The Gift Movie | The Gift Full Movie | 2000

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett...Annie Wilson
Giovanni RibisiGiovanni Ribisi...Buddy Cole
Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves...Donnie Barksdale
Katie HolmesKatie Holmes...Jessica King
Greg KinnearGreg Kinnear...Wayne Collins
Hilary SwankHilary Swank...Valerie Barksdale
Michael JeterMichael Jeter...Gerald Weems
Kim DickensKim Dickens...Linda
Gary ColeGary Cole...David Duncan
Rosemary HarrisRosemary Harris...Annie's Granny
J.K. SimmonsJ.K. Simmons...Sheriff Pearl Johnson
Chelcie RossChelcie Ross...Kenneth King
John BeasleyJohn Beasley...Albert Hawkins
Lynnsee ProvenceLynnsee Provence...Mike Wilson
Hunter McGilvrayHunter McGilvray...Miller Wilson
Nathan Lee LewisNathan Lee Lewis...Cornelius (as Nathan Lewis)
Benjamin PeacockBenjamin Peacock...Tommy
Clay JamesClay James...Stanley
David BrannenDavid Brannen...Ben Wilson
Russell Durham ComegysRussell Durham Comegys...Ben Sr.
Janell McLeodJanell McLeod...Mrs. Francis
Robby PreddyRobby Preddy...Lady #2
Lucky LawrenceLucky Lawrence...Member of The Souvenirs Band / Handsome Man at Bar
MoMo...Member of The Souvenirs Band
Boots KutzBoots Kutz...Member of The Souvenirs Band
Buck EdwardsBuck Edwards...Member of The Souvenirs Band
D.J. PawlakD.J. Pawlak...Member of The Souvenirs Band
Kipp ChambersKipp Chambers...Boy at Dance
Dallas JohnsonDallas Johnson...Dallas
Stuart GreerStuart Greer...Officer Huggins
Jeff BraggJeff Bragg...Jed Barksdale
Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman...Tommy Lee Ballard
S.D. StephensS.D. Stephens...Deputy on Shore
Samuel E. Parlin Jr.Samuel E. Parlin Jr....Deputy in Boat
Ed ReddickEd Reddick...Judge
Rebecca KoonRebecca Koon...Buddy's Mother
Erik CordErik Cord...Buddy's Father
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Cameron BeachCameron Beach...Enforcer for the Barksdales (uncredited)
Davida J. CampbellDavida J. Campbell...Student (uncredited)
Sam EdensSam Edens...Member of Barksdale Clan (uncredited)
Earl MaddoxEarl Maddox...Barksdale (uncredited)
Shawn McBrideShawn McBride...Courtroom Gallery (uncredited)
Ray WineteerRay Wineteer...Juror (uncredited)
Yvetta YoungYvetta Young...Family Friend (uncredited)

The Gift Movie Trailer

The Gift Film Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Jason Bateman Psychological Thriller HD

The Gift Movie Description

In The Gift Movie a small Southern town, a clairvoyant mother becomes involved with a young woman's disappearance and brushes with the supernatural in The Gift Film, directed by Sam Raimi. 

Cate Blanchett starred as Annie Wilson, a young widow attempting to raise her three children and provide a decent living for her family, following the tragic death of her husband in a work-related accident the previous year. She has been living on social security ever since. 

She supplements her meager income by doing 'readings' for local townspeople, accepting their donations for the insight she provides them into their own lives. Annie has a 'gift', the ability to see certain things in cards which enables her to advise her clients about personal issues. 

This is something she cannot explain; All she knows is that it is inherited (which she learned from her grandmother), and that it is real. 

And although this has helped her keep her household, she soon finds that it doesn't always make for the most pleasant of situations, such as when she must advise a young woman, Valerie Barksdale (Hilary Swank) that How does she deal with her abusive husband? , Donnie (Keanu Reeves), or an attempt to help a troubled young man, Buddy Cole (Giovanni Ribisi) opens up about some sensitive aspects of his life. 

Then, when a client comes to her asking for help with the disappearance of her daughter, not only does it lead her into the dark side of the human experience, but she learns that local sheriff Pearl Johnson (J.K. Simmons) do not believe that his 'gift' is genuine.

Stylishly crafted and delivered, Raimi's film will keep you engrossed and on the edge of your seat till the very end. 

He successfully blends reality with a touch of the supernatural to make it an interesting mystery while keeping it in the realm of believability. 

The played out relationship between Donnie and Valerie is anything but unique-- you've seen it before, many times in many films-- but it's fresh in the context of this story and it works. 

The suspicious sheriff and cynical, jaded defense attorney, Gerald Weems (Michael Jeter), is fairly stereotypical, but this can be easily overlooked in light of the overall story, and especially because of the credibility of the Annie character, who plays well. 

Nothing was ever presented beyond what could be easily accepted as developed and a fact of life. 

As the central character, Annie anchors The Gift film and enables the situations she is involved in to be real; This is a strength of The Gift movie, and it is what makes it work so well.

Cate Blanchett's strong performance also makes it work, which makes Annie so real and accessible, showcasing her "gift" with restraint and avoiding the potential pitfall of taking it too far over the edge, which could easily be could make it suspicious. 

Instead, she brings a depth to the character that draws you into her world and allows you to empathize with her, which would have been impossible if she had invested Annie with a touch of charlatanism. 

With masterful skill, Blanchett creates a complete character that shows that as an actor, she definitely has a very real 'gift' of her own.

Ribisi also takes a memorable turn as Buddy, with a striking performance in which he creates some harrowing moments that are almost painful to watch; It's a character study of a soul in crisis, looking for solace and resolution, and even as he attempts to sort out his life, you're forced to empathize with Buddy's plight as he shares his experiences. 

are capable of. And it's through Buddy (as well as Annie, of course), that viewers are able to make that essential and very real connection with The Gift film. 

With films like 'Saving Private Ryan' and now this, Ribisi is well on his way to establishing himself as one of the premiere character actors in the business today.

Playing somewhat against type, Reeves proves he can be a good 'bad' guy, in possibly one of his best performances as Donnie. 

He believably conveys a sense of explosiveness lurking beneath the surface that makes his character dangerous and dark, which in turn threatens Donnie psychologically and physically. 

That's a great job by Reeves, who deserves credit for playing such an obnoxious and insensitive role.

The supporting cast includes Greg Kinnear (Wayne), Katie Holmes (Jessica), Kim Dickens (Linda), Gary Cole (David) and Rosemary Harris (Annie's grandmother). 

A tight thriller that is emotionally involving, The Gift Full Movie delivers what it promises at the very beginning, which is exceptional, as many such films often really fizzle out after a tremendous opening act. Huh. 

Rest assured, this one does and it does all; Suspense, credibility and some memorable moments, all courtesy of Raimi, a great story and a great cast. And that is the magic of movies.

Cate Blanchett's performance alone makes this solid thriller worth watching. I saw her in The Gift movie, and I wondered why she wasn't considered for an Oscar nomination. 

She carries The Gift movie on her shoulders, and doesn't flinch even once. Not only does she completely get rid of her Aussie accent and completely don a Southern accent, but she gives a deep, powerful performance as Annie Wilson, the innocent widow who is looked down upon by many in her community. 

But she just wants to share her psychic knowledge. Gifts with her interested customers. Blanchett communicates great emotion with a simple facial expression.

Of course, I also have to give it out to the multi-talented supporting cast. While most of them, with the exception of Hilary Swank, couldn't really pull off a Southern accent, they are absolutely terrific. 

The only actor I thought was wrong was Katie Holmes. Not only is her tone fake and over-the-top, but she looks too young and innocent for the role. On the other hand, Giovanni Ribisi is a revelation. 

I knew, ever since his breakthrough performance in "Suburbia," that he had great promise as a rising actor, but in "The Gift Movie," he delivers his most powerful performance to date. 

I would even argue that he deserved an Oscar. Despite his mental instability and momentary outbursts of anger, he consistently evokes sympathy in his listeners. I was also hugely impressed by Keanu Reeves, who delivers a truly haunting performance. 

It's times like this where I simply can't fathom why so many people still insist on choosing tangerines, seeing them as dull and cardboardy. 

Personally, I thought he was great since his emotional performance in "Permanent Record". But he better showcases his versatility as an actor as the outrageous Donnie. He made his debut as a villain in the throwaway thriller "The Watcher," but I found him too ghostly in this role. 

Furthermore, he sports a rugged look, completely shedding his pretty-boy image. Greg Kinnear is nice and subtle, and Hilary Swank continues to display her superb acting abilities as Donnie's vulnerable wife who constantly gets hit on by him yet maintains her love for him.

The story revolving around the colorful characters is very interesting. It's not a "horror" movie as it somewhat looks in previews, but it's full of suspense and thrills, without the cheap shock value. 

There's a nifty twist at the end, which is believable and not thrown in from left field, but the plot isn't full of surprises. 

We are simply going on an emotional journey through the mind of our protagonist, Annie, and thus the tension that builds. Sam Raimi creates a haunting mood and Billy Bob Thornton has written a fine screenplay. 

The story is easy to follow, and not as mind-bending as some of these other supernatural thrillers. Just keep in mind that this is not a horror The Gift movie. But it's a good mystery and a good mood piece and a good The Gift Film overall.

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