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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Mel GibsonMel Gibson...Nick Marshall
Helen HuntHelen Hunt...Darcy Maguire
Marisa TomeiMarisa Tomei...Lola
Alan AldaAlan Alda...Dan Wanamaker
Ashley JohnsonAshley Johnson...Alex Marshall
Mark FeuersteinMark Feuerstein...Morgan Farwell
Lauren HollyLauren Holly...Gigi
Delta BurkeDelta Burke...Eve
Valerie PerrineValerie Perrine...Margo
Judy GreerJudy Greer...Erin the File Girl
Sarah PaulsonSarah Paulson...Annie
Ana GasteyerAna Gasteyer...Sue Cranston
Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein...Dina
Loretta DevineLoretta Devine...Flo the Doorwoman
Diana Maria RivaDiana Maria Riva...Stella
Eric BalfourEric Balfour...Cameron
Andrea BakerAndrea Baker...Office Intern (as Andrea Taylor)
Jon FrazierJon Frazier...Truck Driver (credit only)
Joe PetckaJoe Petcka...Man on Street
Brian CallawayBrian Callaway...Man on Street
Coburn GossCoburn Goss...Man on Street (as Coby Goss)
Christian MichelChristian Michel...Man on Street
Perry CavittPerry Cavitt...Ogling Man
Crystal McKinneyCrystal McKinney...Unimpressed Woman
Jeanne Marie RiceJeanne Marie Rice...Unimpressed Woman (as Jeanne Renick)
Kathrin MiddletonKathrin Middleton...Gigi's Friend (as Kathrin Lautner)
Logan LermanLogan Lerman...Young Nick Marshall
Kelly CooperKelly Cooper...Showgirl
Palmer DavisPalmer Davis...Showgirl
Katie MillerKatie Miller...Showgirl
Dana WatersDana Waters...Nick's Mom
Gregory CupoliGregory Cupoli...Male Role Model
Alexondra LeeAlexondra Lee...Woman in Pink Sweater
Aviva GaleAviva Gale...Counter Girl
Shirley PrestiaShirley Prestia...Coffee Shop Customer
T.J. ThyneT.J. Thyne...Coffee Shop Customer
Norman H. SmithNorman H. Smith...Norm
Audrey WasilewskiAudrey Wasilewski...Secretary with Danish / Kitchen Secretary
Angela OhAngela Oh...Jess, Dan's Secretary
Robert Briscoe EvansRobert Briscoe Evans...Ted
Chris RolfesChris Rolfes...Woman in Park
Katie KneelandKatie Kneeland...Woman in Park
Jeanine O'ConnellJeanine O'Connell...Woman in Park
Kelley HazenKelley Hazen...Woman in Park
Brooke ElliottBrooke Elliott...Woman in Park
Kristina MartinKristina Martin...Woman in Park
Harmony RousseauHarmony Rousseau...Sloane / Curtis Receptionist
Lisa LongLisa Long...Sloane / Curtis Executive
Heidi HelmerHeidi Helmer...Marshall Field's Shopper
Marla MartensenMarla Martensen...Marshall Field's Shopper
Sally Meyers KovlerSally Meyers Kovler...Marshall Field's Shopper (as Sally Meyers-Kovler)
Ashley QuiricoAshley Quirico...Marshall Field's Shopper
Regan RohdeRegan Rohde...Marshall Field's Shopper
Liz TannebaumLiz Tannebaum...Marshall Field's Shopper
LeShay N. TomlinsonLeShay N. Tomlinson...Marshall Field's Shopper
Cristine RoseCristine Rose...Sloane / Curtis Attorney
Arden MyrinArden Myrin...Darcy's Assistant
Rachel DuncanRachel Duncan...Alex's Friend
Alex McKennaAlex McKenna...Alex's Friend (as Alex Mckenna)
Regiane GorskiRegiane Gorski...Yoga Instructor
Juliandra GillenJuliandra Gillen...Woman in Library
Lisa Anne HillmanLisa Anne Hillman...Woman in Library
Tracy PachecoTracy Pacheco...Woman in Library
Ashlee TurnerAshlee Turner...Woman in Library
Jamie GuttermanJamie Gutterman...Jogger by Lake
Maggie EganMaggie Egan...Kitchen Secretary
Juanita JenningsJuanita Jennings...Kitchen Secretary
Robin Pearson RoseRobin Pearson Rose...Kitchen Secretary
Hallie Meyers-ShyerHallie Meyers-Shyer...Girl at Lunch Counter (as Hallie Meyers Shyer)
Laura QuicksilverLaura Quicksilver...Girl at Lunch Counter
Kate AsnerKate Asner...Woman at Lunch Counter
Caryn GreenhutCaryn Greenhut...Woman at Lunch Counter
Jennifer GreenhutJennifer Greenhut...Woman at Lunch Counter
Marnie MosimanMarnie Mosiman...Woman at Lunch Counter
Sierra PecheurSierra Pecheur...Woman at Lunch Counter
Nnenna FreelonNnenna Freelon...Nightclub Singer
Gil HacohenGil Hacohen...Haim
Nancy MonsaratNancy Monsarat...Nike Executive
Jacqueline ThomasJacqueline Thomas...Nike Executive
Rory ByrneRory Byrne...Nike Executive (as Rory Rubin)
Christopher EmersonChristopher Emerson...Mail Room Kid
Victoria KelleherVictoria Kelleher...Secretary
Gertrude WongGertrude Wong...Old Woman in Chinatown
Andi EystadAndi Eystad...Girl at Prom
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Greg BronsonGreg Bronson...Upscale Pedestrian (uncredited)
Kira CoplinKira Coplin...Alex's Friend (uncredited)
Kiva DawsonKiva Dawson...Showgirl (uncredited)
David C. FisherDavid C. Fisher...Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Elizabeth FriedmanElizabeth Friedman...Classmate (uncredited)
Kevin GardnerKevin Gardner...Party Guest (uncredited)
Melanie GoodMelanie Good...Showgirl (uncredited)
Drew HowertonDrew Howerton...Boy at Prom (uncredited)
Kimberly LyonKimberly Lyon...Showgirl (uncredited)
TJ MartinTJ Martin...Police Detective / Day Player (uncredited)
Krista McRobertsKrista McRoberts...Angela (uncredited)
Maureen MendozaMaureen Mendoza...Lawyer (uncredited)
Heidi MerrickHeidi Merrick...Secretary (uncredited)
Bette MidlerBette Midler...Dr. J.M. Perkins (uncredited)
Oriah MirzaOriah Mirza...Ad Executive (uncredited)
Robin NanceRobin Nance...Redhead (uncredited)
Grace O'NeillGrace O'Neill...Shopper (uncredited)
Kristine PerchettiKristine Perchetti...Showgirl (uncredited)
Jean SawinJean Sawin...Woman Getting in Taxi (uncredited)
Andy SchofieldAndy Schofield...Man in Park (uncredited)
Richard SimmonsRichard Simmons...Richard Simmons (uncredited)
Nancy SinclairNancy Sinclair...Woman Getting Manicure (uncredited)
Nicki SixteenNicki Sixteen...Girl at Prom (uncredited)
Melinda Songer SoderlingMelinda Songer Soderling...Dancer (uncredited)
Lauren StewartLauren Stewart...Gigi's Friend #3 (uncredited)
Martha StewartMartha Stewart...Martha Stewart (uncredited)
Tracey StoneTracey Stone...Black-Haired Beauty (uncredited)
Dean TeasterDean Teaster...Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Gena VazquezGena Vazquez...Marshall Fields Shopper (uncredited)
Danielle WeeksDanielle Weeks...Meg Ryan Lookalike (uncredited)
Nancy WetzelNancy Wetzel...Co-Worker (uncredited)

What Women Want Movie Trailer

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What Women Want Movie Description

In What Women Want Movie Mel Gibson is known as a macho action hero, and is stereotyped in his Mad Max/Martin Riggs persona. But I've noticed (except for "Braveheart" and "The Patriot") he injects comic relief into almost anything he does. 

So doing a straight-up comedy doesn't seem like much of a stretch, and Gibson's timing and delivery are impeccable, as you'd expect in a What Women Want Movie like this. 

On and off camera, he has an incredible sense of humor, and he's probably improvised a few choice gags.

What Women Want Movie premise is very original and interesting. A guy who can listen to everything a woman says? It is the fantasy of almost every man. And the premise is used wisely.

 I laughed all the way! It's hilarious to watch Gibson himself get weaker by the minute, and the jokes never end.

I was laughing so much that I could tolerate What Women Want Movie ridiculous ending of the film. I mean, when is there going to be a romantic comedy that doesn't have a formulaic ending that is supposed to make people leave the theater and go "Awwww"?

The supporting cast is full of big stars. Bette Midler has an amusing cameo as the chain-smoking Shrink. I only wish he had a few extra scenes.

"What Women Want" is an original, feel-good comedy that will have you on the floor! What Women Want Film is not a "chick flick". If you want to laugh--this is the What Women Want Movie to watch! No questions asked!

"What Women Want" has an unusual plot that makes even us (men) think: what do women really want? What Women Want Movie final conclusion is that they want happiness just like men.

Despite being a predictable film and nothing extraordinary, at least it teaches us (men) some valuable lessons about women. This is a good way to understand and know them better.

What Women Want Full Movie first hour of What Women Want Film What Women Want Movie is very funny, very entertaining and pure comedy. We get a few moments during the first hour to give us a good laugh. Mel Gibson has never been this funny.

He plays a hilarious character: Nick Marshall, a typical "Macho Man" or "Men's Man". What Women Want Full Movie kind of man that other men admire and want to be like. The kind of man who doesn't understand anything about women (although women are seen as "gifts from God"). Nick is proud, rich, conservative, celibate and likes to listen to Frank Sinatra.

After an accident with a hairdryer, he suddenly has the power to hear what women think and what they think of him is not what he expected. 

He sees What Women Want Film as a curse, but after being convinced by a psychic that he can take advantage of this gift, he uses it to manipulate Darcy McGuire.

However, in the second half, What Women Want Full Movie fails, becomes predictable and somehow lame, losing all its comic side. 

Some absurd and silly things happen in the second half. Also, I'd rather "old" Nick than "good" Nick, because "old" Nick was a lot funnier. He becomes a "nice guy" in the second half, losing his sense of humour.

What Women Want Full Movie has some good songs, such as "I Won't Dance" (performed by Frank Sinatra), "I've Got You Under My Skin" (performed by Frank Sinatra in a duet with Bono), and "Bitch" (performed by ) by Meredith Brooks).

Mel Gibson is great and charming as Nick Marshall, while Helen Hunt is fine and beautiful in What Women Want Film role of Darcy McGuire.

It's not easy to start with such a funny idea, write a script for 90 minutes, get some humor in, and end with a perfect bake.

In fact, it's easy to get it wrong somewhere along What Women Want Film way, linger too long, make it too cheesy, or too serious, and then 25 minutes later people realize they shouldn't have paid for their seats.

This What Women Want Movie - about a man who suddenly hears women's thoughts - is a rerun favorite at Christmas, and I still watch it (okay, I have a life too) instead of changing channels because it's on right now. Is funny too.

Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt are really cool out there, they just nailed it and you wish there were more simple (but with a little depth and message) comedies like this.

Here's a film that is, of course, part fantasy, part wacky comedy; But calling "What Women Want" directed by Nancy Meyers as "just" would not only be wrong but would also do injustice to What Women Want Full Movie. 

Because-- while there should be a lot of laughs (especially in What Women Want Full Movie early days)-- in the end, there's a lot more bite and substance to it than meets the eye at first. 

Of course to elevate it too far from a piece of “fluff” many would consider it, if only because of What Women Want Full Movie somewhat shallow reviews and the theatrical trailer currently being shown, which only really gives a vague impression of what the film is about. 

In fact, once most of the "cute" stuff is out of the way (by about a third of the way), What Women Want Movie What Women Want Movie starts to get really good, with a message about decency that's worthwhile, if only it's formidable. 

The audience barrier is barely able to accommodate an episode of 'Friends' with an attention span. Beyond the humour, here's a story about a man named Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson), who literally receives the shock of his life, and later realizes the truth about his past, in What Women Want Film face of his past. 

You have to deal with coming together. present, and understanding what his future will be if he doesn't change his ways. 

It's something of a contemporary take on "A Christmas Carol," with Nick being a cocky, self-centered, funny (in his own eyes) Scrooge; He has a true narrative in his own mind, which is not - as he comes to find out - necessarily the way he is perceived by many people around him, especially the women in his professional life. 

The screenplay, written by Kathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith, is highly insightful and brought to screen with equal sharpness by director Meyers, who goes to great lengths at the beginning of the film to explain Nick's exaggerated paradoxes, which made him `human'. made a man. ' 

he has become. And while it's clever and effective, the entire film could benefit from a closer scrutiny in the editing room, as his character is somewhat "overly" established. 

But right when you're saying to yourself, 'Okay, I get it!' Meyers grabs the rudder with both hands and suddenly the ship is at full mast and, of course, where he keeps it for the rest of the voyage. 

The turning point follows Nick's visit to Nick's marriage with the counselor (a brilliant cameo by son Midler), with whom he had a business a few years earlier. It seems that not only Nick, but Meyers also heeded Bette's advice. 

Mel Gibson does a good job of getting into Nick Marshall's skin, and he should be commended for going out on a limb and taking on a character that might not be immediately embraced by even die-hard Gibson fans. 

It is a testament to his ability as an actor, however, as he makes Nick the epitome of fundamentalism, and excludes a few throw-back Neanderthals (female as well as men) who still subscribe to the 'man's man' theory. take. 

Aside from development, Nick will elicit the same reaction from the audience that he does in the minds of the many women who surround him in the film. 

It's only when you get a chance to reflect on Gibson's performance that you realize how good he is in What Women Want Film. On the other hand, the real saving grace of this film can be seen immediately, and that is the amazing Helen Hunt performance. 

As Darcy McGuire, the professional hired to head the advertising agency for which Nick works in the Twenty-First Century, Hunt is nothing short of sensational. 

One of the most talented, expressive actors in What Women Want Film business, she raises the level of theatricality (not to mention comedy) by succinctly conveying the strength — as well as vulnerability — of Darcy while demonstrating the depth of emotion that What Women Want Full Movie has. adds a lot to the impact (and success). 

And, in a notable supporting role, Judy Greer is memorable as Erin, a lonely young woman who works at an advertising agency. 

What Women Want Film is the film's "Tiny Tim" role, and although a minor part, it is prominently involved in revealing Nick's inner feelings at a crucial moment in the film. The supporting cast includes Alan Alda (Dan), Marisa Tomei (Lola), Ashley Johnson (Alexandra), Mark Feuerstein (Morgan), Lauren Holly (Gigi), Delta Burke (Eve), Valerie Perrin (Margo) and Sarah Paulson. (Annie). 

What Meyers has created here is a mixed-bag, bit of entertainment that is so much more than what appears on the surface that it is bound to evoke a similar mixed bag of reactions (positive and negative) from the audience. 

It's amusing - at times downright funny - but also disturbing. To get the full rewards offered by 'What Women Want', you have to give something to it too. 

If you do this, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you will get in return. And that, my friends, is the magic of What Women Want Movie.

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