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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Bruce WillisBruce Willis...David Dunn
Samuel L. JacksonSamuel L. Jackson...Elijah Price
Robin WrightRobin Wright...Audrey Dunn (as Robin Wright Penn)
Spencer Treat ClarkSpencer Treat Clark...Joseph Dunn
Charlayne WoodardCharlayne Woodard...Elijah's Mother
Eamonn WalkerEamonn Walker...Dr. Mathison
Leslie StefansonLeslie Stefanson...Kelly
Johnny Hiram JamisonJohnny Hiram Jamison...Elijah Age 13
Michaelia CarrollMichaelia Carroll...Babysitter
Bostin ChristopherBostin Christopher...Comic Book Clerk
Elizabeth LawrenceElizabeth Lawrence...School Nurse
Davis DuffieldDavis Duffield...David Dunn Age 20 (as David Duffield)
Laura ReganLaura Regan...Audrey Inverso Age 20
Chance KellyChance Kelly...Orange Suit Man
Michael KellyMichael Kelly...ER Doctor
Firdous BamjiFirdous Bamji...Businessman
Johanna DayJohanna Day...Saleswoman
James HandyJames Handy...Priest
Sally ParrishSally Parrish...Ancient Personnel Secretary
Richard CouncilRichard Council...Noel (as Richard E. Council)
Damian YoungDamian Young...Green Army-Jacketed Man
Sherman RobertsSherman Roberts...Physician
Whitney SugarmanWhitney Sugarman...Physical Therapist
Dianne Cotten MurphyDianne Cotten Murphy...Mother Walking By
M. Night ShyamalanM. Night Shyamalan...Stadium Drug Dealer
Sasha Joseph NeulingerSasha Joseph Neulinger...Thermometer Boy (as Sasha Neulinger)
Jose L. RodriguezJose L. Rodriguez...Truck Driver
Samantha SavinoSamantha Savino...Peering Girl on Train
Ukee WashingtonUkee Washington...Radio Announcer
Susan WilderSusan Wilder...Shoplifter
Greg HorosGreg Horos...Slicked-Hair Man
Todd BerryTodd Berry...Frat Party Boy
Angela EckertAngela Eckert...Frat Party Girl
Anthony LawtonAnthony Lawton...Hostage Father
Julia YorksJulia Yorks...Hostage Girl
John Patrick AmedoriJohn Patrick Amedori...Hostage Boy
John RuskJohn Rusk...Security Dispatcher (as John Morley Rusk)
Joey HazinskyJoey Hazinsky...Five-Year-Old Boy
Bill RoweBill Rowe...Bar Patron
Marc H. GlickMarc H. Glick...EastRail Engineer
Kim Simms ThomasKim Simms Thomas...Hostage Woman (as Kim Thomas)
Andrea HavensAndrea Havens...Hospital Administrator
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Gina AllegroGina Allegro...Fan (uncredited)
Gary BeckGary Beck...Stadium Worker (uncredited)
Glen Nasser BellGlen Nasser Bell...Police Officer (uncredited)
Lloyd BookerLloyd Booker...(uncredited)
Anthony BoscoAnthony Bosco...Stadium Security Guard (uncredited)
Bob BowersoxBob Bowersox...Art Patron (uncredited)
Robert Randolph CatonRobert Randolph Caton...Pedestrian (uncredited)
ChrismanduChrismandu...Bookie (uncredited)
Antonio CostaAntonio Costa...Subway Passenger (uncredited)
Skye DennisSkye Dennis...Train passenger (uncredited)
Jaime GallagherJaime Gallagher...Train Passenger (uncredited)
Natalie HultmanNatalie Hultman...Extra (uncredited)
Rick KainRick Kain...Grounds Keeper (uncredited)
Scott KennedyScott Kennedy...Funeral Mourner (uncredited)
Greg KorinGreg Korin...(uncredited)
Megan KratzMegan Kratz...Laughing Girl (uncredited)
Lon LawsonLon Lawson...(uncredited)
Fred LeedsFred Leeds...Football Spectator (uncredited)
Bryce LenonBryce Lenon...Peppie Drug Dealer (uncredited)
Erin LulevitchErin Lulevitch...Girl in Train Station (uncredited)
Christina MahonChristina Mahon...Pedestrian (uncredited)
John MarcionettiJohn Marcionetti...Party Guest (uncredited)
John MartineauJohn Martineau...Cyclone Rider (uncredited)
Tiffany MarzTiffany Marz...College Student (uncredited)
Robert MillettRobert Millett...Platform Commuter (uncredited)
Sean OliverSean Oliver...Police Officer (uncredited)
Michael PascettaMichael Pascetta...Businessman (uncredited)
Joey PerilloJoey Perillo...Jenkins (uncredited)
Lisa PickellLisa Pickell...Mother (uncredited)
Mark PoultonMark Poulton...(uncredited)
Mark PricskettMark Pricskett...(uncredited)
Wayne PyleWayne Pyle...News Reporter (uncredited)
Vincent RiviezzoVincent Riviezzo...Businessman (uncredited)
David C. Roehm Sr.David C. Roehm Sr....Penn Alumni (uncredited)
Robert RomaniRobert Romani...Patient (wheelchair) (uncredited)
Jonathan SacharJonathan Sachar...Young Father (uncredited)
Greg Salvato Jr.Greg Salvato Jr....Sports Fan (uncredited)
Francesco ScorsoneFrancesco Scorsone...Photographer (uncredited)
Cue ShepherdCue Shepherd...Spectator (uncredited)
Rita SotoRita Soto...Subway Rider (uncredited)
Kevin StahlKevin Stahl...Concession Stand Patron (uncredited)
Tamara WalkerTamara Walker...(uncredited)
Sonya WallaceSonya Wallace...Subway Passenger (uncredited)
John Wrot!John Wrot!...Booth Operator (uncredited)
Ron T. YoungRon T. Young...Train Commuter (uncredited)

Unbreakable Movie Trailer

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Unbreakable Movie Description

in Unbreakable Movie This is a much better film than I ever thought it would be, and intrigues me every time I watch it. Samuel L. Jackson's role is what mainly inspires me to watch this multiple times. 

His character is amazing and just leaves me shaking my head.

This is a pretty low-key Unbreakable Movie with Unbreakable Film other star, Bruce Willis, playing an extremely subdued role for him, almost too subdued. 

There are times in here when you keep waiting for him to say something, and he says nothing. Half Unbreakable Movie time he's barely audible.

But he and Jackson play off each other well, and this is very suspenseful film, even if a lot doesn't happen. To explain Unbreakable Full Movie story would almost ruin it, because it's preposterous. 

I'll just call an interesting fantasy-horror film with a little family story tied in with Willis' wife (Robin Wright) and young boy (Spencer Treat Clark).

"Unbreakable" is beautifully filmed, has very little profanity in it, and a strange, strange story with a great twist at the end....one of Unbreakable Full Movie best I've ever seen in a Unbreakable Film. 

This Unbreakable Movie is done by the same man who did "The Sixth Sense," M. Night Shyamalan, so if you enjoyed that you probably would like this, too.....although it's so different I wouldn't want to predict who would like this film and who wouldn't. If you're open to try something different, give it a look.

A massive train crash outside Philadelphia kills 132 passengers and leaves only one survivor. The survivor, security guard David Dunn walks away completely unhurt from the accident. 

Some time later he is contacted by comic book collector Elijah Price who believes that comic books are merely exaggerated versions of truth and that some people are created weak like him while some are created strong in order to protect Unbreakable Full Movie weak. 

David develops his talents with the support of Price and his son Joseph and, despite his cynicism, starts to try to use his powers to help people on need.

The 6th sense was always going to be a hard show to follow up but Shyamalan has managed to make a film that is almost as clever, emotive, thoughtful and slow. It even manages to end with a twist that is almost as good as sixth sense's was. 

The story moves quite slowly, almost painfully at times, however I found Unbreakable Film succeeded in making the film feel more thoughtful and less glamorous. 

The director even shots the train crash in a very low key manner, as if to make Unbreakable Full Movie point that the film isn't about cheap spectacle or visual thrills. 

Instead we follow David as he finds his abilities and gradually accepts them, all Unbreakable Movie side is fascinating although some of Unbreakable Film side stories are a little dragged out. 

The twist is only the icing on the cake and if you're into the characters the way I was then it is really impacting. 

One bit of advice - don't think about it or try to work it out. Thinking about the twist will stop you enjoying the main story and will spoil the film for yourself.

Willis is excellent - he doesn't set Unbreakable Full Movie world on fire, but he does a very low-key performance as a common man confronted with so much potential responsibility. 

He doesn't ham it up but you know that there's things going on inside his head that reflect on his face. 

Jackson is also really good - he maybe plays it a little too weird and should have been a bit more of a geek rather than an uptight art dealer sort. Willis and Jackson should keep making films together from now on, cause even there worst collaboration so far has still been good - Pulp Fiction, Unbreakable, Die Hard With a Vengeance - it seems to be a winning partnership (Loaded Weapon 1 doesn't count as Willis is only in it for 5 seconds!). A surprise addition to Unbreakable Movie cast is Eamonn Walker as Dr Mathison, it's a small role but he is a fine actor and deserves to be seen in big films (check him out in HBO's Oz for a real show of his abilities).

Overall it's very slow and may frustrate some people, but if you got the 6th sense then you'll probably get Unbreakable Movie. 

Unbreakable Movie story is moving and thoughtful and the final scene is merely the icing on a very fine cake.

Willis finds out some strange things about himself after being the sole survivor in a train wreck. Jackson tells him he's special. Is he really?

Unbreakable really is an act 1 superhero story stretched to feature lenght (Night tells us in an interview). Genius. For once I believe Willis is the person on screen, not that he's playing Bruce Willis, the cool actor. 

Night uses colors (mostly blue, purple and green) and well chosen camera-angles as imagesystems (word is that the storyboard read like a comic). Most of them really work out well. 

I loved Unbreakable Film slow pacing of the film. It really takes it time to tell us what's going on. 

As usual Shyamalan puts human drama first in his script. Unbreakable Movie first scene where Willis meets the woman in the train... You have to see the genius of it. In a few lines of dialog Shyamalan let's us discover the character Dunn.

Unbreakable Film, which seems to have taken a bit of heat, is known by many as Shyamalan's "worst" film ever. It is often written as slow running, and the twist at the end is written as informal and boring. 

I've heard people say that the acting and camera work was weird and stale and Unbreakable Film casting was bad. 

The irony is that the more people start disliking Unbreakable Film, Unbreakable Movie more I fall in love with it. 

Unbreakable Full Movie has a very personal connection to me as both a psychology student and a lover of Unbreakable Movie and just plain art. I feel like I have subdued Unbreakable Film in times of criticism, and now I want to try to show what I really like about it.

Shyamalan really showed a stroke of talent by making Cera his cinematographer and playing with the aesthetics of Unbreakable Film. I don't know how and where Shyamalan is bringing these people in for his films, but I definitely love the style of each frame he creates. 

Prior to Unbreakable, Cera was mainly involved in foreign films. It was his first major American film, and I think you have to give Shyamalan a little credit for that. 

His unique and creative touch really added to Unbreakable Full Movie direction. In keeping with the film's "comic book" theme, you'll notice that almost every shot is taken as if you're watching or in Unbreakable Movie middle of something. 

Like sections of a comic strip. A dark, slightly bluish color filter has also been used in most of the film. This gives the film a very bold, yet terrifying tone. 

Showing that the world can be a difficult and scary place, but it can also be fought and overcome. It's clear that time and effort went into every shot. It may not slap in Unbreakable Full Movie face of many viewers as spectacular, but it really strikes a chord with me.

As far as the score is concerned, I would be willing to argue that this is James Newton Howard's best score of his highly successful career. It is compelling and booming. It is very powerful, but not over-the-top and excessive. 

For anyone with a soundtrack, check out "Unbreakable Film Orange Man" and "Vision." These are two of the most powerful pieces of any film's score. And I emphasize the word "powerful". 

Yes, he's no Harman or Morricone, but Unbreakable Movie emotional weight and emotional power of his ragas and his overall composition is just downright chilling.

The writing and direction are as captivating as the score. Almost every line of dialogue and every scene seems to be put alone on an island so that everyone can stop and judge it. 

Some might see this as cocky and/or boring direction, but I see it as daring and unique. This is how much of Shyamalan's writing is done. ('...I see dead people...' '...they call me Mr. Glass...' etc. 

I do believe to some extent that people sometimes have some supernatural powers. People are known to perform miracles and do incredible things. These things may have been 'evolved' in some way. 

These theories are, in a way, linked to certain aspects of psychology, such as Selective attention and self-actualization. If you would like to discuss some of these ideas, let me know and I will link them to the film with my own eyes. 

In short, I believe there is a superhero in everyone. This cannot happen through supernatural forces, but it can only happen through Unbreakable Movie act of reaching out to someone in need. 

Other themes of the film, such as how completely different people are always connected in some way or the other. And how everyone has their own weaknesses and vulnerabilities is interesting, yet universal. 

From a psychological point of view, Shyamalan really gets inside Unbreakable Film heads of OI patients (osteogenesis imperfecta). Then he takes this psyche to the next level with the character of Jackson. 

Elijah is very zealous, but very oppressed and wicked. His interactions with Willis add depth and focus to both the characters and the story. Some of the scenes in the film are really attractive and powerful. 

Shot to Willis in his safety poncho. View of railway station. Falling down the breathtaking stairs of Elijah and so many people talking to me so loudly and a lot in a simple clip. 

For some reason this Unbreakable Movie talks to me like art. If anyone wants to discuss more about this Unbreakable Film, that would be great. There is more to talk about this film. 

Just thinking about it I want to watch it a few more times. It may not be Unbreakable Full Movie feel good film of the year or the masterpiece everyone was looking for, but it certainly sits well with me.

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