The Legend of Bagger Vance Movie | The Legend of Bagger Vance Full Movie | 2000

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Will SmithWill Smith...Bagger Vance
Matt DamonMatt Damon...Rannulph Junuh
Charlize TheronCharlize Theron...Adele Invergordon
Bruce McGillBruce McGill...Walter Hagen
Joel GretschJoel Gretsch...Bobby Jones
J. Michael MoncriefJ. Michael Moncrief...Hardy Greaves
Peter GeretyPeter Gerety...Neskaloosa
Lane SmithLane Smith...Grantland Rice
Michael O'NeillMichael O'Neill...O.B. Keeler
Thomas Jay RyanThomas Jay Ryan...Spec Hammond
Trip HamiltonTrip Hamilton...Frank Greaves
Dermot CrowleyDermot Crowley...Dougal McDermott
Harve PresnellHarve Presnell...John Invergordon
Danny NelsonDanny Nelson...McManus
Bob PennyBob Penny...Laidlaw
Michael McCartyMichael McCarty...Delahunty
Carrie PrestonCarrie Preston...Idalyn Greaves
Turner GreenTurner Green...Eugene James
Blake KingBlake King...Wilbur Charles
Andrea PowellAndrea Powell...Mary Jones
John BennesJohn Bennes...Citizen
Jonathan Ignatius GreenJonathan Ignatius Green...Citizen (as Jonathan Green)
Shane BrownShane Brown...Citizen
J. Don FergusonJ. Don Ferguson...Citizen
E. Roger MitchellE. Roger Mitchell...Aaron
Leon LamarLeon Lamar...Card Player
Charles Riffenburg IVCharles Riffenburg IV...Card Player (as Charles Riffenberg IV)
Cory CarbaughCory Carbaugh...Card Player
Charles SeabrookCharles Seabrook...Card Player
Bilaal SalaamBilaal Salaam...Card Player
Charles WardCharles Ward...Man #1
George GreenGeorge Green...Man #2
Julie JonesJulie Jones...Woman #1
Valanie LangValanie Lang...Girl #1
Bernard HockeBernard Hocke...News Photographer
Dan BeeneDan Beene...Willy
Elliott StreetElliott Street...Carter
Wilbur FitzgeraldWilbur Fitzgerald...Roy (as Wilbur T. Fitzgerald)
Sonny SeilerSonny Seiler...Sonny the Boarder
Joseph P. ReidyJoseph P. Reidy...Photographer (as Joseph Reidy)
Tannis StoopsTannis Stoops...Anna Mae
Dearing Paige HockmanDearing Paige Hockman...Hagen Girl
Erika MountsErika Mounts...Hagen Girl
Neil GonzagaNeil Gonzaga...Bar Patron
Ronald SteppeRonald Steppe...Bar Patron
Hugh BaggettHugh Baggett...Bar Patron
Jabulani BrownJabulani Brown...Jones' Caddy
Vijay PatelVijay Patel...Hagen's Caddy
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Steven MorseSteven Morse...Jimmy Woods
Kirk BairKirk Bair...Citizen (uncredited)
Jon DrewJon Drew...Groundskeeper (uncredited)
Jim KeislerJim Keisler...Groundskeeper (uncredited)
Michael KnightMichael Knight...Reporter (uncredited)
Jack LemmonJack Lemmon...Narrator / Old Hardy Greaves (uncredited)
Kendall McKnightKendall McKnight...Spectator (uncredited)
Todd PetersonTodd Peterson...Mayor of Shanty Town (uncredited)
Jesse Scott NelsonJesse Scott Nelson...Forecaddy (uncredited)
Todd SoleyTodd Soley...Doughboy #1 (uncredited)
GoGo ToucetteGoGo Toucette...Hagen gallery (uncredited)
Steven TriggSteven Trigg...Shanty Town Resident (uncredited)
Ray WineteerRay Wineteer...Counsilman Ellis (uncredited)
Kenneth WonderleyKenneth Wonderley...First Fan on Stage (uncredited)

The Legend of Bagger Vance Movie Trailer

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The Legend of Bagger Vance Movie Description

In The Legend of Bagger Vance movie, thing you have to keep in mind when watching The Legend of Bagger Vance Film is that sports movies, by definition, have to match the atmosphere of the sports they depict. 

For example, football or ice hockey movies are as loud, bombastic, and glamorous as the sport itself. 

Meanwhile basketball movies often rely on the street/hip hop connection and are just as loud, but have a bit more gritty to them, provided you completely forget about Space Jam. 

Badger Vance, on the other hand, revolves entirely around golf and, consequently, is much calmer, slower paced and gentler than its Brutalist style cousins, but still has a charm and subtlety that is quite endearing.

Told entirely in flashback, the film's story follows Matt Damon's disillusioned World War I veteran Ranulf Junnuh participating in a highly publicized golf tournament against two established (real-life) professionals – Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones.

Things don't go well at first, Junnuh hasn't played a game since coming back from the trenches and is intoxicated. 

Despite having the support of the townspeople, no one really expects him to win. And then she finds a new crib in the form of Badger Vance (Will Smith).

At this point I think alarm bells are going off in your head. Will Smith mean wise-cracking, one-liners and the word 'damn' should be stretched so it has two syllables? Well you'll be relieved to know that Bagger is a pleasant change of direction for the usual Smith stereotype. 

Resting on his heels and working his acting muscles rather than his action hero, Smith is the film's undeniable soul. 

His remarkably boyish charm is still there, but he relies more on home wisdom and gentle diligence rather than name calling and infusing cocky swagger to help Damon get back on his game. 

Playing against him, Matt Damon is suitably vulnerable and vulnerable, but a bit overshadowed. Thankfully, Junnah's salvation and Vance's easy-going friendship is enough to propel The Legend of Bagger Vance movie and story along, while Corny is just as charming as the title character.

Elsewhere, director Robert Redford once again demonstrates his knack for beautiful cinematography. 

As most of The Legend of Bagger Vance movie takes place on a golf course, you are never too far from some gorgeous scenery and the contrast between the vibrant green vegetation and the stunning blue sky makes Bagger Vance a feast for the eyes. 

Given the film's somewhat slow pace, it's also a perfect choice for a wet Sunday afternoon where you want to go for a walk and appreciate the countryside, but are unable to thanks to the rain.

That said, the Badger Vans still have flaws. The writing is a bit muddled and anyone who doesn't like cheese would do well to stay away. 

Junnuh's love interest sub-plot with golf promoter Adele Invergordon (Charlize Theron) meanwhile feels convoluted and unnecessary, as if someone somewhere along the production line decided that if Junnuh had to come entirely on her own He has to get it with a lovely native vine. 

However the positives outweigh the negatives and if you're in the mood for a relaxed, slow paced film with lots of subtleties that not everyone will appreciate, you really can't go wrong with Bagger Vance. 

This is a The Legend of Bagger Vance movie to watch with your feet up, the house clean and a big mug of hot chocolate in your hand. 

And refreshingly enough for a sports The Legend of Bagger Vance movie, there isn't a scene where a large crowd starts cheering wildly while over-the-top power ballads play in the background, let alone raising an eyebrow or two. should be sufficient.

I generally like fantasy movies and I really enjoy sports movies. Combine the two well - like "Field of Dreams" and like this The Legend of Bagger Vance movie - and I'm sure I'd rate it very highly. I have seen it thrice and thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

It also reminded me a bit of "The Natural," but instead of baseball, it features golf and real-life legends Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen playing local man, "Ranulph Junuh" (Matt Damon). 

Like "The Natural," it's beautifully drawn, has a wonderful happy ending, a variety of characters, a beautiful lead female, and good acting.

Child actor without a name here, J.J. Michael Moncrieff, who plays "Hardy Greaves", narrates The Legend of Bagger Vance movie as an older man watching the story. The kid is also a good actor, and I love his Georgia accent. 

Charlize Theron is the beauty, playing "Adele Invergordon", a woman who organizes the famous golf match between the world's greatest amateur, the best professional, and "Zunuh", the focus of the story. 

Theron is known for her dramatic roles but she displays a good comedic touch here.

What I really liked about The Legend of Bagger Vance Full Movie is the great care taken by director Robert Redford in developing the feel and atmosphere of Savannah, Georgia in the Great Depression. 

I really felt like I was back in time watching this story about the match between the greatest golfers of their era, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen. 

A match where a local man, Matt Damon, gave a tough fight to the greats.

Harvey Presnell, one of Savannah's leading citizens, has invested everything in the development of a new golf course and loses everything and his life when the stock market crashes. 

While fending off her father's creditors, Charlize Theron vows that the course will be open and feature a match between two of the best of their time, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen. 

However, for a few local interests, the townspeople insist on a local player with the big ones.

Said local player is Matt Damon who went to war in 1917 and came out bitter, disillusioned and drunk. 

Old time folks in Savannah thought Damon might have a future in professional golf, in fact at the beginning of it. But he hasn't run a club in a decade.

This whole story was told by young J.J. Seen through the eyes of Michael Moncrief, who over time becomes Jack Lemmon, who appears in his farewell role at the beginning and end of The Legend of Bagger Vance film. Lemmon also provides the narration for The Legend of Bagger Vance Full Movie.

Damon eventually accepts, but this is only when Will Smith arrives to play the title role as a most mysterious man who offers to be his caddy, impersonating Damon. Smith provides some real-life lessons that both Damon and the young Moncrieff take on.

The only time you see any black people in The Legend of Bagger Vance movie other than Will Smith is when Damon is discovered, living in seclusion, drinking heavily and at a poker game with several black people. 

When you see a genteel version of the South in the segregated Savannah of the twenties, it still has racist undertones and only Damon and Moncrieff break them. The only black face you see in the crowd at the famous match is that of Will Smith.

Joel Grasch as Bobby Jones and Bruce McGill as Walter Hagen live up to the impression of both Jones and Hagen. 

They were as different as baseball legends Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Hagen was a happy-go-lucky hedonist who was quoted as saying he didn't want to be a millionaire, just live like one. 

Jones was the epitome of clean living and good sportsmanship. Among those covering the match were Len Smith in his farewell role as Grantland Rice.

How the match turns out is for you to watch The Legend of Bagger Vance film. But some life lessons have been learned by all the players.

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