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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio...Richard
Tilda SwintonTilda Swinton...Sal
Daniel YorkDaniel York...Hustler
Patcharawan PatarakijjanonPatcharawan Patarakijjanon...Hotel Receptionist
Virginie LedoyenVirginie Ledoyen...Françoise
Guillaume CanetGuillaume Canet...Étienne
Robert CarlyleRobert Carlyle...Daffy
Somboon PhutarothSomboon Phutaroth...Cleaning Woman
Weeratham 'Norman' WichairaksakuiWeeratham 'Norman' Wichairaksakui...Detective
Sahajak BoonthanakitSahajak Boonthanakit...Travel Agent (as Jak Boon)
Peter Youngblood HillsPeter Youngblood Hills...Zeph
Jerry SwindallJerry Swindall...Sammy
Krongthong ThampradithKrongthong Thampradith...Woman with Key
Apichart ChusakulApichart Chusakul...Senior Farmer (as Abhijati 'Muek' Jusakul)
Sanya 'Gai' CheunjitSanya 'Gai' Cheunjit...Farmer
Kaneung 'Nueng' KeniaKaneung 'Nueng' Kenia...Farmer
Somchai SantitharangkunSomchai Santitharangkun...Farmer
Seng KaweeSeng Kawee...Farmer (as Kawee 'Seng' Sirikanerat)
Somkuan 'Kuan' SiroonSomkuan 'Kuan' Siroon...Farmer
Paterson JosephPaterson Joseph...Keaty
Zelda TinskaZelda Tinska...Sonja
Victoria SmurfitVictoria Smurfit...Weathergirl
Daniel CaltagironeDaniel Caltagirone...Unhygenix
Peter GevisserPeter Gevisser...Gregorio
Lars Arentz-HansenLars Arentz-Hansen...Bugs (as Lars Arentz Hansen)
Lidija ZovkicLidija Zovkic...Mirjana
Samuel GoughSamuel Gough...Guitarman
Staffan Kihlbom ThorStaffan Kihlbom Thor...Christo (as Staffan Kihlbom)
Jukka HiltunenJukka Hiltunen...Karl
Magnus LindgrenMagnus Lindgren...Sten
Myriam AcharkiMyriam Acharki...Beach Community Member
Andrew CarmichaelAndrew Carmichael...Beach Community Member
Josh ColeJosh Cole...Beach Community Member
Hélène de FougerollesHélène de Fougerolles...Beach Community Member
Bindu De StoppaniBindu De Stoppani...Beach Community Member
Stacy HartStacy Hart...Beach Community Member
Nina JacquesNina Jacques...Beach Community Member
Sheridan JonesSheridan Jones...Beach Community Member (as Sheriden Jones)
Gunilla KarlsonGunilla Karlson...Beach Community Member
Sian MartinSian Martin...Beach Community Member
Isabella SeibertIsabella Seibert...Beach Community Member
Elizabeth ThomasElizabeth Thomas...Beach Community Member
Michael ThorpeMichael Thorpe...Beach Community Member
Timothy WebsterTimothy Webster...Beach Community Member
Ramon WoolfeRamon Woolfe...Beach Community Member
Saskia MulderSaskia Mulder...Hilda
Simone HuberSimone Huber...Eva
Raweeporn 'Non' SrimonjuRaweeporn 'Non' Srimonju...Sumet
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Irmelin DiCaprioIrmelin DiCaprio...Woman in Bar (uncredited)
Ross DonnellyRoss Donnelly...Tourist (uncredited)
Espérance Pham Thai LanEspérance Pham Thai Lan...Réceptioniste, serveuse du Cybercafé (uncredited)

The Beach Movie Trailer

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The Beach Movie Description

American backpacker Richard is one of millions of travelers looking for a unique experience. 

When in Bangkok he meets a slightly neurotic Daffy who leaves him on a beach on a remote island with stories and a map that can't be seen from the sea. 

Taking two French travelers with him, Richard sets out to reach the island and finds that it is inhabited by a mixture of people living as a small idyllic community.

 However internal conflicts escalate with his arrival and a copy of the map he gave to some friends, Paradise threatens to expose the community to its deep roots.

While I know the critics were a bit strict about this film when it came out, my main reason for not watching it was a sense of complete indifference towards it. 

I wasn't interested in the story, I never read the book and didn't feel I needed to watch it because either the big name stars or the famous British team behind it. 

On television (for free) however, is a different matter and I let it go. At first the movie looks great; I know there are tales of environmental damage in this area but it looks like heaven and is very green. 

Director Boyle's direction is also good visually - whether it's depicting the genre from scenes or comparing the city to the island or doing imaginative things like computer game genre images, he does a good job.

The plot is good on paper, but not that good. Richard's journey and initial settlement in the island is involved and interesting but the main plot really lies in the second half, where it becomes a weak film as well. 

The film is clearly creating a Teenage Hearts of Darkness type story where DIY civilization leads to brutality and madness - this motive can be seen in an opening scene where tourists sit in the waiting area watching Apocalypse Now. Huh.

 However, his descent into madness is less good and less convincing than Brando's. It all happens quickly and, although with brutal consequences, it really should be seen as a gradual departure from the norm rather than a sudden leap into an abyss.

DiCaprio isn't an actor I particularly like or like to watch but he's great here. The fact that the film performed equally well (in terms of box office) is probably mostly down to his star power, but he delivers a decent performance as well. 

His madness is well portrayed and it is not his fault that the film requires him to suddenly change his path. Swinton gets better as the years go by, her 'madness' is more subtle and continual rather than abrupt. 

The mix of multinational unknowns in supporting roles is all good - even if with so many good looking youth, it sometimes feels like a music video shoot.

Overall I enjoyed the film, even though it was never covered as much as I expected. The story lacks punch and point - a fact that can be seen in the very weak ending that was a real rookie in my opinion - but it's still good enough to watch once.

 Everything looks great and DiCaprio's star power and charisma help keep the audience hooked to it, it's just that the actual story doesn't have the rich emotion or depth that the tourist-movie location does.

Here is one of those films that has been criticized by critics everywhere, but I liked the film and felt it was criticized wrongly.

Two things are not up for debate: the film is entertaining and the cinematography is gorgeous.

Leonardo DiCaprio's main character is not particularly liked, but this is nothing new for him. He's good at playing the childish, cocky immature type. 

He is also good at narration, which he provides here, as he has done in many other films. In fact, I wish there were more here.

French actress Virginie Ledoun is a new face to me, and a beautiful one. I found him interesting, and not just because of his face, in fact, all the characters in this movie were quite interesting and you get a diverse group.

The view from Thailand is spectacular. By the way, the "beach" that is in this movie actually exists, as seen here. 

The story of the whole two hours is also interesting. My only complaint was that they must have curtailed the language, especially with all the F-words.

Don't listen to the national critics who criticized it. I hope you will be entertained.

I went into it knowing it might be bullshit, but hey, I don't care what other people think and once again that kind of thinking didn't prove me wrong.

This flick is basically about a young twentysomething who goes on a trip to Thailand by himself, as he wants to forget his past. 

There he meets a madman (Robert Carlyle) who gives him a map to a secret paradise. He asks two strangers, Françoise (Virginie Ledoyen who was really good in her first big American film and looking good anyway) and Etienne (Guillaume Canet) to come and join him.

After finding the island they meet an alternative group that lives there and they join them, but after a while problems develop and a minor 'hell' breaks out.

It's a simple story of the film but there's a lot more to it, it has a message and that's what really hooked me in the beginning as well as the end. 

There was a good story, but the way it was delivered never really lost sight of the real message. Now believe me its direction, soundtrack and cast are good. There is a bit of gore too, but it fits well with the film and is not unnecessary.

Many people have put themselves off seeing The Beach because of the poor reviews from critics and the story of a crew ruining an entire island to make a movie. One of those things is, in my book, a fact. 

They ruined an island, and for pure fun, it's not worth it. Still, I disagree with the critics' bad reviews, I found this to be quite a little gem, and if you agree with some of my other reviews, I recommend you check out The Beach when it's sitting on your play shelf Don't hesitate. video store.

The wonders of modern technology such as computers, video games, cell phones, pagers and the Internet were designed to make our lives more enjoyable and to facilitate communication. Yet for many, the complexity of the digital world is overwhelming, leading to a sense of unreality. 

The desire to find something real to connect with something or someone drives Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio), a young American backpacker who comes to Thailand with adventure on his mind. 

Travel, he claims, is a search for experience, a search for something different. Richard and two of his friends (Virginie Ledoyen and Guillaume Canet) meet in Thailand and risk their lives on a travel mystery dubbed Beach Resort for those who don't like beach resorts. 

At their destination, Richard and friends are welcomed into a beachside community. However, they soon discover that beneath the surface, this heaven on earth is nothing short of perfect.

Leonardo DiCaprio announced that he was not opposed to Titanic when he did the film. And he isn't. DiCaprio shows on his face how successful he was when he did the movie, and he was a show-off. 

But, DiCaprio is cool because we know he has potential. He went to great lengths to do this movie, even as the director's favorite Ewan McGregor was dropped for DiCaprio, and rightly so. 

I can't see anyone else playing the role. The acting hotline is also booming with talents like Tilda Swinton, Virginie Ledoyen and the accomplished Robert Carlyle.

 Danny Boyle's direction is solid and he carries the film along well, and the script is adapted from a book by Alex Garland better than the film. The film definitely has flaws, some scenes especially the ones involving the dope producers are downright stupid and the film really loses its footing towards the end, spiraling completely out of control.

Still, The Beach is a film ripe for discussion. It features charming views from the tiny island of Phuket, has some striking visuals and an interesting and deep message about finding your paradise. It's not the best movie of 2000, but The Beach is a worthy effort.

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