Remember the Titans Movie | Remember the Titans Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Denzel WashingtonDenzel Washington...Coach Herman Boone
Will PattonWill Patton...Coach Bill Yoast
Wood HarrisWood Harris...Julius Campbell
Ryan HurstRyan Hurst...Gerry Bertier
Donald FaisonDonald Faison...Petey Jones
Craig KirkwoodCraig Kirkwood...Jerry 'Rev' Harris
Ethan SupleeEthan Suplee...Louie Lastik
Kip PardueKip Pardue...Ronnie 'Sunshine' Bass
Hayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere...Sheryl Yoast
Nicole Ari ParkerNicole Ari Parker...Carol Boone
Kate BosworthKate Bosworth...Emma Hoyt
Earl PoitierEarl Poitier...Blue Stanton (as Earl C. Poitier)
Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling...Alan Bosley
Burgess JenkinsBurgess Jenkins...Ray Budds
Neal GhantNeal Ghant...Frankie Glascoe
David JeffersonDavid Jefferson...Cook (as David Jefferson Jr.)
Preston Wigasi BrantPreston Wigasi Brant...Jerry Buck (as Preston Brant)
John Michael WeatherlyJohn Michael Weatherly...Kirk Barker (as Michael Weatherly)
Gregory Alan WilliamsGregory Alan Williams...Coach Paul 'Doc' Hines (as Greg Alan Williams)
Brett RiceBrett Rice...Coach Herb Tyrell
Richard FullertonRichard Fullerton...A.D. Watson
J. Don FergusonJ. Don Ferguson...Executive Director
Krysten Leigh JonesKrysten Leigh Jones...Nicky Boone
Afemo OmilamiAfemo Omilami...Charles Campbell
Andrew MassetAndrew Masset...Colonel William G. Bass
Tim WareTim Ware...Fred Bosley
Tom TurbivilleTom Turbiville...Captain Hal
Tom NowickiTom Nowicki...Coach Ed Henry
Jim GrimshawJim Grimshaw...Coach Taber
David DwyerDavid Dwyer...Coach Tolbert
Bo KeisterBo Keister...Kip Tyler (as Walter Benjamin Keister)
Lou WalkerLou Walker...Ferdinand Day
Marion GuyotMarion Guyot...Mrs. Jean Bertier
Rhubarb JonesRhubarb Jones...Radio Announcer
Bob NealBob Neal...Colorman
Dan AlbrightDan Albright...Doctor
Mike PniewskiMike Pniewski...Cop
Sharon BlackwoodSharon Blackwood...Nurse Allice
Paula Claire JonesPaula Claire Jones...White Girl #1
Kelly ChestonKelly Cheston...White Girl #2 (as Kelly C. Cheston)
Walker JonesWalker Jones...White Kid #1
Ronald L. ConnerRonald L. Conner...Black Kid #1
Courtney James StewartCourtney James Stewart...Black Kid #2
E.Y. ColeyE.Y. Coley...Official
John Wesley RegisterJohn Wesley Register...Official
B. Keith HarmonB. Keith Harmon...Crooked Official
Andy FrancisAndy Francis...Quarterback
Stuart GreerStuart Greer...Marshall Assistant Coach
Derick MarshallDerick Marshall...Lee Roy 'Monk' Davis
Scott ThomasScott Thomas...Fred Alderson (as Scott Miles)
Kevin DankoskyKevin Dankosky...Reporter #1
David ChandleyDavid Chandley...Reporter #2
Scott SladeScott Slade...Reporter #3
Ric ReitzRic Reitz...Reporter #4
Steve BarnesSteve Barnes...Titan Supporter
Rory GriffinRory Griffin...Titan
Ryan KowalskeRyan Kowalske...Titan
Thomas ElliottThomas Elliott...Titan
C. Stephen BrowderC. Stephen Browder...Titan #4
Jameel JacksonJameel Jackson...Titan
Randy D. Patman Jr.Randy D. Patman Jr....Titan
Jemal L. WebbJemal L. Webb...Titan
Shawn CummingsShawn Cummings...Titan
Michael RoubyMichael Rouby...Titan
Ray StoneyRay Stoney...Titan
Shanda Lee MunsonShanda Lee Munson...Emma's Friend (as Shanda Besler)
David de VriesDavid de Vries...Parent (as David Devries)
Andrew CollinsAndrew Collins...Black Newspaper Man
Stephen O. MartinStephen O. Martin...Heckler (as Steve Martin)
Matt AdamsMatt Adams...Heckler
Marcus M. MooreMarcus M. Moore...Special Teams Coach
Ryan DuncanRyan Duncan...Opposition Quarterback
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Chris AllenChris Allen...Football Fan (uncredited)
Lauren AparicioLauren Aparicio...Fan (uncredited)
Barry BrookshireBarry Brookshire...Titan (uncredited)
Nicky BuggsNicky Buggs...Neighbor (uncredited)
Tyreese BurnettTyreese Burnett...Team Member - Stillwell Titans (uncredited)
Valeisha ButterfieldValeisha Butterfield...Cheerleader (uncredited)
Edward CoakleyEdward Coakley...Titan (uncredited)
Don CochranDon Cochran...News Reporter (uncredited)
Chris CoddingChris Codding...Student (uncredited)
Darren W. ConradDarren W. Conrad...Football Player (uncredited)
Doshia DarmaneDoshia Darmane...Mourner (uncredited)
Mark FalvoMark Falvo...Press (uncredited)
Matt GammonMatt Gammon...Titan (uncredited)
Jennifer GentryJennifer Gentry...Woman at Reception (uncredited)
Angel GlaspieAngel Glaspie...Football Fan (uncredited)
Alton GlassAlton Glass...Titan (uncredited)
Kristol Grant BlanksKristol Grant Blanks...Protester (uncredited)
Benjamin GravittBenjamin Gravitt...Football Player (uncredited)
Jyn HallJyn Hall...Ray Budds' Sister (uncredited)
Gerrit HamiltonGerrit Hamilton...Chain Gang Member (uncredited)
Teretha G. HoustonTeretha G. Houston...Spectator (uncredited)
Lucinda JenneyLucinda Jenney...Arleen Yoast (uncredited)
Tina KingTina King...Blues Mom (uncredited)
Brittany LeeBrittany Lee...Head Cheerleader (uncredited)
Ron MarinoRon Marino...Stillwell Titan (uncredited)
Shauen MillerShauen Miller...Student in stands honoring Mrs. Bertier's mom (archive footage) (uncredited)
Dharma MoreauDharma Moreau...High School Student (uncredited)
Daniel PancottoDaniel Pancotto...Titan (uncredited)
Tess PanzerTess Panzer...Grownup Sheryl Yoast (uncredited)
Jammie PattonJammie Patton...Highschool Student (uncredited)
Robert M. PerezRobert M. Perez...Reporter / Commentator (uncredited)
Ernest PetersonErnest Peterson...Football Player (uncredited)
Robert PetersonRobert Peterson...Football Player (uncredited)
Arvell PoeArvell Poe...Spectator (uncredited)
Eynne RayEynne Ray...Protestor (uncredited)
John Paul RiceJohn Paul Rice...Titan (uncredited)
Kenric RichardsonKenric Richardson...Football Player (uncredited)
Xavier RiversXavier Rivers...Church Member (uncredited)
Jack SchneidermanJack Schneiderman...Titan (uncredited)
Irone SingletonIrone Singleton...Football Player (uncredited)
James SmithJames Smith...Titan (uncredited)
Aly SuttonAly Sutton...Fan (uncredited)
Jonathan ThompsonJonathan Thompson...Reporter / Commentator (uncredited)
Shayne TingleShayne Tingle...Team Doctor (uncredited)
Aaron WeilerAaron Weiler...Protestor / Reporter (uncredited)

Remember the Titans Movie Trailer

REMEMBER THE TITANS Trailer (2000) Denzel Washington Movie

Remember the Titans Movie Description

In Remember the Titans Movie "Remember the Titans" is one of only two films to have a chance to win an Oscar for Best Picture.

Denzel Washington leads a cast that is young, fresh, talented and determined to make Remember the Titans Film a success. "Remember the Titans" features strong performances from Will Patton, Ryan Hurst, Wood Harris, Donald Faison and Greg Allen Williams.

Based on a true story "Remember the Titans" 1971 T.C. The Williams High School Titans football team and their struggles with integration. 

Washington is Herman Boone, who has railed against racism after being brought on as coach of the Titans. Payton is Bill Yost, replacing Boone as head coach.

Washington and Patton are just two pieces of the puzzle, which makes "Remember the Titans" a real gem. 

However, the power and real beauty of "Remember the Titans" comes not from Washington or Payton, but from the Titan football players because they are the ones who deliver the strongest performances in the film.

I must say that the best performance of the entire film, apart from Washington and Patton, is the young actress who portrays Bill Yost's daughter, Hayden Panitiere. Remember the Titans Film young actress in "Remember the Titans" single-handedly made Remember the Titans Ful Movie Remember the Titans Movie worth watching. 

His talent shines through and his presence on screen is as fresh as the daily breeze; Moreover, she sizzles whenever she comes on screen. It is heartening to see such talent being discovered.

I hesitated to see "Remember the Titans" because I didn't want to see another football Remember the Titans Movie, but it's more than just another football Remember the Titans Ful Movie.

"Remember the Titans" is a great Remember the Titans Film with special performances and it is worth every dollar you spend to rent Remember the Titans Film Remember the Titans Movie.

Based on real events from 1971, where T.C. Williams High School, now a Hot Bed integrated school, becomes a beacon of integration through its mixed-race football team.

As is usually the case with films like this, it quickly becomes clear that some artistic license has been taken with the truth. 

In fact the issues of race, integration and the near powder-keg environment depicted in the picture were well before Virginia was at its worst in 1971. However, this should in no way detract from the thematic and truthful aspects of this Disney production. 

As told in the film, the Titans had what was known as a perfect season, while the bond between the black and white members certainly existed. 

All told, the film soars as an inspirational piece, not only because of the plot's essential coming together of a mixed-race community, but in the pivotal story of a Gerry Bertier.

That Remember the Titans Film urged me to seek out Bertier's story is a testament to the power of film, regardless of any sentimentality from the filmmakers. It is hoped that this film inspires newcomers to further research the themes within the story.

The cast list is impressive, with Denzel Washington and Will Patton finding instant chemistry as head coaches thrust together from outside influences, both men beautifully attuned to the real-life friendships that will arise from the situation. 

Ryan Hurst, Wood Harris, Ethan Suplee, Donald Faison, Kip Pardew, Craig Kirkwood and a pre-fame Ryan Gosling fill out the unified football team. Well portrayed by Hayden Panettiere and Nicole Ari Parker with two important family roles. Remember the Titans Film soundtrack is well put together, c. with.

Being a former white athlete and coach I'm sick of sports Remember the Titans Movie where Remember the Titans Movie involves a team eventually winning a championship, so I passed it on when it first came out. big mistake!! Like "Hoosiers" it was an exception and what an exception.

 Remember Titans is one of my top five Remember the Titans Movie of the last ten years. Denzel Washington delivered another consistent performance as a coach.

Like "Hoosiers" it is a true story and is not just a game story but a strong story about race. I probably appreciated it Remember the Titans Movie most because of my background in Remember the Titans Movie. During the 1940s I attended schools that were well integrated and students from different races and cultures co-existed harmoniously. 

In large part, this was because Remember the Titans Movie high school had a very successful football program that welcomed minority athletes, unlike almost all other schools. 

In my junior year we went undefeated and won Remember the Titans Ful Movie state championship and the team is still considered the best high school team of all time. When Remember the Titans Movie team was close to losing in the state final, we played with another well-integrated team.

As a result Remember the Titans Ful Movie community while generally middle and upper class was well integrated except for its minorities. As a result, although I knew racism existed, I never encountered it in my community. 

But then I started to see its ugly head. First, Remember the Titans Ful Movie All-American end on our team, a prolific athlete, was denied scholarships to both USC and Stanford because neither school accepted minorities. 

I've always wanted to go to USC, but because of what USC did to my friend, I turned down Remember the Titans Ful Movie scholarship offer the next year, as I did to Stanford, which I considered a snob school, as I do today Am.

But when Remember the Titans Film Korean War broke out and I was in service, my college was cut short. I was sent to bases in Remember the Titans Movie South and I spent the next thirteen years in the South seeing how bad it was for blacks and I was involved in the civil rights movement in the South, which got me in a lot of trouble with myself. military senior.

During my tours in Remember the Titans Movie South, I became the head coach of a football team at Southern Base. Filled with pre-collegiate stars and a few pros, we regularly played in Division I colleges and universities. 

However, because I had black players on my team, I couldn't schedule games with any white Southern colleges. Instead we set up a Black college and several state universities in Remember the Titans Movie Midwest.

Some critics have compared summer camp, in which Washington as Coach Boone brought blacks and whites together as a team, to a marine boot camp, but everyone missed Remember the Titans Movie subtlety of it. 

I went through boot camp at a time when the military was just unifying and we had a mix of Southern blacks and whites as well as my platoon as well as castes from other parts of the country in all classes. 

It didn't take long for us to form as a unit. Remember the Titans Movie first part of Boot Camp is definite hell and that's because it reduces everyone down to the lowest common denominator of suffering and you quickly learn that Remember the Titans Movie only way to survive that misery is to work together. Remember the Titans Ful Movie is exactly how Coach Boone made it work.

What I liked about this Remember the Titans Movie is that it shows how it all plays out. Most movie watchers today are not really aware of how bad racism was in 1971, but this Remember the Titans Ful Movie depicts it well. 

Even though there are some awkward moments in Remember the Titans Film and the actor playing the football player looks old for high school, these flaws are minimal and don't detract from Remember the Titans Film power.

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