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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Gastón PaulsGastón Pauls...Juan
Ricardo DarínRicardo Darín...Marcos
Graciela TenenbaumGraciela Tenenbaum...Convenience Store Employee
María Mercedes VillagraMaría Mercedes Villagra...Convenience Store Employee 2
Gabo CorreaGabo Correa...Convenience Store Manager (as Gabriel Correa)
Pochi DucassePochi Ducasse...Aunt
Luis ArmestoLuis Armesto...Bar Waiter
Ernesto AriasErnesto Arias...Bar Manager
Amancay EspíndolaAmancay Espíndola...Woman in Elevator
Isaac FajmIsaac Fajm...Vendor
Jorge NoyaJorge Noya...Aníbal
Leticia BrédiceLeticia Brédice...Valeria (as Leticia Brédice)
Oscar NuñezOscar Nuñez...Sandler
Ignasi AbadalIgnasi Abadal...Vidal Gandolfo
Carlos LanariCarlos Lanari...Man on Cell Phone
Roberto ReyRoberto Rey...Texan
Tomás FonziTomás Fonzi...Federico
Celia JuárezCelia Juárez...Mrs. Sandler
Alejandro AwadaAlejandro Awada...Washington
Antonio UgoAntonio Ugo...D' Agostino
Leo DyzenLeo Dyzen...Stamp Expert
Elsa BerenguerElsa Berenguer...Berta
Carlos FalconeCarlos Falcone...Berta's Lover
Ricardo Díaz MourelleRicardo Díaz Mourelle...Ramiro
Ulises CelestinoUlises Celestino...Bellboy
Norberto ArcusínNorberto Arcusín...Official
Gabriel MolinelliGabriel Molinelli...Cárdenas
Emanuel MercadoEmanuel Mercado...Boy at Subway
Claudio RissiClaudio Rissi...Spaniard (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Roly SerranoRoly Serrano...Castrito (uncredited)

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Nine Queens Movie Description

In Nine Queens movie, Wonderful little film about two con-men, Marcos and Juan, in Buenos Aires who fall upon a scheme involving "The Nine Queens Movie". A set of rare stamps from the long-defunct German Weimar Republic that's worth a king's ransom. 

We soon then get to see the ups and downs of the two in the Nine Queens film, first to get them and then to fence them. 

Marcos's sister Anibal, who works as a manager in a large hotel in Buenos Aires, calls her brother to help their old friend Sandler, who has collapsed in the lobby, and take him home.

Arriving at the hotel with his friend Juan, Marcos finds that old Sandler is not only very ill but also excited about the guest staying at the hotel. 

Sandler also recognized Juan as the son of a man with whom he had worked years earlier in forging money documents and stamps. 

Sandler tells the two gangsters that there is a guest at the hotel who is being deported to Venezuela within the next few days, Vidal Gandolfo, a multi-millionaire industrialist who also has a hobby of stamp collecting.

Sandler tells the two con-men that he can copy the famous "Nine Queens Movie" tickets and sell them to Gandolfo and they can split all the take, which runs up to half a million dollars. 

The three become involved in a plan to first fool and then fleece Gandolfo of the money he would be willing to pay for the tickets. 

What they didn't realize was how many other individuals would be involved in their scheme which would eventually lead to one of the most surprising endings you will ever see in a crime caper Nine Queens movie.

Simple story with wow ending which will keep you guessing throughout the Nine Queens movie and will not let you down at the end. 

A very south, Argentine, borderline version of the film "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" about greed and deception and what it does to those affected by it. A great story with great acting and great direction make "The Nine Queens Movie" one of the best movies of its kind. 

The Nine Queens movie is so good that it's really hard to write much about it for fear of spoiling it for people who haven't seen it. All I can say is stick with it until the end credits hit the screen and don't let it slow you down for the first 45 or so minutes or you will find it to be more off Nine Queens film then Finally get ready for this.

In Buenos Aires, swindler Juan (Gaston Paules) defrauds the cashier of a convenience store with a bill-changing scam witnessed by Marcos (Ricardo Darin). Juan then tries to lure the cashier to the next shift but is caught by the manager. Marcos claims to be a police officer and arrests Juan; He also brings money claiming to be the evidence. 

Juan soon learns that Marcos is actually an experienced con artist and he invites Juan to be his partner in a scheme.

They head to a five-star hotel where Marcos meets his estranged sister Valeria (Leticia Bredis) at the reception. 

She reveals that Marco's friend Sandler (Oscar Nuñez) is very ill and wants to talk to him in the locker room. 

Sandler explains that he forged a set of valuable stamps from Nueva Reinas using a photograph taken from his sister's collection. He also reveals that Vidal Gandolfo (Ignacy Abadal), a Spaniard staying at the hotel, is a collector of stamps and will be traveling the next morning. 

Therefore, tickets have to be negotiated on the day. Marcos distributes the percentage to a network of thugs to work with him but the action has too many con artists wooing each other.

"Nueva Reinas" is one of the most entertaining Argentinian films I have ever seen and the Nine Queens film that introduced the great actor Ricardo Darín to Brazilian audiences. I saw this Nine Queens movie for the first time many years back and today I have seen it again with my family and friends.

The story appears to be inspired by "The Sting" (1973) or "The Spanish Prisoner" (1997), with sophisticated intricate schemes where the viewer never knows who is deceiving whom. My vote is nine.

I've never seen a Nine Queens movie that doesn't compromise the allure, power, and silliness of a game of deception so strongly as I did in Argentina's 'Nine Queens Full Movie'. 

From the opening sequence where small-time grifter Juan pulls a $20 switch at a convenience store, to a final scam that looks like 'House of Cards' and 'The Sting' welded onto 'Hard Eight' Well, nothing is as it seems and no one can be believed.

Think about the recent 'Sexy Beast', 'The Heist' and 'The Score'. However this is David Mamet territory, where dudes keep one eye on the target and the other on the friend.

In the current 'Enron' milieu, it's no wonder this Nine Queens film's allegorical suggestion is that these days trust is a rare commodity, banks are weak (consider Argentina's economy), and lame goddess nemesis with some of the most cocky people in business. The con artist can never be caught, from the CEO to the salesperson.

The Nine Queens film's pace is fast, like the hands of 3-Card Monte; Emotional involvement is minimal either on screen or in the audience; Everyone has moments of victory and defeat. 

There's even a beguiling moment of beauty when Leticia Bredis, as the sister of another con artist Ricardo Darin, struts her stuff in the hotel lobby.

`Nine Queens Movie' won 7 awards from the Argentine Film Critics Association. I'm betting it's not a hoax.

I know some people who do not like to watch movies with subtitles. This either makes them feel like they're missing the essence of the Nine Queens film because they don't understand the language spoken, or they simply don't want to be forced to read in order to understand what's going on. 

For those who share this opinion, it is quite a shame as this is a great Nine Queens film that you will be missing out on.

Being the son of Argentinian-born parents, I more or less understand a lot of the Spanish spoken by the characters in this Nine Queens movie, though I am by no means fluent. However, when you watch Nine Queens Movie, you almost forget that subtitles are there. 

You can miss a few lines of dialogue and still have a good understanding of what's really going on. This is mainly due to the two starring actors in the film who were absolutely incredible. 

First up, Ricardo Darin, is nothing short of brilliant. He is a famous actor in Argentina and his on-screen presence is so incredibly natural that you cannot help but be impressed by his performance. 

He plays the role of a professional thug perfectly, combining his dramatic and comic skills to create an equally villainous as well as sympathetic character.

Secondly, his counterpart Gaston Pauls is equally talented as Darrin's baby-faced partner, a "one in a million" opportunity to bail a wealthy businessman out of a small fortune.

I've seen the American version "Criminal" - 2004, which is good too, but doesn't really do justice to the original. Nine Queens Movie is a brilliant piece of international filmmaking that will not disappoint any fan of the genre. 

As noted by one reviewer, there is absolutely zero "down time" in this Nine Queens film. The dialogues are crisp, the characters very well cast and time is not wasted with unnecessary fillers or long scenes. 

Every word and every scene builds a bridge to the next and culminates with a surprising and satisfying ending that you definitely wouldn't expect. Please, don't let the language barrier stop you from watching this movie. It is very easy to follow and well worth the little effort required.

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