102 Dalmatians Movie | 102 Dalmatians Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order)  

Glenn CloseGlenn Close...Cruella de Vil
Gérard DepardieuGérard Depardieu...Jean-Pierre Le Pelt (as Gerard Depardieu)
Ioan GruffuddIoan Gruffudd...Kevin Sheperd
Alice EvansAlice Evans...Chloe Simon
Tim McInnernyTim McInnerny...Alonzo
Eric IdleEric Idle...Waddlesworth (voice)
Ben CromptonBen Crompton...Ewan
Carol MacReadyCarol MacReady...Agnes (as Carol Macready)
Ian RichardsonIan Richardson...Mr. Torte
Jim CarterJim Carter...Detective Armstrong
Ron CookRon Cook...Mr. Button
Timothy WestTimothy West...Judge
David HorovitchDavid Horovitch...Dr. Pavlov
Dick BrannickDick Brannick...Pavlov's Assistant
Mike HayleyMike Hayley...Constable
Nicholas HutchisonNicholas Hutchison...Reporter
Tim WillcoxTim Willcox...ITN Reporter
June WatsonJune Watson...Prison Warden
Tony BlutoTony Bluto...Photocopier Repairman
Tessa ValeTessa Vale...Ticket Seller
John StylesJohn Styles...Punch & Judy Man
Kerry ShaleKerry Shale...Le Pelt's Assistant
Thierry LawsonThierry Lawson...Le Pelt's Assistant
Hugh FutcherHugh Futcher...Brakeman
Charles SimonCharles Simon...Lord Carnivore
Dorothea PhillipsDorothea Phillips...Mrs. Mirthless
Delphine AnnaiisDelphine Annaiis...Paris Poodle Lady
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sherwood BallSherwood Ball...Singer (uncredited)
Macéo BhardwajMacéo Bhardwaj...Audience Member (uncredited)
JB BlancJB Blanc...Police Captain (uncredited)
Ian Boo KhooIan Boo Khoo...Passenger at Station (uncredited)
Julia BridgemanJulia Bridgeman...Schoolgirl / Puppy (uncredited)
Greg BronsonGreg Bronson...Luncheon Attendee (uncredited)
Martin BrownMartin Brown...TV News Sound Recordist (uncredited)
Kenneth W CaravanKenneth W Caravan...Cruella Deville Mansion Flunkey (uncredited)
Rene CostaRene Costa...Paparazzi (uncredited)
Delphine de TurckheimDelphine de Turckheim...(uncredited)
Linda HarmonLinda Harmon...Singer (uncredited)
Leilani HolmesLeilani Holmes...Orient Express Passenger (uncredited)
Karen KennedyKaren Kennedy...Social Worker / Driver (uncredited)
Suzy KewerSuzy Kewer...French Model (uncredited)
David KeyesDavid Keyes...Waddlesworth (voice) (uncredited)
Jake LanningJake Lanning...Delivery Man (uncredited)
Jonathan LucasJonathan Lucas...Newscaster (voice) (uncredited)
Jack MasonJack Mason...Boy on Climbing Frame (uncredited)
Ann MillsAnn Mills...Fashion Show Editor (uncredited)
Adriana NimaAdriana Nima...Dottie (uncredited)
James PayneJames Payne...Taxi Driver in Black and White Dots (uncredited)
Brett ReylanderBrett Reylander...Chef (uncredited)
Nigel RixonNigel Rixon...Bus Driver (uncredited)
Tina SimmonsTina Simmons...Fashionista (uncredited)

102 Dalmatians Movie Trailer

102 Dalmatians Full Movie Official Trailer (2000)

102 Dalmatians Full Movie Description

In "102 Dalmatians Movie" would become one of my favorite movies as soon as it started because it was full of dogs and a clear plot was so important to the people involved. 
What attracted me was my love for dogs and my instinct was not to be disappointed with the outcome of 102 Dalmatians film.

"102 Dalmatians Movie" was one of the smartest and funniest movies I've ever seen. One thing that I found interesting was the director's motivation and drive to complete the project tirelessly.

Glenn Close does another incredible job portraying Cruella de Ville. His performance was so incredible that it made me angry every time he did something bad to a Dalmatian; When that happens, you know you have a good actress on your hands.

Kudos to newcomers Eoin Grufford and Elise Evans as they pull off performances that make them look like giants. 

There the performances were so spectacular that I could mistake them for being natural. These two have a lot to offer and they are here to stay.

I'm so glad I saw 102 Dalmatians Film because it allowed me to forget the outside world and relax with my popcorn and soda pop. 

"102 Dalmatians Movie" is a delightfully light-hearted comedy that will warm your heart while inspiring you to take action.

Disney goes for a cash grab with 102 Dalmatians Movie. Cruella de Vil is released from prison after undergoing state-of-the-art treatment and rehabilitated by expensive lawyers. 

If she ever kidnaps the puppies again she will lose her fortune. Her probation officer Chloe has a Dalmatian and is also working with The Second Chance Dog Shelter, owned by Kevin, which has financial problems which Cruella buys to repair its reputation.

The doctors treating Cruella find that the sound of Big Ben undoes all therapy and the subject returns to her former behavior, which is exactly what Chloe's office is near Big Ben and When the bell rings Cruella turns into her former evil self and joins the list. 

Enlist the help of a French fashion designer to steal 102 Dalmatian puppies for a new fur coat.

Glenn Close is less hammy here at first because he has to look cool and fine. Gérard Depardieu certainly nails it as the ruthless fashion designer whose sweatshop employees pay him to work.

The film continues well from the live action 101 Dalmatians, with the two romantic leads replaced. It's cartoonishly violent, silly and fun for kids with a messy ending.

The film is made with style, has comical chase scenes, animals escaping from their pursuers. There's a wonderful scene where Cruella watches everything in the Dalmatian dot Westminster.

The young romantic leads though fade and the film offers little new from the original.

The film didn't offer anything new or worthwhile. After watching it, both my wife and I agreed that the studio simply churned it out and could care less if it was entertaining. 

This is a good example of a "concept only" movie - they have a concept about the movie and other details are unimportant because know it will make $$ based on the initial concept.

The film begins with Cruella coming out of prison and going on parole. She no longer hates puppies but has been programmed to love them - she simply cannot hurt a flea. It doesn't last too long after her release and she's back to her old ways. duration.

The most annoying aspects of the film were the supporting characters. Eric Idle as the voice of the Waddlesworth bird made me hate him - and that's hard considering I'm a die-hard Python fan. 

It was clear that he did it because he was given a lot of money (there could be no other reason). Cruella's low-self-esteem servant, Tim McInerney, was funny on the show Black Adder, but here he's completely clumsy and funny. 

And getting Gerard Depardieu would have cost a few bucks but that too was a complete waste. There were a few other supporting actors too but considering how poorly the characters were written, I'm trying to put them out of my mind.

Overall, you'd be better off letting your kids watch television or even play "Grand Theft Auto" than let them watch this drivel.

The first movie, "101 Dalmatians" already wasn't a masterpiece, but it was a fun and enjoyable movie nonetheless. This sequel is a dud and is too much. Still the movie is a lot of fun to watch, especially for kids.

Thank god Glenn Close is still in it. The film would have been terrible without him. She really pulls off her villainous role in a completely over the top, delightful way. Gérard Depardieu supports him as another villain. 

He's also fun and over-the-top but his character doesn't feel entirely essential to the story. It was as if his character was written into the story in case Glenn Close said no to this sequel. 

Another returning actor is Tim McInerney as the butler Alonzo. He was already perfectly cast and fun in the first film and he fortunately gets more to do in 102 Dalmatians Movie. The main characters in this film are played by Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans. Not the two most interesting actors if you ask me.

The story is very simple, as a children's film should be. It's filled with some comedic moments, but it misses some of the slapstick and subtle comedy that was in the first film.

Another thing that's missing is Michael Kamen's musical score. David Newman, who scored for 102 Dalmatians film, isn't a bad composer by any means, but Kamen's score had a more funky feel to it that added to the atmosphere of the film.

The film again has some good looking costumes and this time she was even nominated for an Oscar for the same.

The film could be considered a bit too simplistic and too original or as good as the first film. Still, the movie is totally fun to watch, but it's by no means a must-watch even if you've seen the first movie.

Well, Disney has done it again. 102 Dalmatians Full Movie is better than ever. Once again, Glenn Close stars as the villain, Cruella DeVille's crazy, offbeat villain. She's totally terrifying, and totally believable as she makes her transition from almost sickening sweet to gleefully evil.

Alice Evans does a stellar job as Cruella's strict, yet humorous probation officer who is less-than-thrilled about her new client. 

And Eoin Gruffudd is perfect as the slightly naive dog-lover who is torn between wanting to believe that Cruella has turned over a new leaf, and falling madly in love with his probation officer. Tim McInerney reappears as Cruella's nervous, fearful butler, but this time he gets a shining moment when he fights a bad guy, and helps save the day.

The only person I had a problem with was Gerald Depardieu... don't get me wrong, he's a great actor, but to be honest, I think this role was beneath him. LePelt is nerdy and snarky, practically in love with Cruella and her jokes (i.e. the tiger head on her pants in one scene) fall disappointingly flat. 

I think Mr. Depardieu should have demanded some intelligence in this role... I can go with Lepelt because Cruella and the others are great, and the story is engaging, and the animals are terrifying once again. The addition of Talking Macaw really gave the film an unexpected comic twist. I give it six stars.

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