Titan A.E. Movie | Titan A.E. Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore...Akima (voice)
Jim BreuerJim Breuer...The Cook (voice)
Ken Hudson CampbellKen Hudson Campbell...Po (voice) (as Ken Campbell)
Thomas A. ChantlerThomas A. Chantler...Male Announcer (voice)
Tsai ChinTsai Chin...Old Woman (voice)
Elaine A. ClarkElaine A. Clark...Citizen (voice)
Roy ConradRoy Conrad...Second Human (voice)
Jim CummingsJim Cummings...Chowquin (voice)
Matt DamonMatt Damon...Cale (voice)
Janeane GarofaloJaneane Garofalo...Stith (voice)
Leslie HedgerLeslie Hedger...First Human (voice)
Roger JacksonRoger Jackson...First Alien (voice) (as Roger L. Jackson)
David L. LanderDavid L. Lander...The Mayor (voice)
Nathan LaneNathan Lane...Preed (voice)
John LeguizamoJohn Leguizamo...Gune (voice)
Alex D. LinzAlex D. Linz...Young Cale (voice)
Tone LocTone Loc...Tek (voice) (as Tone-Lõc)
Shannon OrrockShannon Orrock...Female Announcer (voice) (as Shanõn Orrock)
Alex PelsAlex Pels...Soldier (voice)
Ron PerlmanRon Perlman...Sam Tucker (voice)
Bill PullmanBill Pullman...Korso (voice)
Charles RocketCharles Rocket...Firrikash / Slave Trader Guard (voice)
Crystal ScalesCrystal Scales...Drifter Girl (voice)
Christopher ScarabosioChristopher Scarabosio...Queen Drej (voice)
Eric SchniewindEric Schniewind...Alien (voice)
Stephen StantonStephen Stanton...Colonist (voice) (as Stephen W. Stanton)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Scott SeymannScott Seymann...Korso / Additional Voices (uncredited)

Titan A.E. Movie Trailer

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Titan A.E. Movie Description

In "Titan A.E." Movie animation is like a giant looming over the landscape; It's one of the most visually daring family fantasy adventures to come down the pike in years. The animation of the Titan A.E. film is amazingly cool, visually appealing and totally convincing. 

Directors Don Bluth and Gary Goldman captivated audiences with a sweeping sense of atmosphere and action. 

This is the kind of cartoon that has matured to the point where the characters and set design could be changed from live action filmmaking without changing the perspective of the Titan A.E. film.

The production takes place twenty-eight years after the third millennium. Planet Earth has been destroyed by a ferocious species called the Dredge, who fear the potential intelligence of mankind. 

Cale (voiced by Matt Damon) is a young man working as a space dump attendant who believes his father abandoned him when he was a child. 

Kell doesn't know it yet, but he holds the key to mankind's survival with a genetically coded map on his hand, which shows the hidden location of a special spaceship called the Titan.

Kel meets a young woman named Akima (voiced by Drew Barrymore), who cherishes traditional memorabilia from her departed planet. 

He and his captain, Corso (voiced by Bill Pullman), and navigator, Gunay (John Leguizamo), set out to locate the vital Titan before the evil Dredge destroys it with the future hope of mankind's survival. .

" Titan A.E. Movie" features serious threats to the hero's mission instead of our traditional, well-developed bad guy. 

We get something very different: an underwritten alien race whose motives and background are vague and underdeveloped. The Titan A.E. film seems to know this, though, as the film wisely shifts the villains to the second act. 

The story provides an interesting twist which gives us a solid and understandable opposition.

The plot of this Titan A.E. film seems somewhat related to previous science fiction fantasies such as "Star Trek," "Star Wars," and "Lost in Space." 

John Whedon, Ben Edlund, and John August clearly detail a story that moves continuously, but occasionally pauses to build momentum for the character's purpose to achieve goals. 

Captured in captivity is a scene on a spaceship that feels thin and double-edged, but the film quickly revitalizes itself with an exhilarating chase sequence. The plot of the Titan A.E. film would have been more involved if we knew more about the characters.

They look very interesting but we never really get to know them because the filmmakers were more concerned with the special effects, a common misconception in both animated and live action movies.

This production is engaging and well animated; "Titan: After Earth" is smart enough to inject a proper jolt of energy into its action sequences and has just enough style and wit to satisfy younger viewers as well as hold the attention of older, more sophisticated viewers. Cartoons don't do this every day.

After reading several negative reviews of this Titan A.E. movie, I went ahead and bought the DVD. I had read that, although the film was mediocre, it was the kind of Titan A.E. movie that was too good to show on your DVD player.

I am thrilled about this Titan A.E. film.

True, the story is trite. Yet I didn't think about it even for a moment when I saw the Titan A.E. film. I was totally engrossed in what I saw on the screen. If it was a slow scene, I just kept staring at the pretty eye candy.

And during the incredibly inventive action sequences, I was surprised to find myself on the edge of my seat.

There are some who say that mixing 3D and traditional 2D animation doesn't work. I couldn't disagree more. 

There are times when the two styles were a clear contrast. Nevertheless, as the film progressed, the two became similar in my eyes. I have no problem calling this a revolutionary step in animation.

I loved A Bug's Life and Toy Story. But this trip blew those films away in my eyes.

Lastly, although I wouldn't consider this Titan A.E. movie 'adult' by any means, the mildly darker tone made it more accessible to an adult audience. 

Every year I sigh when I see a preview for yet another Assembly Line Disney movie. (Hey, let's dumb down the gothic horror 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' and give him cute sidekicks!) The look of Disney movies hasn't changed over the years. (Anyway, they look more simple.) The Titan A.E. movie, as corny as the story was, was visually inspired.

The original Fantasia didn't need a story. It was an appreciation of the music and animation. Let it be the new Fantasia. If you want to experience breathtaking and beautiful animation, I couldn't recommend it more.

This could be a true revolutionary of all animated movies, with its truly eye-popping graphics, a very imaginative sci-fi setting, more realistic looking characters, and lots of real action and yes, even some Bloody violence too.

After years of churning out shots of sparkly-star fantasy like Rock-a-Doodle-Doo, We're Back: A Dinosaur Story, and Trolls in Central Park, Don Bluth's crew finally came up with a lot of gritty, mature science fiction. 

comes with The story is all about humans who are being hunted by evil aliens who are out to destroy planet Earth completely. So a very brave young engineer seriously took up a huge project which was to be carried on by his younger son when he grew up. 

But it won't be an easy road for the young hero to accomplish this great feat that will give a long lasting ray of hope to all the innocent humans lurking in outer space. 

But with the help of a very daring young female co-pilot, a group of bickering aliens, and a hardened space veteran, he just might... even with all those dreaded monsters hot on his very tail Could!

Beautifully made, this sweeping space odyssey truly takes giant steps in breaking all the traditional aspects of an animated Titan A.E. film in order to present stunningly spectacular visions of the distant future as well as a more adult approach to storytelling and animation. 

can be done, so it may take some time for the casual viewer to get used to it... and one day appreciate the great changes that are taking place in the entire animation industry.

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