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Next Friday Movie Cast (in credits order)  

Ice CubeIce Cube...Craig Jones
Mike EppsMike Epps...Day-Day
Justin PierceJustin Pierce...Roach
John WitherspoonJohn Witherspoon...Mr. Jones
Don 'D.C.' CurryDon 'D.C.' Curry...Uncle Elroy
Jacob VargasJacob Vargas...Joker
Lobo SebastianLobo Sebastian...Lil Joker
Rolando MolinaRolando Molina...Baby Joker
Lisa RodríguezLisa Rodríguez...Karla (as Lisa Rodriguez)
Tom Lister Jr.Tom Lister Jr....Deebo (as Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr.)
Kym WhitleyKym Whitley...Suga (as Kym E. Whitley)
Amy HillAmy Hill...Mrs. Ho-Kym
Tamala JonesTamala Jones...D'wana
The Lady of RageThe Lady of Rage...Baby D' (as Robin Allen)
Carmen SeranoCarmen Serano...Girl #1
Maria ArcéMaria Arcé...Girl #2 (as Maria Arce)
Vanessa WhiteVanessa White...Girl #3
Clifton PowellClifton Powell...Pinky
Michael BlacksonMichael Blackson...Customer #1
Ronn RiserRonn Riser...Stanley / Mystery Guest (as Ronn Riser-Muhammad)
David Earl WatermanDavid Earl Waterman...Sheriff #3 (as David Waterman)
Cheridah BestCheridah Best...Sheriff Lady
Sticky FingazSticky Fingaz...Tyrone (as Kirk Jones)
Shane ConradShane Conrad...Jay Sedrich
KeeboKeebo...Pinky Chauffeur
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Greg BronsonGreg Bronson...Customer (uncredited)
Daniel DehringDaniel Dehring...(uncredited)
Faizon LoveFaizon Love...Big Worm (archive footage) (uncredited)
Michael RapaportMichael Rapaport...Mailman with Tax Notice (uncredited)
Chris TuckerChris Tucker...Smokey (archive footage) (uncredited)

Next Friday Movie Trailer

Next Friday Film (2000) Official Trailer - Ice Cube, Mike Epps Comedy Movie HD

Next Friday Movie Description

In Next Friday movie, Last Friday, Craig Jones successfully took down the terror of South Central, Deebo. After that, Deebo was sentenced to four years in prison, but vowed to break out and come after Friday. 

Unfortunately, today was next Friday, and Craig still didn't have a job; It seemed like a normal Friday in South Central. Craig was lonely since his homie Smokey went into rehab to get off the weed.

After hearing that Deebo and his pal Tyrone escaped from prison, Craig's dad Willie attempted to sneak Craig out of the neighborhood. They luckily evade Deebo just as he was coming to see Craig. 

They leave the 'hood and head to Rancho Cucamunga where Craig would be staying with his lucky uncle Elroy, who recently won the million dollar Lotto, and his hip cousin Day Day. 

Willie was jealous of Elroy and didn't come in the house. He just drove off. Elroy was widowed for his wife had a heart attack when they won the Lotto. But, Elroy has since found a new lover, half his age: Suga. 

She was fine! Their fabulous mansion, or sweet crib, was located at the end of a cul-de-sac across from the Joker gang's house, where Joker, Lil Joker and Baby Joker were up to no good; Day Day's old girlfriend D'Wanna came over and keyed the side of Day Day's pride and joy: his BMW! Meanwhile back in the 'hood, Deebo and Tyrone came up with a plan to find Craig: they called Willie with a phony message that Craig was in trouble and just as he was hurrying out to help him, they sneak a ride in back of his truck.

For Craig, life in the 'burbs was different than life in the 'hood. But that's when he met a hot lil' woman named Karla, the sister of the Jokers'. 

Unfortunately Joker didn't like seeing the two of them together so he sicked his pit bull Cheeco on Craig; after that, Day Day left for work at Pinky's Records & Discs. Uncle Elroy and Suga get high and encourage Craig to join them. 

Afterwards they go upstairs, when a postman brings a delivery notice. Craig learns that Elroy was behind on his taxes. He owed $3,900 or the house would be auctioned off. Elroy was too "busy" to notice, so Craig went to see Day Day about it. Day Day and his colleague Roach had a difficult customer to deal with, but Craig knocked some sense into him. 

Worse to come: D'Wanna showed up with her big little sister Baby D'. She was ready to tear Day Day limb from limb, however she had developed the hots for Craig and would let Day Day go if she could talk to Craig. 

Craig wanted no part of it, so Baby D' and D'Wanna smash Day Day's car window and leave. To think clearly, Day Day, Roach and Craig light up a joint in the stock room. 

Thanks to Elroy and Day Day's careless spending, they didn't have the $3,900. The only question was how to get it? Unfortunately, right then Pinky, the owner of the store showed up and took Craig to be a robber. There was a scuffle, and Day Day and Roach were fired.

When they get home, Day Day shows Elroy the notice, which upset him. But what really upset him was that Day Day got fired from his job; The Joker gang return home then, running over Roach's skateboard in the process. 

That's when Craig noticed Joker carrying a hydraulic cannister full of...Money? Craig makes a plan with Day Day and Roach to get that cannister. 

That night, they make their move. Also, Willie finally arrives; Roach is told to distract Cheeco while Craig slips into the house to get the cannister. 

Joker, Lil Joker and Baby Joker were partying with some really HOT senoritas! Craig escaped out the window, luckily. Meanwhile, Roach gets Cheeco stoned from a "special" brownie, then he and Day Day try to go inside the house and check on Craig when they find themselves captured. 

Craig returns to Elroy's house, then he makes a plan to rescue Day Day and Roach. Willie and Elroy help. They manage to knock out Baby Joker and Lil Joker, but still had psycho Joker to worry about. 

He and Craig get it on in hand-to-hand combat. Just then, Deebo and Tyrone break out of Willie's truck, enter the backyard and knock out Joker. Deebo prepares for his long awaited fight with Craig, when suddenly the police arrive. 

Deebo, Tyrone, Baby Joker, Lil Joker and Joker were incarcerated. Roach went home with his new best friend Cheeco; As for Craig, after one day in the 'burbs, he decided to return home to the 'hood. 

With the money they got from Joker, Elroy would be able to keep the house. Craig said goodbye to Elroy, Suga and Day Day and returned home with Willie to good ol' South Central.

Next Friday. Man, this was a funny Next Friday movie! Hilarious. Ice Cube is back as Craig and as funny as ever. Mike Epps joins the cast as hip, but dim-witted Day Day. John Witherspoon returns as Willie. 

Tom "Tiny" Lister, Jr. is back as Deebo, the sexy Lisa Rodriguez is Karla, Jacob Vargas is Joker, and Clifton Powell is deranged Pinky. 

Justin Pierce plays Roach and unfortunately he passed away in 2000 by suicide. Chris Tucker does not return as Smokey, however. Oh well. Maybe in a future Friday Next Friday film.

Next Friday is somewhat less annoying than its predecessor. The Next Friday  film seems to be trying to gather some more plot, so I'll give it credit for that. However, it is not well structured to tell its story. 

Instead, this Next Friday movie feels like a bunch of vignettes trying to be humorous. I still wasn't laughing this time, but I could understand where others might be. 

There are a number of gags that keep coming back in Next Friday, and I think they can serve to make the right audience laugh out loud, even if I was a little bored by them all. For me, this Next Friday movie is missing Chris Tucker a lot. 

She was the only thing that made me laugh even on Fridays, so losing her for next Friday was a big blow. Mike Epps brings nothing to the table, at least in terms of comedic energy, and he plays an obnoxious character. 

Her father and father's girlfriend aren't much better, and they keep appearing throughout the Next Friday film.

One thing that I feel I need to mention is how offensive this Next Friday movie looks. It plays into so many racial stereotypes that it made me uncomfortable. 

I didn't mention anything when I saw this stuff on Friday because there were basically 100% black people in that Next Friday movie, so I dismissed it as one of those things that I had to question. No rights. 

It felt like that time when a black person says the N-word, because it's okay for them to say it, but not for others to even think about it. 

But it's not just a black cast in Next Friday, they're adding in offensive Latin stereotypes, and it just pissed me off. It's not funny, and it's not the kind of thing that should make people laugh, that's for sure. 

On the other hand, I think what made this sequel a little more tolerable, and what got me to crack a smile for a while, was the physical comedy. There were some good babbles and other goofy gags that work. 

Still, even though Next Friday wasn't totally miserable to watch, it's safe to say that the stoner-comedy genre isn't my norm.

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