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Vin DieselVin Diesel...Richard B. Riddick
Radha MitchellRadha Mitchell...Carolyn Fry
Cole HauserCole Hauser...William J. Johns
Keith DavidKeith David...Abu 'Imam' al-Walid
Lewis Fitz-GeraldLewis Fitz-Gerald...Paris P. Ogilvie
Claudia BlackClaudia Black...Sharon 'Shazza' Montgomery
Rhiana GriffithRhiana Griffith...Jack
John MooreJohn Moore...John 'Zeke' Ezekiel
Simon BurkeSimon Burke...Greg Owens
Les ChanteryLes Chantery...Suleiman
Sam SariSam Sari...Hassan
Firass DiraniFirass Dirani...Ali
Ric AndersonRic Anderson...Total Stranger
Vic WilsonVic Wilson...Captain Tom Mitchell
Angela MooreAngela Moore...Dead Crew Member (as Angela Makin)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Peter ChiangPeter Chiang...Spaceship Traveler in Cryo (uncredited)
Ken TwohyKen Twohy...Spaceship Traveler in Cryo (uncredited)

Pitch Black Movie Trailer

Pitch Black Official Trailer #1 - Vin Diesel Movie (2000) HD

Pitch Black Movie Description

In Pitch Black Film While most movies that pit humans against terrifying extra-terrestrials tend to be cheap imitations of Pitch Black Movie “Aliens” series, Pitch Black is a fine piece of sci-fi, and an excellent film all around. 

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the film is the lights. Pitch Black Film beautifully employs many different colors, shades and intensities of light that set the mood and give the film a unique feeling, different from Pitch Black Film 'normal' film lighting we usually see. 

lets see. Vin Diesel brings his character to life in a masterful way, skillfully avoiding routine portrayals of Pitch Black Film hardened criminal. After all, the film is about the personal journey of Riddick (Diesel's character), so thankfully Vin didn't miss the ball. 

The rest of Pitch Black Film cast (with the exception of the talented and gorgeous Claudia Black) was unknown to me, but all turned into amazing performances, animating the diverse characters with unique quirks and behaviors. 

Pitch Black is a perfect example of making a great film without the resources of an exorbitant budget. 

Pitch Black Film special effects are more than enough, but at the same time they are by no means the only focus, as is the case with many high budget 'blockbusters'. 

Pitch Black Film is a great film because it uses science fiction as a medium to tell a compelling, evocative story, rather than using the flash of science fiction to tell a mean story.

I'll admit, I was already a fan of Shanti, Pitch Black Movie Riddick Chronicles and all of them, so I went into Pitch Black Film Pitch Black Film with some premeditated anticipation. On the other hand, I haven't always been such a fan of Vin Diesel, as he's somewhat mono-dimensional in his range of characters, but for Riddick's avatar, he fits in perfectly. 

As far as Pitch Black Movie story and how it goes, the pace is good, not too cumbersome with unnecessary special effects etc., but where it fits in, Pitch Black Full Movie CGI is well done and appropriate.

There's actually an obvious technical flaw in Pitch Black Full Movie story, how everyone just gets out and starts walking around, breathing air without in Pitch Black Film slightest concern for differences in atmosphere, microbes, etc., 

but Pitch Black Full Movie one There is a general flaw that is often hidden in some way or the other in many such stories, so I can't say too much on that detail.

As Radha Mitchell, she's smoking hot here, not in a ridiculous or frivolous way, but as her tough, seasoned interplanetary merchant ship captain character "Fry," she plays it perfectly. 

If anything, she reminds me a lot of Andrea Osvart (watch her as Hungarian assassin "Gilda" in Pitch Black Film Pitch Black Film "Two Tigers").

Now, if these two women ever appear together in a Pitch Black Film, I'll drop everything and check Pitch Black Film heartbeat. , , but I digress.

Anyway, I have no problem giving "Pitch Black" 8 stars.

Let me waste a moment of your time explaining how I approached Pitch Black Full Movie. At first I handed out Pitch Black Film trailers because the Pitch Black Film was an uncredited remake of Aliens, which I consider to be one of the weakest Pitch Black Movie in Pitch Black Full Movie Alien series. 

After hearing positive things about it from people whose opinions I trust continued to foolishly dismiss Pitch Black Full Movie, I was completely missing the theater run. 

I got hooked on Pitch Black Full Movie third or fourth season of Farscape at Pitch Black Film time, and found Pitch Black on cable at bedtime one night — so I said "oh why not, at least it has Claudia Black in it." 

Soon, I recognized Keith David, and began to realize that Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, and Cole Hauser could all act (why Pitch Black Full Movie should be surprising, I don't know). I was fascinated. 

I have been a prisoner for four years now. I just watched Pitch Black Movie Pitch Black Film for the third or fourth time, and I still love it.

It's not an art film, not an independent one, and it's not entirely original, but where it fails to break a lot of new ground, it delivers interesting, realistic characters, compelling hard-driving action as a whole. 

Pitch Black Movie medium succeeds in providing but simple plot, and non-stop entertainment; An absolutely beautiful environment with specially rendered special effects. Sound to good to be true? Don't take my word for it... see it for yourself.

Pitch Black Movie also highlighted the charisma of the now somewhat iconoclastic Vin Diesel, introducing the character of Richard Riddick. 

Diesel would go on to star in a handful of Riddick-Ulls Chronicles (which I also liked, though recognizing its major flaws) and is now a legend. 

Diesel is so charismatic, so big and so interesting to watch that it's easy to overlook Pitch Black Movie fact that he's not only a talented actor, but a smart one too. 

Checking out the DVD version of Pitch Black, complete with audio commentaries, might just blow you away.

Pitch Black Movie is about the crew of an inter-systems transport ship who are stranded after a crash-landing on an unknown planet in which their captain was killed. 

Pitch Black Full Movie new commander is naive but bright and heroic (Michelle), but he's caught between two prominent and dangerous personalities – a bountiful hunter with secrets (Hauser) and a menacing criminal who has been surgically removed to see in the dark (Diesel). 

has been changed. Is that all? Absolutely not - Pitch Black Full Movie planet is populated, and the inhabitants are hungry.

As unorthodox and improbable as some of it may be, Pitch Black is beautifully filmed, well told, and extremely well performed. Don't expect to learn anything, and don't expect to think a lot, but do expect to have fun with Pitch Black Movie modern sci-fi action classic.

Thrilling and interesting from the start, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I approached Pitch Black Movie with the most limited expectations. 

Vin Diesel as an actor isn't really my cup of tea, but he actually did pretty well in Pitch Black Movie futuristic sci-fi drama as Richard Riddick, a convicted murderer being taken to prison on a spaceship. who crashes on a strange alien world. 

Once there, Pitch Black Film survivors learn that there are terrifying creatures who only venture out into the dark, which doesn't seem like a problem at first because the planet has three suns and never gets dark. 

They then find out, however, that Pitch Black Film planet is about to go into an eclipse, plunging it into complete darkness for an unknown amount of time, and leaving the creatures to hunt them.

Diesel's Riddick ends up as Pitch Black Film protagonist, as he has surgically enhanced vision that allows him to see in the dark, and so he works to lead others to safety.

Pitch Black Full Movie is frightening at times, and graphic on odd occasions, but not unnecessarily so. It took a lot of effort by director David Twohey to develop Riddick's character and portray the transformation as the rest of the people slowly learn to trust him in their lives. 

I thought it slowed down a bit in Pitch Black Movie last third or so of the Pitch Black Film, and somehow got less interesting after the creatures were actually released by Eclipse. 

It seemed that the survivors sought to unravel some of the planet's mysteries, and as they faced darkness, more and more mystery ensued. 

Once it got dark, in some ways the Pitch Black Film became a pretty standard sci-fi monster type Pitch Black Movie. Still, it was much better than I expected.

When the transport ship "Hunter-Gretzner" is hit by a meteor shower, pilot Caroline Fry (Radha Mitchell) awakens from a cryogenic sleep and tries to control the ship with forty passengers. 

He is forced to leave a module and only Caroline; Bounty hunter William J. Johns (Cole Hauser); Religious Abu "Imam" al-Walid Lewis (Keith David); dealer Paris P. Ogilvy (Louise Fitz-Gerald); Sharon 'Shaza' Montgomery (Claudia Black); runaway teen Jack (Rhianna Griffith); John 'Zeke' Ezekiel (John Moore); Suleiman (Les Chantry); Hassan (Sam Saree); Ali (Firs Dirani); And dangerous criminal Richard B. Riddick (Vin Diesel) escapes. 

Riddick runs away and Johns scares the survivors about how dangerous he is. The group is trapped in the desert and finds that the place is hotter than the three suns and they team up in search of water and supplies. 

They soon learn that Pitch Black Film darkness is under siege by invading flesh-eating aliens; Also, the planet will be pitch black with a total eclipse. They conclude that it is not with Riddick that they have to be concerned.

Sixteen years later, "Pitch Black" is still a great B-Pitch Black Film that can be considered a new-classic in the present day. 

Keeps Pitch Black Film story engaged with good special effects. But the most amazing is the direction and excellent casting of unknown actors and actresses. 

"Pitch Black" drew viewers' attention to Vin Diesel in its first success; Radha Mitchell plays Caroline Fry, from "Everything Put Together" from the same year; And there's also great performance from Pitch Black Film always efficient Cole Hauser and Keith David. Noncommercial conclusions are also a plus of "Pitch Black". My vote is eight.

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