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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney...Everett
John TurturroJohn Turturro...Pete Hogwallop
Tim Blake NelsonTim Blake Nelson...Delmar O'Donnell
John GoodmanJohn Goodman...Big Dan Teague
Holly HunterHolly Hunter...Penny
Chris Thomas KingChris Thomas King...Tommy Johnson
Charles DurningCharles Durning...Pappy O'Daniel
Del PentecostDel Pentecost...Junior O'Daniel
Michael BadaluccoMichael Badalucco...George Nelson
J.R. HorneJ.R. Horne...Pappy's Staff
Brian ReddyBrian Reddy...Pappy's Staff
Wayne DuvallWayne Duvall...Homer Stokes
Ed GaleEd Gale...The Little Man
Ray McKinnonRay McKinnon...Vernon T. Waldrip
Daniel von BargenDaniel von Bargen...Sheriff Cooley (as Daniel Von Bargen)
Royce D. ApplegateRoyce D. Applegate...Man with Bullhorn
Frank CollisonFrank Collison...Wash Hogwallop
Quinn GasawayQuinn Gasaway...Boy Hogwallop
Lee WeaverLee Weaver...Blind Seer
Millford FortenberryMillford Fortenberry...Pomade Vendor (as Milford Fortenberry)
Stephen RootStephen Root...Radio Station Man
John LockeJohn Locke...Mr. French
Gillian WelchGillian Welch...Soggy Bottom Customer
A. Ray RatliffA. Ray Ratliff...Record Store Clerk
Mia TateMia Tate...Siren
Musetta VanderMusetta Vander...Siren
Christy TaylorChristy Taylor...Siren
April HardcastleApril Hardcastle...Waitress
Michael W. FinnellMichael W. Finnell...Interrogator
Georgia Rae RainerGeorgia Rae Rainer...Wharvey Gal
Marianna BrelandMarianna Breland...Wharvey Gal
Lindsey MillerLindsey Miller...Wharvey Gal
Natalie SheddNatalie Shedd...Wharvey Gal
John McConnellJohn McConnell...Woolworths Manager
Issac FreemanIssac Freeman...Gravedigger
Wilson Waters Jr.Wilson Waters Jr....Gravedigger
Robert HamlettRobert Hamlett...Gravedigger
Willard CoxWillard Cox...Cox Family
Evelyn CoxEvelyn Cox...Cox Family
Suzanne CoxSuzanne Cox...Cox Family
Sidney CoxSidney Cox...Cox Family
Buck WhiteBuck White...The Whites
Sharon WhiteSharon White...The Whites
Cheryl WhiteCheryl White...The Whites
Ed SnodderlyEd Snodderly...Village Idiot
David HoltDavid Holt...Village Idiot
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dan AndreiuDan Andreiu...KKK Member (uncredited)
Seth BaileySeth Bailey...Cigar-Smoking Banquet Patron (uncredited)
Billy W. BlackwellBilly W. Blackwell...Rallygoer / Banquet Patron (uncredited)
Ron BlockRon Block...Banjoist (uncredited)
Dan BraunDan Braun...Klansman (uncredited)
Sheryl ClarkSheryl Clark...Moviegoer / Spectator (uncredited)
Ryder DavisRyder Davis...Klansman (uncredited)
Jerry DouglasJerry Douglas...Dobro Player (uncredited)
Christopher FrancisChristopher Francis...Klansman (uncredited)
Gloria GonnilliniGloria Gonnillini...Rallygoer (uncredited)
Geoffrey GouldGeoffrey Gould...Mob Head (uncredited)
Stuart GreenwellStuart Greenwell...Rail Man (uncredited)
Emily D. HaleyEmily D. Haley...Partygoer (uncredited)
R.C. KeeneR.C. Keene...Rallygoer (uncredited)
Nathan KornelisNathan Kornelis...Klansman (uncredited)
Nathaniel Lee Jr.Nathaniel Lee Jr....Ice Boy with Straw Hat (uncredited)
Lamar LottLamar Lott...Rallygoer (uncredited)
Mark MunsonMark Munson...Klansman (uncredited)
Andy SimsAndy Sims...Rallygoer (uncredited)
Christa SparksChrista Sparks...Wharvey Gal (uncredited)
Shayne TingleShayne Tingle...Rail Man (uncredited)
Dan TyminskiDan Tyminski...Mandolinist on Stage (uncredited)
Leon WallsLeon Walls...Guitarist (uncredited)
John WilkieJohn Wilkie...Klansman / Choreographer (uncredited)

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Movie Trailer

O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Trailer - (2000) - HQ

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Movie Description

In O Brother Where Art Thou Movie I've walked out of a Koen O Brother Where Art Thou Movie before and didn't know how to feel. Two of the best examples of O Brother Where Art Thou Movie are The Big Lebowski and Fargo. 

Lebowski was so ridiculously original and full of funny humor that I had to like it. On O Brother Where Art Thou Movie other hand, there was some unnecessary reverence with flying people and killer bowling balls that didn't fit the film's mould. 

Still, I liked O Brother Where Art Thou Movie and now have a copy of it. Fargo filled me with hysteria, sometimes I wasn't sure why I was laughing so hard it made me cry, but still I was. There were many strange characters in Fargo, but upon further investigation, they were actually real people talking about real situations. 

That's why the man with the shovel (or was it a broom) was so awkward when he was telling the police officer about some strange looking man at O Brother Where Art Thou Movie bar the other night. 

And that's why O Brother Where Art Thou Movie theater bursts into laughter when he says some weird looking clouds are coming. (I have a copy of O Brother Where Art Thou Movie O Brother Where Art Thou Movie too) Coen has a way of masking his film and his characters as being somewhat cynical. 

And maybe a little off O Brother Where Art Thou Movie wall. But if you look closely at some of the same characters that seem zany, you'll always find that in some way or the other, they're all true. hey brother where are you? O Brother Where Art Thou Movie is a film that is out there. 

I mean it's not even in O Brother Where Art Thou Film same ballpark as traditional film. I reviewed the O Brother Where Art Thou Film Dasta last summer and in it I said that Dasta was a fine O Brother Where Art Thou Movie that I've seen a thousand times before. 

But you can't say that about a Coen Brother O Brother Where Art Thou Movie and you certainly can't say O Brother Where Art Thou Film same about O Brother Where Art Thou Movie one.

O Brother Where Art Thou Film contains references to prison breaks, devious southern politicians, music, historical figures, riverbank baptisms, bank robberies, violence against animals, lynchings of religious fanatics, KKK, lynch mobs, etc. Feather. 

There are obviously many references to Homer's Odyssey here, but I wouldn't know because I've never read Homer's Odyssey or even knew a thing about it. 

Every other newspaper reviewer knows all about it and feels that O Brother Where Art Thou Movie eccentricity and almost fake-like quality towards it makes O Brother Where Art Thou Film even better. 

Well coming from a guy who knows nothing about it, I can tell you it's still an entertaining film. Once again, as is usual for a Coen O Brother Where Art Thou Movie, I wasn't sure why I was entertained or laughed at, but I was.

This is a picture of a street where three men travel along their way to find a hidden treasure, which Clooney says has hidden two of his other cell mates. 

He has to take them along because when they got O Brother Where Art Thou Film chance to escape, they too were bound by him.

I love all the lead actors in O Brother Where Art Thou Film and many of them are Coen's companions. Nice to see Goodman again. 

Nice to see Hunter, and especially Turturro, who seems to have a place in every Kon O Brother Where Art Thou Movie. It's too bad he didn't find a place for Steve Buscemi but that's a different story. 

But back to Clooney. Man only has charisma. He is one hell of a good actor as well and here he is not as zany as others, but even he has his own peculiarities. 

His work here is superb and I hope it shows that he is capable of playing any kind of character.

Now after praising O Brother Where Art Thou Film so much, let me also say O Brother Where Art Thou Movie same. At first I didn't enjoy the film very much. I found it quite tedious and a bit boring. 

There were too many ideas here and not enough attention was put into using them for everything they were worth. But then the O Brother Where Art Thou Movie started growing on me. It took a while but it grew on me. 

I don't think it's his best film, but it's still good and I'm giving it an 8.5. But the reason I recommend this O Brother Where Art Thou Movie is for one reason only.

Every day you can go to O Brother Where Art Thou Movie newspaper and look at the O Brother Where Art Thou Movie going on and say to yourself, saw O Brother Where Art Thou Film, saw it, oh, saw it last year, it's the same O Brother Where Art Thou Movie and it's the same O Brother Where Art Thou Film. 

Most films have been recycled in some form. Not Coen's O Brother Where Art Thou Movie. They are not recycled and if they are I am not aware of it. That's reason enough to see something they put out there. 

Originality matters a lot in my books. Coens are original and they are good. And O Brother Where Art Thou Film is not common in today's cinema. 

As long as they are allowed to make O Brother Where Art Thou Movie, enjoy them. Because you don't get that kind of vision in many O Brother Where Art Thou Film, enjoy it when you do!

George Clooney, Tim Blake Nelson, and John Turturro star as 3 Mississippi escaping convicts in 30's Mississippi, where they participate in all kinds of adventures on their way to Clooney's home and hearth and aa 'treasure', which He is reportedly buried there. 

A gubernatorial race was underway in Mississippi at O Brother Where Art Thou Movie time and she was woven into the plot.

Since the film is based on Homer's Odyssey and O Brother Where Art Thou Movie work is a few thousand years old, I think the Coen Brothers took the view that it is already a few thousand years in O Brother Where Art Thou Movie future and is tracing the mythology of the time. 

So who will know or care that Pappy O'Daniel did O Brother Where Art Thou Film job in Texas and Baby Face Nelson never did his criminal work in Mississippi.

Speaking of Charles Durning as Puppy O'Daniel and Michael Badalucco as Baby Face Nelson, there's a ball overacting in their outlandish performance. Actually everyone is overacting like crazy in O Brother Where Art Thou Film entire film. Nothing subtle here.

However, the tone is set by George Clooney as O Brother Where Art Thou Movie leader of the three escaped convicts. His style of swing is nothing short of amazing. 

Nelson and Turturro are a pair of Brain Dead followers who probably did something along the lines of what Paul Newman did to earn his place in the chain gang in Cool Hand Luke. As far as Clooney is concerned, when we find out what he did, his gift of gossip is revealed.

As we know Ulysses was just trying to get to his Penelope home, here is Holly Hunter with her seven daughters. She didn't let grass grow under her feet, but married Clooney, who could blame her?

What Clooney did could be considered a white-collar crime. But there was no minimum security prison in Mississippi at O Brother Where Art Thou Movie time. 

Not sure the state has one now. As he sees a man like himself ruined in a street gang and his partner's choice decides who he was chained to.

You'd have a great time watching O Brother Where Art You? O Brother Where Art Thou Film is a film that could use multiple scenes to bring out O Brother Where Art Thou Movie humour.

The Coen Brothers have done it again. Three Depression-era criminals (George Clooney, John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson) escape the Mississippi chain gang and set out in search of buried treasure that will fund their new life. 

Along the way, they sing on the radio and run alongside the stars. Great laughs and a soundtrack that is a lesson/introduction to bluegrass music.

Clooney excels as the sharp-spoken, fast-paced Ulysses Everett McGill. Holly Hunter plays his estranged wife. Turturro and Nelson are innocent. Also in the cast are John Goodman and Charles Durning.

Dan Tyminxie provides vocals for George Clooney on "I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow", a Soggy Bottom Boys song that serves as a template for a bluegrass-laden soundtrack featuring Alison Cross, Ralph Stanley, The Whites. 

including John Hartford. The Cox family and Gillian Welch. Toe tapping, knee slap fun for the whole family. You will be surprised to know how relaxing and funny this O Brother Where Art Thou Movie is.

"O Sarasvati! Sing into me, and tell through me the story of a man skilled in all manner of struggle, a wanderer, troubled for years on end."

The sirens, cyclops, oracles, villains and heroes of ancient Greece take on new forms in O Brother Where Art Thou Film whimsical, fantastic, witty and deeply American odyssey set in 1930s Mississippi.

Three prisoners from a task force escape into O Brother Where Art Thou Movie countryside. While the iron chain that binds them soon breaks, it is replaced by a stronger bond, friendship. 

O Brother Where Art Thou Film new episode is repeatedly and relentlessly tested by a diabolical sheriff, clansmen, con men, scheming relatives, attractive women, burnt gophers, spoiled hair and other monstrosities, but not luck, desperation, a talent for music and The indomitable resourcefulness of all three is achieved. 

Has brought them out of the many troubles that their impulsivity takes them. Deep problems are their own demons. Improbable companions travel across Mississippi in search of a treasure that turns out to be deceptive, but a more valuable fate awaits.

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