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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Bruce WillisBruce Willis...Russ Duritz
Spencer BreslinSpencer Breslin...Rusty Duritz
Emily MortimerEmily Mortimer...Amy
Lily TomlinLily Tomlin...Janet
Jean SmartJean Smart...Deirdre Lafever
Chi McBrideChi McBride...Kenny
Daniel von BargenDaniel von Bargen...Sam Duritz (as Daniel Von Bargen)
Dana IveyDana Ivey...Dr. Alexander
Susan DalianSusan Dalian...Giselle
Stanley AndersonStanley Anderson...Bob Riley
Juanita MooreJuanita Moore...Kenny's Grandmother
Esther ScottEsther Scott...Clarissa
Deborah MayDeborah May...Governor
Vernee WatsonVernee Watson...Newsstand Cashier (as Vernee Watson Johnson)
Jan HoagJan Hoag...Newsstand Tourist
Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy...Sky King Waitress
Elizabeth ArlenElizabeth Arlen...Gloria Duritz
Alexandra BarretoAlexandra Barreto...Flight Attendant
John ApicellaJohn Apicella...Hot Dog Vendor
Brian McGregorBrian McGregor...Vince
Reiley McClendonReiley McClendon...Mark
Brian TibbettsBrian Tibbetts...Herbert
Brian McLaughlinBrian McLaughlin...George
Steve TomSteve Tom...Lawyer Bruce
Marc CopageMarc Copage...Lawyer Jim
Rod McLachlanRod McLachlan...Lawyer Seamus
Scott MosensonScott Mosenson...Wedding Guest
Brian FenwickBrian Fenwick...Governor's Aide
Duke FaegerDuke Faeger...Governor's Other Aide (as Dusan Fager)
Toshiya AgataToshiya Agata...Toshiya - Sushi Chef
Joshua FinkelJoshua Finkel...Josh
Lou Beatty Jr.Lou Beatty Jr....General Manager
E.J. CallahanE.J. Callahan...Principal
Daryl AndersonDaryl Anderson...Janet's Husband
Darrell FosterDarrell Foster...Best Man
Michael WajacsMichael Wajacs...Security Guard
John TravisJohn Travis...Chef Mike
Larry KingLarry King...Larry King
Jeri RyanJeri Ryan...Larry King Guest
Nick ChinlundNick Chinlund...Nick Chinlund
Stuart ScottStuart Scott...Rich Eisen
Rich EisenRich Eisen...Stuart Scott
Harold GreeneHarold Greene...Harold Greene
Kevon EdmondsKevon Edmonds...Wedding Singer
Julia WatersJulia Waters...Backup Singer
Maxine Waters WillardMaxine Waters Willard...Backup Singer (as Maxine Waters)
Stephanie SpruillStephanie Spruill...Backup Singer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
David C. FisherDavid C. Fisher...Angry Driver (uncredited)
Cuba Gooding Jr.Cuba Gooding Jr....Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Tanisha GrantTanisha Grant...Bridesmaid (uncredited)
Glume HarlowGlume Harlow...(uncredited)
Matt HillMatt Hill...Ed (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited)
Paul MoncriefPaul Moncrief...Car Driver (uncredited)
Kelly NishKelly Nish...Student (uncredited)
Matthew PerryMatthew Perry...Mr. Vivian (uncredited)
Dayna PriceDayna Price...Jane Banket (uncredited)
Travis RosarioTravis Rosario...Student (uncredited)
Luigi Francis Shorty RossiLuigi Francis Shorty Rossi...Tim (uncredited)
Tony SampsonTony Sampson...Eddy (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited)
Sam VincentSam Vincent...Edd (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited)
Gary WeeksGary Weeks...Russ' Son (uncredited)

The Kid Movie Trailer

The Kid Full Movie (2019 Movie) Official Trailer – Ethan Hawke, Dane DeHaan, Jake Schur

The Kid Movie Description

In The Kid Movie - At 39, Russell Duritz has a life that most men would envy - he has a great job, he's respected (and feared), he has a beautiful home and makes buckets of money. 

But everything comes at a cost, in this case no social life, no conscience and the fear of spending the rest of your life alone. He just needs someone to show him the way.

As I watched the movie, I kept wondering why Disney didn't pitch The Kid Movie to Miramax - not because it's particularly daring or edgy, but because it's clearly a movie for adults. 

It's made worse by a marketing campaign that's clearly targeting kids — it's loaded with trailers for "Rugrats the Movie" and "Pokemon 2000" (haven't those passed yet?). . But I beg.

I was impressed by the sensitive treatment of the subject matter - instead of the typical male midlife crisis involving some pathetic sap buying a Porsche convertible and acting like a fool, Willis' character does some serious introspection and takes stock of his life. 

His guide on this journey of self-discovery is himself, aged 8 (they never explain how Rusty comes to be and frankly, I didn't care). 

Young Rusty's innocence and unbridled optimism give him a distinct advantage in finding the truth – he explains Russell's job as an image consultant, "You teach people to lie and pretend to be something they are." are not". 

However, for a good script to be successful, you need actors to bring it to life. No problem here.

Although Willis won the three-time W.C. Fields' warnings about acting with children or animals seem to have had luck once again, with Breslin as humorous as he was dramatic with Osment. 

Willis manages to balance Russell's cutthroat powerbroker qualities with risk and confusion, without becoming ridiculous. 

Meanwhile Breslin gives a dead give on his portrayal of a kid from everyone's childhood - the one who always gets stuck and picked on for some reason. 

We also get two bonus performances: Lily Tomlin is great as Russell's level-headed assistant and Jean Smart is perfect as a downright charming anchorwoman (I loved her in "Guinevere").

The kid Movie is charming, heavy and real. And it will appeal to adults of all ages.

When The Kid Movie was shown on television, it was not announced as "Disney's The Kid Movie", but as "The Kid Film", a movie with Bruce Willis, and it was probably a good one. The thing is. 

I'm pretty sure I never would have taped this if I'd known it was a Disney movie, for fear that all the cheesy nonsense would be too much for me to handle. Still, I don't know why I decided to try this out when I saw the title at the beginning of the movie, but in the end I'm glad I saw it, because it definitely wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. Will happen.

Bruce Willis is Russ Duritz, a wealthy L.A. image consultant who is about to turn forty. He is a workaholic cynic who is estranged from his father, has no memory of his childhood, and has no girlfriend, family, or dog. 

One night he is startled by an intruder, who turns out to be a child of about 8 years old. But there's something strange about that. 

The chubby kid is named Rusty and has a lot in common with Russ. Soon they learn that Russ and Rusty are actually one and the same person. 

Together they take a journey to find a pivotal moment in Russ's past that defined who Russ is. How this is possible, what it means and how it will affect the future of both will be clear only at the end of the film.

In a way it's a very typical and predictable Disney movie with an innocent and naive look at life, but I think it could be enjoyable for adults as well. It's all too recognizable and it's a feel-good fairy tale about losing touch with your inner child.

It's definitely not the best movie ever made, but it's a decent and heartwarming family entertainer that features some decent acting and a good story. I would say: go at it with an open mind and you'll see it's not as bad as you feared.

Love baby since I was a kid! So heartwarming, funny, adorable, and Bruce Willis is always great! John Turtletaub has created such a priceless film about a boy named Russell where a strange phenomenon hits his home and he has to find out why. 

Spencer Breslin is a lot of fun to watch with Bruce; I probably enjoy The Kid Movie the most.

Now of course, this is one of the most light-hearted stories Bruce Willis has ever told and yet - it's still heartwarming. 

I really like Bruce's style and personality, I haven't liked everything he's ever been in, but he brings it 'BIG-TIME' for me in all his movie endeavors.

The story begins..... She is a capital 'S' with power, confidence and style. He drives a Porsche, he lives well in a palatial estate with a grand view of a glittering city. That's Russell Duritz. 

He is an image consultant to those who are on the top or rising up. Praise be to him, he being Russell Duritz, he knows what it takes to make it. It seems that as life is going fast and the foundation-ally is set, there is a problem, there is an intruder at his house, the alarm has been activated!

Russell does not understand (at the moment) what is happening to him. It's different and yet it's somehow familiar. A little boy who looks exactly like. 

As their lives collide with each other, it seems that there is some reason that is shouting to her, "You have unfinished business to take care of now!"

Amy, the supportive young lady of the story, is probably the best balance she has seen and kept in her life. She works with him, tolerates his 'ego' and yet, she fucks with Russell. a lot of. 

With Rusty his past 'self' now in the picture and talking a mile per minute, singing very late into the night, everything that used to be basic is turning to jelly!

Willis is funny, cocky and sometimes out of his head in this beloved Disney modern-day classic 'The Kid Movie,' and to add his little heavy-handed side kick, Spencer Breslin returns to adult and return to this dazzling tale of childhood. 

The perfect pairing for. The thrill of childhood Chi McBride is an inspirational supporting character, as he is a heavyweight champion who teaches 'Little' Rusty boxing to defend himself against bullies on the playground.

All in all it's a real winner of a movie, even with Lily Tomlin as secretary and Russell's aide. 

I originally saw it in 2000 and again years later, with equal enjoyment. This is a great family comedy whose super ending will warm any Disney fan's heart, highly recommended.

"The Kid Movie" is a movie that will touch the hearts of two groups of people - the kids Full Movie and the big freaks. In the lead role is Bruce Willis, who in my opinion has to be one of the most versatile actors. 

He plays the role of the cynical Russ very well :). For most of the movie you can't help but hate him because he constantly scoffs at the weaknesses of those around him, and love him because you somehow know there's a tiny seed of kindness waiting to grow. Still working.

Emily Mortimer is endearing as Amy, who works for Russ. Her acting is good, and I have to admit that I had to succumb to her cuteness—and I doubt anyone could help cheering her up through the entire story, she's very good as an employee of Russ. Nice, who would like to like her, but every time she tries to be nice she is pushed away.

The story is fun and imaginative. Russ's eight-year-old self travels to the future to meet him at age twenty-nine. 

Young Russ doesn't think much of Russ' achievements (Chickless, Dogless...) while Russ doesn't want to remember that he was once an overweight, loser.

Don't write it off as just another family film thinking that you will be able to guess the whole story. You will not.

Sure enough, boy finds girl, and young Russ and old Russ take a liking to each other and help each other out.

But as soon as you watch the last ten minutes of the movie, as things start to wrap up, you suddenly sit up straight, brain churning, and when you figure it all out, you lie back, grinning wide.

Let's try to put it back in. Burp yourself in the face, quit, and say "Holy Smokes!"

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