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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Breckin MeyerBreckin Meyer...Josh
Seann William ScottSeann William Scott...E. L.
Amy SmartAmy Smart...Beth
Paulo CostanzoPaulo Costanzo...Rubin
DJ QuallsDJ Qualls...Kyle
Rachel BlanchardRachel Blanchard...Tiffany
Anthony RappAnthony Rapp...Jacob
Fred WardFred Ward...Earl Edwards
Tom GreenTom Green...Barry
Andy DickAndy Dick...Motel Clerk
Ethan SupleeEthan Suplee...Ed
Horatio SanzHoratio Sanz...French Toast Guy
Rhoda GriffisRhoda Griffis...Tour Group Mom
Marla SucharetzaMarla Sucharetza...Sperm Bank Nurse
Ellen Albertini DowEllen Albertini Dow...Barry's Grandma
Edmund LyndeckEdmund Lyndeck...Barry's Grandpa
Jessica CauffielJessica Cauffiel...The Wrong Tiffany
Kohl SudduthKohl Sudduth...Mark
Wendell B. Harris Jr.Wendell B. Harris Jr....Professor Anderson
Rini BellRini Bell...Carla
Jaclyn DeSantisJaclyn DeSantis...Heather
Aliya CampbellAliya Campbell...Wendy
Kim FoxKim Fox...Target Clerk
Patricia GaulPatricia Gaul...Cookie Edwards
Richie DyeRichie Dye...Duffy
Mary Lynn RajskubMary Lynn Rajskub...Blind Brenda
Tim WareTim Ware...Officer Bortz
Julia WrightJulia Wright...Joyce
Paula Claire JonesPaula Claire Jones...Stephanie
Richard PetersonRichard Peterson...Michael
Phe CaplanPhe Caplan...Boston Coed
Avery Kidd WaddellAvery Kidd Waddell...Jeff
Omar J. DorseyOmar J. Dorsey...Lawrence
Preston Wigasi BrantPreston Wigasi Brant...Chris (as Preston Brant)
Mia Amber DavisMia Amber Davis...Rhonda
Jimmy KimmelJimmy Kimmel...Corky the Dog (voice)
Bethany SacksBethany Sacks...Lisa
Charlie McWadeCharlie McWade...Brian
Todd BarryTodd Barry...Campus Security #1
Bill RowellBill Rowell...Campus Security #2
Bill GribbleBill Gribble...Bomb Squad Detective
Guenevere RodriguezGuenevere Rodriguez...Tour Group (as Guinevere Rodriguez)
Al WigginsAl Wiggins...Tour Group
Lisa ChynLisa Chyn...Tour Group
Daniel Emery TaylorDaniel Emery Taylor...Tour Group (as Daniel Taylor)
Rachel MarinacciRachel Marinacci...Tour Group
Bob PlaceBob Place...Tour Group (as Bobby Place)
Frank GirardeauFrank Girardeau...Tour Group
Marla MalcolmMarla Malcolm...Tour Group (as Marla Leigh Malcom)
Matt WalshMatt Walsh...Crime Scene Photographer (as Matthew Paul Walsh)
John Ross BowieJohn Ross Bowie...Waiter
Cristen CoppenCristen Coppen...Kim
Cleo KingCleo King...Woman on Bus
Lori Beth SikesLori Beth Sikes...Party Guest (as Lori Beth Edgeman)
Kellie GarriganKellie Garrigan...Party Guest
Michael CornierMichael Cornier...Party Guest
Frank CooperFrank Cooper...Party Guest
Mark BezMark Bez...Party Guest
Andrew FowlerAndrew Fowler...Party Guest
Paul SimpsonPaul Simpson...Party Guest
Krew KethKrew Keth...Party Guest (as Rada Phlong)
Marc GordonMarc Gordon...Stepper
Tharon JohnsonTharon Johnson...Stepper
Raymond DeLoatchRaymond DeLoatch...Stepper
Will AklinWill Aklin...Stepper
Calvin J. WilsonCalvin J. Wilson...Stepper
Benjamin BookerBenjamin Booker...Stepper
Bridgett WiseBridgett Wise...Barry's Girl
Aerica D'AmaroAerica D'Amaro...Barry's Girl
Todd PhillipsTodd Phillips...Foot Lover
Deborah ZoeDeborah Zoe...E. L.'s Girlfriend
The K.G.B.The K.G.B....Party Band
Johnny GeniusJohnny Genius...Party Band
MosesMoses...Party Band
Tom PeytonTom Peyton...Party Band
Ben KramerBen Kramer...Party Band
Eric TobiasEric Tobias...Party Band
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jenny AndrewsJenny Andrews...Cop (uncredited)
AvivaAviva...Student Getting Mail (uncredited)
Cameron BeachCameron Beach...Bum #1 at Sperm Bank (uncredited)
Valeisha ButterfieldValeisha Butterfield...College Student (uncredited)
Randall CarltonRandall Carlton...Class Superlative (uncredited)
Stephanie D'AbruzzoStephanie D'Abruzzo...Party Girl Who Kissed Clayton / Target Shopper (uncredited)
Doshia DarmaneDoshia Darmane...Party Girl (uncredited)
Adam FristoeAdam Fristoe...Partier (uncredited)
Benjamin GravittBenjamin Gravitt...Extra (uncredited)
Mandy LauderdaleMandy Lauderdale...Extra (uncredited)
Summer LeAnnSummer LeAnn...Girl on Pool Tire Swing (uncredited)
Ron MarinoRon Marino...Party Guest (uncredited)
Isaac MarshallIsaac Marshall...Proprietor of Target (uncredited)
Relton McBurrowsRelton McBurrows...(uncredited)
Patrick MillsapsPatrick Millsaps...Police Officer (uncredited)
Muretta MossMuretta Moss...Sorority Girl (uncredited)
Jacob Moyer MoatsJacob Moyer Moats...Philosophy Student (uncredited)
Shanda Lee MunsonShanda Lee Munson...Sorority Girl (uncredited)
Kendra MyersKendra Myers...Extra (uncredited)
Matthew MyersMatthew Myers...Student Watching Fight (uncredited)
Casey NelsonCasey Nelson...Ithaca Student (uncredited)
Ernest PetersonErnest Peterson...Fraternity Brother (uncredited)
Byron PurvisByron Purvis...Party Guest (uncredited)
Noah RayNoah Ray...Extra / driver (uncredited)
Michael SouthMichael South...Extra (uncredited)
Jim SpannJim Spann...Auction High Bidder (uncredited)
Jonathan ThompsonJonathan Thompson...Driver (uncredited)
Alex WatsonAlex Watson...Stoned Student (uncredited)
Heather WorleyHeather Worley...Target Shopper (uncredited)

Road Trip Movie Trailer

Road Trip Film (2000) Official Trailer

Road Trip Movie Description

In Road Trip Movie Usually this type of movie turns me down, but I was asked to watch 'Road Trip Full Movie' with some friends from college and a couple of twelve-packs, and I couldn't stop laughing.

Josh (Breckin Meyer) has been in love with Tiffany (Rachel Blanchard) since they were both five years old. 

But Josh attends college in upstate New York, while Tiffany went to school in Texas. Josh's friends think he is crazy for maintaining a long distance relationship when there are so many girls around. , , Date. Beth (Amy Smart) is particularly attractive, having an attraction for Josh. 

When Josh is unable to locate Tiffany by phone and begins to suspect she is cheating on him, he succumbs to her advances and brings Beth back to his dorm room for a night of hot love. Is. 

Beth, eager to show just how wild she can be, decides to videotape the encounter. The next day, Josh learns that he can't reach Tiffany due to a family emergency, and is immediately wracked with guilt. 

Things become more complicated when her irate partner Barry mistakes Tiffany's sex tape for a video message that Josh asked her to leave in the mail. 

Horrified at the idea of ​​Tiffany putting a tape in the VCR to see him double-backed with another girl, Josh decides to travel to Texas to stop the illegal tape. 

His two best friends – resident prankster E.L. (Sean W. Scott) and stoner-intellectual Rubin (Paul Costanzo) - offer to come along, and Josh helps persuade mega-nerd Kyle (D.J. Qualls) to come along instead. I can use my father's car. Ride.

From that point on, 'Road Trip Movie' follows the traditional teen exploitation comedy format, though with more wit and intelligence than would be expected from the genre. 

Director Todd Phillips pokes fun at stereotypes while giving us slapstick, grossed-out comedy that feels familiar to anyone going to college (psycho-sorority hazing, Tass undergraduate girls making alcohol and pot-related shenanigans, etc.).

Trying, The Stupid Breaking Bad, a hilarious run-in at an all-black fraternity house, etc.). Compensating for the teen hijinks is a surprisingly smart and thoughtful subplot for Kyle, who transforms from a nerdy object of derision into the film's most likable and memorable character.

In the tradition of "Animal House," "Road Trip Movie" is goofy and childish, but insanely funny. Not a movie for date night, but a great option for gathering around the tube with bongs, brews and bros. An instant Joe six-pack classic.

You have something to thank Mary and American Pie for what they did. These are two films that came together and were bold enough to try something different.

Those movies included raunchy jokes, crude humour, nudity and had the audacity to poke fun at everyone, earning him the Quentin Tarantino of comedy. 

Before American Pie, you had some almost as good movies like Can't Hardly Wait and 10 Things I Hate About You. 

They were good but not good enough to be mentioned in the same breath as Animal House and Porky and so on. Then American Pie comes along and shows everyone that it's okay to have boobs again and to use the F-word liberally "Sherman, what are you doing here?" and "Oz, f*** face, I don't think he's coming back!" It was a movie that didn't try to closely mimic the way teenagers and young adults talk, it mimicked the way teenagers and young adults talk. 

Road Trip Movie continues that trend. Hollywood needs to realize that we are not as dumb as they think we are in most cases when it comes to greenlighting scripts. And what I mean by that is that sure, it could make money off almost any excuse for a teen movie like Drive Me Crazy and Here on Earth, but if you want to hit the jackpot, if you want that youthful feel. 

Do need to watch the movie more than once and recommend it to your friends, you have to have a smart ear, likeable characters for laughs and more than just a simple boy meets girl story. Road Trip Movie is that movie!

When I went to film, I was shocked but pleased to see Ivan Reitman and Dan Goldberg's names attached to the film as executive producers. 

These are the people who brought us movies like Animal House, Ghostbusters, Meatballs, Stripes, and even Kindergarten Cop. These are all fun films with good dialogue delivery. So it starts off on the right foot right away.

The next thing it got right was the casting of Tom Green and Sean William Scott. Greene is insanely sick and twisted, and Seann William Scott steals every scene in American Pie. 

So to have them in your cast as the ugliest of the bunch is great casting. The next thing the film does right is to go back to the roots of campus comedy and there is plenty of nudity. Yes, sure it may sound sexist and primitive but it also sells tickets.

I might have enjoyed "Road Trip Movie" a little more if I hadn't already seen "Overnight Delivery" — it's pretty abundantly clear that the former is based on the latter. 

All the major plot points match up, as far as "Road Trip Movie" actually having a plot. What a plot it hangs together like a slimy potato chip.

Frankly, if you've seen "Overnight Delivery," "Road Trip Movie" pales in comparison. The comedic action in the body of the film is only related to the plot in the most uncertain degree, and the equivalent of the female presence of the original is absent in most of the middle action - rendering the conclusion far less logical.

"Overnight Delivery" was a comedy, but it was a smart comedy, and it had a lot of deep meaning for an out-of-state college freshman. 

When you finish high school, you often feel like you're sure about what the world is going to be like and what your life is going to be like - and who you're going to spend it with. 

The main characters - both nebbish faux-conservative men and pseudo-rebellious strippers - eventually learn that life isn't that predictable, that impulses get in the way... and that there's much more left to discover in the world than an insular one. Outside the childish confines of suburban-strip mall education.

On the other hand, "Road Trip Movie" is nothing more than a sex-ranch comedy. I'm not allergic to them (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Dumb and Dumber are two of my favorite guilty pleasures), but the problem is basically the same. 

When you copy a story that's meant to be, and you reduce it to obscene toilet-bowl humor without obvious parody, you leave those who love the original product feeling... empty. , cheat, even.

Story archetypes abound, sure, but "Road Trip Movie" is too unorthodox to bring anything worthwhile out of its source material and too self-aware to be a blatant caricature of the source. As is often the case, the original is far tastier than any standard.

Road Trip Film are more outdoors than college and this can be seen as a good thing. The adventure was okay but the movie wasn't really that much fun. 

I'm a fan of the American Pie series (the first 3), but Road Trip Full Movie was not all that people were saying about it. There were many unnecessary stops along the way. Most of those affaires involve the holy pair of collegiate abstinence: mood-altering substances and sex. 

Deposits are stopped when the money in the sperm bank runs out. There is a stop at a college where they party with members of a black fraternity, and where Kyle loses his virginity to an older woman. 

and an overnight stay with an elderly couple (Barry's grandparents), where the grizzled man of the house rocks and converses with his dog. However, none of this was as fun as it sounds. The group of friends was fine, with the exception of Rubin and Kyle (they were both totally nervous, especially Rubin).

Only it's not that funny. Unlike American Pie, which delivers no-nonsense messages, Road Trip Film never pretends to be anything more than a cesspool of moral depravity. It's even more refreshing in a perverse way that the girl who seduced Josh — what inspired the cross-country recovery mission in the first place. 

But the singularity of the Road Trip Film purpose doesn't translate into too much frenetic energy. Its low-brow set pieces are erected on obvious incongruities: the pairing of rail-thin Kyle with his older lady friend, an older man sporting a palpable erection, the macho E.L. Delight in a prostate massage. 

Road Trip Film gags lack a sense of comic discovery; They are gags at which teenagers are expected to laugh. I liked the ending, the way it showed the friends' lives in the near future. That was the one positive thing about this laugh-free comedy.

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