They are captured by Marina after sneaking into the magic school to steal, but when her master is killed, the thief turns himself evil to use the power of a lost scepter to regain control from Empress Savina. Get pulled in by Profion in an attempt. To reform and make all men equal.

It's hard to really judge the plot of Dungeons & Dragons Movie as I'm sure it could have been an engrossing, engaging "sword and sorcery" affair and it's only the delivery here that made it a massive, outrageous piece of garbage. 

Changed to The way the characters have to explain every single action in capital letters to the audience was something that dawned on me and took me from thinking of it as lazy writing to finding it insulting that the writers thought I was Too stupid to follow the story myself. 

Rather than having a strong narrative, Dungeons & Dragons Full Movie is just a basic adventure for kids, with effects and noises to keep them distracted. 

As if it's still only there because even kids might struggle to care for the ineffective CGI backgrounds and action set pieces. This will please any fan of the very scandalous genre under the age of 12 but likely not many others.

The characters are another major failing. Who thought that writing obnoxious, annoying or smug characters in the leads would make the audience connect with them? With this to work with, is it any wonder the cast is downright poor? Whalin must have thought he lucked out when he landed the role, but he messes it up with a performance that reveals he's out of his depth and unsure of himself. 

McClellan is bland and fairly annoying for much of the film, but his faults pale in comparison to the trio of performances that keep the movie's worst in mind. 

Irons wafts it off with all the casualness of a pro who knows an easy payoff when it sees it that's at times hilariously awful. 

Payne's blue lipstick seems to have affected her voice and each line is delivered in a manner of derision that never rings true and quickly becomes tiresome. 

Although the worst performance form, surprise surprise, is Wayans which made me understand what Spike Lee's Bamboozled was doing. He's a screamer, plunderer of ethnic clichés. 

He's even worse and more annoying than he usually does. The odd cameo from O'Brien or Baker does nothing to stop the rot and the cast adds to the impression that it was cheaply made without much love.

Overall a lousy film which probably only kids would like. The plot is badly delivered and the effects aren't as impressive as director Solomon clearly relied on them to be. 

The cast is lost in the midst of it all and not one of them gives a performance you could call "good", all while producing a very poor attempt at a blockbuster.

Dungeons & Dragons Movie defines "nothing special". You watch it, you like some parts, some you don't, and you'll never think about it once you leave the theater.

As a player of the Baldur's Gate computer game, the D&D universe is nothing new to me. 

But in Dungeons & Dragons Film, much of the inherent magic of this fascinating world was simply relegated to poor effects and cheap character stereotypes. 

The female mage loves nothing more than to look good and scream in moments of danger. She rarely uses her magical abilities, and so Dungeons & Dragons Movie is a great example of bad role-playing. She's no sorceress - she's just a damsel in distress.

The humor of the film is also very simple and there is really nothing to laugh about. That is, if you leave out Jeremy Irons' incredibly bad acting - his bad pimple routine should be added to acting books under the chapter "How to Overplay a Character".

But, to be honest, those were the funniest moments in the movie, so at least Irons was good for something here.

Overall an unusual start for the new wave of fantasy films that would coincide with the creation of the huge blockbuster "Lord of the Rings". 

I pray to god that Tolkien's adaptation will be much better than this mostly trashy B-movie.

It's hard to tell if Dungeons & Dragons Movie was targeted at children? Anyway, it's a different and disappointing adventure film. 

The "Dungeons & Dragons Movie" game serial showed some good potential for a full length film but somehow they basically messed everything up.

The film takes a long time before it really starts to pick up the pace and something really interesting happens. From above the story looks messed up. 

It introduces a few plot lines in the beginning of the movie which looked potentially cool and interesting but then suddenly decides to skip these plot lines for so long and ends up with an extremely formulaic and weak 'adventure' story-line Started focusing on young and completely uninteresting characters. 

It is only after the film is more than halfway through that it decides to pick up on a previously introduced plot-line featuring Thora Burch and Jeremy Irons' character. It seems to be two completely separate and distinct parts, so when the two of them start mixing it doesn't work.

The acting is just plain bad. You know, the kind of bad acting that gets annoying after a while. This is especially the case with Zoe McLellan and Thora Birch. But of course the weak and silly dialogue doesn't help much either. Perhaps it also has to do with the fact that director Courtney Solomon was still completely inexperienced at the time. 

And whose bright idea was it to cast Marlon Wayans? He feels completely out of place as the comic relief of the film. 

And what a waste of a role for Jeremy Irons. He might not have played a more stereotypical generic evil movie villain, but the movie he does is one of his worst. Bruce Payne also acts like he thinks he's the new Darth Vader. Quite laughable.

It's amazing and surprising to see how much Dungeons & Dragons Movie tried to be like the Star Wars movies. Many characters show similarities, story elements are similar, some scenes are directly copied and in fact the list goes on but these are the three most obvious elements. 

It's so obvious that it becomes distracting and makes the film very unorthodox to watch. 

Why did they do it? Wasn't the concept of "Dungeons and Dragons" already original enough on its own? By the way, the Star Wars movies weren't the only movies from which Dungeons & Dragons Film draws its 'inspiration'.

The movie really isn't bad looking with its sets and such, although some of the costumes looked quite silly. 

It was clearly not a cheap film to make. The special effects are reasonable for its time but unfortunately the film relies heavily on it and overuses it in parts, most notably of course in the final fight.

The movie has some very bad and silly sound effects. I really hated music too. It seemed like it was always there and I just wanted it to stop! It was the kind of music you would expect from a film of such a genre, only composed by a composer who will clearly never make it big time.

Some people have said that people who play games or enjoy fantasy films of the genre might find something they like in 'Dungeons & Dragons Movie'. They couldn't be more wrong. 

From start to finish it's a bland, clueless film that doesn't know what it wants to be. It combines the elements of a bad script, terrible acting, and mediocre special effects to make a spectacularly bad achievement. 

This is a potential franchise who shot himself in the foot right outside the box. And if this is any indication of what future installments will look like, I say, "Thank goodness."

Jeremy Irons plays the evil wizard Profion straight out of Overacting 101—he's all scoff and yelling and hand waving. 

His Damodar (Bruce Payne) is blue-clad and black-armored (hence evil) and exudes all danger with a ripe eggplant. 

Thora Birch - wonderful in 'American Beauty' - looks like she was blackmailed into the role, as she is completely catatonic throughout the movie, giving her Queen Savina (the perfect representation of all good things) with zero energy and appeal meets.

How about those heroes? Marlon Wayans (Snails, The Thief) is utterly unhinged, giving nothing to the proceedings; Justin Whalin (Ridley, another thief)—the titular protagonist—is a goofball who would be outdone by the cast of Baywatch; And Zoe McClellan (Marina, The Mage) is the only one who tries to maintain the thematic element of fantasy, although she's in over her head.

'Dungeons & Dragons Film' is a complete mess and a complete waste of your time. 

If you want a fantasy movie that is based on a roleplaying game, try the one that was based on D&D: 'Lord of the Rings'. Keep this item as far away from your television as possible.

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