X-Men Movie | X-Men Full Movie | 2000

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman...Logan / Wolverine
Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart...Professor Charles Xavier
Ian McKellenIan McKellen...Eric Lensherr / Magneto
Famke JanssenFamke Janssen...Jean Grey
James MarsdenJames Marsden...Scott Summers / Cyclops
Halle BerryHalle Berry...Ororo Munroe / Storm
Anna PaquinAnna Paquin...Rogue
Tyler ManeTyler Mane...Sabretooth
Ray ParkRay Park...Toad
Rebecca RomijnRebecca Romijn...Mystique (as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)
Bruce DavisonBruce Davison...Senator Kelly
Matthew SharpMatthew Sharp...Henry Gyrich
Brett MorrisBrett Morris...Young Magneto
Rhona ShekterRhona Shekter...Magneto's Mother
Kenneth McGregorKenneth McGregor...Magneto's Father
Shawn RobertsShawn Roberts...Rogue's Boyfriend
Donna GoodhandDonna Goodhand...Rogue's Mother
John NellesJohn Nelles...Rogue's Father (as John E. Nelles)
George BuzaGeorge Buza...Trucker
Darren McGuireDarren McGuire...Contender
Carson ManningCarson Manning...Waterboy #1
Scott LevaScott Leva...Waterboy #2
Aron TagerAron Tager...Emcee
Kevin RushtonKevin Rushton...Stu
Doug LennoxDoug Lennox...Bartender
David NicholsDavid Nichols...Newscaster #1
Malcolm NefskyMalcolm Nefsky...Stu's Buddy
Sumela KaySumela Kay...Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat
Shawn AshmoreShawn Ashmore...Bobby Drake / Iceman
Katrina FloreceKatrina Florece...Jubilation Lee / Jubilee
Alex BurtonAlex Burton...John Allerdyce / Pyro (as Alexander Burton)
Quinn WrightQuinn Wright...Lily Pond Kid
Danny MagsDanny Mags...Boy on Raft (as Daniel Magder)
Matt WeinbergMatt Weinberg...Tommy
Madison LancMadison Lanc...Tommy's Sister
Stan LeeStan Lee...Hot Dog Vendor
Marsha GrahamMarsha Graham...Newscaster #2
Amy LelandAmy Leland...Cerebro (voice)
Adam RobitelAdam Robitel...Guy on Line
David Lawrence BrownDavid Lawrence Brown...Lead Cop (as Dave Brown)
Ben JensenBen Jensen...Sabretooth Cop (as Ben P. Jensen)
Tom DeSantoTom DeSanto...Toad Cop
Todd DulmageTodd Dulmage...Coast Guard
Dan DuranDan Duran...Newscaster #3
Elias ZarouElias Zarou...U.N. Secretary General
David BlackDavid Black...President
Robert R. SnowRobert R. Snow...Secret Service
David HayterDavid Hayter...Museum Cop
Cecil PhillipsCecil Phillips...Security Guard
Dave Allen ClarkDave Allen Clark...Newscaster #4
Deryck BlakeDeryck Blake...Plastic Prison Guard
Ilke HincerIlke Hincer...Translator
Ron ShamRon Sham...Translator
Jay YooJay Yoo...Translator
Grigori MiakouchkineGrigori Miakouchkine...Translator (as Gregori Miakouchkine)
Eleonore ComesEleonore Comes...Translator (as Eleanor Comes)
Giuseppe GallaccioGiuseppe Gallaccio...Translator
Rupinder BrarRupinder Brar...Translator
Abi GanemAbi Ganem...Translator
Joey PurpuraJoey Purpura...German Soldier
Manuel VergeManuel Verge...German Soldier
Wolfgang MüllerWolfgang Müller...German Soldier (as Wolfgang Muller)
Ralph ZuljanRalph Zuljan...German Soldier
Andy GroteAndy Grote...German Soldier
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
John AtkinJohn Atkin...German Officer (uncredited)
Dave BrownDave Brown...Unnamed Cop (uncredited)
Eric BrysonEric Bryson...Cop (uncredited)
Ben ChampnissBen Champniss...Jewish Prisoner of War (uncredited)
Cheryl De LucaCheryl De Luca...Mother on Train (uncredited)
Jeremy DurganaJeremy Durgana...Student (uncredited)
Wesley FinucanWesley Finucan...Man at Train Station (uncredited)
Kyler FisherKyler Fisher...(uncredited)
Marc GagneMarc Gagne...Bar Patron (uncredited)
Matthew GallifordMatthew Galliford...Ellis Island Dignitary (uncredited)
Gary GoddardGary Goddard...Man at Beach (uncredited)
Matt GrangerMatt Granger...Weapon X Program Surgeon (uncredited)
Cyprian LerchCyprian Lerch...Police Officer (uncredited)
Donald MacKinnonDonald MacKinnon...Student at Xavier School (uncredited)
Brian PeckBrian Peck...Hot Dog Stand Patron (uncredited)
Sabrina G SamuelsSabrina G Samuels...Spectator On Beach (uncredited)
Peter SchindelhauerPeter Schindelhauer...German Soldier (uncredited)
Jimmy StarJimmy Star...Police Officer (uncredited)
Kim TannahillKim Tannahill...Woman (uncredited)
Daniel VivianDaniel Vivian...Canadian (uncredited)
Quentin WrightQuentin Wright...Student at Xavier School (uncredited)

X-Men Movie Trailer

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X-Men Movie Description

There are few x men movie that take this genre to another level. This film is definitely going to do so in the superhero genre.

Good: There are a lot of good things that I can talk about. Given the comparatively weak screenplay for such an experimental film, Bryan Singer does his best to tell the story. 

This was the first time in YEARS that a superhero film was taken seriously. Considering that none of the characters had any introduction prior to this x men movie, it does a really good job of keeping them interesting. 

Also, it sets up the conflict between Eric and Xavier, which has been an integral part of many of the films that followed. Not to mention, the character introduction, especially that of Wolverine, was incredible. 

We know right away the basic characterization given to each of them, which was enough to get to the back of the film. Hugh Jackman was the optimal choice for the role of Wolverine, and he proved it for the next 17 years. 

Every single actor has done a good job in their roles. Also, I believe the X-Men movies have been the best superhero x men movie when it comes to "social" themes. For the first time, we get to see each other colliding with two friends with different views on the world. 

It's become incredibly stale now, but it's great to see some of the other films from that time and then, especially First Class and DOFP. 

Mutants wish to be accepted by humans, and other mutants wish to destroy the human race - what other superhero series has given such a theme, or a similar one? This is why we are getting x men full movie like Infinity War, Civil War, Endgame, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. 

While I prefer these compared to the first X-Men movie, if it didn't get the genre back on track, we would never have got x men full movie like that.

Mixed: This sounds dated. Had it been made today, it would have faded. It was clear that they were trying to experiment with this film and still figuring out how to fix things. 

While he got most things right, he could have made the story a little more complicated.

Bad: The story is largely a frivolous story. While there is an interesting twist, it still seems that the film becomes a bit goofy and cartoony after that turn. 

At some moments it looks like he was simply shoehorned in to give him some "comic accuracy", but he didn't feel it was appropriate. 

I believe that if you get the basic elements right, it doesn't matter if it isn't mortally accurate with the comics. But if you want it to happen, make some baseline for it. Don't do it accidentally.

Conclusion: This is a film that has brought the genre back on track forever. While the story and script might seem a little hazy when viewed today, you can see that the execution of the ideas was as good as humanly possible. 

If you are a fan of superhero x men full movie, then definitely check it out. Not because it's great, but just to be a reminder of where we took us. I am a huge fan of this genre. All credit goes to Nolan's Batman x men movie, the good X-Men movies, and Raimi's first two Spider-Man movies. 

I absolutely love the MCU and several DC x men films apart from Nolan's trilogy - Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, Shazam, The Dark Knight Returns, Superman/Doomsday, etc. But for me, like the genre, it all started with the first X-Men movie. So, I have a very special place in my heart for this as a fan.

"X-Men" is a rare treat—a blockbuster that lives up to its hype and a comic book adaptation that hits the mark.

As with Tim Burton's "Batman," it ranks above all other superhero x men movie
. It's a genre that's usually synonymous with silly, campy, cartoonish nonsense, but Bryan Singer makes a long-awaited exception to the rule. 

"X-Men" is smart, stylish and awesome... one of the better sci-fi/fantasy x men movie of the last decade.

Of course, it helps to have good source material.

The X-Men comics, which originated in the 1960s, are more politically progressive and morally complex than older superhero stories like "Superman", where the heroes are always right, and truth, justice and the American way. 

always prevails. The series is a well-crafted parable about individuality and discrimination. The characters are mutants - struggling to find a place in a society that rejects them. 

Its primary villain, Magneto, isn't a wicked maniac—he's a sympathetic character, a misguided revolutionary who plays Huey Newton for Professor Xavier's Martin Luther King. 

The iconic character, Wolverine, is a beer-swing anti-hero who cares little for ideals and fights only to protect himself and his loved ones. Female characters are just as powerful and important as men, and not just love interests.

After watching a lot of animated X-Men material, I thought it was time to watch some live-action x men movie. 

I had heard rumors that the X-Men franchise was hit and miss. Well, it was a pretty solid start.

Not everyone gives a top performance, but I was overjoyed that my favorite characters delivered. 

Hugh Jackman does a pretty good and charismatic job as a tough Wolverine from where he doesn't even know himself. 

He meets Mary aka Rogue who brings him to Xavier's School for the Gifted. Their relationship is a highlight here.

Magneto draws a lot of star power from the brilliant Ian McKellen and his harsh past is well taken for granted that leads him on his dark path in life while struggling with his old friend Xavier, also a mentor by Patrick Stuart. Good illustration is given.

The otherwise talented Halle Berry wasn't as convincing as Storm, I must admit. The soaring figure I knew had become quite dull, and her powers were no longer visible before the climax. 

James Marsden was a good choice as Cyclops, but without the real punch to the performance as Storm was just the case.

But I enjoyed the X-Men more than I expected, despite some minor bumps in the road, because the story was really engaging when focused on the right elements like Wolverine and Rogue and how Magneto accomplishes his plan. 

It is not the typical superhero film where action and special effects are the main focus, but rather more like a psychological drama with some hero elements. Which makes it stand out among the crowd.

But even though the special effects weren't the main focus, they were awesome, hands down! This may be a film from the year 2000, but then the effects weren't used as much as they are today, so when they were good they really rocked the screen.

I would recommend X-Men to anyone who likes a well-balanced x men movie
 with a well-told story, just the right amount of action and special effects.

If this film was given to the wrong director it could have been incredibly lousy. Being a reader of comics I know that there are some things that work on the page of a comic book but not in a x men movie and let me say that costume is one of these things which in all likelihood will not work. 

The singer chose to go with black leather outfits and for one, I am very grateful for this choice. There are many things in this film that work but unfortunately there are also some things that stop the film from being truly spectacular.

Let's start with the things that work. The film is very good acting wise. This above all accounts for some excellent casting. 

Hugh Jackman is perfect as Wolverine and brings out the character's duality in a very satisfying way. Also in the scenes we get a glimpse of the fury in the character's work as well. 

The only thing that could be said about him is that he is very tall but it seems that most people including me have accepted this fact. I also feel that letting a relatively unknown actor play the role was a wise choice because that way we don't have any preconceived notions about him. 

As for Professor X, no one else can play him other than Patrick Stewart. Stewart simply becomes Xavier in both appearance, voice and form. 

An example of correct casting. Ian McKellen is brilliant as Magneto and manages to create a human villain rather than the usual clichés like the villains seen in Hollywood productions. 

The acting is very good apart from the acting mentioned above. Not great but good. The only person who doesn't look and act like a known character from the comics is Anna Paquin who plays Rogue. 

The character is nothing in the comics and Paquin's performance doesn't help the character.

The film is a notch above average when it comes to music and sound effects in general. The musical score has a very grand, even epic, feel to it and it suits the film very well. 

This score is not as memorable as Batman (1989) but it is enough. As far as the general sound effects are concerned, they are both very apt and believable which adds to the overall credibility of the film which is considerable. 

The sound that Wolverine's claws make when they come out is exactly what I imagined. very well done. In general the effects are also very well made. Not as good as Spider-Man but very good nonetheless. 

Great care has been taken to make the effects as believable as possible and they work from where I stand. The only character whose powers I had absolutely no faith in was Todd. Ray Parks is an excellent athlete but many of his stunts look like obvious wire work. 

This is a very common complaint I have because some of the action looks are rehearsed. However, there are some interesting action scenes and overall the action is acceptable.

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