Wonder Boys Movie | Wonder Boys Full Movie | 2000

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Michael DouglasMichael Douglas...Grady Tripp
Tobey MaguireTobey Maguire...James Leer
Frances McDormandFrances McDormand...Sara Gaskell
Robert Downey Jr.Robert Downey Jr....Terry Crabtree
Katie HolmesKatie Holmes...Hannah Green
Rip TornRip Torn...Q
Richard KnoxRichard Knox...Vernon Hardapple
Jane AdamsJane Adams...Oola
Michael CavadiasMichael Cavadias...Miss Sloviak
Richard ThomasRichard Thomas...Walter Gaskell
Alan TudykAlan Tudyk...Traxler
Philip BoscoPhilip Bosco...Emily's Father
George GrizzardGeorge Grizzard...Fred Leer
Kelly BishopKelly Bishop...Amanda Leer
Bill VelinBill Velin...Officer Pupcik
Charis MichelsenCharis Michelsen...Carrie
Yusuf GatewoodYusuf Gatewood...Howard
June HildrethJune Hildreth...Emily's Mother
Elisabeth GranliElisabeth Granli...Emily (photo)
Richard HidlebirdRichard Hidlebird...Hi-Hat Bouncer
Bingo O'MalleyBingo O'Malley...Wordfest Party Guest
Patricia CrayPatricia Cray...Wordfest Party Guest
Marita GoldenMarita Golden...Wordfest Party Guest
Victor QuinazVictor Quinaz...Wordfest Party Guest
James EllroyJames Ellroy...Wordfest Party Guest
Lenora NemetzLenora Nemetz...Wordfest Party Guest
Tracey D. TurnerTracey D. Turner...Wordfest Party Guest
James KisickiJames Kisicki...Wordfest Party Guest
Rob McElhenneyRob McElhenney...Student
Anika BobbAnika Bobb...Student
Katherine SweeneyKatherine Sweeney...Student
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Krista DellKrista Dell...Party Girl
Lucia M. AguirreLucia M. Aguirre...Student (uncredited)
Tony AmenTony Amen...Businessman in Restaurant (uncredited)
Lisa DelmarLisa Delmar...Self - Student (uncredited)
Katrina M. FaesselKatrina M. Faessel...Student (uncredited)
John W. IwanonkiwJohn W. Iwanonkiw...Father at Hospital (uncredited)
Sean KingSean King...Student (uncredited)
David LeanDavid Lean...Student (uncredited)
Amber MarianoAmber Mariano...Extra (uncredited)
Robert James McMichaelRobert James McMichael...Student (uncredited)
Jackson NunnJackson Nunn...Night Club Dancer (uncredited)
Sandy SlickerSandy Slicker...Woman in Forum (uncredited)
Karinzo ThompsonKarinzo Thompson...Background extra (uncredited)
Andrew ZehnerAndrew Zehner...Student (uncredited)

Wonder Boys Movie Trailer

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Wonder Boys Movie Description

In Wonder Boys movie, I usually get annoyed by movies based on novels about novelists. In fact, it seems that the author cannot think of anything else to write. 'Write what you know.' That's what writing coaches tell you. 

But a novel about a writer sounds like a know-it-all. Who would want to read it besides other authors? The opening scenes of Wonder Boys Movie, however, buried whatever hang-ups I had. 

It's less about writing the story, but more about the tortured souls who produced it.

This Wonder Boys film is unlike anything I have seen before. In fact, has any other major studio film ever been shot in Pittsburgh? it is about time. Here's another departure: Wonder Boys Movie wins as a character study. 

How many comedians can claim that? And it's a great comedy. Who can't appreciate the fact that one of the most important characters driving the story is a blind dog who is locked in a car trunk for most of the Wonder Boys Movie?

Not to be bothered by said dog, Michael Douglas puts on his best performance since Wall Street. 

Douglas plays the ultimate tortured soul, Grady Tripp, a highly respected, award-winning, and soon-to-be-divorced University of Pittsburgh writing professor, wrestling, as many actors do, with a novel that refuses to end. 

One of his students, James Lear (Tobey Maguire in one of his best performances yet), is trying his best to be a poor, struggling artist and seems to be inspired. James drops everything and enters Grady's life, and the scenes between the two burst into life. 

James has his own novel just completed, and Grady's editor Terry Crabtree (Robert Downey, Jr.) believes he has found a true "wonder boy" who is the next big thing.

The Wonder Boys film then leaves us with these questions: how will Grady find a balance between helping James, meeting James' expectations of his hero, and dealing with the fact that this kid is on The Verge while he himself is on page 1163 and counting up? Always poignant and dazzling, the author of the Wonder Boys film never strays from his characters in favor of over-dramatization. Opportunities abound and Mr. Kloves always passes them by wisely.

Grady's relationship problems also escalate. The story takes place over one weekend, and Grady is faced with one dilemma after another, including his married girlfriend, Sarah (Frances McDormand), the school's chancellor, his boarder, and student Hannah (Katie Holmes), a bar will glow once found). 

that nice, soulful starring role), and of course his estranged wife (played by none).

There's a lot to love about Wonder Boys Movie and I assure you I've only skimmed the surface. The real reason I went to see it, although it looked pretty interesting from the trailers, was Curtis Hanson. I liked parts of L.A. 

Confidential enough to see what other tricks he had up his sleeve. I must say that his work here is much more accomplished than in Confidential, despite the fact that most critics thought it deserved to outshine Titanic a few years ago. 

I hope this gives you an idea of ​​how cool the Wonder Boys Full Movie are. Unfortunately, this is an early year, low-budget comedy about schlock, and Mr. Hanson will be most recognized for the mystery thrillers that came before it.

Wonder Boys Movie (2000) Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Frances McDormand, Robert Downey Jr., Katie Holmes, Rip Torn, Richard Thomas, Jane Adams, Michael Cavadias, Philip Bosco.

Michael Douglas is by far not one of the best actors in comedy. In Michael Chabon's adaptation of the classic novel of huss-beans, a 2-day journey of chemical assimilation and self-discovery, he emerges as an old pro as does his antagonist, Grady Tripp (great name!) in a memorable twist.

Trip is - to make a joke here - a bad trip on a disastrous day. It begins when his (unseen) wife leaves him. It gets worse from there. 

Tripp is a tenured English professor at the University of Pittsburgh and somewhat of a downward spiral loser (he was once lauded as a 'wonder boy' for his first novel of praise and has been on the road for 7 years with his giant struggling to make ends meet. 

(over 2000 pages follow-up) who have as many balls in the air as a weekend of literary workshops await their appearance: namely the wife of his boss, the chancellor, Sarah Gaskell (Mac Dormand giving another patently flawless performance) he has a relationship with. 

announces with perfect timing that she is pregnant. To make matters worse, it's at their cocktail party for a verbose literary figure inappropriately known as 'Q' (the tattered, subdued contingent) and their bisexual New Yorkers in tow. 

editor Terry Crabtree (the always welcome Downey) who is pestering him for a peek. 

On his epic tome which is brought along by an enormity of a transvestite (Cavadias), he meets on the plane and two of Grady's prized pupils, the hot, dazzling (and frankly seductive) Hannah Green (sexy baby fat sweet Holmes below right). 

and heir apparent, narcissistically afflicted chronic storyteller/liar James Lear (a star making turn by the incredible Maguire, showcasing his low-key subtle skills at full tilt). Both are perfect..

What follows is a series of bad timing, unfortunate luck, a dead dog, mistaken identities, pill and alcohol binges (think a less toxic 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'), secret revealed, Marilyn Monroe. 

s wedding coat (Don't ask, trust me it works!) and gradually an especially Zen-like Kwon understanding: It doesn't matter if one has creative, artistic talent. What do you think about others?

Douglas is a revelation as a genuine Wonder Boys movie-star allowing the actor that was always inside him (the last time I can remember a 'real' character he did was in 'Falling Down' tick- the ticking human is a time bomb) by allowing his personality to degrade into a cunning, lady-killer cocksure swagdly handsome devil and here himself into a kinky, pot-smoking, future meltdown bludgeoning the truth detects.

And of course that little feeling is by no means trivial as it is offered by a melancholy Maguire who exudes a cosmic sadness when he is not busy covering his body with his pain(s) or Doesn't describe his own helpful run in the men's room. Get well (hilarious by the way). 

To Grady's Don Quixote his James Lear is Sancho Panza in a twisted sense. Downey, as always, enjoyed the straw that fueled the drinking of wine and deceit.

Filmmaker Steve Kloves (who was originally set to direct and is best known for his debut with the fabulous 'The Fabulous Baker Boys') turned the off-beat quirky novel into some great dialogue and unique situations (i.e. how to make Adapts excellently to the screen with. Bad joke about a dead dog being a good running gag).

Director Curtis Hanson, best known for 'Bad Influence' and the Oscar-winning 'L.A. Known for influential films like 'Confidential' taps into the depths of humanity through humor and succeeds by making it a fun-filled ride into the inner sanctum of all actors: self-destruction is easy, self-acceptance isn't always.

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