The Cell Movie | The Cell Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez...Catherine Deane
Colton JamesColton James...Edward Baines
Dylan BakerDylan Baker...Henry West
Marianne Jean-BaptisteMarianne Jean-Baptiste...Dr. Miriam Kent
Gerry BeckerGerry Becker...Dr. Cooperman
Musetta VanderMusetta Vander...Ella Baines
Patrick BauchauPatrick Bauchau...Lucien Baines
Vincent D'OnofrioVincent D'Onofrio...Carl Stargher
Catherine SutherlandCatherine Sutherland...Anne Marie Vicksey
Vince VaughnVince Vaughn...Peter Novak
James GammonJames Gammon...Teddy Lee
Jake WeberJake Weber...Gordon Ramsey
Dean NorrisDean Norris...Cole
Tara SubkoffTara Subkoff...Julia Hickson
Lauri JohnsonLauri Johnson...Mrs. Hickson
John CothranJohn Cothran...Agent Stockwell (as John Cothran Jr.)
Jack ConleyJack Conley...Agent Brock
Kamar de los ReyesKamar de los Reyes...Officer Alexander
Christopher JanneyChristopher Janney...Swat Team Member
Nicholas CasconeNicholas Cascone...FBI Technician
Joe La PianaJoe La Piana...FBI K-9 Agent
Pruitt Taylor VincePruitt Taylor Vince...Dr. Reid
Jake ThomasJake Thomas...Young Carl Stargher
Kim Chizevsky-NichollsKim Chizevsky-Nicholls...Stargher's Victim
Jennifer DayJennifer Day...Stargher's Victim (as Jennifer Dawn Day)
Alanna VicenteAlanna Vicente...Stargher's Victim
Aja EcholsAja Echols...Stargher's Victim
Vanessa BranchVanessa Branch...Stargher's Victim
Elena MaddaloElena Maddalo...Stargher's Victim
Gareth WilliamsGareth Williams...Stargher's Father
Glenda ChismGlenda Chism...Woman in Tub
Monica LacyMonica Lacy...Mother
Joy CreelJoy Creel...Mother (as Joy Creel Liefeld)
Leanna CreelLeanna Creel...Mother
Alan D. PurwinAlan D. Purwin...Helicopter Pilot (as Alan Purwin)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Roger FerreiraRoger Ferreira...Sheriff (uncredited)
Gene KazGene Kaz...School Boy (uncredited)
Calvi PabonCalvi Pabon...Dream Girl (uncredited)
Peter SarsgaardPeter Sarsgaard...Julia Hickson's Fiancee (uncredited)

The Cell Movie Trailer

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The Cell Movie Description

In The Cell Movie The last film that provided perhaps as vivid and disturbing a scene as Madness was In Dreams. 

You didn't see the madness in that The Cell Movie, you were there. Now The Cell comes with an updated and more disturbing portrayal of the inside of a psychotic killer's mind. 

The Cell Full Movie opening scene takes you inside the seemingly innocent mind of an unconscious little boy, and the things Katherine Dean (Jennifer Lopez) sees are at first fascinating and then horrifying. 

The Cell Full Movie things she sees later in Vincent Stargeher's (Vincent D'Onofrio) mind are surprisingly imaginative and fascinating, much of it never before seen in The Cell Film.

The story of The Cell isn't really something that's really groundbreaking. In fact, it's basically the same story as The Silence of the Lambs. 

You have a killer in custody and these guys have to enter his mind to find a female victim who is currently in danger of losing her life. 

The only real difference between The Cell Full Movie premise of the plots is that in The Silence of the Lambs, you must enter the mind of a murderer to find a different murderer as well as his current victim, whereas in The Cell The mind of a killer to find his prey.

However, despite its unfortunately weak story, The Cell completely revolutionized the genre of the psychological thriller. Anyone who has never even come close to it.

Also, The Cell Full Movie direction of the The Cell Film was good and the acting was also very good. Vince Vaughn gives another one of his characteristically excellent performances (he was also good as Norman Bates in 1998's pathetic re-make of Psycho), and even Jennifer Lopez puts in a second good effort of her career. 

Done (second out of site is great) . Nothing can be said about the cinematography in The Cell to give it enough credit, it was imaginatively and engagingly done and is unique from anything seen so far in cinematic history. 

Cell is an incredibly well made The Cell Film, and it deserves the recognition.

This The Cell Film is definitely a case of style over substance, but the style is good enough to make "The Cell" a memorable and above-average The Cell Film and definitely unique in its own right.

With impressive sets, costumes and make-up, "The Sail" is looking beautiful. Yup, it's real eye candy for all to see. 

There are some totally 'dreamy' sequences in the The Cell Film which are definitely weird but also very beautiful and imaginative to watch. 

The film is a perfect blend of an art-house type of The Cell Film and a typical Hollywood-thriller, accessible to fans of both the genre.

The story itself is far-fetched and doesn't always make sense. Because of this the film is not always enjoyable and worth watching, but as I mentioned earlier, the style makes up for it. 

The genre compels you to watch till the end and provides the best moments of the The Cell Film.

Vincent D'Onofrio is unforgettable as a deranged serial-killer. Vincent D'Onofrio is really underused as an actor and The Cell Film shows off his talents once again. I'm not particularly happy about the casting of Jennifer Lopez. 

I know she can act in some of her The Cell Movie but she was really not fit to play the lead character in this The Cell Movie. Her character was not strong enough and she was overshadowed by Vincent D'Onofrio and Vince Vaughn. 

Still, I felt that Vince Vaughn was also miscast in The Cell Film. He was not suitable for the role and no, I am not saying this because I am used to seeing him only in comedies these days. 

Rest of the supporting cast is good and yet gives some degree of credibility to The Cell Film.

Howard Shore's musical score was also surprisingly good and "scene"-like at times. It suited The Cell Film and provided some extra mood and atmosphere to certain scenes.

It's far from a perfect The Cell Movie and the concept is far-fetched and not always handled right. Still, "The Cell" is a totally watchable The Cell Movie and probably deserves to be seen because of its style, originality, and creativity.

I have said earlier also that some The Cell Film are such that you have never seen them before. Well, Sails takes that adage and burns it, blows it up and drowns it. This film is something that you can only imagine and can be done. 

And if you told anyone about it, they would lock you up for a very long time. It can be classified as a sci-fi thriller and then as a serial killer The Cell Film. 

Unlike Seven and Silence of the Lambs, this is no ordinary serial killer The Cell Film. It stands on its own as a new kind of thriller.

Jennifer Lopez plays Katherine Dean, the best psychotherapist in the business. She works for a company that has developed the latest technology in medicine. 

She has the ability to go inside anyone's mind and find out the reason for their distress. Enter Peter Novak (Vince Vaughn), an FBI agent tracking down Carl Stargehr (Vincent D'Onofrio), a terminally ill serial killer who drowns his victims and then dresses them up like dolls. 

An FBI raid on his home leaves Stargher in a coma and the whereabouts of his next victim are unknown. So Dean works his brains to find out where the victim is being held. And that's when this The Cell Movie gets intense, seriously intense.

Directed by Tarsem Singh, award winning R.E.M. are known for. The video for 'Losing My Religion' blows away everything you could imagine. 

The Cell Full Movie dream sequences are beautifully shot with multiple camera tricks, eerie color distribution, graphic images and a tense score. 

They are very trippy and real. They truly have a dream experience as anything goes and there are no rules. Lopez's performance is only as good as she looks. 

She drops The Cell Full Movie psychiatrist dead and does a great job of showing the different sides of her character. Vince is Vince, very quiet, very low key, and very genuine. D'Onofrio will scare you. Her Carl Stargeher would make even Hannibal Lecter scream for mom. This man is more troubled than ever. It has to be seen to be believed.

Tarsem, with this film, has become one of my favorite directors and I will go see any The Cell Film with his name on it. 

Cell can only be described as a sci-fi serial killer thriller that is disturbing, terrifying, and one of the wildest The Cell Movies ever made. 

It goes with Seven for a good serial killer The Cell Movie and Event Horizon for a graphically sick and twisted movie. This is the best summer movie and the best The Cell The Cell Film I have seen all year.

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