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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey...Tyler
Bill PaxtonBill Paxton...Dahlgren
Harvey KeitelHarvey Keitel...Chief
Jon Bon JoviJon Bon Jovi...Emmett
David KeithDavid Keith...Coonan
Thomas KretschmannThomas Kretschmann...Wassner
Jake WeberJake Weber...Hirsch
Jack NoseworthyJack Noseworthy...Wentz
Tom GuiryTom Guiry...Trigger
Will EstesWill Estes...Rabbit
Terrence 'T.C.' CarsonTerrence 'T.C.' Carson...Eddie (as T.C. Carson)
Erik PalladinoErik Palladino...Mazzola
Dave PowerDave Power...Tank
Derk CheetwoodDerk Cheetwood...Griggs
Matthew SettleMatthew Settle...Larson
Rebecca TilneyRebecca Tilney...Mrs. Dahlgren
Carolyna De LaurentiisCarolyna De Laurentiis...Prudence Dahlgren
Dina De LaurentiisDina De Laurentiis...Louise Dahlgren
Burnell TuckerBurnell Tucker...Admiral Duke
Rob AllynRob Allyn...Ensign
Carsten VoigtCarsten Voigt...German Chief
Gunter WürgerGunter Würger...Kohl (as Gunther Wuerger)
Oliver StokowskiOliver Stokowski...German Chief
Arnd KlawitterArnd Klawitter...German Hydrophone Operator
Kai MaurerKai Maurer...German Planesman
Robert LahodaRobert Lahoda...German Engineer
Peter StarkPeter Stark...German Lookout
Erich RedmanErich Redman...German Bosun
William John EvansWilliam John Evans...Marine Sergeant (as Sergeant William John Evans)
Robin AskwithRobin Askwith...British Seaman
Jasper WoodJasper Wood...Petty Officer
Martin GladeMartin Glade...Gunner Officer
Oliver OsthusOliver Osthus...Depth Charge Officer
John William FalconerJohn William Falconer...Other Sergeant (as Corporal John William Falconer)
Cory Glen MathewsCory Glen Mathews...Other Sergeant (as Corporal Cory Glen Mathews)
Valentina ArdeatiniValentina Ardeatini...Mrs. Larson (as Valentina Adreatini)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mauro CerminaraMauro Cerminara...Soldato (uncredited)
Norman Campbell ReesNorman Campbell Rees...Military Police Sergeant (uncredited)

U-571 Movie Trailer

U-571 Film Official Trailer #1 - Harvey Keitel Movie (2000) HD

U-571 Movie Description

In U-571 Movie The yarn is interesting and based on true deeds with thrilling screenplay and authoritative direction by Jonathan Mostow. It has suspense, thriller and action although the setting is mostly in submarines. 

This thrilling underwater drama concerns the stirring battle between US and German submarines. 

Bill Paxton stars as a veteran commander who plans a dangerous voyage to capture a stealthy U-boat carrying an enigma coding device and the solid Matthew McConaughey, who is anticipating his every move. 

tries to Tensions run high between Commandant Mike Dahlgren and Lieutenant Andrew Tyler and the crew as they head out to a port to pick up and destroy a German sub. 

Harvey Keitel, Jake Weber, Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Guiry, Will Estes, Eric Palladino as the crew are pushed to the brink of death by perilous missions filled with dangers, twists and turns. 

The film is renowned as one of the best and most recent World War II submarine films.

This nail-biter is a tightly woven drama that focuses on maritime maneuvers following the most powerful battle submarines in the Atlantic Ocean that are destroying Allied convoys. 

The motion picture is meticulously mounted by Jonathan Mostow who always manages to make a course correction with the times and deliver another outright success. 

Impressive, upbeat musical score by Richard Marvin and appropriate, colorful cinematography by Oliver Wood. Excellent production design by Götz Weidner who also created 'Das Boot'.

The film belongs to the submarine genre, with: ¨ Torpedo (1958) ¨ by Robert Wise with Burt Lancaster and Clark Gable ¨ Torpedo Run (1958) by Joseph Pevney with Glenn Ford and Ernest Borgnine; 'Das Boot (1982)' by Wolfgang Petersen with Jürgen Prochno; 'The Hunt for Red October (1990)' by John McTiernan with Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery; 'Crimson Tide' by Tony Scott with Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman; 'K19' with Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson and in a similar style ¨U-Boat (2004)¨ by Tony Giglio with Scott Caan, William H Macy and of course Tomas Kreshman, who as always in U-571 Movie There is also a German officer.

The film, produced by legendary producer Dino De Laurentiis, is based on the historical work, thus building new U-boats continued at a record-breaking pace during WWII. 

In 1942–43 Hitler greatly increased his U-boat force, with German submarines sinking many ships, and in early 1943, Wolf Packs sank 90 ships in 20 days. 

Then, between March and June 1943, a sudden extraordinary change took place. location. 

The Allies begin to win the war against Hitler's submarines in the Battle of the Atlantic. By this time the technology of submarine warfare had advanced far beyond that used at the start of the war. 

The Allies pitted thousands of boats, sailors, destroyers, cruisers, subs, cannons and billions of dollars against the undersea craft. 

In early December 1943 Karl Dönitz, the architect and designer of the U-boat campaign, acknowledged the dire turn in events. 

The cost was very high on both sides. In the six years of the war, the Germans, by their own figures, destroyed more than 2000 British, Allied ships at sea. Hitler had built 1162 subs, of which 783 were lost. 

Between 28,000 and 32,000 of the 41,000 enlisted men lost their lives and 500 were taken prisoner. The film provides a realistic account of life and a portrait of the stressful and psychological stress employees are subjected to. 

In fact the sailors slept in shifts. For months they were kept in close quarters as every inch of space was needed for machinery, supplies and torpedoes. The air was heavy with the smell of bilge, diesel oil and unwashed bodies. 

The men faced sudden death from depth charges, aerial bombardment attacks or the sharp bows of fast destroyers as occurs in U-571 Film. 

A massive hit, the film will be loved by action enthusiasts and WWII fans.

The film is pro-U.S. Another in a long line of. war films. you know the kind. They are films where only North American soldiers are capable of any intelligence, wisdom, wit, and courage.

Unfortunately, by now the rest of the world is a little brighter, and we know that, in fact, Ben Affleck didn't save Great Britain from the Germans. 

There is an undeniable and deep love and respect from the rest of the world for all the veterans and American soldiers who lost their lives in Europe during both world wars, the kind of respect that comes only from defending an ideal with their lives. 

It is Hollywood that is eager to destroy the reputation of those heroes, making them so superior and ridiculous.

In essence, U-571 Film is a parody of the wonderful "Das Boot". It is quite clear that any submarine has the same things: depth charges, sea battles, etc. 

A destroyer too. Das Boot depicts a wrecked boat, horribly strained relationships, quiet desperation and a sense of resignation. 

Where the U-571 Movie plays with great fanfare, the Das Boot counters with powerful silences. Where Das Boot puts out filth, U-571 Full Movie substitutes pretty faces. Where Das Boot has realism, U-571 Film does not.

But most outrageously, where the British should have been, U-571 Movie deftly replaces them with American soldiers. Oh, the nerves.

Bottom line: U-571 Movie would make a great surround sound demo disc, or a cool coaster. Hollywood is still clueless when it comes to making war movies. 

If a historian of the future had only American war films to base his history on, he would surely declare the rest of the world to be sub-human idiots, and American civilization to be a more developed race.

It is a Dirty Dozen style story about the Allies trying to obtain an Enigma machine. Many others here have already pointed out all the historical inaccuracies. 

I don't have anything to add to this. It is disappointing to realize that many members of the audience will believe that this actually happened the way U-571 Film presents it. 

Luckily though, today we have The Imitation Game, a much closer to reality portrayal of the significant challenges that came with cracking Nazi codes. I think the worst part is the Satanization of the Germans. 

It looks like it was made about sixty years before it actually came out. It is shocking to see a country that is a strong ally of the US portrayed solely as a one-note evil villain. 

I guess it's a thing that at least they get to speak their native language instead of English with accents?

If what I mentioned in the first paragraph bothers you a lot, then there is nothing like that in U-571 Movie. 

If it doesn't, then essentially what you have here is Das Boot and your typical Hollywood patriotic war cry. It's shamelessly tasteful without being obnoxiously over-stylized like the work of Michael Bay. 

The dialogues, acting and direction are quite boring. The action is competent, something Jonathan Mostow manages on a regular basis. He may be the only person who worked on this who didn't do a better job elsewhere.

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