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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Chris O'DonnellChris O'Donnell...Peter Garrett
Robin TunneyRobin Tunney...Annie Garrett
Stuart WilsonStuart Wilson...Royce Garrett
Augie DavisAugie Davis...Aziz
Temuera MorrisonTemuera Morrison...Major Rasul
Roshan SethRoshan Seth...Colonel Amir Salim
Alejandro Valdes-RochinAlejandro Valdes-Rochin...Sergeant Asim
Nicholas LeaNicholas Lea...Tom McLaren
Rod BrownRod Brown...Ali Hasan
Scott GlennScott Glenn...Montgomery Wick
Steve Le MarquandSteve Le Marquand...Cyril Bench
Ben MendelsohnBen Mendelsohn...Malcolm Bench
Izabella ScorupcoIzabella Scorupco...Monique Aubertine
Bill PaxtonBill Paxton...Elliot Vaughn
Ed ViestursEd Viesturs...Self
Robert TaylorRobert Taylor...Skip Taylor
Alexander SiddigAlexander Siddig...Kareem Nazir
Clinton BeavanClinton Beavan...WNN Cameraman
David HaymanDavid Hayman...Frank 'Chainsaw' Williams
Robert MammoneRobert Mammone...Brian Maki
Nicole WhippyNicole Whippy...Spanish Climber
Colin MoyColin Moy...Technician
Ian BoltIan Bolt...Technician
Nicolette KennyNicolette Kenny...Technician
Ross McKellarRoss McKellar...Technician
Tiffany de CastroTiffany de Castro...Crying Woman
Campbell CooleyCampbell Cooley...'Campbell'
Alistair BrowningAlistair Browning...'Ali'
Josephine DavisonJosephine Davison...Italian Team Member (as Jo Davidson)
Tamati PatuwaiTamati Patuwai...Partygoer (as Tamati Rice)
Sally Spencer-HarrisSally Spencer-Harris...Partygoer
Craig Walsh-WrightsonCraig Walsh-Wrightson...Partygoer
Leela PatelLeela Patel...Mayama Wick
Gavin CraigGavin Craig...Summit Air Pilot
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Barry BlanchardBarry Blanchard...Climber (uncredited)
Calvin DeanCalvin Dean...Mountain Climber #2 (uncredited)
Lloyd PhillipsLloyd Phillips...Climber Carrying Toilet Paper (uncredited)
Leo StranskyLeo Stransky...Grunge Climber (uncredited)
Tom StruthersTom Struthers...Grunge Climber (uncredited)

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Vertical Limit Movie Description

In Vertical Limit movie, While mountaineering is one of the most exhilarating sports, it has produced some good fiction and some good fiction films, although there are some excellent documentaries ('The Man Who Skid Down Everest', the IMAX 'Everest' film, for example). For). 

Somehow, when it comes to fiction, clich├ęs dominate, and this Vertical Limit movie, with some truly gorgeous camera-work and impressive stunts, is full of them. 

A wealthy megalomaniac bent on conquering K2 at any cost, a climber who lost his temper when his father was killed, who pushes himself into action to save his sister, with the money man in a crevice on the top of the mountain Trapped, the bitter old man of the mountain who needs rescue, the guide who's sold out, that's all. 

Some improbability of the plot is to be expected in a Vertical Limit movie like this, but the idea that someone could carry the Pakistani Army's liquid nitro-glycerine to the top of K2 in a back pack to open a crack is intriguing.

In addition to a very eye-catching opening sequence in Utah (Monument Valley, I think), the Vertical Limit film was shot in the New Zealand Alps, including some clips from the actual Karkoram Himalayas.

For this onlooker, it brought back happy memories of the climb. University holidays around the Southern Alps. 

But climbing is a dangerous sport; On one trip I had four people with me, all of whom later died in separate climbing accidents (one on Makalu, next to Everest).

There's a fair amount of special effects malarky (no one, not even Temura Morrison pretending to be a Pakistani, would fly an old military helicopter so close to a 21,000-foot mountain wall), but really There are some provocative shots as well.

Unfortunately, the acting matches the script for the most part. Chris Connelly is good as the sensitive young man, mistaken for a brother bent on rescue (it's a part meant for Bruce Willis), and Bill Paxton is only marginally dangerous as a ruthless Richard Branson-style billionaire. 

Really the only good piece of acting is Scott Glenn's Wick, seasoned with attitude. 'Comedy' Australian climbing brothers, Cess and Cyril, or whatever their names were, were notoriously embarrassing. 

I think Ben Mendelsohn must have been hoping that no one would recognize him with the balaclava on his head. 

The performances of the two female leads, Robin Tunney and Isabella Scorupco, were also lacking. One of them, Scorpko, is an ex-Bond girl ('Goldeneye'). The casting guys apparently had no idea she was going to spend the entire Vertical Limit film wrapped in Gore-Tex. 

There is no sex at high altitude it is too cold and anyway survival takes precedence over reproduction.

I think Roger Ebert did it right on this one "B" movie with the budget of an "A" movie. There are all kinds of anomalies the lack of visible water vapor from the climbers, their brash behavior even after hours at 26,000 feet, the use of north wall hammers to attack the rock/ice pitch, the miraculous helicopter operation but none Kind of comes through in the grandeur of those great peaks. 

The worst thing about this type of Vertical Limit film is that it portrays the mountains as hellish, which is far from the truth. 

What does this psalm say, 'I lift up my eyes to the mountains, where does my strength come from'? Climbing is something I've never regretted doing, and it would be a pity if people were put off the sport like this. 

In fact I think those who attempt peaks like K2 will see this Vertical Limit film as insipid, Hollywood brown stinking stuff, and they would be right. But there are some nice views.

I enjoyed the Vertical Limit Movie. One thing I would have done differently as a director is to eliminate the explosives. 

Making a hole in the top of a crack, with your friends and family below it, is foolish, and even if you feel the need to bring explosives (in avalanche country), use something relatively stable like dynamite. Use the.

Dynamite would have been readily available, as it is used to mine Himalayan salt in Pakistan. Sure, a man with a million dollars could afford something. The exclusion of explosives from the scenes would have contributed to a more believable Himalayan adventure (think Into Thin Air).

The story was good, and I appreciated the strong, complex dynamics and relationships between brother and sister, and between the two siblings and the leader of the rescue team. 

While Vertical Limit Movie attempted to highlight the harsh realities of technical climbing (particularly on K2), it lost some steam by being overly lax in recreating the conditions to be met by climbers, even That's also 18,645 feet at K2's base camp.

At the alcohol-soaked "barbecue" at Base Camp the night before the climb, no one even wore a hat. At between -20 and -50 Fahrenheit, it would have been very cold. None of the professional climbers would have been drinking at that time.

On the mountain, in a raging storm, climbers didn't even make sense to tighten the cord-locs on their hoods: snow would build up inside their hoods and parkas, then melt away. There were some scenes when protective face masks were used, and that was great.

Chris O'Donnell's character makes a terrifying jump off an icy cliff. I'm not entirely certain that leapfrogging would be possible in real life, but maybe. They should have made the jump less-ambitious and more believable.

Although I'm glad there were not one but two women on the rescue team, really, they wouldn't have been allowed: women don't have the brute force needed to pull 200-pound people down (or up) a mountain with a rope. ).

Although I am tempted to say that it is improbable that the experienced and renowned ascent team leader and National Geographic photographer (also a highly experienced climber) could be coaxed into continuing the climb after a severe storm warning was issued, we have has seen poor decisions in the past by real-life Alpine team leaders that resulted in disaster.

While it may seem like I'm too critical of the Vertical Limit Movie, my score of 8 shows that I'm willing to forgive the sins Hollywood forced me to commit. 

Strong interpersonal dynamics, memorable characters, an overall strong story line, and clear, bold decision-making in the screenplay made Vertical Limit Film worth a watch. Heroism is always a welcome theme in the movies I watch, and in Vertical Limit Full Movie, everyone is a hero in their own way.

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