Nutty Professor The Klumps Movie | Nutty Professor The Klumpsh Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order)  

Eddie MurphyEddie Murphy...Sherman Klump / Buddy Love / Granny Klump / Mama Klump / Papa Klump / Young Papa Klump / Ernie Klump / Lance Perkins
Janet JacksonJanet Jackson...Denise
Larry MillerLarry Miller...Dean Richmond
John AlesJohn Ales...Jason
Richard GantRichard Gant...Denise's Father
Anna Maria HorsfordAnna Maria Horsford...Denise's Mother
Melinda McGrawMelinda McGraw...Leanne Guilford
Jamal MixonJamal Mixon...Ernie Klump, Jr.
Gabriel WilliamsGabriel Williams...Isaac
Chris ElliottChris Elliott...Restaurant Manager
Duffy TaylorDuffy Taylor...Restaurant Trainee
Earl BoenEarl Boen...Dr. Knoll
Nikki CoxNikki Cox...Bright Student
Freda PayneFreda Payne...Claudine
Sylvester JenkinsSylvester Jenkins...Old Willie
Wanda SykesWanda Sykes...Chantal
George KingGeorge King...Stripper
Charles WalkerCharles Walker...Preacher
Enya FlackEnya Flack...Bridesmaid
Rainelle SaundersRainelle Saunders...Bridesmaid
Andrea C. RobinsonAndrea C. Robinson...Party Guest / Bridesmaid
Kym WhitleyKym Whitley...Party Guest (as Kym E. Whitley)
Selma SternSelma Stern...Mrs. Dudikoff
Julia SchultzJulia Schultz...Receptionist
Barry W. BlausteinBarry W. Blaustein...Man in Bathroom
David SheffieldDavid Sheffield...Man in Bathroom
Ralph DrischellRalph Drischell...Zeke
Myles MasonMyles Mason...Baby Buddy
Jeffrey Michael FreemanJeffrey Michael Freeman...Baby Buddy
Maurice ColquittMaurice Colquitt...Baby Buddy
Bill ApplebaumBill Applebaum...Boardroom Member
Harry S. MurphyHarry S. Murphy...Boardroom Member
Tom JourdenTom Jourden...Guy in Elevator
Shawnette HeardShawnette Heard...Dancer
Kelly KonnoKelly Konno...Dancer
Laurie SpositLaurie Sposit...Dancer
Nadine EllisNadine Ellis...Dancer
Kevin Michael MondaneKevin Michael Mondane...Buddy at 15
Viola Kates StimpsonViola Kates Stimpson...Sweet Old Lady with Dog
Naomi MoralesNaomi Morales...Buxom Student (as Naomi Kale)
Kente ScottKente Scott...Fraternity Student
Justin UrichJustin Urich...Lecture Student
Sonya EddySonya Eddy...Heavyset Woman
James D. BrubakerJames D. Brubaker...Krusty Reporter
Richie PalmerRichie Palmer...Cab Driver
Charles NapierCharles Napier...Four Star General
Steve KehelaSteve Kehela...Scientist
Miguel A. Núñez Jr.Miguel A. Núñez Jr....Scientist (as Miguel A. Nunez Jr.)
Richard SaxtonRichard Saxton...Newscaster
Peter SegalPeter Segal...Scared Popcorn Man
William KerrWilliam Kerr...Scared Popcorn Man (as William Mark Kerr)
Michael EwingMichael Ewing...Scared Hot Dog Vendor
Nikki SegalNikki Segal...Scared Little Girl (as Nicole Segal)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
John Lee AmesJohn Lee Ames...College Student (uncredited)
David BanksDavid Banks...Guy at Wedding (uncredited)
Greg BronsonGreg Bronson...Proffessor (uncredited)
Ryder DavisRyder Davis...Patron (uncredited)
DivaDiva...Snooty Woman (uncredited)
Mike ElizaldeMike Elizalde...Giant Hamster (uncredited)
Kathleen FreemanKathleen Freeman...Denise's Nosy Neighbor (uncredited)
Corey LubakCorey Lubak...College Student (uncredited)
Renee TenisonRenee Tenison...Dog Owner (uncredited)
Henri C. WittelsohnHenri C. Wittelsohn...(uncredited)

Nutty Professor The Klumps Movie Trailer

Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps Official Trailer #1 - Eddie Murphy Movie (2000) HD

Nutty Professor The Klumps Movie Description

In Nutty Professor The Klumps Movie, It's hard to see, hard to eliminate, and hard to remember.Far away is a word that this Nutty Professor The Klumps film aptly delivers. 

Review a number of characters played by Eddie Murphy: Sherman Klump, Buddy Love, Granny Klump, Mama Klump, Papa Klump, Young Papa Klump, Ernie Klump, and Lance Perkinson. 

WAW, although you don't need to worry that too far can sometimes go too wrong. As such, they go with the dirty stuff to such an extent that the Nutty Professor The Klumps Movie turns into a docudrama about the middle of the human body and its various secretions, or one of the sexiest movies ever!

Mainly the idea is good, "The Fountain of Youth", however the script just wanted to play dirty, has nothing but sex and endless farts in mind. It really is a milestone in fart comedy (Hollywood comedy for once!). 

It is a godfather and a record among many such comedies nowadays. makes you think deeply; Was complacency so out of date? Or had Hollywood really become bankrupt and incredibly dirty at the same time?

Since the early 1970s, films such as (John Waters) were historically described as infringements committed in mostly independent production, with gruesome visuals, overtly lewd elements. 

Since the late 1990s, mainstream Hollywood comedy doesn't seem to look to anyone other than (Waters') inspirations. The sexual humor, for example, that Nutty Professor The Klumps Film relishes excessively, is beyond awful. 

Just remember an anal sex between a man and a giant hamster, and oral sex between an 80-year-old grandmother and her grandson's alter ego. 

So historically awful scenes, openly cheesy elements,.. are now being done with big budgets, famous stars, and sold as cute times, to PG-13 audiences. See how we live in an era where major studios move us!

Now I have to talk about the scene in which the hamster pees in front of several dressed-up people at the press conference, rather exploding with excrement. 

Being one of the top worst moments I've experienced with movies, still can't believe this was actually made, I have to admit it appeals to a dark place in some of us, and even satisfies it. 

Sometimes you hate your world so much; Hypocrisy, stupidity, corruption.. whatever the reason, at that point, you want to do what the hamster did, everyone with their loathsome individuals who best deserve such a fate (a machine gun loaded .. you know what!). 

So, the Nutty Professor The Klumps film harnesses this desire and makes it come true. And instead of spreading values ​​like indulgence or tolerance, it mixes violence with violence.. Stinking violence for that matter.

But despite being a dirty dream and a cool moment for some people, it's not a problem so much as a solution. 

Just ask yourself: why should the dream be dirty? Why should compensation be twisted? And why should the cinematic imagination be so upset? At any rate, feeding yourself shit can't be healthy, and using hamster feces to punish the world—in this movie's imagination or yours—isn't the right recipe for normal.

Look at the number of family movies Murphy went on to make after that: Shrek (2001), Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001), Daddy Day Care (2003), The Haunted Mansion (2003), Shrek 2 (2004), and Imagine That (2009). 

I can't decide exactly; Was it refinement? Or was it a way of wooing his foster children, trying to convince them that he was a good movie star or a good person? What I do know for sure is that – unfortunately – old habits die hard, because iHow much one likes 'The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps' depends on how much you like Eddie Murphy. 

After earning over $125 million at the box office, I have to conclude that moviegoers couldn't get enough. 

The sequel is a one-man show built around a character skit from the first film. Murphy plays eight different roles and delivers a tour de force performance without the benefit of any story. I got the impression that the writers were overreacting anyway, since Murphy was clearly acting up about 90% of the time.

The humor is low-key and features a good deal of physical comedy laced with sexual innuendo. Although Murphy's caricatures consistently poke laughs, they rely heavily on unflattering stereotypes of blacks. 

The first dinner scene is a rehash of the dinner scene from the first film. After that scene, most of the movie is a repetition of the same tired scene gags. Although Murphy's entertaining electricity runs through every character, once the novelty wears off the film's appeal wears thin.

Kudos to the makeup department for a great job on Murphy's various transformations. 

Otherwise the making of the Nutty Professor The Klumps film was nothing unusual. Larry Miller also gets a very honorable mention as the obnoxious Dean Richmond, who gets his just deserts at the hands of a giant hamster.n no time he went on to make Norbit (2007), or back!

In short, I hate (Natty Professor II: The Klumps). It's cheesy, wacky and just too stinky to stand. 

It has a talent for bringing up a shockingly ugly thing every minute, only to top it with another shockingly ugly thing the next minute; Which is not in my control. 

My theory is that you have to hate the world so much to absolutely love this Nutty Professor The Klumps movie. As for me, I will do everything possible to find in me any atom of indulgence or tolerance, so that I do not hate it.. and more!

PS: I love Hollywood's appreciation of this piece of work in Tropic Thunder (2008). Parodying this as "The Fatties: Fart Two" made me realize that I'm not alone in this universe after all, and that Hollywood has a conscience, well...some have anyway!

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