Taxi 2 Movie | Taxi 2 Full Movie | 2000

Cast (in credits order)  

Samy NaceriSamy Naceri...Daniel Morales
Frédéric DiefenthalFrédéric Diefenthal...Émilien Coutant-Kerbalec
Marion CotillardMarion Cotillard...Lilly Bertineau
Emma WiklundEmma Wiklund...Petra (as Emma Sjöberg)
Bernard FarcyBernard Farcy...Commissaire Gibert
Jean-Christophe BouvetJean-Christophe Bouvet...Général Edmond Bertineau
Frédérique TirmontFrédérique Tirmont...Mother (as Frederique Tirmont)
Marc FaureMarc Faure...French minister
Haruhiko HirataHaruhiko Hirata...Japanese minister
Tsuyu ShimizuTsuyu Shimizu...Yuli (as Tsuyu)
Ko SuzukiKo Suzuki...Katano
Yoshi OidaYoshi Oida...Yuke Tsumoto
Hiro UchiyamaHiro Uchiyama...Master hypnotist (as Hira Uchiyama)
Onochi SeietsuOnochi Seietsu...Master hypnotist
Edouard MontouteEdouard Montoute...Alain
François CottrelleFrançois Cottrelle...Plainclothes cop at airport
Tewhik BeharTewhik Behar...Djamel
Jean-Louis SchlesserJean-Louis Schlesser...Jean-Louis
Henri MagneHenri Magne...Co-Pilot
Michel MullerMichel Muller...Pregnant woman's husband
Miren PradierMiren Pradier...Pregnant woman
Richard GuedjRichard Guedj...Doctor
Jean-Luc BorrasJean-Luc Borras...Bookseller
Sébastien ThierySébastien Thiery...Driving instructor (as Sebastian Thiery)
Cyril RaffaelliCyril Raffaelli...Karate instructor (as Cyril Quenel Raffaeli)
François NguyenFrançois Nguyen...Belote player
Louis-Marie NyeeLouis-Marie Nyee...Belote player
David MoulinDavid Moulin...Belote player
Jean-Luc MehlerJean-Luc Mehler...Old cop at radar (as Jean-Luc Mehlem)
Jean-François RegazziJean-François Regazzi...Deputy chief at radar
Dominique ChevalierDominique Chevalier...Traffic controller (as Dominique Chevallier)
Franck MaigneFranck Maigne...Assistant traffic controller
Hiroyuki YanagisawaHiroyuki Yanagisawa...Japanese ambassador
Emile GerardEmile Gerard...Lieutenant-colonel Bertrand
Nicky NaudéNicky Naudé...Swimming man (as Nicky Naude)
Shirley BousquetShirley Bousquet...Swimming woman
Jean-Claude HoubartJean-Claude Houbart...Green light driver
Christophe GorlierChristophe Gorlier...Expert chief
Maïdi RothMaïdi Roth...Driving school student (as Maidi Roth)
Philippe du JanerandPhilippe du Janerand...Passenger
Eric ChallierEric Challier...Cop at police station
Jacques BuronJacques Buron...Colonel Picard
Stephane AizacStephane Aizac...GIGN soldier
Sébastien PonsSébastien Pons...Rachid (as Sebastian Pons)
Malek BecharMalek Bechar...Marco
Michel EliasMichel Elias...Rally speaker
Pierre BrichesePierre Brichese...Cop at police station
Fédélé PapaliaFédélé Papalia...Park keeper (as Fedele Papalia)
Dorel CarencoDorel Carenco...Young girl at radar
Jui Gui KwonJui Gui Kwon...Yakuza 3
Ken ChungKen Chung...Yakuza 4
Raymond KhamveneRaymond Khamvene...Yakuza 5
Jean LebidanJean Lebidan...Yakuza 6
Pierre NguyenPierre Nguyen...Yakuza 7
Châu Belle DinhChâu Belle Dinh...Ninja (as Chau Belle)
Williams BelleWilliams Belle...Ninja
Guylain N'Guba-BoyekeGuylain N'Guba-Boyeke...Ninja
Malik DioufMalik Diouf...Ninja
Charles PerrièreCharles Perrière...Ninja
Laurent PiemontesiLaurent Piemontesi...Ninja
Yann HnautraYann Hnautra...Ninja
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Luc BessonLuc Besson...Boat Owner (uncredited)
Jacques ChiracJacques Chirac...Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Wilfrid GrenierWilfrid Grenier...Cop (uncredited)
Daniel HerzogDaniel Herzog...Lionel Jospin (voice) (uncredited)
Lionel JospinLionel Jospin...Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Yves LecoqYves Lecoq...Jacques Chirac (voice) (uncredited)
Junko MurakamiJunko Murakami...Passant (uncredited)
Victoria ObermayerVictoria Obermayer...Olivia (uncredited)

Taxi 2 Movie Trailer

Taxi 2 Film (2000) - Trailer

Taxi 2 Movie Description

In Taxi 2 Movie Totally xenophobic, ridiculous concepts, grumbling police officers and that Peugeot 406, Taxi 2 follows on from its predecessor, and while the word sequel is offputting, it does advance the story of Daniel and Emmeline's lives. And it's rather funny: but also a little depressing.

There are genuine moments of joy throughout this Taxi 2 film, and Luc Besson's "Taxi" brand appears to be relatively successful. 

The initial gambit brings you straight back into the world that we got to know with Daniel, the unlicensed holding, part time taxi driver part time speed demon up to his usual tricks of 'saving the day' (albeit to achieve a pregnant woman) hospital on time) and everything feels natural and pleasant. 

The trouble with sequels, however, is that something extra or different must be added to the cocktail in order to "prove" that there has been an evolution in screenwriting, and that it is not simply a rehash of a previous concept. 

The point is that what they put on seems somewhat gimmicky and childish.

Ultra Slick Dead enables classic lines like "Don't worry sir we'll get the Krauts" or "Stuff's the special German-French relationship, my grandfather fought in the trenches, it's personal", in place of the banned German Mercedes gang. ", we're introduced to the Jacuzzi...I mean the Yakuza. 

Entertaining moments ensue, as mentioned earlier, notably an instance of astonishing xenophobic scripting whereby political cars are labeled "Ninja" or "Nip". is started and stopped by saying the word. 

But you can't help feeling that it has a touch of "Kiss of the Dragony", in which the Japanese were introduced only for the purpose of xenophobic jokes and because the Yakuza seem that are "cool". T

here is no contextual bond that holds the flow together as there is an apparent animosity between the French and the Germans, or a political lack thereof. 

So, we are gifted with a fun Taxi 2 film, which unfortunately in some places But, especially for the plot, feels a bit forced.

There are moments introduced to tie the two films together, which aren't entirely necessary. Obviously the police units would be the same, but it's hard to introduce supporting characters for an inconsequential "joke". 

Also the "modifications" are at best unwanted in the Peugeot 406, which provides an ending that is completely anti-climactic (or maybe doesn't depending on whether you can justify building 'a climax' ) and don't have the same interest and comedic brilliance as the original Passed (everyone who's ever seen the first movie's ending knows they positively wet themselves).

Taxi 2 is certainly entertaining, and I was torn between awarding Taxi 2 Film a five or a six because, while the Taxi 2 film is a nice lark and amusing spectacle, it's neither funny enough, entertaining enough, or original enough. Who deserves the praise of his predecessor. 

It's definitely worth a look, but I'd recommend watching the original first for a number of reasons, yes inside jokes yes, but mainly because it's a better Taxi 2 movie, if you have it though and you're looking for one to brighten up. 

Feeling like a lighthearted comedy to end your evening, then head to your local video rental or hit the high streets. the cab!!..

I saw it earlier than I expected. Luckily I got a chance to buy the DVD in Paris. Even though it didn't have subtitles, I managed to understand almost every word, something that didn't happen in the first one (which I could see subtitles on). 

I was worried about watching it, because "Taxi 1" was really cool and funny. What can I say to this? OK, I'll quote one of the commenters: It's more stupid and more silly than it really is, but it's more fun to watch and actually more exciting. 

More money was thrown at it, and it shows. Nevertheless, one thing prevents me from liking this Taxi 2 film more: there was an innovation and freshness in the first film that is not in "Taxi 2". 

Nevertheless, as director Krawczyk said, "It's like a new Tintin episode: same characters, new plot". 

It really seems to us that there is no definite story line between the two movies, which could really encourage the final production of "Taxi 3", which could be really exciting if the production team can fix the trouble with the first and second. 

can notice. Add some of the most basic humor, maybe some wonderfully charismatic character (for example, Jean Reno in the Taxi series would be just magic) and maybe using a 406 Coupé this time ;). 

Overall a great Taxi 2 movie, with a lot of unbelievable moments. A star of its own, spun off from the first Taxi 2 film.

This is by far the worst film I have seen in the last ten years. A script so lame that even Roger Corman would have been ashamed. 

The characters are so one-dimensional that you don't care for anyone. Anyway, they're just bad actors trying to capitalize on the success of Taxi and try to be someone in the Taxi 2 movie business. 

Sammy Naseri is more famous in France for his violent attacks on people in the press than for his acting abilities. And Frederic Diefenthal is just another comic-wannabe who will forever be remembered for trying to be the French Joe Pesci.

The action is the best you can get here but it gets a bit boring after 30 minutes of watching cars crash.

The cinematography is the same as in the first taxi. I have seen in the credits that the director is different from the first Taxi 2 film. Really? I don't really see any difference here.

The jokes are completely brainless. At worst and most inexcusable, this thing I hardly call a Taxi 2 movie is racist towards Japanese people, sexist from A to Z, and homophobic. It is hardly believable that such racist content can still appear today.

Everyone in the theater was laughing except those who were directly involved in these cheap jokes. 

It's too easy to laugh at and disregard people who don't belong in the mainstream macho world (ie: Asian people, women, and gays and lesbians). This Taxi 2 movie should really be condemned and banned for it... but as I am against all censorship I know history will correct me on that. 

Movies that make a lot of money are rarely the movies that are remembered for being good movies.

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