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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Carmen ElectraCarmen Electra...Drew
Dave SheridanDave Sheridan...The Killer / Doofy
Frank B. MooreFrank B. Moore...Not Drew's Boyfriend
Giacomo BaessatoGiacomo Baessato...Trick or Treater #1
Kyle GrahamKyle Graham...Trick or Treater #2
Leanne SantosLeanne Santos...Trick or Treater #3
Mark McConchieMark McConchie...Drew's Dad
Karen KruperKaren Kruper...Drew's Mom
Anna FarisAnna Faris...Cindy Campbell
Jon AbrahamsJon Abrahams...Bobby Prinze
Rick DucommunRick Ducommun...Cindy's Dad
Regina HallRegina Hall...Brenda
Marlon WayansMarlon Wayans...Shorty
Shannon ElizabethShannon Elizabeth...Buffy Gilmore
Lloyd BerryLloyd Berry...Homeless Man
Cheri OteriCheri Oteri...Gail Hailstorm
Matthew PaxmanMatthew Paxman...Annoying Guy (as Mathew Paxman)
Chris RobsonChris Robson...KOMQ Reporter
Susan ShearsSusan Shears...Female Reporter
Peter BryantPeter Bryant...Black TV Reporter
Lochlyn MunroLochlyn Munro...Greg
Shawn WayansShawn Wayans...Ray
Andrea NemethAndrea Nemeth...Heather
Craig BruhnanskiCraig Bruhnanski...Road Victim (as Craig Brunanski)
Dan JoffreDan Joffre...Cameraman Kenny
Kelly Coffield ParkKelly Coffield Park...Teacher (as Kelly Coffield)
Kurt FullerKurt Fuller...Sheriff
David L. LanderDavid L. Lander...Principal Squiggy
Reg TupperReg Tupper...Beauty Pageant MC
Tanja ReichertTanja Reichert...Miss Congeniality
Kendall SaundersKendall Saunders...Miss Thing
Babe DolanBabe Dolan...Grandma (as D.M. Babe Dolan)
David NealeDavid Neale...Policeman #1
Nels LennarsonNels Lennarson...Policeman #2
Nicola CrosbieNicola Crosbie...Reporter #1
Ian BlissIan Bliss...Reporter #2
Chris WildingChris Wilding...Shorty's Roomate
Trevor RobertsTrevor Roberts...Dookie
Glynis DaviesGlynis Davies...Buffy's Mom
Jayne TrckaJayne Trcka...Miss Mann
Peter HanlonPeter Hanlon...Suicidal Teacher
Ted ColeTed Cole...Older Man in Theater
Doreen RamusDoreen Ramus...Old Lady in Theatre
Lee R. MayesLee R. Mayes...Amistad II Captain
Keenen Ivory WayansKeenen Ivory Wayans...Slave
Mark HoeppnerMark Hoeppner...Whipmaster
Jessica Van der VeenJessica Van der Veen...Woman in Theatre (as Jessica Van Der Veen)
Jim ShepardJim Shepard...Young Man in Theatre
Marissa Jaret WinokurMarissa Jaret Winokur...Garage Victim
Dexter BellDexter Bell...Shorty's Friend
Ted GillTed Gill...Store Clerk
Andrew KeiltyAndrew Keilty...Killer Ghost (uncredited)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Kevin HansenKevin Hansen...Stoner (uncredited)
Johnny HawkesJohnny Hawkes...Warren (uncredited)
Art HivesArt Hives...Teacher (uncredited)
Jennifer Anne LeeJennifer Anne Lee...Reporter (uncredited)
Bruce MahlerBruce Mahler...Homey #2 (uncredited)
Mark MarriottMark Marriott...Sheriff's Deputy (uncredited)
Antonio McKayAntonio McKay...Prince#1 (uncredited)
Robin MillerRobin Miller...Student (uncredited)
Zahf ParooZahf Paroo...Principal (uncredited)
Ryan PatonRyan Paton...Locker Room Guy In Towel (uncredited)
Aubrey TennantAubrey Tennant...Underwear Norseman (uncredited)
James Van Der BeekJames Van Der Beek...Dawson Leery (uncredited)

Scary Movie Trailer

Scary Movie | Official Trailer (HD) - Anna Faris, Marlon Wayans, Shannon Elizabeth | MIRAMAX

Scary Movie Description

in Scary Movie Like most movie parodies, "Scary Movie" starts off well and then starts spiraling downward as it exhausts the possibilities of its limited material. 

Certainly, few genres are as primed for self-satire as the teen slasher Scary Movie that have proliferated in theaters since the early 1980s. 

Although some of Scary Film earliest 'Friday the 13th' and 'Halloween' Scary Movie seem like ancient history to today's core film public, 'Scary Movie' draws on more contemporary examples of the genre like 'Scream' and 'I'. 

Know what you did last summer' as a source of inspiration. In its early parts, "Scary Movie" has a lot of fun parodying many of Scary Film ridiculous conventions that have long defined these films: the use of 30-year-old actors to portray empty-headed, sleazy teenagers; heavy emphasis on juvenile sexuality and partial nudity; the incoherent actions of the killer's victims who seem to be doing everything possible to land themselves in dangerous situations; and the oh-so-predictable false scare (usually caused by a leaping cat) immediately following Scary Film inevitable killer attack.

Directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans and boasting a screenplay crafted by at least six (count 'em SIX) writers, 'Scary Movie' establishes a high-paced rhythm and pace that Scary Film makers will be able to maintain throughout the film's 88-minute run. Most manage to sustain through the time. 

Although there is a noticeable trend on Scary Film part of the film in the last half hour. Part of the problem may be that, as most films are essentially made up of sound and sight gags, it is inevitable that some bits will succeed better than others and that inspiration will run out as Scary Film progresses. 

A little dry and Scary Film humor will become less spontaneous and more forced. In fact, Scary Full Movie type of Scary Movie genre parody has always worked best when implemented in small doses on TV series like 'Saturday Night Live', 'In Living Color' and even 'The Carol Burnett Show' Is. Stretched to full length, such concepts often suffer Scary Film curse of diminishing returns.

At times, the screenplay strays so close to the limits of good taste that one can question whether or not Scary Film material is actually appropriate for the age group the film is clearly aimed at. 

Crudty is actually much more comedically effective when it is merely hinted at than when it is openly written about and displayed. But then subtlety isn't a strong suit of the straight horror Scary Movie genre.

'Scary Movie' is, at least, blessed with a winning, game cast made up of appropriately post teen actors who perfectly grasp the mannerisms and speech patterns of Scary Film stereotypes they adopt. 

Scary Film overall good-natured quality and fairly high laugh ratio of gems to clunkers make "Scary Movie" an imperfect but generally likable popcorn entertainer.

A controversial horror spoof that attracted mainstream attention upon release. If you liked "Scream" and took it seriously, then you should watch Scary Full Movie Scary Movie carefully. It's almost Scary Film same concept. 

Where "Scream" tried to be taken seriously, "Scary Movie" pokes fun at the genre in every possible crude way.

Anna Faris and the Wayans brothers put on a hilarious performance. Scary Film cast is definitely top notch but the film asks for it. 

It is always shocking to see a beautiful girl like Faris behaving like Scary Full Movie and this time, it is amusing. Rest of Scary Film cast is very good. All in "American Pie" style but with raunchy humor.

The main reason I love Scary Full Movie Scary Movie is because it completely mocks many popular horror Scary Full Movie. Friday the 13th, He Knows You're Alone, Black Christmas, Psycho, etc. In my opinion, this is the best feature of the film.

It's a joke but it's a tribute at the same time. Unlike "Scream" which tried to convince people that it was an innovative slasher.

If you are in the mood for raw black humour, then try Scary Full Movie Scary Full Movie. If you are not easily annoyed then this will surely entertain you.

Scary Movie is now (a while back it was me, myself and Irene) my favorite comedy of the year. Scary Full Movie Scary Full Movie gives another word to the spoof/comedy genre, and even though it doesn't make it a success like Airplane!, it's still pretty funny. 

Sure it's not for everyone, but for people who have seen all the horror Scary Full Movie in Scary Full Movie Scary Movie (eg- Scream, Scream 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scary Movie Matrix, Scary Movie Sixth Sense, Scary Full Movie Blair Witch Project, Halloween, Scary Film Shining, etc.) and enjoy a good comedy, this Scary Movie is definitely for you.

Just a year after a man is crushed, a group of teenagers are targeted by a serial killer.

Scream in 1996 was a film that reinstated Scary Movie slasher horror genre, and Keenan Ivory Wayans' spoof is a true and funny testament to that horror classic.

Modern spoofs often feature slapstick humor, stereotypes, and a fairly predictable plot. It's clear and pure silly entertainment with Scary Full Movie 2000 hit that you just can't stop without Scary Movie love and laughter despite the traditional approach.

Recent releases like Disaster Scary Movie have brought Scary Movie spoof genre to an all-time low. Filled with quirky parodies, attacks on celebrities, and ultimately silly conspiracies, it's a wonder why they're still being made. 

In Scary Movie nineties we had classic spoofs like Austin Powers and Naked Gun, silly but with a sharp and gripping plot.

Scary Movie has such a good plot, choosing to focus your energy on Scream and I know what you did last summer, that you forget its intentions to let other Scary Movie down and so, sit back and relax. and able to enjoy Scary Movie ride.

Scary Movie opening is accompanied by some great moments of too much screaming, and crude slapstick with safety signs, sexual references, and a car out of control.

Scary Full Movie opening sets Scary Film tone for a gripping comedy and Scary Full Movie audience is first thrust into Scary Movie lives of typical teens, a continuation to a life horror Scary Movie filled with some fine slapstick humor and stereotypes. 

Scary Movie story of teenagers being targeted is a bit off its purpose to tell and therefore acquires a realism in its context. Follow-ups 2, 3 and 4 with follow-ups 2, 3 and 4 tend to shy away from the main narrative and have such drama that this original is Scary Full Movie most sophisticated to date.

Although Scary Movie comedy is often predictable, there is still an elegance to Scary Movie way in which Wayans achieves this effect. 

His close-knit and unfazed style gives humorous and equally terrifying substance to fly in both genres in Scary Full Movie tantric tale.

Spoofs are always worth watching when it comes to criticizing blockbusters and the scary movie is no exception with its sheer accuracy on Scream and other horrors. Full of savage spectacle and weird stereotypes, this is the best in the series

Horror Scary Movie (**1/2) John Abraham, Carmen Electra, Shannon Elizabeth, Anna Faris, Kurt Fuller, Regina Hall, Lochlin Monroe, Cheri Otteri, Dave Sheridan, Marlon Wayans, Sean Wayans, Kelly Caufield, David L. Lander.

'airplane!' Meet could have been Scary Movie pitch made by “Scream” director Keenan Ivory Wayans and his talented sibling screenwriters Marlon & Sean for their studio, Dimension, in Scary Full Movie riotously funny, hit-and-miss, parody of Scary Movie horror genre.

While mercilessly taunting slasher films including 'I Know What You Did Scary Movie Last Summer' among others, Scary Movie satire B.A. is focused on. 

Corps high school and costumed serial killer, who begins a string of sordid murders starting with Scary Full Movie slimy Electra (Drew Barrymore's signature opening to the first 'Scream'), whose silicone implants neither can save her attacker nor by being crushed by his parents. 

oblivious to her daughter's plight by engaging in oral sex, Scary Full Movie first of many sexual jokes). Of course media jumps in to glorify Scary Movie murders with the help of newshound Gail Hellstrom (`SNL's Otterie, imitating Courteney Cox's insane media blitzer), aimlessly trying to get a scoop. 

And then there's Scary Movie usual teen-victim-victim that includes Faris as the Neve Campbell/Jennifer Love Hewitt character, Cindy.

While not all of the spoofs are as hilarious as the granddaddy of “Airplane!,” “Scary Movie” (coincidentally it was Scary Movie original title of “Scream” before), mentally taking the shot has Scary Movie potential to get more and more laughs for your buck. tries. 

Sick, smoking dope, homosexuals, genital, and for me Scary Movie biggest laugh was the predominantly white film audience silencing an obnoxiously loud black character through all manner of violence. Crappy jokes, sex jokes, and anything that sticks to wall jokes get paid a bit here and then.

Scary Movie Wayans Brothers — as Sean Rey, a football player with sexuality issues, and Marlon Shorty as Scary Full Movie funny pot head who hooks up Scary Movie killer with some hilarious moments of being baked — co-co-ordinate this Lampoon. 

Screenplay (and receive onscreen credit with co-writers Buddy Johnson, Phil Bauman, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer) and provide most of Scary Movie laughs, often at their own expense and with Scary Movie help of older brother Keenan (whose "Amistad 2" trailer), clearly knows how to make someone laugh and even if his TV series was scrapped for 5 seasons (as it is remembered in Scary Full Movie climax). is), then rest assured that an inevitable sequel will find itself in all its strange quirks.

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