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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Colin FarrellColin Farrell...Pvt. Roland Bozz
Matthew DavisMatthew Davis...Pvt. Jim Paxton
Clifton Collins Jr.Clifton Collins Jr....Pvt. Miter
Tom GuiryTom Guiry...Pvt. Cantwell (as Thomas Guiry)
Shea WhighamShea Whigham...Pvt. Wilson
Russell RichardsonRussell Richardson...Pvt. Johnson
Nick SearcyNick Searcy...Capt. Saunders
Afemo OmilamiAfemo Omilami...SFC Ezra Landers
James MacDonaldJames MacDonald...Staff Sgt. Thomas (as James McDonald)
Keith EwellKeith Ewell...Sgt. Oakes
Matt GeraldMatt Gerald...Sgt. Eveland
Stephen FultonStephen Fulton...Sgt. Drake
Tyler CravensTyler Cravens...M.P. Sergeant
Michael EdmistonMichael Edmiston...Hit the Brakes! Driver
Arian AshArian Ash...Sheri
Haven GastonHaven Gaston...Claudia
Michael ShannonMichael Shannon...Sgt. Filmore
Roger FloydRoger Floyd...Dead Truck Driver
Ronnie SchaferRonnie Schafer...Bartender
Frances TaylorFrances Taylor...Bargirl
Matt WhiteMatt White...Sniffling Soldier
Christy McKeeChristy McKee...Hooker #1
James Lessick Jr.James Lessick Jr....Hobo Vet
Daniel MartinDaniel Martin...Range Officer
Marc MacaulayMarc Macaulay...Tigerland CO (as Marc MacCaulay)
Cole HauserCole Hauser...Staff Sgt. Cota
NubiaNubia...Girl with Bandana
Jack NewmanJack Newman...Sgt. Gordon
Neil Brown Jr.Neil Brown Jr....Kearns (as Neil Brown)
Tory KittlesTory Kittles...Ryan
Rhynell BrumfieldRhynell Brumfield...Dickson
Chris HuvaneChris Huvane...Barnes
Shamari LewisShamari Lewis...Lukins
Dane NorthcuttDane Northcutt...Hicks
Gerald Jackson Jr.Gerald Jackson Jr....New Orleans Drag Queen
Karolyn ArnoldKarolyn Arnold...Hooker #2
Jonathan HillJonathan Hill...Drew
Jeff HephnerJeff Hephner...McManus
Drew GardnerDrew Gardner...Drunk Nixon
Dennis T. BenatarDennis T. Benatar...Sergeant at Gate to Tigerland (as Dennis Benatar)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Susan BrooksSusan Brooks...Flower Girl (uncredited)
Kurt GantKurt Gant...2nd Platoon Soldier (uncredited)
Sania R. HahnSania R. Hahn...Hooker #3 / Party Attendee (uncredited)
Anghus HouvourasAnghus Houvouras...Soldier (uncredited)
Shawn LeNobleShawn LeNoble...2nd Platoon Soldier (uncredited)
Michael McGrutherMichael McGruther...2nd Platoon Soldier Coogan (uncredited)
Geoff MullinsGeoff Mullins...3rd Platoon Soldier (uncredited)
Robert M. PerezRobert M. Perez...Squad Member Wilson (uncredited)
C. Eric PetersonC. Eric Peterson...Soldier (uncredited)
Garnet TiptonGarnet Tipton...Private Hayes (uncredited)

Tigerland Movie Trailer

Tigerland Film 2000 Trailer | Colin Farrell | Matthew Davis

Tigerland Movie Description

In Tigerland movie, US military authority is an enemy to Pvt. Roland Boz (Colin Farrell), a non-conformist trainee who, along with other infantry trainees, endures brutal, sadistic treatment in preparation for combat in Vietnam. 

Tigerland movie is a swampy, steamy camp near Fort Polk, Louisiana that is supposed to simulate conditions in Vietnam. The story is set in 1971.

The amount and severity of the physical and verbal aggression displayed in this Tigerland film may be slightly exaggerated. 

But the point the Tigerland film is making is that most, if not all, of the young men who joined the military in the late 60s and early 70s didn't want to, or didn't deserve it.

Roland Boes is one of those young men. He is angry with the war, angry with the army. The army will not release him because they know that is what he wants. 

If Booz can't strike himself out, the next best thing is to try to strike out other recruits. This would be his revenge, his way of fighting the system.

A fellow intern shares his background with Boz, who then tells the intern: "I know the rules of the Army the way prisoners know the law. 

You're a tough discharge, man, if I ever saw one." Yes. I'll get you out." Bravo for Roland Boz, a young rebel with a mission, trapped like the others by an oppressive, controlling institution.

The acting is very, very good. Colin Farrell is terrific, at a time when he and the rest of the cast were largely unknown. 

No need for overpaid A-list actors. The acting style of the Tigerland film is natural, spontaneous and emotionally intense. None of the acting seems forced.

With hand-held cameras, grainy film stock, and using quick zooms and unexpected cuts, the cinematography and editing convey a documentary look and feel, resulting in sequences that are quite realistic. 

Lighting is mostly natural. The sets are plain and ornate. Background music is less.

Far better than I expected, "Tigerland Movie" is a well-made Tigerland film with an intense, anti-war theme. It is about putting others before your self-interest. Hollywood has largely abandoned this low-budget Tigerland Full Movie, all the more reason to see it.

Louisiana, 1971: During basic training, a rebellious army recruit (Colin Farrell) causes dissension within the ranks.

Given Joel Schumacher's reputation as an excellent schmuck, most critics were taken aback by this low-budget drama, which was Tigerland film ed without the frills and frills usually associated with Hollywood blockbusters, and Heads to little more than the obscure (but hugely seasoned). 

character actors and talented newcomers, including Pharrell, whose daring performance launched him to international stardom. 

Far from the extravagant Vietnam-opera backed by Francis Ford Coppola and Oliver Stone, Schumacher's Tigerland film examines the contradictions of war and its dehumanizing effect on ordinary men through the experiences of Farrell's anti-hero, a compassionate man who himself He despises being served the patriotic nonsense spread by his superiors, and who refuses to compromise on his own ideals despite the sometimes painful consequences of his disobedience.

Although backed by a major studio, Tigerland Movie has the look and feel of a low-budget indie production, using hand-held camera-work and grainy film-stock for documentary effect, and an uncompromising 'Dogme'-like approach. Allows Schumacher to concentrate. 

His focus is on the characters and their situations rather than the pyrotechnics that usually dominate such films. 

Farrell may be the star of the show, but he's matched by newcomer Matthew Davis (Bloodrain) as his closest friend and fellow combatant, an aspiring writer who volunteers for the duty and who admires Farrell's reckless bravery. 

but supports reason and logic. Great supporting cast, great technical credit.

Tiger Land is a tough training camp for US Army. This is the final stage before the squads leave for combat in Vietnam in 1971. 

In training before Tiger Land, a squad of young men includes troublemaker Roland Boz, who continues his military streak of dissent and insubordination. 

However, her actions don't just infuriate him and he begins to change his ways a bit, but the stress and the prospect of death in Vietnam push all of the men to breaking point.

Marketed as a war Tigerland film, the film is more like the first part of Full Metal Jacket than a full-fledged war film set in a war zone. As such it's more like a drama than any sort of anti-war film or outright thriller. 

The focus of the film is Booz's character as told from Paxton's biographical point of view. The events of the film are pretty predictable for anyone who's seen this type of film before - internal conflicts, paranoid soldiers, overbearing sergeant majors, etc. new. 

It's a very simple Tigerland film with no particular edge - and that's part of the reason I think it didn't really do that well when it was released here in the UK. 

It relies heavily on the characters to keep the audience engaged in the story and prevent it from being seen as simply a collection of out-of-date ideas; This aspect is helped by the fact that it is drawing on original content, experiences and people.

A big part of what makes the characters engaging is their performances by the cast. Pharrell is the lead actor and miles ahead of everyone else. 

This Tigerland film is just one of many that made him the star he is now, and he's more than deserved it and he's really good here - coming across as likable and tough.

Outside of that, everyone plays well but is generally in their various stereotypes; In addition to Farrell, Collins is a standout - often seen playing TV cop shows like Gang Banger and the like, he provides a solid character and delivers a believable breakdown over the course of the film.

Keeping up with my habit of never paying to see a Schumacher film because Batman and Robin put their last trust in his talents, I waited for it to come on TV.

Although I was surprised to see that Schumacher managed to do it without spoiling the film - in fact he looked quite capable! He primarily uses handheld cameras and gives the entire film a gritty feel appropriate to the material.

I hate to admit it but he actually did a reasonable job here and he's done a few movies now that he hasn't ruined one way or the other! I might have to change my mind about not getting paid for his movies - well, maybe not.

Overall it's not a typical Tigerland film, but enjoyable as a character driven drama that trades on the usual clich├ęs of the genre. 

It goes where you more or less expect it but it goes there and takes you with it. Pharrell makes a good leading man and on this testimony he deserves the status of a leading man where he is well supported.

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