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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Mel GibsonMel Gibson...Benjamin Martin
Heath LedgerHeath Ledger...Gabriel Martin
Joely RichardsonJoely Richardson...Charlotte Selton
Jason IsaacsJason Isaacs...Col. William Tavington
Chris CooperChris Cooper...Col. Harry Burwell
Tchéky KaryoTchéky Karyo...Jean Villeneuve
Rene AuberjonoisRene Auberjonois...Reverend Oliver
Lisa BrennerLisa Brenner...Anne Howard
Tom WilkinsonTom Wilkinson...Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis
Donal LogueDonal Logue...Dan Scott
Leon RippyLeon Rippy...John Billings
Adam BaldwinAdam Baldwin...Capt. Wilkins
Jay Arlen JonesJay Arlen Jones...Occam
Joey D. VieiraJoey D. Vieira...Peter Howard
Gregory SmithGregory Smith...Thomas Martin
Mika BooremMika Boorem...Margaret Martin
Skye McCole BartusiakSkye McCole Bartusiak...Susan Martin
Trevor MorganTrevor Morgan...Nathan Martin
Bryan ChafinBryan Chafin...Samuel Martin
Logan LermanLogan Lerman...William Martin
Mary Jo DeschanelMary Jo Deschanel...Mrs. Howard
Jamieson PriceJamieson Price...Capt. Bordon (as Jamieson K. Price)
Peter WoodwardPeter Woodward...Charles O'Hara
Grahame WoodGrahame Wood...Redcoat Lieutenant
Beatrice BushBeatrice Bush...Abigale the Housekeeper
Shan Omar HueyShan Omar Huey...Joshua
Hank StoneHank Stone...Rollins
Kirk FoxKirk Fox...Skunk
Jack MooreJack Moore...Curly
Mark TwogoodMark Twogood...Danvers
Colt RombergerColt Romberger...Colt
Terry LaymanTerry Layman...Gen. George Washington
Shannon EubanksShannon Eubanks...Mrs. Simms
Bill RobersonBill Roberson...Loyalist Simms
Charles BlackCharles Black...Matthew
Andy StahlAndy Stahl...Gen. Nathanel Greene
Kristian TruelsenKristian Truelsen...Hardwick
Kanin HowellKanin Howell...Postrider
Mark Jeffrey MillerMark Jeffrey Miller...Wounded Continental
Zach HannerZach Hanner...British Field Officer
Dara ColemanDara Coleman...Redcoat Sergeant #2
Randell HaynesRandell Haynes...Patriot Middleton
John StoreyJohn Storey...Cowpens Militiaman
Greg GoodGreg Good...Cowpens Militiaman
John F. Dzencelowcz IIJohn F. Dzencelowcz II...Continental Soldier
John CurranJohn Curran...Redcoat Sergeant #1
Kyle Richard EngelsKyle Richard Engels...Billings' Son
John BennesJohn Bennes...Speaker
Roy McCrereyRoy McCrerey...Redcoat
P. Dion MooreP. Dion Moore...Redcoat
Tyler LongTyler Long...Page Poy
John H. BushJohn H. Bush...Abner
Gil JohnsonGil Johnson...Militiaman
Scott ThomasScott Thomas...Patriot Private (as Scott Miles)
Derrick B. YoungDerrick B. Young...Slave Boy
Le Roy SeabrookLe Roy Seabrook...Gullah Minister
Samuel Brown Jr.Samuel Brown Jr....Gullah Musician
Samuel Brown Sr.Samuel Brown Sr....Gullah Musician
Lillie L. HarrisLillie L. Harris...Gullah Musician
Braima MoiwaiBraima Moiwai...Gullah Musician
Patrick TatopoulosPatrick Tatopoulos...French Naval Officer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Michael E. RodgersMichael E. Rodgers...(unconfirmed)
Tim AdairTim Adair...Redcoat Private (uncredited)
Shane AyonShane Ayon...Grinadier Soldier (uncredited)
Ryan BaberRyan Baber...Redcoat Private (uncredited)
Brad BatchelorBrad Batchelor...Cavalry Officer (uncredited)
Tasha BieringTasha Biering...Guest at Lord Cornwallis' Ball (uncredited)
Lonnie BurchfieldLonnie Burchfield...British Infantry / British Officer / Continental Cannonieer (uncredited)
Kathryn BurnsKathryn Burns...Guest at Lord Cornwallis' Ball (uncredited)
Robert CannonRobert Cannon...Redcoat Sergeant (uncredited)
Tad CarrTad Carr...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
Jeremy CarteeJeremy Cartee...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
Brian Patrick CatalanoBrian Patrick Catalano...Core Colonial Soldier (uncredited)
Joseph CongemaJoseph Congema...Redcoat / Continental Corporal (uncredited)
William CranfordWilliam Cranford...Solder (uncredited)
Butch CulpepperButch Culpepper...Martin's Militiaman (uncredited)
Casey CunninghamCasey Cunningham...Continental Private (uncredited)
Ron CusterRon Custer...Redcoat / Continental Sergeant (uncredited)
Dominick T. DiIorioDominick T. DiIorio...Continental Soldier (uncredited)
Sam EdensSam Edens...Redcoat / Continental / French Sergeant (uncredited)
Will FinchWill Finch...Assemblyman (uncredited)
James FureyJames Furey...Continental Soldier (uncredited)
Dennis GomezDennis Gomez...Redcoat Killed at Cowpens (uncredited)
Michael Mario GoodMichael Mario Good...Redcoat / Charlotte's Servant (uncredited)
Dale GouldDale Gould...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
Mark HaleMark Hale...Cpl. Martin's Man (uncredited)
Robert HanselRobert Hansel...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
Lee HardinLee Hardin...Militiaman Reloading in Battle (uncredited)
John Ratch HartJohn Ratch Hart...Tavern Crowd (uncredited)
C. Michael HaynesC. Michael Haynes...Townsman (uncredited)
Matthew HelmsMatthew Helms...Patriot Kid (uncredited)
Kevin R. HershbergerKevin R. Hershberger...Martin's Militiaman (uncredited)
Eric HollowayEric Holloway...Townsman (uncredited)
Alex HouvourasAlex Houvouras...Continental Soldier (uncredited)
Patric JohnstonePatric Johnstone...Green Dragoon Cavalryman (uncredited)
Patrick G. KeenanPatrick G. Keenan...British Soldier (uncredited)
Tim KellyTim Kelly...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
Jeremy KerrJeremy Kerr...British Grenadier (uncredited)
Kevin P. KingKevin P. King...Redcoat / French Corporal (uncredited)
Gary LaneGary Lane...Twin Continental Flagbearer (uncredited)
Larry LaneLarry Lane...Twin Continental Flagbearer (uncredited)
David LoweDavid Lowe...British Infantryman / Continental infantlryman / Continental Militiaman (uncredited)
James LoweryJames Lowery...Redcoat Private (uncredited)
Vincent LumiaVincent Lumia...Redcoat Private in Charleston (uncredited)
James MarksJames Marks...Green Dragoon / Continental Cavalryman (uncredited)
Daniel MaysenDaniel Maysen...Continental Soldier (uncredited)
Drew McClintockDrew McClintock...Militiaman (uncredited)
Patrick McNultyPatrick McNulty...Continental Private (uncredited)
Matthew MebaneMatthew Mebane...Militiaman (uncredited)
Katie MixonKatie Mixon...Guest at Lord Cornwallis' Ball (uncredited)
Ken MoranKen Moran...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
Michael NeeleyMichael Neeley...Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier (uncredited)
John NeelyJohn Neely...Member of Martin's Militia (uncredited)
Art NewkirkArt Newkirk...Continental Soldier (uncredited)
Wilson NormanWilson Norman...Continental Private (uncredited)
Danny NunnDanny Nunn...Continental Private Hit in Leg by Cannonball (uncredited)
Sean O'ConnorSean O'Connor...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
William PalkoWilliam Palko...Redcoat Private (uncredited)
Stephen PatrickStephen Patrick...Redcoat Corporal (uncredited)
Reid PerryReid Perry...Redcoat Private (uncredited)
Scott PetersonScott Peterson...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
Don PettitDon Pettit...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
Marc PhillipsMarc Phillips...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
Bert PuckettBert Puckett...Continental Lieutenant (uncredited)
Duncan B. PutneyDuncan B. Putney...American Officer (uncredited)
Bryan QuanBryan Quan...Redcoat / Continental Private (uncredited)
Morgan RaqueMorgan Raque...Continental Private (uncredited)
Steve ReaserSteve Reaser...French Soldier (uncredited)
Scott C. ReynoldsScott C. Reynolds...Martin's Militiaman (uncredited)
David RivitzDavid Rivitz...Redcoat Private (uncredited)
Seneca RobinsonSeneca Robinson...Angry Continental Private (uncredited)
Cliff RombergerCliff Romberger...Colt's Father (uncredited)
David Michael RossDavid Michael Ross...British Seargeant (uncredited)
David RotanDavid Rotan...British Field Musician (uncredited)
Christopher RuffChristopher Ruff...British Drummer (uncredited)
Marvin SchroederMarvin Schroeder...Redcoat Colonel Saying 'Make Ready!' (uncredited)
Kemper SeaseKemper Sease...Beach Slave (uncredited)
Shaphan David SeidersShaphan David Seiders...Redcoat (uncredited)
Wayne ShannonWayne Shannon...Core Militia (uncredited)
Trinity ShullTrinity Shull...Spyglass Redcoat at Fort Carolina (uncredited)
Ted SimsTed Sims...Redcoat Sergeant (uncredited)
Gregory H. StarbuckGregory H. Starbuck...British fifer (uncredited)
Girard SwanGirard Swan...Redcoat (uncredited)
Andrew John TarrAndrew John Tarr...Militiaman (uncredited)
Rock TaulbeeRock Taulbee...Redcoat Corporal (uncredited)
Jim TemplarJim Templar...Redcoat Private (uncredited)
Nick VachonNick Vachon...Militiaman (uncredited)
Max ValentineMax Valentine...French Navy Officer (uncredited)
Phil WarrenPhil Warren...Redcoat Hacked to Death (uncredited)
Tim ZabelTim Zabel...Redcoat Private (uncredited)

The Patriot Movie Trailer

THE PATRIOT Trailer (2000) Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger Movie

The Patriot Movie Description

in "The Patriot", the story of an American farmer who fights in the War of Independence, is sometimes used with "Braveheart" as evidence of an anti-British bias on The Patriot Movie part of Mel Gibson. 

This is perhaps unfair to Gibson, who has gone on record as supporting ties between Australia and The Patriot Movie British monarchy (hardly the stance of a Brit-hating bigot). 

Although "Braveheart", which he produced and directed, was Gibson's own pet project, he was neither the producer, director, or screenwriter of "The Patriot". Actually, he was not even The Patriot Film first choice to play the lead role. 

Producers originally wanted Harrison Ford who turned down the part, reportedly because he felt the script turned The Patriot Film American Revolution into a story of one man's search for revenge.

Due to its anti-British stance, The Patriot Film was badly received in Britain. A newspaper accused him of darkening the character of British officer Banastre Tarleton, who served as the inspiration for The Patriot Movie villainous Colonel Tavington. 

One commenter even said that it was the kind of film The Patriot Movie Nazis would have made about the American Revolution if they had won World War II. Unlike some of my countrymen, I was not too concerned about this aspect of the film. 

The Patriot Movie overall death rate in the American War of Independence was remarkably low, not only by modern standards, but also by the standards of other wars of this era, such as The Patriot Movie Napoleonic Wars. 

Nevertheless, every war fought so far has resulted in crimes from both sides, and The Patriot Movie War of Independence was no exception. (The rebels may be as ruthless as The Patriot Film British, but their atrocities are not depicted in this film). 

Some of the acts attributed to Tavington may have been fictional, such as The Patriot Film burning scene in a church, but in real life Tarleton had a well-deserved reputation for brutality, and was hated not only by American colonists, but by his own. 

There was distrust from the side as well. The Patriot Film depicts the British commander Lord Cornwallis as outwardly gentle and dignified, but secretly prepared to face Tavington's ways. In fact, Cornwallis wanted Tarleton to be court-martialed; Tarleton was only saved by her influential relationship.

However, I had some objections to The Patriot Film way these events were portrayed. It was originally intended to be a film about Francis Marion, a real-life man. 

Unfortunately Marion, though undoubtedly courageous and a skilled guerrilla leader, was also a slave-owner (as any landowner of substance in South Carolina in The Patriot Movie 1770s would have) and therefore was considered a modern blockbuster (even though there was a TV show about him). 

The Patriot Movie series was formed in the fifties). Therefore, his adventures are attributed to a fictional "Benjamin Martin". The slavery issue could have been avoided by moving action in New England, but instead the film gives us a completely unrealistic picture of race relations in this period. 

Black workers on Martin's land are all free men, and black and white live together in harmony, with black soldiers volunteering to fight alongside whites in the Continental Army. 

This kind of dishonest, idealized depiction of slavery was once common in films like "Gone with The Patriot Movie Wind," but I thought it ended with the growth of the Civil Rights Movement.

(Incidentally, one of The Patriot Movie reasons why so many Southerners supported the revolutionaries was that slavery was outlawed in Britain in 1771, and they feared that the British Parliament would eventually legislate to ban it in the colonies. Needless to say, there is no mention of this attitude in The Patriot Movie. 

Tarleton became MP for Liverpool in later life, and an ardent defender of slavery. In this, if nothing else, he and Marion had something in common) .

My other reservation about The Patriot Movie political stance is similar to Ford's. The film was perhaps so heavily focused on British brutality because it is difficult for a modern audience, even an American audience, to be interested in the real reasons why The Patriot Movie war was fought. 

It is easy to make an intellectual case for the principle of "no taxation without representation", which had been part of British constitutional thought since at least the Civil War in the 1640s. 

It is far less easy to justify the bloodshed in defense of that doctrine, and Martin, hurt by his experiences in the French and Indian Wars, is originally depicted as a pacifist, who is not willing to fight or support the Declaration of Independence. is not prepared for, which he believed would lead to war. 

His son Gabriel, however, joins the Continental Army, but is wrongly accused of being a spy and threatened with execution. Tavington, believing Martin to be a rebel sympathizer, burns down his house and kills another son, Thomas.

Brilliant and captivating film about the American War of Independence dealing with a captivating family and the tragic events that take place along the way.

 Benjamin Martin: Mel Gibson is a conscientious objector because of past wars and he is the widower of seven children nowadays: Heath Ledger, Logan Lerman, Gregory Smith, Mika Burem, Skye Bartusiak, Trevor Morgan... He is a former guerrilla soldier who just Wants to take care of his family in peace. 

Unfortunately, the local Redcoats as Colonel Tavington: Jason Isaacs, Underlings: Adam Baldwin, and Commander-in-Chief: Tom Wilkinson have other ideas. 

When Martin's idealistic soldier son Gabriel: Australian Ledger is captured, Daddy is swung into action. What would you do if they destroyed your house, threatened your family. 

where would you draw the line? They were family before they were soldiers. Before they were legends, they were heroes. Before there was a nation, there was a fight for independence. Some things are worth fighting for.

Revolutionary War Vengeance is a picture of thrill, noisy action, fierce fights and well played. 

The film's main character and central axis is Benjamin Martin/Mel Gibson, a bloody veteran of the French and Indian Wars and a few years later, brilliantly performed as a pacifist, but his pacifism owes as much to his conviction as pragmatism. To protect and care for his many children. 

A violent idealistic film dealing with historical events about the freedom struggle, a battle between the colonists and The Patriot Movie British army. 

The great Mel Gibson appears as well as early-deceased Heath Ledger and a large cast of secondary artists delivering sensational performances, such as: Chris Cooper, Tom Wilkinson, Jolie Richardson, Cheeky Kario, Donald Logue, Adam Baldwin, Leon Rippy, Rene Auberjonois and special mention to Jason Issacs for delivering a really bad role as the sadistic colonel.

Just watched this The Patriot Movie for almost 20th time (I have it on TiVo) and for the life of me I can't get the disdain who wrote here who commented. 

Last time I heard, it was FICTION - no documentary; Ken Burns neither wrote nor directed nor narrated the piece – Roland Emmerich, a man best known for action fiction, did. 

Yes the depiction of the Revolutionary War was not 100% accurate, but was never intended to be; There was just one drama set against the backdrop of a war and it was refreshing to see the war in the background, with American blood spilled on American soil, was the Revolutionary War and not just another Civil War piece; In fact, the Civil War has been played out so often in The Patriot Movie over the past quarter century that it was simply refreshing to see a different war....

Being somewhat of a military historian I would say that The Patriot Film depiction of soldiers going from gunman to gunman in the open field was actually accurate; It may be interesting to many to note that according to the gentlemanly practices of King George's army, both sides took a break for tea every day at noon and resumed fighting later – guerrilla warfare was not popular during The Patriot Film day. 

This is why Gibson's militia unit was so clearly successful early on. That being said, The Patriot Film comments about accuracy with muskets are pretty accurate but I will say that I only see straight barrel musket rifles - no bell-shaped muskets; The longer you hold the projectile on the straight path, The Patriot Movie more accuracy you have at long range, despite the lack of rifling grooves in the barrel (I spent time on rifle teams for 5 years). 

The Patriot Movie main inaccuracy I noted was that when Tavington shot the rider (running on horseback) with a musket pistol in The Patriot Movie back at perhaps 40 yards or more—not so likely, it took the whole spoiled the scene.

My favorite person - Billings; Leon Rippy's cynical, almost laughable laugh completely stole every scene where it was used and he is my longtime favorite actor; Jason Isaacs is this The Patriot Movie absolutely best screen villain (and probably in The Patriot Movie top 10 screen villains of all time).

I think it boils down to "different strokes for different people", we all have our own opinion on this and I broadcast mine.

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