Small Time Crooks Movie | Small Time Crooks Full Movie | 2000

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Woody AllenWoody Allen...Ray
Carolyn SaxonCarolyn Saxon...Candy Salesperson
Tracey UllmanTracey Ullman...Frenchy
Michael RapaportMichael Rapaport...Denny
Tony DarrowTony Darrow...Tommy
Sam JosepherSam Josepher...Real Estate Agent
Jon LovitzJon Lovitz...Benny
Lawrence Howard LevyLawrence Howard Levy...Dynamite Dealer (as Lawrence Levy)
Diane BradleyDiane Bradley...Cookie Store Customer
Crystal FieldCrystal Field...Cookie Store Customer
Cindy CarverCindy Carver...Cookie Store Customer
Ray GarveyRay Garvey...Cookie Store Customer
Bill GerberBill Gerber...Cookie Store Customer
Olivia HaymanOlivia Hayman...Cookie Store Customer
Laurine TowlerLaurine Towler...Cookie Store Customer
Fanda NikicFanda Nikic...Cookie Store Customer
Brian MarkinsonBrian Markinson...Cop
Elaine MayElaine May...May
Dana TylerDana Tyler...TV News Reporter
Steve KroftSteve Kroft...Steve Kroft
Brian McConnachieBrian McConnachie...Paul Milton
Riccardo BertoniRiccardo Bertoni...Winklers' Butler
Isaac MizrahiIsaac Mizrahi...Winklers' Chef
Kristine NielsenKristine Nielsen...Emily Bailey
Larry PineLarry Pine...Charles Bailey
Hugh GrantHugh Grant...David
Julie LundJulie Lund...Linda Rhinelander
Teri BlackTeri Black...Winkler Party Guest
John DoumanianJohn Doumanian...Winkler Party Guest
Phyllis BurdoePhyllis Burdoe...Winkler Party Guest
Maurice SonnenbergMaurice Sonnenberg...Garth Steinway
Richard MaweRichard Mawe...Anthony Gwynne
Karla WolfangleKarla Wolfangle...Modern Dance Performer
Rob BessererRob Besserer...Modern Dance Performer
Frank WoodFrank Wood...Oliver
Ruth LaredoRuth Laredo...Concert Pianist
Julie HalstonJulie Halston...Concert Party Guest
Anthony SinopoliAnthony Sinopoli...Frenchy's Chauffeur
Jesse LevyJesse Levy...Church Cellist
Josephine CalabreseJosephine Calabrese...Churchgoer
Cindy WilksCindy Wilks...Churchgoer
Trevor MoranTrevor Moran...Churchgoer
Peter McRobbiePeter McRobbie...Frenchy's Lawyer
Douglas McGrathDouglas McGrath...Frenchy's Lawyer
Elaine StritchElaine Stritch...Chi Chi Potter
Howard ErskineHoward Erskine...Langston Potter
Christine PipgrasChristine Pipgras...Potter Party Guest
Nick GarfinkleNick Garfinkle...Potter Party Guest
Kenneth EdelsonKenneth Edelson...Potter Party Guest
Ira WheelerIra Wheeler...Potter Party Guest
William HillWilliam Hill...Potter Party Guest
Ramsey FaragallahRamsey Faragallah...Potter's Waiter
Scotty BlochScotty Bloch...Edgar's Wife
George GrizzardGeorge Grizzard...George Blint
Marvin ChatinoverMarvin Chatinover...Dr. Henske
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sarah ChaneySarah Chaney...Hungry Jogger (uncredited)
Alva ChinnAlva Chinn...Potter Party Guest (uncredited)
Evelyn IocolanoEvelyn Iocolano...Waitress (uncredited)
Spencer KaydenSpencer Kayden...Concert Party Guest (uncredited)
Kevin Kean MurphyKevin Kean Murphy...Concert Party Guest (uncredited)
Phil ParlapianoPhil Parlapiano...Concert Party Guest (uncredited)

Small Time Crooks Movie Trailer

Small Time Crooks - Official Trailer - Woody Allen Movie

Small Time Crooks Movie Description

In Small Time Crooks Movie I suspect many people share this sentiment, but this is my favorite Woody Allen movie, because it does what Allen usually sets out to do: make me laugh. 

I'm not a huge fan of Allen's movies, but he and Tracey Ullman are a great pairing in this 95-minute farce. Ullman has to be one of the most talented women who never achieved actual movie stardom. 

She matches Allen here for laughs and, in some cases, even steals the show.

Aside from Allen's penchant for using God's name in vain, it has a real classic-movie feel, one of those old bickering husband-wife movies, but with more modern-day humor. 

Allen and Ullman throw out some very funny insults, and many of these are quality gags. Ullman is just plain hilarious as the bimbo "Frenchie".

Add a gigolo (Hugh Grant), a pair of inept rascals, old-time Allen favorites, Stritch and May, and a very funny premise and you have some decent entertainment and an underrated Allen movie.

Though essentially a time-marking throwback by writer/director Woody Allen, "Small Time Crooks Movie" offers so many gems of performances that one can overlook the film's derivative plot and lack of comic drive. 

In Small Time Crooks Film, Allen more or less eschews his customary obsession with big-city neuroses and middle-aged angst in favor of a more straightforward, plot-driven comedy, any number in its patchwork and eclectic storytelling. pays tribute to the well-known theater of yesteryear. And cinematic works.

For example, the first half-hour of the film plays like a Stateside version of the 1950s Italian comedy `Big Deal on Madonna Street,' about a team of far-fetched small-time crooks led by ex-con Ray Winkler. Allen), sets up a cookie store as a 'front' so they can dig a tunnel two or three stores down the street. 

Then the film's plot takes an abrupt turn when that plan backfires and the gang pays in dirt with the surprising success of the cookies that Ray's rude but nice wife, former topless dancer Frenchie (Tracey Ullman), has been diligently baking and selling. 

Has been The highlight of the film comes in the form of a brilliantly satirical pseudo-60 Minutes report in which Steve Croft himself describes the meteoric rise this ragtag collection of accidental entrepreneurs has gone from obscure small business owners to multi-million dollar corporate giants. 

Takes A Report It pokes affectionate fun at the clich├ęd rags-to-riches theme so essential to our concept of the beloved American Dream.

With this plot switch, we leave Madonna Street and head into 'Unsinkable Molly Brown/Pygmalion/Educating Rita' territory, as the precocious Frenchie discovers that despite her sudden acquired wealth, she may not be true to the elite cultural elite. Can't get approval. 

Snobs she seeks to impress without a little help from her personal Henry Higgins, who turns out to be an art dealer named David, played by Hugh Grant. 

Thus, as the French branch out and begin to open themselves to new cultural experiences, the couple begin to drift apart as Ray yearns for a return to the simple life of spaghetti and meatball dinners he knew. that they have been left far behind.

If Allen had been able to maintain the cleverness and bite that informed the `60 Minutes' segment throughout the length of the film, 'Small Time Crooks Movie' would have emerged as more than just a piece of amusing puffery, which it ultimately is. 

In fact, we find ourselves laughing only occasionally and often at jokes or sight gags that barely register a chuckle in one of Allen's more sophisticated, more edgy and more character-driven works. 

However, some actresses deserve special attention, chief among them Ullman and the always fabulous Elaine May, as Frenchie's adenoidal, thoroughly confused and endearingly likeable cousin, in her 'A New Leaf' Goes back to the roots and provides some of the sweetest comic moments in the film. 

Unfortunately, Michael Rappaport, Tony Darrow and Jon Lovitz, as members of Ray's gang, although all three of them give excellent performances, are not given enough screen time to really let their talents for comedic characterization take flight. 

Can be given Hugh Grant is essentially Hugh Grant, which is to say he meets the requirements of his part without stretching his thespian muscles too much.

The success or failure of a comedy ultimately depends on how many times it is able to elicit laughter from the person watching it. Judging by that criterion, 'Small Time Crooks Film' rates as no better than a mild recommendation (though there is a very funny scene involving safecracking at the end of the film). 

Still, if for no other reason than to enjoy its many dazzling performances, "Small Time Crooks Full Movie" certainly earns at least one casual look from any Allen devotee. Looks like we have no choice but to have a good time with her!

I never would have expected a movie like "Small Time Crooks Film," but one has to imagine that it could only come from Woody Allen. 

He plays Ray Winkler, a loser who plans to pull off a major heist. But obviously, he needs a cover. 

So, his wife Frenchie (Tracey Ullman) opens a cookie shop on top of the tunnel that Ray is digging, and lo and behold, the cookie shop is a smash hit, and they never get stolen again! A year later, Ray and Frenchy are extremely wealthy, to the point that they are interviewed by "60 Minutes" reporter Steve Croft. 

But all this begins to uncover the problems in his life. Perhaps the crime would have paid after all! Above all, Small Time Crooks Movie shows what Woody Allen does best when it comes to straight comedy. I would say this was his funniest movie since "Mighty Aphrodite". Elaine May, Jon Lovitz and Hugh Grant also star. You will definitely like it.

As someone who has loved or really liked (albeit about 5 or 6 disappointments) he has seen most of Woody Allen's filmography (28 so far), much about Small Time Crooks Movie Liked it But compared to a lot of Allen's other films, it was uneven and even disappointing. 

Delivering on a lot of good stuff, Small Time Crux is beautifully illustrated and makes great use of the locations, which look equally great. 

Most of the acting is great, especially from Tracey Ullman who is fantastic and Elaine May who is charming, charming and her comic timing is priceless. Woody Allen—whose directing I have no problem with—also delivers a good performance that reminds you of some of his earlier work. 

Jon Lovitz and Michael Rapaport are a lot of fun in the small screen time we get to see them. The first half is great too, with very witty and sharp writing that feels like a throwback to Allen's earlier intelligent comedy and that was part of its appeal.

There's also a lot to say on issues and relationships in typical Alan fashion and it's done with insight. The three main characters are compellingly drawn. 

Sadly, the second half doesn't match up, the pace slows down, the writing isn't as witty and sometimes takes a patronizing approach and the characters that made the first half so entertaining disappear and seem like they should be is forgotten.

And that said the acting is fine, Lovitz and Rappaport deserved to do more, Elaine Stritch is pretty wasted and I'm not enamored of Hugh Grant here, his character was underwritten and the performance as a self-parody. I felt too much. 

The story is not that interesting in this half either some of the plotlines are underdeveloped and resolved clumsily. In the end, the enjoyable, well made and performed but underwhelming and uneven Woody Allen. 6/10 Bethany Cox

"Small Time Crooks Movie" is Woody Allen's latest film, and it will likely be seen by the same people who go to see all of his other movies (myself included), but probably won't go far there. It's funny, and fans of Allen will enjoy it, but it certainly isn't an excellent comedy.

Allen plays Ray, a scholar living in New York who creates a crazy scene to rob a bank. It includes a cookie store, a tunnel, and a lot of drilling. It also infuses one of the two out-and-out hilarious scenes in the film.

After the digging sequence, the movie takes an unexpected turn (which I'll let you discover for yourself), and the segment immediately after the "One Year Later" card is one of the best of the movie. Sadly, the brilliant media satire and accurate lines are not repeated in the film. for the rest of the hour.

A lot of people have commented on how Woody is going back to his roots. Sure the movie starts off like his early works, and the premise certainly shares a good deal with Take the Money and Run, but I wouldn't put Small Time Crooks Movie on the same level as that movie, which is my favorite. 

One of the comedies. While it's certainly a lighter film than his later works, Allen doesn't have the same quirky gags and total disregard for reality that the early works had. That insane-genius-laughing-with-us-all energy is missing.

Still, the movie looks great and the actors are particularly good. I'm sorry we didn't get to see more of Michael Rapaport and Jon Lovitz, who sadly only appear in the first half of the movie.

Then again, the movie isn't bad, it just isn't take the money and run. Recommended for fans of Woody, but I wouldn't say expect an old master here, but rather an old master doing his best to relive those early greats.

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