Chopper Movie | Chopper Full Movie | 2000

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Ben AffleckBen Affleck...Rudy Duncan
James FrainJames Frain...Nick Cassidy
Dana StubblefieldDana Stubblefield...The Alamo
Mark AchesonMark Acheson...Mean Guard
Tom HeatonTom Heaton...Ugly Staffer
Isaac HayesIsaac Hayes...Zook
Michael SunczykMichael Sunczyk...Distant Inmate #1
Douglas ArthursDouglas Arthurs...Distant Inmate #2 (as Douglas H. Arthurs)
Dean WrayDean Wray...Guard #1
Ron SauvéRon Sauvé...Guard #2 (as Ron Sauve)
Ron JeremyRon Jeremy...Prisoner #1 (as Ron Hyatt)
Hrothgar MathewsHrothgar Mathews...Exit Guard
Charlize TheronCharlize Theron...Ashley
Clarence Williams IIIClarence Williams III...Merlin
Donal LogueDonal Logue...Pug
Danny TrejoDanny Trejo...Jumpy
Gary SiniseGary Sinise...Gabriel
Dennis FarinaDennis Farina...Jack Bangs
Gordon TootoosisGordon Tootoosis...Old Governor
Lee Jay BamberryLee Jay Bamberry...Young Governor
Franklin Dennis JonesFranklin Dennis Jones...Security Boss (as Frank Jones)
Jimmy HermanJimmy Herman...Bartender
John DestryJohn Destry...Fat Guy
Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher...College Kid
Ana Paula PiedadeAna Paula Piedade...Portuguese Woman
Enuka OkumaEnuka Okuma...Cocktail Waitress #1
Eva De ViveirosEva De Viveiros...Cocktail Waitress #2
Ron PerkinsRon Perkins...Ice Fisherman
Joanna PirosJoanna Piros...TV Newscaster
Robyn DriscollRobyn Driscoll...Desk Clerk
Lonny ChapmanLonny Chapman...Old Timer
Alonso OyarzunAlonso Oyarzun...Casino Dealer
Rod WolfeRod Wolfe...Cashier #1
Marcus HondroMarcus Hondro...Cashier #2
Sam BobSam Bob...Video Guard
Jacob RuppJacob Rupp...Park Ranger #1
David JacoxDavid Jacox...Park Ranger #2
Anna HaganAnna Hagan...Mother
Ken Camroux-TaylorKen Camroux-Taylor...Father (as Ken Camroux)
Terry O'SullivanTerry O'Sullivan...Aunt Mary
Michael PuttonenMichael Puttonen...Bill
Paula ShawPaula Shaw...Aunt Lisbeth
Don S. WilliamsDon S. Williams...Uncle Ray
Jenafor RyaneJenafor Ryane...Jill
James HutsonJames Hutson...Mike
Wendy NoelWendy Noel...Stacey
Blair SlaterBlair Slater...Sam
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Larry LamLarry Lam...Prisoner (uncredited)
Govindini MurtyGovindini Murty...Casino Hostess (uncredited)

Chopper Movie Trailer

Chopper 2000 Trailer | Eric Bana | Simon Lyndon

Chopper Movie Description

In Chopper Movie Like many great movies, Chopper isn't about one thing, and it doesn't tell a story. 

It is a film about life on the fringes of society, about the lasting effects of growing up in an unstable, violent environment; It is about mental illness and the less glamorous (and thus rarely portrayed in film) aspects of the life of a gangster and career criminal. 

Most of all though, it's one of the most engaging character studies I've seen with a tour-de-force performance by Eric Bana that is never less than spectacular. 

This was only director Andrew Dominik's first film, but it's a carefully crafted masterwork from an inspired artist that deserves to be mentioned alongside the best first films by directors of his generation (it took him 7 years to confirm with his second film). Will take), the excellent Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) that was not a one hit wonder). 

Once you see this raw, shocking, at times darkly strange portrayal of a psychopath, you'll understand why it single-handedly launched Eric Bana's international career. Really a great movie. 9 out of 10 stars.

Chopper Film (3+ out of 5 stars) A nifty little character study of an infamous Australian criminal... well, infamous in his own mind, at least. 

The jury is still out on how many of the autobiographical details of "Chopper's" life are real and how many are fake... but it makes for a compelling story. 

Eric Bana gives a great performance in the lead... and nothing I've ever seen him do shows just how good he really is. The characters he plays are evil, repulsive, scary, badass... and yet full of charisma.

 After a violent stint in prison (his motto is "do it to others before it appears") Chopper Film is released back into society. 

With no skills other than his knowledge of crime, Chopper Film offers himself to the local police as a special undercover agent. 

They, of course, want nothing to do with his bone-chilling scheme, but he pretends they do anyway. Inflicting pain (on *himself *and* others) looks like he's the best and gets plenty of opportunities to show his stuff. 

Entertaining though it may be at times, the film does not glorify violence... Its ferocity and suddenness continually unnerve the viewer.

Mark Brandon Reed, nicknamed "Chopper Movie", was a notorious criminal in Australia who, after spending most of his life in prison, published books with anecdotes from those years before becoming a successful author of best-sellers. 

While his books have been accused of exaggerating things about his life, the stories presented are still realistic and shocking, and give insight into the mind of this complex and often troubled man, even though be they real or imaginary.

 "Chopper Movie", the film, is not based on Reed's life at all, but on a series of anecdotes he wrote in his first books.

Eric Bana plays Chopper Movie and gives one of his best performances to date, capturing the essence of the living legend Chopper Film has now become. It should come as no surprise that the film gained him recognition outside Australia and made him an international star. 

But even though the film centers around Chopper Full Movie, the performances of Simon Lyndon and Kate Behan shine in their roles as Chopper's cell mate Jimmy and Chopper's girlfriend Tanya, respectively.

Like Reid's books, the film is not really a biography, but rather a collection of stories surrounding the now-legendary figure of "Chopper Movie", presented in a way that blends grotesque surrealism with harsh realism. Mixes perfectly. 

The film's gritty semi-documentary look enhances this feeling as well as presents the violence in a cold manner. Like the original Chopper Movie, the film walks a fine line between fact and fiction, and that's what makes it so engaging and interesting.

It can be said that director Andrew Dominik painted an accurate portrait of the "Chopper Film" legend, not an actual person; And that's probably what the real Chopper might like. 

Dominique plays with the mood, going from serious drama to downright funny scenes in this character study that presents us an attractive but dangerous man who's probably been through more than we'd like to do, then. also believe it is less than what He wants from us.

The film is very intense and "tough", and very good in it; Bana is perfect as Chopper Full Movie and shows great promise as an actor. 

His characterization makes it very difficult not to like this common man with a very unusual life. 

Director Dominik makes a straight-forward film that stays true to Chopper's personality (fictional or not), and does it without pretension or gimmicks. It basically lets Chopper's charisma play to the audience's fascination with crime and violence.

Let me start by saying that I hate gangster movies. I absolutely dislike being asked to identify with murderers and criminals, and to treat organized criminals as "anti-heroes". With that in mind, I was quite surprised to find that I actually enjoyed "Chopper Movie".

As previous reviewers have said, this is essentially a character study rather than a story. Part of the reason it works so well is that Mark Brandon Reed is a compelling character portrayed beautifully by Eric Bana. 

Anyone who's ever seen an interview with Reed himself can appreciate what a close impersonation accomplishes; Her sudden crackling laugh and light-hearted way of talking about her really obnoxious tasks is being copied perfectly. 

The film manages to do what I'm sure Reid himself achieved in real life - trick you into liking him before revealing that his hair-raising nature and propensity for paranoia and violence Makes him a dangerous person to be around. 

What keeps you watching is Chopper's happy-go-lucky nature but also his unpredictability. In situations where other gangsters would have gone on a killing spree, Chopper Movie just shrugs and takes it in his stride. 

But similarly, under completely innocuous circumstances, his paranoia can kick in at any moment and send him on a violent outburst.

Chopper Movie is a great movie. Director Andrew Dominic has done a fabulous job. The movie looks so realistic, the brutality, the dialogues, the locations, the characters, it all suits very well the kind of movie that Chopper Film is. 

The acting is really amazing, especially from Eric Bana who plays Chopper Film. This man has a talent for making each and every emotion of his character direct and realistic. The violence, while quite graphic and brutal, is not unnecessary or excessive (except for a few scenes with a lot of bloodshed). 

Violence "hits" the viewer, as if he was feeling pain, it is very well reproduced. Chopper's character is interesting, as a guy who's trying to be a real tough criminal, but still has some's a natural born killer with nuance...with funny moments, great Acting, well-written script, and a very interesting character, Chopper Film delivers: dark humor, engaging characters, great setting, violence (for those who like it), and it's a very good movie. 

Eric Bana has a great future in acting...and Andrew Dominik is a great director who should definitely continue in this business. Chopper Film is a lot of fun. 

I have to disagree with those who say it is only for Aussies. Chopper Movie is a masterpiece of filmmaking in almost every sense and transcends the boundaries of the vernacular. 

I had to laugh at the review that dismissed it as sophistication and tried to support their argument by citing the film's lack of realism in the violence. Although based on a real person, it is a story-telling film and not a documentary. 

There is a clear element of gross exaggeration in most of the scenes of violence in Chopper Full Movie, which serve a purpose (or, more specifically, multiple purposes). Chopper is apparently unable to speak the truth or even hear the truth.

First of all, it's hard to figure out why so many people are attracted to Chopper Movie (and it's not at all hard to see why so many people wish him dead). In the first few moments, Eric Bana establishes Chopper's character in a way that exudes all kinds of charisma that some just can't resist. 

What Chopper Movie seems to get along with best are those on the periphery, who aren't too invested in who he intends to impress. The people involved with him are also locked in their doom because no one has been able to keep up with the mythical figure Chopper Full Movie has made himself (or tries to make himself).

Darkly humorous, brutal, yet not without compassion, the film rightly focuses on its central character and lives up to the unlikely protagonist's motto: never let the truth get in the way of a good thread. 

"Chopper Film" is a fascinating film filled with many wonderful performances even in small roles (for example, Jimmy's chain smoking, junkie, white trash, pregnant "fiancee" stumbling to the floor to pick up the sawed-off gun in the hallway. is eating).

Not for everyone, but those who get this sort of thing will be richly rewarded.
Chopper Film Mark is the pen name of Brandon Reed, a notorious real-life criminal whose crimes were chronicled in a best-selling book by him. Eric Bana plays Read to Perfection. 

An early scene brings to mind the Michael Madsen ear-slicing portion of Reservoir Dogs. The camera is on for 90 percent of the one and a half hour run time; And not even a minute is wasted. 

The style is similar to that of the equally vicious Bronson, who is also related to an infamous Australian criminal. Anyone who is a fan of the crime genre must watch both the movies.

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