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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Bruce WillisBruce Willis...Jimmy Tudeski
Matthew PerryMatthew Perry...Oz Oseransky
Rosanna ArquetteRosanna Arquette...Sophie
Michael Clarke DuncanMichael Clarke Duncan...Frankie Figs
Natasha HenstridgeNatasha Henstridge...Cynthia
Amanda PeetAmanda Peet...Jill
Kevin PollakKevin Pollak...Janni Gogolak
Harland WilliamsHarland Williams...Agent Hanson
Carmen FerlandCarmen Ferland...Sophie's Mom (as Carmen Ferlan)
Serge ChristiaenssensSerge Christiaenssens...Mr. Boulez (as Serge Christianssens)
Renee Madeline Le GuerrierRenee Madeline Le Guerrier...Waitress (as RenĂ©e Madelaine Le Guerrier)
Jean-Guy BouchardJean-Guy Bouchard...Mover
Howard BilermanHoward Bilerman...Dave Martin
Johnny GoarJohnny Goar...Hungarian Hood
Deano ClavetDeano Clavet...Polish Pug
Stephanie BiddleStephanie Biddle...Jazz Singer
Charles Biddle Sr.Charles Biddle Sr....Bass Player (as Charles Biddle)
Geoff LappGeoff Lapp...Pianist
Gary GoldGary Gold...Drummer
Robert BurnsRobert Burns...Mr. Tourette
France ArbourFrance Arbour...Mrs. Boulez
Sean DevineSean Devine...Sgt. Buchanan
Richard JutrasRichard Jutras...Agent Morrissey
Mark CamachoMark Camacho...Interrogator #1
Joanna NoyesJoanna Noyes...Interrogator #2
John Sanford MooreJohn Sanford Moore...Bank Manager (as John Moore)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dave GroomDave Groom...Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Jared LabelleJared Labelle...Man in Observation Restaurant (uncredited)
Kent McQuaidKent McQuaid...Clerk (uncredited)
Mike TsarMike Tsar...Oyster Chef (uncredited)
Rumer WillisRumer Willis...Girl Running Between Jimmy and Oz (uncredited)

The Whole Nine Yards Movie Trailer

The Whole Nine Yards (2000) Official Trailer - Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry Movie HD

The Whole Nine Yards Movie Description

In The Whole Nine Yards Movie I rented The Whole Nine Yards a few days ago, and just saw it this morning, I'm a big fan of Bruce Willis, I don't see him in comedies very often, so I was curious how this would work. 

But after watching The Whole Nine Yards Film, all I have to say is that The Whole Nine Yards Film was a ton of fun! I couldn't believe how much this made me laugh, I know it's such a dark subject, but it was great how they turned it into a crazy comedy. 

Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry were the perfect choice, they were like ying and yang. 

Matthew as this guy who is afraid of everything and finally has some say in where he has control and Bruce couldn't have been a more perfect choice as the cocky and yet charismatic hit man who could threaten but Still the most likable guy in the world. The story was very clever and worked great with the cast.

Nick is just your average guy, he's a dentist and a very likeable guy, but he gets walked through quite a bit, especially by his wife who he feels owes his family, so he lets her Will not give divorce. 

But one day, a new neighbor arrives, Nick notices him right off the bat, it's Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudesky, the famous hit man who has killed 17 people and busted his boss as well. 

He is on the run from his boss in Chicago and a ransom is on his head. Nick really likes Jimmy, but his wife, Sophie, tells him to come in and receive the award. He moves to Chicago and falls in love with Jimmy's wife, Cynthia. 

When Nick arrives back home in Canada, he learns from Jimmy that his wife has hired a hit man to kill Nick. But Nick also learns that Jimmy wants to kill Cynthia, Jimmy's boss wants to kill Nick, Nick's receptionist is also a hit woman, almost everyone wants to kill everyone.

That's the best way to sum up The Whole Nine Yards Movie, but trust me when I say it's a fun movie. 

I really enjoyed watching The Whole Nine Yards Film, Bruce Willis was awesome. But I have to admit that Amanda Peet's performance really charmed me when she was praising Bruce's work and asking him for advice on what his first hit should be like. 

She was so sweet even though she was deadly. So please, I would recommend The Whole Nine Yards Film, it's a dark comedy, yes, but it's all good, if you're very sensitive to the subject just learn to let go and enjoy.

Judging by the comments below, I guess being a hitman is not much to laugh about... 

and the term 'black comedy' didn't cross anyone's mind? Does this extend to the fact that without George Raft after Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in "Some Like It Hot", they would have no reason to meet Marilyn, get on the train to Miami, etc.??

Of course it's not funny in real life that people get killed. But this comedy starring Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry is very well done and I still laughed about it when it was over. 

It was over the top and so over the top with assassins and gangsters and contract killings that it's hard at times to remember what's going on and who's out to kill whom, but it's not fun at all.

I don't like any of these leads, generally speaking. 

I like about five of all Bruce Willis movies and Perry I saw and enjoyed his TV show but never really thought much of him. In this they are both very well fitted and when they do strike up a friendship, it is believable. 

Thankfully Willis doesn't have a 'gumbah, fagetaboutit' attitude or accent, even though his character has an Italian surname, and isn't at all clueless to the audience.

Amanda Peet is great fun as a one-beat woman and fan of the real killers, and Michael Clarke Duncan is great fun too.

The only downside is Rosanna Arquette - poor casting choice here! Maybe someone did him a favor. Ironically, he's not one of those people who has a contract, although god knows he's squeamish enough to have one.

The Whole Nine Yards Movie is a far better comedy than I expected and it produces enough jokes to make you have stitches in your stomach. It is also an effective crime film and mixed with comedy, it makes for an enjoyable film for adults to enjoy. 

What I find strange here is how The Whole Nine Yards Film makes everyone into a victim of beatings. Not only are there plenty of funny one-liners, but there's also a fair amount of physical comedy like when Matt Perry keeps running to the door or Michael Clarke Duncan himself.

Jonathan Lynn's film about a dentist named Oz who is unhappy with his wife. When a contract killer turns up next door, Oz's wife wants to hire Jimmy to kill him, but he refuses. 

Oz, meanwhile, is in Chicago to enable Jimmy to confront his former boss, setting the stage for some hilarious results.

Is a man who has killed seventeen people necessarily a 'bad' man? Not a question everyone has to ask themselves, of course, but what if the guy next door to you moved in? It's a situation that might inspire an introspective moment or two. 

That's exactly what happens in 'The Whole Nine Yards Movie,' directed by Jonathan Lynn and starring Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry. 

Hit-man Jimmy 'The Tulip' Tudesky (Willis) busts his boss in Chicago, and now he's in the news. He makes his way to Canada, where he buys a house next door to Nicholas `Oz' Oseransky (Perry), a hapless dentist who suffers from inherited debt and has a wife, Sophie (Rosanna Arquette). 

not mentioned. A Mother-in-Law from Hell (Carmen Ferland). When she finds out who her next door neighbor is going to be, her first instinct is to run, but Sophie has other ideas. 

There appears to be a price on Jimmy's head; A Jenny Gogolac (Kevin Pollack) seeks revenge on the boy responsible for her father's long, long run away. 

So Sophie backs Oz into a corner until he agrees to go to Chicago and meet Jenny to keep the finger on Jimmy. 

Oz thinks it's not a good idea, but it at least sounds like a nice vacation, so he goes. But, of course, he should have stuck with his instincts, because he soon finds himself staring at a pot of trouble. And it seems the only way is down...

What Lin puts together here is actually quite a light, dark comedy; The nature of the story dictates that there will be violence, and there is, but much of it is contained rather than graphic. 

The pace is good, and Lin develops the characters enough to give you a good idea of ​​who they are and what they're about. 

There's not a lot of depth, but it's not necessary; Each of the actors have made their respective characters unique to an extent that transcends stereotypes, and it works perfectly for The Whole Nine Yards Movie and the story. 

What happens is inevitable, though not necessarily predictable, and some aspects will keep you guessing until the very end. Like a comedy leaning towards the dark side, nothing is cut and dried in this story.

Willis is perfect as Jimmy the Tulip, giving a rather reserved, subtle performance that puts Jimmy's protected but confident manner into perspective. 

Beneath it all, this guy is really cold-blooded (he should be, given his choice of job), but his relationship with Oz at least outwardly gives off some heat. 

Like Chow Yun-Fat in 'The Killer,' Jimmy is likable, but when you consider the arm's length of who he is and what he's capable of, it's a little shocking. And that's one aspect of the movie that's so interesting-- because you know who and what Jimmy is, you never really know where things are going to turn.

Perry is excellent, as well as 'Oz'. Henpecked and in dire straits, he is something of an updated version of WC. Fields the characters in 'It's a Gift' or 'The Bank Dick', although a bit darker. 

Perry is charismatic, has impeccable timing with her delivery and uses physical comedy to great effect. 

His reactions to Willis and the situations he finds himself in are brilliant and hilarious, and it seems like he instinctively knows how far to take it to make it work.

And it's the little, seemingly insignificant things she brings to character that give the film that extra something and create some memorable moments.

The supporting cast includes Michael Clarke Duncan (Frankie Figgs), Natasha Henstridge (Cynthia), Amanda Peet (Jill St. Clair), Harland Williams (Special Agent Hanson) and Serj Christiansen (Mr. Boulez). 

It might not be the most original movie ever made, but 'The Whole Nine Yards Movie' is fun, with a great cast that's taken characters you've seen basically before and made them their own. 

is, and does exactly what a movie is supposed to do: entertain. It won't make you think about the universe or the state of the world today, but it's sure to give you a few hours of laughs and a few residual chuckles. 

When you think about it, it's not such a bad deal. This is the magic of movies.

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