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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Kevin SpaceyKevin Spacey...Eugene Simonet
Helen HuntHelen Hunt...Arlene McKinney
Haley Joel OsmentHaley Joel Osment...Trevor McKinney
Jay MohrJay Mohr...Chris Chandler
Jim CaviezelJim Caviezel...Jerry (as James Caviezel)
Jon Bon JoviJon Bon Jovi...Ricky McKinney
Angie DickinsonAngie Dickinson...Grace
David RamseyDavid Ramsey...Sidney Parker
Gary WerntzGary Werntz...Mr. Thorsen
Colleen FlynnColleen Flynn...Woman on Bridge
Marc DonatoMarc Donato...Adam
Kathleen WilhoiteKathleen Wilhoite...Bonnie
Liza SnyderLiza Snyder...Michelle
Jeannetta ArnetteJeannetta Arnette...Nurse
Hannah LederHannah Leder...Thorsen's Daughter (as Hannah Werntz)
Tina LiffordTina Lifford...Principal
Loren D. BaumLoren D. Baum...Rough Kid #1
Nico MatinataNico Matinata...Rough Kid #2
Zack DuhameZack Duhame...Rough Kid #3
Shawn PyfromShawn Pyfrom...Shawn
Alexandra KotcheffAlexandra Kotcheff...Alexandra
Bradley WhiteBradley White...Jordan
Christi ColomboChristi Colombo...Christi
Phillip D. StewartPhillip D. Stewart...Phillip (as Phillip Stewart)
Justin ParsonsJustin Parsons...Justin
Myeshia Dejore WalkerMyeshia Dejore Walker...Myeshia
Brenae Suzanne DaveyBrenae Suzanne Davey...Brenae
Molly BernardMolly Bernard...Molly (as Molly Kate Bernard)
Andrew Patrick FloodAndrew Patrick Flood...Andy
Tameila N. TurnerTameila N. Turner...Tameila
Julian CorreaJulian Correa...Julian
Carrie SullivanCarrie Sullivan...School Girl (as Carrie Ann Sullivan)
Patricia DeandaPatricia Deanda...Change Girl
Ryan BertiRyan Berti...Hallway Kid #1
Gabriela RivasGabriela Rivas...Hallway Kid #2
Carrick O'QuinnCarrick O'Quinn...Man in Window
Stephanie FeuryStephanie Feury...Sandra
Bernard WhiteBernard White...Cop
Tom BaileyTom Bailey...Liquid Man #1
Tim DeZarnTim DeZarn...Liquid Man #2 (as Tim Dezarn)
Jonathan NicholsJonathan Nichols...Liquid Man #3
Ron KeckRon Keck...Lowlife #1
John PowersJohn Powers...Lowlife #2
Bob McCrackenBob McCracken...Creepy Middle-Aged Man
Frank WhitemanFrank Whiteman...Doctor
Eugene OsmentEugene Osment...Cop Who Gives Directions
Kendall TenneyKendall Tenney...Male Newscaster
Sue TripathySue Tripathy...Female Newscaster
Rusty MeyersRusty Meyers...News Stand Guy
Leslie DilleyLeslie Dilley...The Governor
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Cynthia EttingerCynthia Ettinger...(unconfirmed)
Joe RampinoJoe Rampino...Bar patron
Stacy BellewStacy Bellew...School Girl (uncredited)
Rebeca CristianRebeca Cristian...Battered woman (uncredited)
Johnny DroccoJohnny Drocco...Stripper's Boyfriend (uncredited)
Jeremy DunnJeremy Dunn...Diner Patron (uncredited)
Sebastian FeldmanSebastian Feldman...Looky Lou (uncredited)
Ian HodgkinsonIan Hodgkinson...Vampiro (archive footage) (uncredited)
Ryan KeatingRyan Keating...Stranded Motorist (uncredited)
Lana KinnearLana Kinnear...Dancer (uncredited)
Dustin KnouseDustin Knouse...Student / Baseball Player (uncredited)
Billie PerkinsBillie Perkins...Restaurant patron (uncredited)
Paul RausmussenPaul Rausmussen...Animal-Imitator (uncredited)

Pay It Forward Movie Trailer

Pay It Forward - Trailer

Pay It Forward Movie Description

In Pay It Forward Movie Life is full of inconsistencies, and it is not without a sense of irony. There are people who have tried to bring change in life and some of them have paid for it with their lives. 

Some that come to mind are Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, Gandhi, and Terry Fox. Changing the world is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and determination. And it doesn't happen overnight. 

But then you see a movie like this and you start questioning that logic. What if such a concept was actually implemented? What if every single person who was owed a favor was asked to Pay It Forward Movie? Is it possible that a utopian world can be achieved? I doubt it, but it will definitely go a long way in making this damned world a better place to live in.

I don't think this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I don't even think it's the best movie I've seen this year (though it will make my top ten) but the idea behind it appeals to me. Trust me when I tell you this. 

I don't think I've ever been so emotionally excited as I was in Pay It Forward Full Movie. There is a raw power, a truth that is evident in Pay It Forward Movie and if there was one movie I want people to see this year, it would be Pay It Forward Film. 

It's entertaining, it has great acting, and it's a true film, with a true idea that can really help make a positive and tangible difference in our society and our world.

The film has been criticized in some circles. It's very much like a soap opera. And this is far from the truth. Let us take the issues at hand and examine them. Kevin Spacey stars as a man burned by child abuse. 

Helen Hunt plays a single mother who is having a hard time recovering from alcoholism and has a bad case of "can't get her ex-husband out" of her life and her bed. Haley Joel Osment plays a wise beyond his years son who is forced to grow up prematurely due to his mother's over-indulgence. 

Every character in Pay It Forward Film, including the bit players, suffers from real problems. If people are having a hard time understanding this, go into an average suburban classroom in North America and arbitrarily pick ten kids. 

Chances are you will find cases of alcoholism, child abuse, divorce and many more that are not conducive to a healthy environment for a child. So Pay It Forward Full Movie is just a mirror of life. That's all.

The performances of all the three leads are nothing short of spectacular. The same can't be said for the rest of the cast, but come March, Spacey, Osment and Hunt could all be nominated. 

All three bring compassion and depth to the three wounded men they portray. But especially interesting is Osment. 

You don't need to say anything to make him understand. It's a look, a twitch, a smile, a shudder. 

Everything he does is to help us understand who he is and why he is who he is. Osment is a truly talented actor and I don't think he's going to fade away like so many other child talents in the years to come. 

This is the real deal. Following up Sixth Sense with a performance this real solidifies him as a true actor.

If you haven't seen Pay It Forward Film for whatever reason, and its box office suggests most haven't, do yourself a favor and take a chance on it.

Not only will it do you good, it can actually help you transform in some ways. And as Osment says in the film, maybe we can all see in some way that, "the world really isn't that crazy."

Pay It Forward Movie is a film aimed at a specific audience. The kind viewers expect their lives to change as the minutes tick by.

And as a film that delivers intense, poignant and tear-jerking moments, Pay It Forward Movie will be perfect for such an audience. 

Unfortunately, the tougher, more demanding moviegoer will probably dismiss Pay It Forward Movie as an overly sentimental and perhaps unrealistic film.

The film centers around Trevor (Hayley Joel-Osment). An 11-year-old boy lives alone with his ailing, alcoholic mother, Arlene (Helen Hunt). 

One day Trevor is given a homework assignment by his new social studies teacher, the mysterious, slightly perverted Eugene (Kevin Spacey). Eugene sets the class a difficult task; Thinking of an idea that will change the world and putting it into practice. And Voila!! Pay It Forward Movie is born.

Trevor is played with an endearing maturity and sometimes unsettling frustration by uber kid actor Osment. 

As an aspiring actor, I am worried that an 11 year old boy can grab hold of such difficult roles and make them his own, while I still try to get my equity card!! The promise Osment showed in The Sixth Sense shows here again with a more difficult and emotionally charged role. 

Trevor is a guy who is not completely happy with his life. He lacks a father figure, his mother struggles to have any influence over him as she struggles to juggle two jobs, which rely on her own intuition to pull Trevor through life. 

Leaving nothing else. For a kid who can only elaborate and be content with his life, Osment does well to present such a fragile character on screen.

Eugene is a character created for Kevin Spacey (though all of his roles seem perfect for him). Intelligent, kind, a little bitter, and unpredictable at times, Eugene is someone we as an audience can't help but connect with. 

The dialogue written for Spacey is much better than for the other characters in the film and he makes good use of it. 

Spacey is at his best when he does two things; Calmly and charismatically commanding attention (Ordinary Decent Criminal, Midnight in the Garden of...), and inviting the audience to watch as he devastates you with a revelation that's bubbling just beneath the surface ( Seven, the usual suspects, swimming with sharks). 

And his revelation in Pay It Forward Movie (he recounts how he came to get his gruesome scars), is so vivid, so intricately and starkly retold that you can't help but roll your eyes at him. Might as well feel the tears.

Helen Hunt is superb as Arlene. Weirdly managing to achieve a look that mixes trailer trash, downing fluffy with vulnerable cuteness. 

However, she doesn't get a selection of dialogue, and the entire film as well as the role as a whole would have been far worse if Hunt hadn't been in top form. You don't want her to be your mother, but you really do want her to be happy and do a good job as Trevor.

The film falls short in the small details. The supporting characters do little to impact the story (Jay Mohr as a nearly non-speaking narrator??) and the whole thing feels flat if Spacey is off screen for too long. 

Good actors like Jim Caviezel go almost unnoticed and you can't help but feel that a few more juicy characters would have helped make the story a little more... cohesive.

The ending is a reinforcement of the atmosphere of the entire film. It is a sequence that elevates our emotions and should move to tears.

In short, watch Pay It Forward Full Movie for three things; Haley Joel-Osment, Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. All three are fabulous, and it's clear why so much Oscar gossip was being spread.

If you like heartwarming movies with a bit of edge, then keep watching. If you are expecting an original, thriller, twisty or philosophical film...still watch this, at least the three leads are good.

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