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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Ray WinstoneRay Winstone...Gal
Ben KingsleyBen Kingsley...Don Logan
Ian McShaneIan McShane...Teddy Bass
Amanda RedmanAmanda Redman...Deedee Dove
James FoxJames Fox...Harry
Cavan KendallCavan Kendall...Aitch
Julianne WhiteJulianne White...Jackie
Álvaro MonjeÁlvaro Monje...Enrique (as Alvaro Monje)
Robert AtikoRobert Atiko...Andy
Nieves del Amo OruetNieves del Amo Oruet...Air Hostess
Enrique Alemán FabregaEnrique Alemán Fabrega...Pilot
Gérard BarrayGérard Barray...Spanish Official (as Gerard Barray)
José Maria Cano RamosJosé Maria Cano Ramos...Felipe's Friend 1 (as José Ma. Cano Ramos)
Desirée ErasmusDesirée Erasmus...Jean
Santiago Frias MunozSantiago Frias Munoz...Policia 2
José HernándezJosé Hernández...Ginger Air Steward
Ana Maldonado HerreriaAna Maldonado Herreria...Maruja / Matronly Woman
Andy LucasAndy Lucas...Jimmy
José Lirola RamosJosé Lirola Ramos...Policia 1
José López CarrilloJosé López Carrillo...Felipe's Friend #2
Antonio Fco. Márquez QuesadaAntonio Fco. Márquez Quesada...Steward #2
Juan Manuel Martníez CobosJuan Manuel Martníez Cobos...Policia #4
Dionisio MesaDionisio Mesa...Felipe
Eddie O'ConnellEddie O'Connell...Bruno
Terence PlummerTerence Plummer...Mike (as Terry Plummer)
Manuel Sánchez BerlangaManuel Sánchez Berlanga...Man on Plane
Frank ScintoFrank Scinto...Pete
Darkie SmithDarkie Smith...Stan
Rocky TaylorRocky Taylor...Raymond
Chris WebbChris Webb...Nicky
Pedro Zamora HernándezPedro Zamora Hernández...Policia 3
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Tina SimmonsTina Simmons...Bank Official (uncredited)

Sexy Beast Movie Trailer

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Sexy Beast Movie Description

In Sexy Beast Movie Ben Kingsley delivered a bone-chilling performance as the guy everyone loves to hate, a role for which he not only earned universal critical acclaim, but also won Best Supporting Actor. 

Also received an Oscar nomination. Don Logan is so evil that even his fellow mobsters fear and hate him. From the first glimpse of her on her way through the airport terminal, Kingsley hit exactly the right note for her character. 

Cleverly, writers Luis Melis and David Cinto pave the way for this entrance by prematurely introducing Logan in a series of conversations in which the mere mention of his name finds strange resonance among those discussing him. Is.

Prominent among them is the film's protagonist, Gal, Logan's 'retired' ex-partner in crime, who wants nothing more than to enjoy life in his seaside Spanish villa with his swimming pool and wife, whom he loves very much. loves. 

But Gal soon learns that a man can't escape his past forever, when Logan suddenly shows up at her door demanding that Gal join a gang of veteran criminals of his own choosing. 

brought together by Logan to bring back a major heist in Merry Olde. England. Gal would love nothing better than to send Logan home empty-handed, but he also knows that disobeying Logan could be the fastest path to an early death. 

It's this atmosphere of fear and dread that director Jonathan Glazer uses to make "Sexy Beast Movie" such an engrossing and off beat crime drama.

In fact it is the threat of violence, more than the violence itself, that sets this story apart. 

Without the use of weapons of any kind, Logan is able to intimidate and terrify a roomful of seemingly intrepid adults by his steely demeanor and the unpredictable nature of his demeanor. 

Seemingly controlled and rational one moment, he can suddenly erupt in a volcanic eruption of rage the next. One of the Sexy Beast film's most chilling moments occurs on a departing airplane in which Logan refuses to put out his cigarette, leading to a confrontation with the flight crew. 

Logan possesses the quality that separates all great villains: he throws us back on our heels by refusing to conform to the societal conveniences that the rest of us so easily take for granted and that make us feel bad. 

Put characters at a certain disadvantage when confronted. The world knows no rules and openly defies the ones we follow. He reminds us how frail and vulnerable the rest of us really are.

Logan, despite all the intensity generated by his character, is not the focal point of the Sexy Beast film. Gal, brilliantly played by Ray Winstone, occupies that position, providing a compelling counterpoint to Logan's no-holds-barred villainy. 

Despite his criminal background, Gal won us over with his open-hearted frankness, his genuine devotion to his wife, friends and neighbors, and his clear desire to live life straight from here on out. 

Winston outlines his scenes brilliantly, yet he never allows himself to be acted out on screen by the fiery Kingsley. (One should mention that the characters' heavy Cockney accents at times make what they're saying a bit incomprehensible).

As is not uncommon in gangster movies these days, Glazer manages to inject an element of black humor into the proceedings. 

The comedy often takes the form of twisted surrealism, such as when a huge boulder rolls down a nearby hill and crashes into Gal's beloved pool, barely missing taking Gal with it to the bottom. 

The filmmakers also have an effective way of raising the tension indirectly, especially in the opening scenes that lead us to dread Logan's entrance as much as the characters who don't want to see it. 

Haven't even met him yet. This technique of telegraphing information ahead of time contributes immensely to the suspenseful quality of the Sexy Beast film.

'Sexy Beast Movie' delivers stellar performances, a raunchy sense of humor and a fascinating glimpse into the dark side of human nature.

To put it simply: I love this movie! I was really looking forward to this movie, mostly because of Kingsley's acclaimed performance. 

And he's truly brilliant in the role of the flamboyant, unflinching, brazenly ruthless Don Logan--a role that deserves to go down in history. 

I haven't seen Jim Broadbent's performance in "Iris," so I can't technically say whether Kingsley deserved an Oscar over him, but I'm glad he was nominated, because if he didn't That would be an abomination. Kingsley is absolutely awful, showing not the slightest bit of remorse. 

And it's a genuine pleasure to watch the man who is famous for playing Gandhi, the legendary pacifist, play a role that requires him to utter the "F" word 500 times in one full minute. 

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating there, but trust me...there are scenes in this movie that make "Pulp Fiction" sound like a G-rated Disney feature. Guess I've never heard the "F" word used so many times at such a rapid pace. 

Kingsley has some memorable moments, including getting in trouble for smoking on a plane, and another involving her being sexually assaulted by a male flight attendant in the police. 

Brutal as he is, I found myself laughing hysterically at Don. As Kingsley himself said, Don is the kind of character who says the kind of things that are on most people's minds, but they're too afraid to get it out.

Although Kinglesi steals the movie, Ray Winstone is the star and he's great too. I haven't seen a lot of English movies, so I don't remember if I saw him before, but I hope to see him in more movies now. 

And I was impressed to know that the film was made by a first time director. Jonathan Glazer did a great job, building a wonderfully frenetic pace. The running time is 85 minutes, and the Sexy Beast film never takes a breath. 

It always captures you with images of your face. Glazer's style sense is amazing. Not to mention the soundtrack is excellent. It's a nice irony: how this dark comedy ends to the tune of Dean Martin's "Sway."

On my first viewing, it took me a while to get used to the Cockney accent, but after about 30 minutes I was able to understand most of the dialogue - and there is some great, memorable dialogue in the movie! It's not like "Locked, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels" where I can watch it 100 times and still need subtitles. Not to mention "Sexy Beast Movie" is a far more entertaining movie.

All I can say is don't expect a convoluted plot with lots of twists and turns. The plot is very simple: a retired gangster wanders around his beautiful home in Spain, then agrees to commit one last heist. I'm sure it sounds very familiar. 

But the beauty is in its simplicity. And the Sexy Beast film is not pretentious by any means. It is what it is - and it is a smart, energetic, entertaining, hilarious, extremely well-acted dark comedy.

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