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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Gerard ButlerGerard Butler...Dracula
Christopher PlummerChristopher Plummer...Abraham Van Helsing
Jonny Lee MillerJonny Lee Miller...Simon Sheppard
Justine WaddellJustine Waddell...Mary Heller-Van Helsing
Vitamin CVitamin C...Lucy Westerman (as Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick)
Jennifer EspositoJennifer Esposito...Solina
Omar EppsOmar Epps...Marcus
Sean Patrick ThomasSean Patrick Thomas...Trick
Danny MastersonDanny Masterson...Nightshade
Lochlyn MunroLochlyn Munro...Eddie
Tig FongTig Fong...Dax
Tony MunchTony Munch...Charlie
Jeri RyanJeri Ryan...Valerie Sharpe
Shane WestShane West...JT
Nathan FillionNathan Fillion...Father David
Tom KaneTom Kane...Anchor Man
Jonathan WhittakerJonathan Whittaker...Gautreaux
Robert VerlaqueRobert Verlaque...Dr. Seward
Randy ButcherRandy Butcher...Stakeman #1
Bill DavidsonBill Davidson...Stakeman #2
Peter CoxPeter Cox...Stakeman #3
Chris LamonChris Lamon...Stakeman #4
Herb Reischl Jr.Herb Reischl Jr....Stakeman #5 (as Herb Reischl)
Duncan McLeodDuncan McLeod...Stakeman #6
Wayne DownerWayne Downer...Desk Guard
Robert RackiRobert Racki...Door Guard
William PraelWilliam Prael...Parade Cop
Kaaron BriscoeKaaron Briscoe...Teen Co-Worker (as Karon Briscoe)
Scarlett HuntleyScarlett Huntley...Blood Doll
Harold ShortHarold Short...Black Angel of Death
David J. FrancisDavid J. Francis...Jesus
Shimmy SilvermanShimmy Silverman...Barker
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Antonio EcheverriaAntonio Echeverria...Mardi Grass Guy (uncredited)
Peter Devaney FlanaganPeter Devaney Flanagan...Dead Londoner (uncredited)
Jeff HannemanJeff Hanneman...Talking Guy (uncredited)
Bill HeintzBill Heintz...Parade Goer (uncredited)
Eric Santana IllarmoEric Santana Illarmo...Young Reveler (uncredited)
Devin C. LussierDevin C. Lussier...Boy Going to Angel (uncredited)
Kelsey MathesonKelsey Matheson...Stripper (uncredited)
Ed MundellEd Mundell...Self (uncredited)
Gary J. TunnicliffeGary J. Tunnicliffe...Dead Londoner (uncredited)
Gerrold VincentGerrold Vincent...Virgin Megastore Employee (uncredited)
David WyndorfDavid Wyndorf...Self band member (uncredited)

Dracula 2000 Movie Trailer

Dracula 2000 (2000) Official Trailer - Gerard Butler, Christopher Plummer Movie HD

Dracula 2000 Full Movie Description

In Dracula 2000 Movie As a poor chicken licker who isn't allowed cable television, I found myself in the exotic position of being spoiled for choice about which movie to watch last Sunday night. 

British terrestrial television rarely poses such a dilemma, so I had to consider carefully which one to choose. 

In the corner marked 'safe option' we had Mel Gibson's Ransom (looked it up; dull; can't remember exactly what happened but am assuming they'll get the kid back eventually), the second man on was The Moon (seen it; vaguely remember being a little disappointed), and the third was Wes Craven's Dracula 2000 Movie (never seen it; possibly a direct-to-video work). Almost without hesitation I jumped for it.

A capricious choice, you might say - but there was method to my madness. On more than one occasion, drunk and confused girls approached me at bars and accused me of looking like Jonny Lee Miller. 

They're wrong, of course — those close to me take sadistic pleasure in assuring me that I look like a cross between Woody Harrelson and Kelsey Grammer — not particularly good for my sex-symbol status, but Useful if I ever wanted to act as a stunt double on the set of Cheers.

Anyway, it turns out I chose wisely - Dracula 2000 Full Movie
 is a hoot. More shlocky than horror (as you might expect from the creator of the Scream franchise) it has the kitschy charm of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, only with worse dialogue and a sillier plot. 

Those purists who prefer a more classic Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee battle between good and evil are unlikely to stick past the first reel, but there are rewards for those who keep at it.

Miller plays Simon Shepherd, a protégé of the mysterious Matthew Van Helsing (Christopher Plummer). 

A gang of thieves break into a secret storehouse of Van Helsing's ancient relics and inadvertently free Dracula 2000 Full Movie from his silver coffin. big mistake. The Dark Lord makes a bee-line for New Orleans in search of Van Helsing's daughter Mary. 

On his way, he makes merry inferno while dressing up some undead henchmen (mostly blonde) and enjoying the unspeakable perversity in the midst of a Mardi Gras carnival. Unexpectedly, Miller and Plummer pack their crucifixes and silver bullets and rush in to save the day.

This is a sexed-up modern version of Bram Stoker's classic, Dracula 2000 Full Movie
himself is a far cry from the urbane old gentleman with the black cloak and widow's peak - this is a young and spry and that's the kind of Barnett you might find in a It's a L'Oreal commercial. 

Try imagining a bastard hybrid of David Copperfield and Alan Partridge and you won't be very far. 

Dracula's hair isn't the only attraction: there are some wonderfully terrifying modern cultural references - sweet and innocent Mary works at the Virgin megastore (gedit?) - and an audacious religious subplot that goes towards explaining Dracula's hatred of silver. goes.

Overall great fun. It was inevitably dismissed by critics, but I guess he just doesn't have a sense of humor. 

Poor old Johnny's been in some turkey since making Trainspotting, but I'm rooting for him to pay attention to this one — it certainly sees Mel Gibson and Rene Russo bickering for two and a half hours.

The story is very intriguing but it comes down to Dracula Movie (Gerard Butler) searching for Van Helsing's (Christopher Plummer) daughter Mary (Justine Waddell) in modern day New Orleans.

Let's get the negatives out of the way: Jonny Lee Miller is terrible; Plummer's tone is clearly fake; There's a lot of product placement for Virgin Records and the vampires tell terrible jokes. 

All that aside the film is quick, it's fun, shot beautifully and atmospherically. The screenplay is interesting - it gives Dracula Movie a new origin that fits but is also very silly. Dracula is a resurrected corpse...to try to give him a different origin is very stupid.

Also, crosses no longer affect vampires... it bothers them. Plus there's plenty of blood and violence and lewd sexual seduction by Dracula 2000 Movie on the hand.

The acting is good with the sole exception of Miller. Plummer works (accent notwithstanding); Omar Epps is having a great time; Justin Waddell is good and Esposito, Ryan and Fitzpatrick make a good team of scary (and sexy) vampires.

Gerard Butler is superb as Dracula 2000 Movie. She is young, very beautiful, she has curly black hair and a fair body. At the same time, he has also portrayed the sexuality and violence of Dracula Movie very well.

So a slick, fast paced and fun vampire movie. Worth catching

First up, watch the DVD Deleted Scenes, Extended Scenes and Auditions featuring Gerard Butler. This will put you in the right mood! Then start the movie.

The first 30 minutes are a mess. After the opening scenes with Christopher Plummer as Van Helsing, which lays the groundwork for the story, they could have skipped all the scenes about the coffin being stolen and just had Plummer tell Simon (Jonny Lee Miller) "We Looted!".

But the young people and the robbery and the coffin being taken off the plane and it crashing - all of that could be handled by voice-over. It's just a mess and none of the actors are interesting or have any charisma. 

Especially Solina (Jennifer Esposito) going into the vault, dark and creepy and skulls and silt! you get the picture. We're in for a scare! Bah!!! so lame.

Our first great shot of Dracula (Butler) is on the plane when he sections the plane and reaches for Solina - and like any sensible woman, she goes straight to him. Love Bite is next. 

Um hmmmm! Meanwhile, Mary Van Helsing (Justin Waddell - childlike and innocent) is having dreams/nightmares of Dracula 2000 Movie in her mirror. He is speechless, and so are we. Hey, God! She keeps saying "wake up - you're dreaming" but then he comes closer and sniffs her and says "you're real" and I have to stop the movie and fan myself.

A distraught Mary goes to the church in New Orleans where the priest is a childhood friend, to get some answers about her mother and as he blows out the candles and turns to Mary - it is him, Big D. A gaze to die for. 

Next Dracula 2000 Movie is perched like a gargoyle on the church parapet above the Mardi Gras revelers and he says "Farewell, Princess." Excellent!

Below at street level, he walks with a dazed look among the drunken revelers. There is a giant TV screen showing silhouettes of dancers, beads and coins being tossed at him as he watches with a knowing smile. 

He looks at the giant screen flash images of atomic bombs, rock stars, lingerie ads and female mud wrestling and says "Fantastic." Great satire!

His walk through the "Virgin" record store is iconic, with all the young girls passing by turning to look at him. He asks Lucy, Mary's friend, to take her home. 

His comment to Lucy, when she can't come up with a word to describe Mary's mother's home decor, "Catholic"? Priceless. And to his question "Would you like some coffee?" He says "I don't drink ---------- coffee." Perfectly Timed With Perfect Looks. And of course, he puts her on the bed and on the terrace! Unconscious!!!

It's like there are two movies here - a great satire with one of the best lines. and the other an incoherent teen/slasher/blood-fest. 

But after the first 30 minutes it is almost possible to start from anywhere and the story is interesting and makes sense of the Jesus Christ/Judas theme.

There are some beautiful scenes in the cinematography. The Red Hall - The curtains are flying and the Eastern theme music for the desert and cross scenes.

Some of Dracula's (Butler) lines are great and with timing and wonderful expression. "The Bible is preaching." "You think you can defend that with the Bible." To Mary "All I have is yours, and you are all mine." (Shades of the Phantom.)

Dracula 2000 Film to the Jesus Cross "I give them (the revelation below) what they most desire. All the pleasures you have denied." 

And his gesture to Mary - hand and arm - as the camera pans away and he says "Let us feast" and kisses. Wow!! Nellie's Bar Door. I want some of that!

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