Red Planet Movie | Red Planet Full Movie | 2000

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Val KilmerVal Kilmer...Gallagher
Carrie-Anne MossCarrie-Anne Moss...Bowman
Tom SizemoreTom Sizemore...Burchenal
Benjamin BrattBenjamin Bratt...Santen
Simon BakerSimon Baker...Pettengil
Terence StampTerence Stamp...Chantilas
Jessica MortonJessica Morton...Website Fan
Caroline BossiCaroline Bossi...Website Fan
Bob NeillBob Neill...Voice of Houston (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Neil RossNeil Ross...Space Suit (voice) (uncredited)

Red Planet Movie Trailer

Red Planet Film (2000) - Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss Science Fiction Movie HD

Red Planet Movie Description

In Red Planet, I haven't seen "Mission to Mars" yet, so I can't make any comparisons between this movie and that movie. 

I just saw this movie in a free preview, and although I had already decided that I wouldn't pay for it if I had to, I thought, What the hell. 

They were giving away free soundtracks and T-shirts to people who came, so I was already in pretty good spirits about the movie.

So the Red Planet movie begins, so far so good. My friends are asking me if I want to leave. The Red Planet Film was only 10 minutes in, not enough time to find anything wrong with a movie...for me anyway. About 30 minutes into the movie, I realized why it was free. An hour and a half into the film, I realized it was never going to end. 

I was just waiting for it to end so that I could leave. Whatever the makers of "Red Planet Movie" were trying to make, it fell apart halfway into the Red Planet movie, and soon after, I realized it was dead and was never going to come back to life. Rest of the film wasted time and failed to excite or entertain me.

I'm usually very patient with movies, so don't gang up on me and tell me that long movies with very little action bore me, because that's not true. 

If the "Red Planet Movie" had something to say, I would be very interested and excited. The plot was lacking in "Red Planet Full Movie" and although the characters got plenty of intriguing times, I never really understood who they were. 

I think they were trying to develop the characters after years of sci-fi movies that go for effects and ignore the characters. Despite their efforts, they were unsuccessful.

From a technical point of view, "Red Planet Movie" is brilliant. The effects and photography are great, and the aura of the sound will knock your socks off! However, effects and sound are not essential to storytelling.

Interestingly, this Red Planet film featured Carrie-Ann Moss. She hardly does anything, and her lack of humor is never really explained (I don't know how I could have missed the explanation, but I did).

Plus, she was in "The Matrix," another effects and sound gift. However, "The Matrix" had developed characters, and had a plot that made it work.

I wouldn't call "Red Planet Movie" a terrible movie. It's technically brilliant, and they tried to make a good Red Planet film. 

And if nothing happens in a Red Planet movie, it doesn't matter to me. The problem was they forgot a plot and didn't know how to develop the characters. Without those essential elements in a Red Planet movie, it can make a movie with the promise of a long, boring failure.

OK, I was expecting the critics to be a little harsher on this Red Planet movie. I've always been curious, and I wanted to see it! Now, I realize why the critics panned it. From the outset, the characters were under-developed and unlikeable, and the plot extremely predictable.

Although 'Red Planet Movie' had an interesting cast with Val Kilmer, Carrie Anne Moss, Tom Sizemore, Terence Stamp and Benjamin Bratt. 

Neither of them add anything to the Red Planet film, and Terence Stamp's character is completely wasted and barely developed. 

There was also no chemistry between Carrie Anne Moss and Val Kilmer. The editing looked sloppy at times, as well as some of the visual effects looked very computer generated. 

In the desert scenes, I swear I can even see the reflections of some of the crew. Most of all, I couldn't get into the story, or feel anything for the main characters, especially our protagonist! 'Red Planet Movie' didn't have the tension it should have, and it just wasn't engaging enough.

The funny thing is that one reviewer says that 'Red Planet Movie' was a suspense film and not a science-fiction film. Well, it lacked suspense, at least for me, and if anything I would classify it as a science-fiction thriller. 

How can the 'Red Planet Movie' not be science fiction? It is based on the future with advanced technology! I would suggest that this reviewer finds a different argument when defending his reasons for liking the film! Anyhow, the science-fiction part was fine, I don't care that some people don't think the future 'Red Planet Movie' will have maps. How do they know the future? Although I thought The Computer Talking Back was a lame joke, I have to have some suspension of disbelief when watching any science-fiction movie. 

The 'Red Planet Full Movie' sci-fi elements were fine, but the mystery part was completely non-existent and the story lacked the coherence and performances needed to make a good sci-fi thriller! Editing and some effects disappointing too! ** Out of

When scientists on Earth realized that the air was slowly becoming irreparably poisoned, they sent algae to Mars to produce oxygen. 

Years later this process appears to have been reversed and a ship has been launched to find out. Arrival in orbit is greeted by a solar flare that damages the main ship and mars everyone except the pilot on the surface of Mars. 

The robotic probe is damaged and switches to military mode - hunting the crew. They discover that the air is breathable but they still need to get off the planet to survive.

One of two Mars films made at roughly the same time, this Red Planet film falls short of the pair (though neither was all that). The plot varies wildly between sci-fi and action, but neither is that good. 

The action side is mostly covered by the peril in space and the robot Amy going insane. The space stuff is great and the effects work reasonably well, but Ami isn't quite as good; That subplot feels unnecessary and the effects on the robots feel a bit silly. 

The attempts to make the Red Planet film dramatic and tense don't really work and it doesn't really have a strong core to work with.

The scientific material is of potential interest – especially in the week that Bush announced plans to build a space station on the Moon and then send men to Mars. However the whole idea of ​​the doomed planet etc is never explained (probably because it can barely stand on its own) and things on the planet happen to move on. 

Given that the Red Planet movie is a book ending by a global problem, I was surprised that this aspect of it was not a big deal. 

It should have been more entertaining and thought provoking as an idea - life on Mars? But it was not so.

The cast tries hard but none of their characters really stretch above the level of 'fodder'; Hell, for most of them I couldn't even tell you their role on the mission! Moss is fine in the lead and does well in her solo role in space. 

Kilmer isn't good at all, but in fairness I never really liked him as a leading man so I'm biased. That's too light for the part that could have been done with a spark to light it. 

Sizemore has a meaty role and is good in it but Bratt and Baker are very memorable. The stamp adds a bit of weight to the Red Planet film but really only makes a few appearances and then crap!

Overall it is not a terrible movie just a very useless movie. The Red Planet film is neither thrilling nor interesting. 

The juxtaposition of characters makes it seem like the basic plot was added until there was enough to fill the running time with stuff. If you have to see one of the two Mars movies this year, I suggest Mission to Mars is better (though not great).

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