Shaft Movie | Shaft Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Samuel L. JacksonSamuel L. Jackson...John Shaft
Vanessa WilliamsVanessa Williams...Carmen Vasquez
Jeffrey WrightJeffrey Wright...Peoples Hernandez
Christian BaleChristian Bale...Walter Wade, Jr.
Busta RhymesBusta Rhymes...Rasaan
Dan HedayaDan Hedaya...Jack Roselli
Toni ColletteToni Collette...Diane Palmieri
Richard RoundtreeRichard Roundtree...Uncle John Shaft
Ruben Santiago-HudsonRuben Santiago-Hudson...Jimmy Groves
Josef SommerJosef Sommer...Curt Fleming
Lynne ThigpenLynne Thigpen...Carla Howard
Philip BoscoPhilip Bosco...Walter Wade, Sr.
Pat HinglePat Hingle...Hon. Dennis Bradford
Lee TergesenLee Tergesen...Luger
Daniel von BargenDaniel von Bargen...Lt. Kearney (as Daniel Von Bargen)
Francisco 'Coqui' TaverasFrancisco 'Coqui' Taveras...Lucifer
Sonja SohnSonja Sohn...Alice
Peter McRobbiePeter McRobbie...Lt. Cromartie
Zach GrenierZach Grenier...Harrison Loeb
Richard CocchiaroRichard Cocchiaro...Frank Palmieri
Ron CastellanoRon Castellano...Mike Palmieri
Freddie RicksFreddie Ricks...Big Raymond
Sixto RamosSixto Ramos...Bonehead
Andre RoyoAndre Royo...Tattoo
Richard BarbozaRichard Barboza...Dominican
Mekhi PhiferMekhi Phifer...Trey Howard
Gano GrillsGano Grills...Cornbread
Catherine KellnerCatherine Kellner...Ivy
Philip RudolphPhilip Rudolph...Uniform Sergeant
Angela PietropintoAngela Pietropinto...Mrs. Ann Palmieri
Joe QuinteroJoe Quintero...Assistant D.A. Hector Torres
Lanette WareLanette Ware...Terry
Stu 'Large' RileyStu 'Large' Riley...Leon
Mark ZeislerMark Zeisler...D.A. Andrew Nicoli
Capital JayCapital Jay...Golem
Bonz MaloneBonz Malone...Malik
Henry G. ThomasHenry G. Thomas...Malik's Crew
Brian Oswald TalbotBrian Oswald Talbot...Malik's Crew
Preston ThomasPreston Thomas...Malik's Crew
Marshall T. BroughtonMarshall T. Broughton...Malik's Crew
Ann DucatiAnn Ducati...Aunt Toni DeCarlo
Lisa CooleyLisa Cooley...News Anchor
Elizabeth BanksElizabeth Banks...Trey's Friend (as Elizabeth Maresal Mitchell)
Scott LucyScott Lucy...Trey's Friend
Chris OrrChris Orr...Walter's Friend
Christopher OrrChristopher Orr...Walter's Friend
Evan FarmerEvan Farmer...Walter's Friend
Will ChaseWill Chase...Walter's Friend
Jeff BransonJeff Branson...Walter's Friend
Jerome Preston BatesJerome Preston Bates...Desk Sergeant
John ElsenJohn Elsen...Uniform Cop in Metronome
Nadine MozonNadine Mozon...Abused Woman
Lawrence TaylorLawrence Taylor...Lamont
Caprice BenedettiCaprice Benedetti...Karen
John CunninghamJohn Cunningham...Judge
Louie LeonardoLouie Leonardo...Pistolero
Tony RhuneTony Rhune...Pistolero
Fidel ViciosoFidel Vicioso...Pistolero
F. Valentino MoralesF. Valentino Morales...Enforcer
Myron PrimesMyron Primes...Young Blood
UniversalUniversal...Young Blood
Travis Brandon RosaTravis Brandon Rosa...Fighting Boy
Matthew WallaceMatthew Wallace...Fighting Boy
Luis TorresLuis Torres...Fat Man
John WojdaJohn Wojda...Construction Worker
Ahmed Al-KhanAhmed Al-Khan...Bystander at Metronome
Amer Al-KhanAmer Al-Khan...Bystander at Metronome
Rashid FeleyfelRashid Feleyfel...Bystander at Metronome
Gordon ParksGordon Parks...Lenox Lounge Patron
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Joan BakerJoan Baker...Uncle John Shaft's Girlfriend (uncredited)
William H. BurnsWilliam H. Burns...Arresting Officer (uncredited)
Gabe CastilloGabe Castillo...(uncredited)
Nicholas J. ColemanNicholas J. Coleman...Bystander at Metronome (uncredited)
Johanna EstevezJohanna Estevez...Girlfriend (uncredited)
Todd FredericksTodd Fredericks...Bystander at Metronome (uncredited)
Carson GrantCarson Grant...Police Officer (uncredited)
Mary Ann HannonMary Ann Hannon...Walter Wade's Housekeeper (uncredited)
Isaac HayesIsaac Hayes...Mr. P (uncredited)
Doug HutchisonDoug Hutchison...Plane Door Opener (uncredited)
Deacon LedgesDeacon Ledges...(uncredited)
Deirdre LovejoyDeirdre Lovejoy...Police Officer (uncredited)
Carl LowCarl Low...Dominican #5 (uncredited)
John E. MackJohn E. Mack...Paramedic (uncredited)
Riley G. Matthews Jr.Riley G. Matthews Jr....Desk & Cell Officer (uncredited)
Thomas MejiaThomas Mejia...Peoples Crew (uncredited)
Mercedes MercadoMercedes Mercado...Waitress (uncredited)
Dorian MissickDorian Missick...Young Man (uncredited)
Kevin O'DonnellKevin O'Donnell...Club Kid (uncredited)
Nik PjeternikajNik Pjeternikaj...Detective (uncredited)
Robert RestoRobert Resto...Bystander at Metronome (uncredited)
Gloria ReubenGloria Reuben...Sgt. Council (uncredited)
Roman RiveraRoman Rivera...(uncredited)
Dawn RobinsonDawn Robinson...Lenox Lounge Patron (uncredited)
Christina RounerChristina Rouner...Lenox Lounge Patron (uncredited)
Mustafa ShakirMustafa Shakir...Protester (uncredited)
Akilah ShedrickAkilah Shedrick...Neighbor (uncredited)
Cue ShepherdCue Shepherd...Sexy Girl (uncredited)
John SingletonJohn Singleton...Bored Cop with Tea Cup (uncredited)
Peter SticklesPeter Stickles...Mickey Hunt (uncredited)
Al ThompsonAl Thompson...Pistolero (uncredited)
Lou TorresLou Torres...Fatman (uncredited)
Marc YarrishMarc Yarrish...TV Anchor (uncredited)

Shaft Movie Trailer

SHAFT Film– Official Trailer [HD]

Shaft Movie Description

In Shaft Movie It follows the original "Shaft Film" in 1971, you might hesitate to call it a sequel. It's like a revival, or nostalgic time travel. 

Except it's all been nicely updated, with a sense of the original's elegance. And Isaac Hayes' music is central and terrifying, making this a legitimate Squad movie.

Samuel Jackson plays the role perfectly, does not hold back and does not overdo it. The idea of ​​a black cop in a city that still has racial prejudices emphasized the rise of Latino drug lords as part of the fracturing, mainstream here. 

It's not as daring or shocking to see moving forward, but it's still effective. Shaft Movie, the main character (who never gets a first name), is powerful, smart, and unwilling to be pushed around by authority. 

Even if it means losing his job (or quitting - Shaft Movie is always going to make his own choices).

The director, John Singleton, isn't particularly well-positioned for a mainstream sequel with high production values ​​(one of his more famous efforts so far is "Boyz n the Hood"), but he pulls it off. 

It's a sharp, smart, well-made film. It's strangely mainstream, playing with clichés too easily, working with bad guy, good guy principles to add only the slightest twist to racial or ethnic allusions, even though we've seen these before. 

You can't help but see "Jackie Brown" from three years ago as a more interesting, well-made and timely film. 

That was Quentin Tarantino's, which slightly alters the score, but it starred Jackson again, and made the most of him.

You can say that Singleton makes the most of Jackson here, but a better way to look at it is that Jackson makes most of Singleton. He handles the film, and that's a good thing. 

He has the talent and presence in a classic Hollywood acting manner. The cast is really strong around him, which is nice. 

(There's a cameo in the scene once by the original director of 1971's "Shaft Film," Gordon Parks, if you're lucky — a white-haired old black man on the table.)

The other terrific actor is Jeffrey Wright, playing a drug kingpin with enough realism and panache to make it both believable and dazzling. 

The third main character is the future Batman, Christian Bale, who is a great bad guy and who you really miss in the last parts of the movie.

What really brings it to the surface, and much more, is the story, which is boilerplate stuff. There's masculinity, and guns, and a game of one bad guy against another, and one cop against another. 

You might say, hey, isn't there room for more cop and crime movies that operate in familiar circles? Yes. But I again refer to "Jackie Brown" as a way of looking out of this box.

This new "Shaft Film" is good stuff - it's well-acted, tightly edited, directed with professional canny (noticeable in several different ways), and subverts racial clichés in funny and important ways. 

brings to the fore. It descends from the final third to the overused chase and shoot scenes between the cops and the robbers. But...surely, it's better than its reputation. I say look. enjoy the treats. Acting. and homage to the original.

Thirty years is a long time to make a sequel, especially when no one is clamoring for one. 

Director/writer/producer John Singleton decided the time was now. The result is a solid, but distinctive crime drama. 

Elements of this story have been told so many times that they're getting hackneyed. 

A tough, no-nonsense cop who often defies the law, battles evil and corruption to bring justice to the streets. 

A spoiled rich kid tries to get away with murder by hiring a drug dealer to sniff out an eyewitness with the help of two dirty cops. This is not pawn material.

Singleton's direction is good in the action sequences (of which there are many) and adequate in the dramatic sequences. 

In Shaft Full Movie, he does not bring much innovation on screen, with very straight shots and mundane locations. 

In an overt homage to the original film, he brings back Richard Roundtree (the original Shaft Film) as the current Shaft's (Samuel L. Jackson) uncle and mentor. 

There's also a cameo appearance by Gordon Parks, the director of the original, and of course, the Isaac Hayes theme song is back.

The film rises above mediocrity on the basis of acting. Samuel L. Jackson is an excellent actor and slips onto the character of this tough, streetwise cop like a tailored glove. 

When he is bad, he is very bad and when he is good, he is almost a hermit. Christian Bale also does well as a downright rich kid who thinks his wealth puts him above the law. 

Jeffrey Wright is explosive as the cocky drug lord. The supporting cast is also excellent.

I haven't seen the original, or the other sequels (not for lack of trying), but I honestly imagine it matches the pure awesomeness of them that hasn't been watered down in the least. 

While I will grant that the 70's stuff in this is probably better and looks more fuzzy in the actual decade, it still works perfectly. 

You probably already know the basic concept; The Shaft Movie is a P.I. Joe specifically works to ensure that his fellow African-Americans are not treated unfairly as far as justice is being served. 

I can see that Roundtree played that role 40 years ago, and I'm not necessarily saying Jackson is a better choice, however, he certainly is spot on for the role. The plot is really engaging, and it surprises without being difficult to follow. It is well shot and edited. 

The entire film is highly entertaining; I wasn't bored for a second, and the pace is amazing. 

It has cool and exciting action, with shoot-outs, fighting and chases. No, this isn't anywhere new to the genre... So? This is a well made and genuinely *fun* entry, and deserves recognition as well. I love its music. 

The characters are well written, believable and well developed. The acting performances range a bit, the leads are great. 

The dialogues are clever, delivered well and naturally. There is frequent harsh language, a lot of gory violence, and very brief nudity and sexuality.

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