The Road to El Dorado Movie | The Road to El Dorado Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Kevin KlineKevin Kline...Tulio (voice)
Kenneth BranaghKenneth Branagh...Miguel (voice)
Rosie PerezRosie Perez...Chel (voice)
Armand AssanteArmand Assante...Tzekel-Kan (voice)
Edward James OlmosEdward James Olmos...Chief (voice)
Jim CummingsJim Cummings...Cortes (voice)
Frank WelkerFrank Welker...Altivo (voice)
Tobin BellTobin Bell...Zaragoza (voice)
Duncan MarjoribanksDuncan Marjoribanks...Acolyte (voice)
Elijah ChiangElijah Chiang...Kid #1 (voice)
Cyrus Shaki-KhanCyrus Shaki-Khan...Kid #2 (voice)
Elton JohnElton John...Narrator (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Greg BergGreg Berg...Various (uncredited)
Bob BergenBob Bergen...Various (uncredited)
Brad BirdBrad Bird...Various (uncredited)
Robert ClotworthyRobert Clotworthy...Various (uncredited)
Rebecca DavisRebecca Davis...Various (uncredited)
Mona MarshallMona Marshall...Various (uncredited)
Mickie McGowanMickie McGowan...Various (uncredited)
Patrick PinneyPatrick Pinney...Various (uncredited)
Phil ProctorPhil Proctor...Various (uncredited)
Jan RabsonJan Rabson...Various (uncredited)
Peter RenadayPeter Renaday...Various (uncredited)
Jim WardJim Ward...Various (uncredited)

The Road to El Dorado Movie Trailer

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The Road to El Dorado Movie Description

In The Road to El Dorado Movie Of course, I missed it too, by about fifteen minutes.

All right -- the title is "The Road to El Dorado Movie." Hands up, everyone that rings a bell.


Well -- its stars are two quick-witted thugs who get out of trouble by fake fighting each other, and who at one point *almost* play pattycake.

Still not ringing a bell?

How about if I say that at one point, the images of our heroes are briefly morphed into the faces of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby for about two frames?


This is an homage to those hilarious/animated versions (if you're in the right frame of mind) of "B" comedies starring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby (and Dorothy Lamour in a sarong - does Chell look more familiar now) ?), all of which were entitled "The Road to..." somewhere.

There was nothing in them to be taken seriously, and there is very little in The Road to El Dorado Movie.

I have to agree with the many reviewers who say with varying degrees of indignation that this is not a children's film.

It was not meant to be. It was a general-audience, PG-rated film.

Will you guys please get it through your heads that "animated" does not necessarily equal "kids movie"?

Animation is another film making technique that is used to create any type of film the animator wants to make, and if you think animation is automatically for kids, then look... Oh, Say... "Akira" or "Fantastic Planet" or "Heavy Metal".

"Road to El Dorado" is an excellent movie for all ages, (with the caveat that it is a PG-rated, and you should think about what you want your kids to watch) and anyone who would watch anything nasty or prudish The scenes that everyone has been complaining about should take a closer look themselves...

Every new animated film seems to break new ground in technique and execution. Technology and computers have taken animation to new heights of excellence.

"The Road to El Dorado Movie" is no exception.

There is a scene in which Cortez's ship is impacting the boat in which Tulio (voice of Kevin Kline) and Miguel (voice of Kenneth Branagh) are escaping – Miguel looks up and, just before their boat sinks, screams. " Holy Ship!"

Some parents grabbed their kids and stormed out of the theater because they thought they heard it. If you are going to watch a movie -- please pay attention and don't jump to wrong conclusions.

(Sir) The Oscar-nominated soundtrack features music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice.

Rosie Perez as 'Chell' is fantastic - delivering just the right amount of innuendo (so parents can get it) without being blatantly obvious. He's great -- but I've always liked him anyway.

There is a hint of "Shangri-La" about The Road to El Dorado Movie...

It is very rare for an animated film "The Road to El Dorado Movie" to have a cohesive story and a real plot.

Though it drags a bit at times but the music helps in taking the story forward and is always a pleasant twist.

Some of the story was quite predictable. However, I came to the conclusion wondering how this story would end.

I was pleasantly surprised.

It all came wrapped in a neat package with a bow.

Of course this left the sequel open.

One of the few more modern animated films I still enjoy; Maybe it's because it doesn't happen to revolve around "friendship/love/whatever" and it's not some tragic love story like many of Disney's Drakes have been (though it does have a slight, slightly dull ending). There is love-ish story in the background). 

It appears that DreamWorks is a breath of fresh air in times like these.

The plot works on several levels; It's simple enough for the average child to understand and enjoy, but piled up below the levels of wit and more jokes that rely on understanding it more, making it balanced and still the 150+th time I I see it

The songs are catchy (as might be expected from good guy Elton John), the characters are lovable yet total sleazeball con-men, and the humor is on multiple levels; And with it, it brings several good, memorable lines ("'For three days?!' 'Yeah! Don't even breathe!'" and "'You're buying your own thief!'" At least I Not dating me!' '...Ooh, low blow.'" came to mind).

As a basic host, Miguel is, funnier, the more light-hearted of the two con-men; He has fun and appreciates the beauty in people. 

Tulio, the other half of the pair, is a bit more preoccupied with material possessions and money, though he still remains human. Then there is the disciple; A traitor from the City of Gold, able to help both (at a cost). 

And our main adversary? Zekel Khan (spelling uncertain), the rather insane high priest and speaker for the gods, who proves to be... well, a basket case.

First Titan AE, now El Dorado. I can't believe another great animation movie got panned by the critics. Really incredible, especially after shoddy works, (in plot or character development) like Tarzan was a huge success. 

Marketing is a powerful thing indeed... and being politically correct apparently still determines success in the States.

I read so many bad reviews about EL DORADO, that I started to believe them myself, and I was ready to never watch it, although I am a huge fan of animation. 

As is so common in American reviews, this time EL Dorado was the chosen victim and so it seemed that every critic was following the leader when reviewing it. 

After reading so many bad reviews, I doubt that some of the critics had ever seen the film before writing about it. Or at least they definitely didn't watch the same movie that I did!

Is there a "European" version or is there something going on here in Europe?

Anyway I was almost dragged to the cinema by my kid this Saturday afternoon, and now I'm glad I did, because it really is the best animated movie I've seen in recent years (as good as TITAN A.E. and Princess Mononoke).

And for someone like me who was a little let down by Chicken Run, and angered by yet another politically correct animated feature in Disney's Tarzan, EL Dorado got me thinking that modern animation still has a lot to offer. There is magic and adventure.

I began to suspect that The Road to El Dorado Full Movie was going to be different when I walked into the theater, and I noticed that at least about 80% of the room was filled with an adult audience, and very few children, which is typical of an animation movie for a Saturday. The afternoon matinee is a particularly awkward setting. 

Does anyone know anything about The Road to El Dorado Full Movie that I don't?

By the end of the film, I started to understand what was so special about it. First of all this is not a Disney movie as many people think, but a DreamWorks production.

 The plot though obviously generic for this type of story, turns out to be much better than what it seems at first glance due to the development of the characters and the small details surrounding them all, which I enjoy in The Road to El Dorado Movie. 

Will not reveal as part. Really discovering those scenes. And EL DORADO may look like a Disney product in style, but fortunately none of them are the politically correct so-called educational moments that plague all Disney products. 

Unlike Disney, EL DORADO also has an origin story, and does not use it like The Lion King, which is similar in TARZAN, which was re-used in dinosaurs, etc... EL DORADO DOES NOT CURE Hai Kids love braindead fools but instead presents a good origin story in which they really have to think about how to appreciate the film which can only be a good sign.

A nice detail is that, there really isn't a "bad guy", so kids can't separate the whole story into good guy versus bad guy as usual, which makes them pay more attention to the story than what is happening. Used to be.

I don't want to spoil anything, but go see The Road to El Dorado Film, and notice how the character of Cortez is presented and used in the story without falling into the usual trap of Disney style villains, and a very authentic historical Another nice twist, giving the plot the right feel, is that El Dorado is another "bad guy" in the story, but not another abstract villain, put in place only for the heroes to fight and defeat. 

This second "villain" also has a logical reason for being a bad person, and he's not bad just because. 

Even what happens to him by the end isn't the typical cliche used for villains in a typical Disney movie where the bad guy always has to die to pay for his wrongdoings. Well...this El Dorado and you'll be surprised how cleverly the story uses both "villains".

This is one of the best, surprising and most intelligent moments in this excellently underappreciated film as it perfectly blends fantasy with historical events of the time.

But I bet one thing was responsible for the failure of The Road to El Dorado Full Movie in America. And yes, I'm talking about the "erotic" jokes scattered throughout some scenes and the "sexual" tension as the cause of conflict between the main characters. 

I'll bet those innocent little micro-scenes will have a lot of Puritans in America clutching their Bibles and covering their children's eyes with their covers while the father himself drools over the sensuous curves of the female lead character And moms complained about how unethical the animation was. 

I read a hilarious American review which claimed that The Road to El Dorado Movie will incite children to homosexuality and bigamy! (What?!!! Because of the great friendship of the male characters or their relationship with the girl? Are you guys crazy?!!)

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