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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

William BeckWilliam Beck...Neil
Andy BeckwithAndy Beckwith...Errol
Ewen BremnerEwen Bremner...Mullet
Jason BuckhamJason Buckham...Gary
Mickey CantwellMickey Cantwell...Liam
Nicola CollinsNicola Collins...Alex (as Nikki Collins)
Teena CollinsTeena Collins...Susi
Charles CorkCharles Cork...MC
James CunninghamJames Cunningham...Horrible Man
Sorcha CusackSorcha Cusack...Mum O'Neil
Mickey DeeMickey Dee...Jack The All Seeing Eye
Benicio Del ToroBenicio Del Toro...Franky Four Fingers
Sam DouglasSam Douglas...Rosebud
Dennis FarinaDennis Farina...Cousin Avi
Jason FlemyngJason Flemyng...Darren
Adam FogertyAdam Fogerty...Gorgeous George
Alan FordAlan Ford...Brick Top
Robbie GeeRobbie Gee...Vinny
GoldieGoldie...Bad Boy Lincoln
Stephen GrahamStephen Graham...Tommy
Sid HoareSid Hoare...Reuben
Ronald IsaacRonald Isaac...Referee
Lennie JamesLennie James...Sol
Vinnie JonesVinnie Jones...Bullet-Tooth Tony
Chuck JulianChuck Julian...Michael
Dave LegenoDave Legeno...John
Eric MeyersEric Meyers...Avi's Colleague
Jason Ninh CaoJason Ninh Cao...Charlie
Paul O'BoylePaul O'Boyle...Patrick
Brad PittBrad Pitt...Mickey O'Neil
Mike ReidMike Reid...Doug the Head
Jimmy RoussounisJimmy Roussounis...Paulie
Sidney SedinSidney Sedin...Pauline
Rade SerbedzijaRade Serbedzija...Boris the Blade (as Rade Sherbedgia)
Jason StathamJason Statham...Turkish
Trevor SteedmanTrevor Steedman...Bomber Harris
Yuri StepanovYuri Stepanov...Himy
Peter SzakacsPeter Szakacs...Sausage Charlie
John TahenyJohn Taheny...Salt Peter
Mick TheoMick Theo...Mad Fist Willy
Andy TillAndy Till...John The Gun
Velibor TopicVelibor Topic...The Russian
Scott WelchScott Welch...Horace 'Good Night' Anderson
Michael HughesMichael Hughes...Gypsy Man
Liam McMahonLiam McMahon...Gypsy Man
James WarrenJames Warren...Gypsy Man (as Jim Warren)
Austin DrageAustin Drage...Gypsy Kid
Liam DonaghyLiam Donaghy...Gypsy Kid
Joe WilliamsJoe Williams...Gypsy Kid
John FarnellJohn Farnell...Brick Top's Henchman
Shaun PearsonShaun Pearson...Brick Top's Henchman
Dean SmithDean Smith...Brick Top's Henchman
Roy SnellRoy Snell...Brick Top's Henchman
Tim FaradayTim Faraday...Policeman
Andrew ShieldAndrew Shield...Policeman
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Alex AndreasAlex Andreas...Pikey Man (uncredited)
Dian BacharDian Bachar...Brick Henchman (uncredited)
Dean BatchelorDean Batchelor...Waterboy (uncredited)
Matthew BurlemMatthew Burlem...Jewish lad at diamond shop (uncredited)
Sol CampbellSol Campbell...Bouncer (uncredited)
Elwin 'Chopper' DavidElwin 'Chopper' David...Boxer (uncredited)
Tom DelmarTom Delmar...Thug with Head Crushed in Door (uncredited)
Christopher FoshChristopher Fosh...Bricktop's Henchman (uncredited)
John HathawayJohn Hathaway...Bricktop's Barman (uncredited)
Paul HolliganPaul Holligan...Irish Traveller (uncredited)
Stanley McBeanStanley McBean...Undercover Cop (uncredited)
Arnold MonteyArnold Montey...Man Reading Newspaper (uncredited)
Tim PackhamTim Packham...Gypsy Man (uncredited)
Guy RitchieGuy Ritchie...Man Reading Newspaper (uncredited)
Peter RnicPeter Rnic...Irish Traveller (uncredited)
Andy SkinnerAndy Skinner...Mickey O'Neil Boxing Corner (uncredited)
Kriss SprulesKriss Sprules...Crowd Member (uncredited)
Tony TangTony Tang...Patrick (uncredited)

Snatch Movie Trailer

Snatch (2000) Official Trailer 1 - Brad Pitt Movie

Snatch | official trailer (2017) Rupert Grint

Snatch (2000) Trailer

Snatch Movie Description

Written and directed by Guy Ritchie, "Snatch film" is one of my favorite movies of all time — it's easily in my personal Top Thirty. 

In the film, (what else?) of several plans that go horribly wrong, yet intertwine and (for better or worse) eventually resolve themselves, Richie is by far the funniest cast of characters in recent memory. collects one. Let's see if we can put it straight:

Turkey (Jason Statham) and his partner Tommy (Stephen Graham) are amateur boxing promoters who, after their leading fighter is injured, must find a replacement to fight, or one of the meanest men in London, Brick Top ( Alan Ford), who just happens to play boxing matches and stands to make a lot of money from fighting, is going to bestow his own unique brand of justice on them. 

Enter Mickey (Brad Pitt) the gypsy who outsmarted his fighter, a goofy drunk with a perfect hook. Meanwhile, there is a 'fist-sized' diamond that has been stolen by Frankie Four Fingers (Benicio del Toro). 

On his way back from London to America, where he plans to put up a diamond fence, trouble ensues, and with the help of bullet-like characters from his fence, Cousin Evie (Dennis Farina) has to find both Frankie and the diamond in London. forced to come. 

Tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones) and Doug `The Head' Denowitz (Mike Reed). 

Of course, Snatch Movie can't happen easily, because on the way to the diamond are a trio of inept thieves as well as my personal favorite character in the film, Boris `The Blade' Yurinov (Rade Serbedzija) or as he is better known, ' 'Boris the Bullet Dodger'.

Did you get all that? The performances of all the above actors, and many more that I didn't even mention, are all really good, especially Brad Pitt's.

Every single actor in 'Snatch film' looks like they are having a great time working in the film. The story, while complex and with many influences from the original plot, is absolutely fantastic and a lot of fun. 

There are tons of one-liners that I personally use even four years after I first saw the movie, and the intricate weaving of characters is just good enough to tell the story of a very simple heist. 

“Snatch film” would be a great movie because of its story alone, but Guy Ritchie’s direction is so dead-end, Snatch Full Movie goes way beyond spectacular and becomes FAN—insert your choice of expletive here—TASTIC. 

Sleek cinematography, lightning-fast pacing and fun camera angles target the story. Add on a great soundtrack spanning oasis, techno and a traditional-sounding Hasidic song and Richie presents audiences with an instant classic.

While Snatch film wasn't the first time I'd seen Snatch Full Movie 'Snatch film', it was the first time I watched the movie knowing that I'd have to analyze it a bit for my thoughts from the film to be just 'phenomenal'! "Unprecedented because." 

does and does not continue on the 'swept away' path, but rather, to return to work that has earned him well deserved high praise. Sorry Madge.

Snatch Full Movie is perfect in all its categories: Credits, Sound Track, Production, Casting, Writing, Photography, Editing, Acting and Direction. 10/10.

I was amazed by the freedom to use the camera. Snatch film will change the way films are made. Slo-mo, stills, black and white, and color were all used to great effect.

Let me pick specific actors who were on top - meaning 10+!

Jason Statham is simply brilliant as "Turkey" - a star of very high potential. (You should see him in anything he makes, and read my comment about John Carpenter's movie: "Ghosts of Mars".)

Alan Ford as "Brick Top" is awesome—his forceful speaking style made me think he was chewing on the flesh of his previous victim.

Vinnie Jones as "Bullet Tooth Tony" is total tough head-to-toe tough — a walking brick wall — a nautical for all seasons — none tough.

Brad Pitt as "Mickey O'Neill" is totally 110% convincing. I've never liked Mr. Pitt's work before - but it totally sold me - he's as solid an actor as Hollywood ever came out... and better!

Finally, Guy Ritchie should be recognized as the Michelangelo of Snatch film.

Snatch Full Movie 1994 release of Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction" inspired a schism in the staid gangster film genre: the standard Hallmark - grim characters, gunfights, intrigue and damsel in distress - with snappy dialogue and gallows humor was extended. 

The biggest change, however, was the introduction of a Möbius strip-style plot line, where the concept of time is no longer linear, but is constantly folding into itself, flowing between past, present, and future to keep the viewer paying close attention. Forces, lest they miss some subtle details. 

Inevitably, several copycat films emerged that sought to capitalize on Tarantino's success, but it wasn't until 1998 when an unknown British director, Guy Ritchie, took up the challenge that a successor was found. Now Richie is determined to prove that his first dismissal was not a fluke.

Turki is an enterprising young man who manages bare-knuckle boxers when he's not running his gamble. 

After a business deal goes wrong, he becomes acquainted with Mickey O'Neill, a ravenously frantic motor-mouthed picker who also happens to be a punch miracle. 

Turkey persuades Mickey to join his fighters, but soon learns that Mickey has an agenda of his own, and gets Turkey into trouble with the gangsters who run the underground boxing circuit. 

Other characters to appear in the play include a four-fingered degenerate gambler/jewel thief, a vicious boxing promoter, a gang of inept robbers, a submissive hitman, a crazed Russian gunman, a group of Irish gypsies, a crooked New Yorker. is included. Jeweler and a flamboyant pet. 

The common thread tying them all is a perfect diamond in the shape of a peach pit. If you're not confused yet, you soon will be.

"Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", the debut film by Mr. Madonna (Richie), was shot on a small budget, with an unnamed cast (except football bad boy Vinnie Jones) and quickly turned into a spectacular at home. 

became a success and found a receptive audience abroad. While technically a sequel, "Snatch Movie" is not stylistically identical to "Lock, Stocko": Richie uses his trademark bombastic staccato sequences, and repeatedly bounces on radical tangents to throw the audience off balance. . 

Although he opted for a decidedly dark satirical tone in Snatch film, which might make some people uncomfortable (think "Very Bad Things"). 

What struck me in particular was his decision to make a story with such a huge cast.

Richie was faced with a daunting task with this Snatch Movie: with about twenty major characters, how is each character adequately introduced, and not hopelessly confusing the audience? The feat was made doubly difficult, as many of the actors are big-name stars. 

Somehow Richie manages—every actor is full-bodied, gets ample screen time, and no character is the centerpiece. 

With so many talented actors, it's hard to pick one performance that stands out: Rade Serbedzija is hilarious as the mad Russian who burns through each of his nine lives as Vinnie Jones' frantic gentleman hitman .

On the other end of the spectrum, there's Alan Ford as Brick Top, a promoter with a penchant for pigs, the epitome of cold-blooded viciousness. If I'm forced to choose my favorite, I'll go with Brad Pitt

Pitt revived his trailer trashy look from "California" and adopted an almost indecent brogue that sounds like my best friend's Uncle Wally. 

As Mickey O'Neill, the hard-drinking Willie Grifter and part-time pugilist, Pitt displays a wide range of emotions, demonstrating again that he is not only a star, but a talented character actor as well. 

And I apologize if I didn't mention the dog who subtly steals every scene.

While "Snatch Movie" initially struggles to find its stride, and is very similar to Richie's previous film, it's refreshing and funny to forget any minor shortcomings and stand on your own.

Imagine what would happen if you took 8 or 10 criminals of different professions, threw them in a maze, gave one of the criminals a fist-sized diamond, and shouted out loud, "Someone has too big in Snatch maze. 

It's a diamond! Whoever finds it and is the last man standing, wins!" What do you think will happen? What is snatching?

Snatch Movie is a confusing, twisted, crazy movie. Let me repeat it. Snatch movie is crazy! Imagine Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in Disney's Word on Acid, and that's what you get my friend. Believe it or not, Snatch mass delusion and complete insanity is pretty amusing.

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