Space Cowboys Movie | Space Cowboys Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood...Frank Corvin
Tommy Lee JonesTommy Lee Jones...Hawk Hawkins
Donald SutherlandDonald Sutherland...Jerry O'Neill
James GarnerJames Garner...Tank Sullivan
James CromwellJames Cromwell...Bob Gerson
Marcia Gay HardenMarcia Gay Harden...Sara Holland
William DevaneWilliam Devane...Eugene Davis
Loren DeanLoren Dean...Ethan Glance
Courtney B. VanceCourtney B. Vance...Roger Hines
Barbara BabcockBarbara Babcock...Barbara Corvin
Rade SerbedzijaRade Serbedzija...General Vostov (as Rade Sherbedgia)
Blair BrownBlair Brown...Dr. Anne Caruthers
Jay LenoJay Leno...Jay Leno
Nils Allen StewartNils Allen Stewart...Tiny
Deborah JollyDeborah Jolly...Cocktail Waitress
Toby StephensToby Stephens...Young Frank
Eli CraigEli Craig...Young Hawk
John AsherJohn Asher...Young Jerry (as John Mallory Asher)
Matt McColmMatt McColm...Young Tank
Billie WorleyBillie Worley...Young Gerson
Chris WyldeChris Wylde...Jason
Anne StedmanAnne Stedman...Jason's Girlfriend
James MacDonaldJames MacDonald...Capcom
Kate McNeilKate McNeil...Female Astronaut #1
Karen M. WaldronKaren M. Waldron...Female Astronaut #2 (as Karen Mistal)
John LintonJohn Linton...Male Astronaut #1 (as John K. Linto)
Mark ThomasonMark Thomason...Mission Control Tech
Georgia EmelinGeorgia Emelin...Jerry's Girlfriend
Rick ScarryRick Scarry...State Department Official
Paul PenderPaul Pender...JBC Security Guard
Tim HalliganTim Halligan...Qualls
Manning Mpinduzi-MottManning Mpinduzi-Mott...Press Reporter #1
Steve MonroeSteve Monroe...Waiter
Jean-Michel HenryJean-Michel Henry...Centrifuge Tech (as J.M. Henry)
Steven WestSteven West...Construction Tech
Cooper HuckabeeCooper Huckabee...Trajectory Engineer
Hayden TankHayden Tank...Boy at NASA Tour
Jock MacDonaldJock MacDonald...Press Reporter (1958)
Gerald EmerickGerald Emerick...T-38 Pilot
Renee OlsteadRenee Olstead...Little Girl
Don MichaelsonDon Michaelson...NASA Doctor
Artur CybulskiArtur Cybulski...Press Reporter #2
Gordy OwensGordy Owens...Simsupe (as Gordon Owens)
Steve StapenhorstSteve Stapenhorst...Vice President
Lauren CohnLauren Cohn...Teacher at NASA Tour
Michael LoudenMichael Louden...Young Pilot #1
Deborah HopeDeborah Hope...Female Engineer
Jon HammJon Hamm...Young Pilot #2
Lamont LoftonLamont Lofton...KSC Guard
Aleksandr KuznetsovAleksandr Kuznetsov...Russian Engineer (as Alexander Kuznetsov)
Erica GrantErica Grant...Female Engineer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Chip ChineryChip Chinery...Tom (uncredited)
Paul GracePaul Grace...Reporter (uncredited)
Craig HoskingCraig Hosking...Pilot (uncredited)
Tone LocTone Loc...Photographer (uncredited)
Lisa MaloneLisa Malone...Lisa Malone (uncredited)
Denise Marek-PlumbDenise Marek-Plumb...Database Administrator (uncredited)
Jeannette PapineauJeannette Papineau...Bob's Secretary (uncredited)
Kristin QuickKristin Quick...Young Museum Attendant (uncredited)
Heather RyonHeather Ryon...Churchgoer (uncredited)

Billy Elliot Movie Trailer

Space Cowboys Film - Theatrical Trailer

Billy Elliot Movie Description

In Space Cowboys Movie builds its humor around a quartet of aged characters who seize their first and last opportunity to fulfill their lifelong goal of going into space. 

Space Cowboys Movie satirizes the traditionally romanticized conception of the young hero by portraying its characters as sagacious --yet imperfect-- old men.

Space Cowboys Movie revisits its embittered protagonist, the retired Air Force test pilot Frank Corvin (Clint Eastwood), forty years after a humiliating episode where he is replaced by a monkey for a 1958 NASA mission to space. 

Unexpectedly, Frank is summoned by ex-boss and NASA official Bob Gerson (James Cromwell) to fix a Russian communications satellite that is soon to crash, and that contains the obsolete guidance system that he and his colleagues designed for the earlier satellite, Skylab. 

Realizing he is the only one who can fix the system, Frank coerces the desperate Bob into rehiring his old team: pilot Hawk Hawkins (Tommy Lee Jones), structural engineer Jerry O'Neil (Donald Sutherland), and navigator Tank Sullivan (James Garner) --all seemingly unlikely candidates for the task at hand. 

Gaining the trust of NASA Engineer Sara Holland (Marcia Gay Harden) and the mistrust of flight director Eugene Davis (William Devane), the reunited "Team Daedalus" face the biggest mission of their lives.

Space Cowboys Movie, which benefits from the performances of four seasoned actors, successfully establishes its four main characters as the source for all its comedy.

Space Cowboys Movie' initial introduction of its protagonist (in the brief black and white sequence which includes the humiliating incident with the monkey), offers a convenient setup which allows the ellipsis of forty years to hyperbolize the four characters' emotional states and to justify their subsequent actions. 

Furthermore, this initial sequence, which also depicts the four characters as audacious US Air Force pilots, establishes itself as a point of reference against which the present inconsequential lives of Frank, Hawk, Jerry and Tank will be contrasted.

Space Cowboys Movie subtly and effectively creates an analogy between the characters and the troublesome "guidance system": while the men's present occupations are portrayed as rather useless, the guidance system's design is described as old and obsolete, yet neither the men nor the system are entirely expendable. 

(This suggested duality of man/system is emphasized by Frank's ironic statement: " wasn't designed for this duration.") While Space Cowboys Film draws its humor from the characters' efforts to revert to their prior occupation and regain importance, the second part of the film --the mission-- serves a dramatic purpose, where the characters' true mission is to disprove the others' belief that they are outdated and replaceable. 

Narratively, Space Cowboys Movie' space sequence does little more than simply prolong the characters' task of proving themselves, yet visually, it offers eye-catching special effects and set design.

Nevertheless, Space Cowboys Movie succeeds more as a comedy that deconstructs its heroes than as a drama that exalts their heroism.

There is so much about "Space Cowboys Movie" that is unrealistic and, if you think about it, silly. But, it manages to tell this story in an entertaining fashion. So, my advice is just turn off your brain and enjoy.

The story begins in 1958. Despite all their training towards orbital travel, NASA is created and the Air Force folks who were working towards space were told to stand down. 

This part of the story is true and some of the pilots from all different branches of the military went on to become NASA astronauts. But some didn't...and the story now jumps to the present (2000). 

Frank (Clint Eastwood) is still rather bitter he never got a chance to go to space when his project for the Air Force was canceled...but now, in his senior years, an opportunity arises. 

A Soviet satellite is falling out of orbit and somehow the only person on a planet of 7,000,000,000 people who can fix it is Frank!! He insists that he doesn't want to tell a young astronaut how to fix it but will go to space himself...provided NASA also allows his three friends who were ALSO with project Daedalus to join him on the flight.

What follows are lots of old geezer jokes and montages. Eventually, the four guys are shot into space with two young hot shots. 

Unfortunately there are two huge problems. The satellite is NOT a communications satellite AND one of the crew members might just endanger millions because he's a horse's butt.

So is any of this believable? Not really. But it is engaging and the special effects quite amazing for 2000. 

My only real quibbles are that James Garner's character is poorly written, as he acts nothing like a Baptist minister (how many Baptist ministers say the Rosary as well as quote Alan Shepard instead of making a simple prayer??) and a lot of what surprises everyone in the film seems telegraphed. But the good far outweighs the bad and the picture is never dull.

The year is 1958. Frank Corwin, a bit of a rebel and hot-headed, leads the Daedalus, a small Air Force team training to be the first men in space. 

However, their lead pilot, William "Hawk" Hawkins, is even more terrifying. He pushes a test flight beyond its limits. They have to give bail. 

The plane is destroyed, and this leads the project director, Bob Gerson, to pull the plug on Daedalus and instead set his sights on putting a chimp into space first.

We currently cut (about 2000). A Russian "communications satellite" is experiencing problems and will return to Earth if it is not fixed. 

We see a Russian general, Vosto (Red Serbedzia), and Gerson (James Cromwell), now the director of NASA, who agrees to attempt repairs. 

The only problem is that the guidance system is so primitive—it's very similar to the old Skylab guidance system—that no one at NASA can figure it out properly, and they only have a few weeks to act. 

It is revealed that Corwin (Clint Eastwood) designed the guidance system. Gerson and Corwin bitterly hate each other because of the events of 1958, but Gerson contacts Corwin to see if he can somehow fix the system or get others to do the same. can train. 

Corwin finally agrees, but only if Gerson consents to a seemingly insane plan - Corwin sends four members of Daedalus - Hawkins (Tommy Lee Jones), Jerry O'Neill (Donald Sutherland), Tank Sullivan (James Garner) and wants himself. 

Now all the senior citizens -- have to be sent up in the spacecraft to fix the satellite.

As many have pointed out, Space Cowboys Full Movie sounds like a riff on Armageddon (1998), and makes sense — an unlikely, gruff, motley crew sent into space by NASA to foreshadow some kind of impending disaster. 

is sent in , However, it would be difficult to say that Space Cowboys Film was directly influenced by Armageddon. 

They're very close in timing, and scripts have a tendency to float around Hollywood for a while before they get picked up and greenlit. 

What seems more likely is that Space Cowboy was one of a slew of movies trending in the late 1990s to motley in the face of danger in some sort of insular vehicle, against all odds, to "save the planet". 

Crew was to be sent. It wasn't just Armageddon that had that plot, and at any rate, anyone who regularly reads my reviews knows that I disagree with the "cult of originality". Movies aren't better just because they're phenomenal. Space Cowboy does the plot as well as Armageddon.

Beyond that, like Armageddon, there are other stories happening here as well. Much of the focus is on the geriatric team and their relationships with each other and a select few NASA employees. 

After the period intro, the bulk of the film focuses on Corwin fighting for the agreement to get his friends into space, trying to regroup his friends, fighting against Gerson, who trying to sabotage him in various ways, and Daedalus' training period.

Given that structure, casting was extremely important. Eastwood, who also directed, produced and contributed some of the music, produced an excellent bunch. 

The chemistry between Eastwood, Jones, Sutherland and Garner is great, even if Sutherland and Garner don't get nearly as much screen time. 

It is a very serious film in many ways, but it also has a strong comedic element. Eastwood and screenwriters Ken Kaufman and Howard Klausner strike a fine balance between the film's various genres. 

While the NASA-oriented material works well enough, the best moments come through the main cast's more mundane interactions, including the scene where Corwin first tracks down his friends.

We know that Eastwood is extremely skilled and multifaceted as a director. Even so, it was initially surprising to see him tackle the film with sci-fi elements, but he's equally adept here, whether creating suspenseful moments that hinge on dial-loaded equipment or the engaging "space". 

Getting cinematography. He later proves to be a natural – the film's closing scene is one of the more poetic yet economical in cinema history.

However, some of the minor flaws in the film also come with sci-fi content but seem derived from the script. Especially during certain key moments, the dialogue can become too stilted and/or chatty to follow. 

Despite rewinding the DVD twice and inserting subtitles, I never quite followed the final resolution to the dilemma, though I was able to get the gist of it, so it made sense in a more hypothetical way.

But when it comes to technology-oriented ideas, Eastwood as a director is able to completely wrap you emotionally in the film, even without a complete understanding of the plot details. 

The climax is in place and you'll be on the edge of your seat, ready to cheer the final scene, despite realizing how ridiculous it is to do so towards your television.

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