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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Tom CruiseTom Cruise...Ethan Hunt
Dougray ScottDougray Scott...Sean Ambrose
Thandiwe NewtonThandiwe Newton...Nyah Hall (as Thandie Newton)
Ving RhamesVing Rhames...Luther Strickell
Richard RoxburghRichard Roxburgh...Hugh Stamp
John PolsonJohn Polson...Billy Baird
Brendan GleesonBrendan Gleeson...McCloy
Rade SerbedzijaRade Serbedzija...Dr. Nekhorvich (as Radé Sherbedgia)
William MapotherWilliam Mapother...Wallis
Dominic PurcellDominic Purcell...Ulrich
Mathew WilkinsonMathew Wilkinson...Michael (as Matthew Wilkinson)
Nicholas BellNicholas Bell...McCloy's Accountant
Cristina BrogerasCristina Brogeras...Flamenco Dancer #4
Kee ChanKee Chan...McCloy's Chemist
Kim FlemingKim Fleming...Larrabee
Alan LovellAlan Lovell...Biocyte Security Guard #2
Dan LuxtonDan Luxton...Relief Pilot
Christian ManonChristian Manon...Dr. Gradsky
Karl McMillanKarl McMillan...Biocyte Security Guard #1
Lester MorrisLester Morris...Bookie
Kelly OnsKelly Ons...Flamenco Dancer #1
Nicholas PapademetriouNicholas Papademetriou...Prison Guard #2
Brett PartridgeBrett Partridge...Biocyte Security Guard #3
Candice PartridgeCandice Partridge...Flamenco Dancer #7
Natalie ReisNatalie Reis...Flamenco Dancer #2
Daniel RobertsDaniel Roberts...Co-Pilot
Adriana RodríguezAdriana Rodríguez...Flamenco Dancer #5
Sandra RodríguezSandra Rodríguez...Flamenco Dancer #6
Nada RogicNada Rogic...Flamenco Dancer #3
Antonio VargasAntonio Vargas...Senor De L'Arena
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Alison ArayaAlison Araya...Girl (uncredited)
Rebecca BarrattRebecca Barratt...Art Teacher (uncredited)
Douglas BunnDouglas Bunn...Race Track Crowd (uncredited)
CaineCaine...Race Track Punter (uncredited)
Fred ChenFred Chen...Club Patron (uncredited)
Mark ConnollyMark Connolly...Gate Guard #1 (uncredited)
Ryder DavisRyder Davis...Server (uncredited)
Jay FinocchiaroJay Finocchiaro...Park Tourist (uncredited)
Alan HennessyAlan Hennessy...Race-goer (uncredited)
Anthony HopkinsAnthony Hopkins...Mission Commander Swanbeck (uncredited)
Patrick MarberPatrick Marber...Train Driver (uncredited)
William MortsWilliam Morts...Man with Mission Rocket in Helicopter (uncredited)
Tory MussettTory Mussett...Flamenco Guest (uncredited)
Paul RogetPaul Roget...Spanish Party Goer (uncredited)
Shant SarkissianShant Sarkissian...Party Attendant (uncredited)
Darren Dupree WashingtonDarren Dupree Washington...Nightclub Patron (uncredited)

Mission: Impossible II Movie Trailer

Mission: Impossible II - Trailer

Mission: Impossible II Movie Description

in Mission: Impossible Movie I hadn't seen this Mission: Impossible Movie in years and last year with Rogue Nation in full swing, I sat down and revisited Mission: Impossible 2. I saw it in theaters in Mission: Impossible Movie summer of 2000 and I remember enjoying it, but not as much as the first film. 

Watching it again more than a decade later, I see how lame it really is. As a fan of the series who's excited to see it do so well that we're now doing five Mission: Impossible Movie, I was disappointed to go back to Mission: Impossible 2 and find myself bored out of my mind. 

Mission: Impossible Movie is a prime example of extravagant entertainment. The action is dull, the characters are bland, and Mission: Impossible Movie stakes never seem important. 

Directed by action maestro John Woo, the focus is on genre while the plot and characters take a distant seat. 

In his second big-screen mission, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is assigned to retrieve a genetically modified form of influenza that kills his prey within 24 hours. 

It (and the matching antivirus) was stolen by fellow IMF agent Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott), who has gone rogue and plans to use it to embezzle money from Mission: Impossible Movie corrupt owner of the company that built it. . 

Part of that plan, of course, is to release it onto the unsuspecting public and make profits during the deaths of innocents. 

To get Mission: Impossible Movie inside scoop on Ambrose's plans, Hunt recruits the man's ex-boyfriend, Nyah Nordoff-Hall (Thandy Newton), to resume their relationship and report his findings to Hunt and the IMF.

I honestly can't believe Roger Ebert gave Mission: Impossible Movie a positive review.

Geez, where to start? I think Mission: Impossible Movie action and the "style" of John Woo. From the little work I've seen of him (ie some of his American projects), I'm not just a fan. 

He can certainly create an intense action scene, but he also has a lot of trademark scenes that he uses to climax here. No, not his pigeon. 

Dove doesn't show up until the end of the Mission: Impossible Movie. Slow motion. So slow. It is used everywhere and all the time in this Mission: Impossible Film. 

Seeing eyes in a room? Slow motion. Making eye contact with drivers at high speed? Slow motion. walk? Slow motion. hop? Slow motion. Slow motion? Slow motion. 

Play this Mission: Impossible Film at normal speed and you can probably fit it as an hour-long M:I television special with commercials. And then there is the unnecessary use of explosions. 

I love a good Mission: Impossible Film explosion as long as it's inspired. In Mission: Impossible 2, if a car hits a car so high that it hits it at a very high speed, it is liable to explode in a flame of glory. 

Personally, vehicle crashes are more interesting without Mission: Impossible Movie explosion because you get a better view of the impact rather than the other similar (impossible) fireballs. Mission Impossible: 2 is an action Mission: Impossible Movie first and foremost, but when gunshot wounds are bloodthirsty and vehicles explode for no reason it feels cheap and frightening like toilet humor in non-fun comedy.

It all made sense when I was watching a promotional puff-piece for the film and writer Robert Townes explained that he was approached with a series of action set-pieces designed by Wu and Cruz. 

He was asked to write the script around Mission: Impossible Movie action. As a result, we end up with a vulnerable story of Ethan Hunt and his team pursuing a vaguely threatening McGuffin and a forgettable villain. 

I don't know much about IMF operations and recruiting practices but you'd think someone would have noticed that Ambrose was getting ready to be a full blown villain. 

As much as an IMF agent is expected to endure in Mission: Impossible Movie course of their job, you'd think they'd have a team psychologist to check on them and perhaps realize that they had a psychopath in the area. 

Ambrose falls far short of being a formidable adversary on Mission: Impossible Movie level of Jon Voight in the first film or Philip Seymour Hoffman in the third. We know nothing about his motivations other than his becoming rich and he has zero regard for killing an entire population to do so. 

To get into Ambrose, Hunt is forced to recruit Nyah and use him as bait. Which is fine, but once Ambrose's location is discovered, why not kick out Nyah and remove all Mission: Impossible Movie IMF based on his operations? Isn't it their job? 

Instead, he gets the chance to take on Mission: Impossible Movie role of detective, risking his civilian life to report information that Hunt could have obtained with one of his insanely terrifying IMF infiltration missions.

So Many Complaints What Can I Say Positively About Mission: Impossible 2? Tom Cruise remains brilliant as Ethan Hunt. I love Mission: Impossible Movie work he does in Mission: Impossible Film franchise and the fact that he insists on doing his own stunts is impressive. 

Mission: Impossible Movie opening is so much more intense with Hunt free-climbing because we can see that rocky cliff edge to cruise. Wing rams always have a good presence, even if their variable.

IMF agent Ethan Hunt is sent on an impossible mission to destroy the only existing supply of a deadly disease called Chimera. 

However a group of terrorists led by former IMF agent Ambrose also want Mission: Impossible Film disease to infect us world because they already have Mission: Impossible Movie only cure. Hunt turns to jewel thief Nyah to help her ex-boyfriend (Ambrose) infiltrate the group to spy on him.

John Woo must have thought of the elements needed to follow the solid adventures of Mission: Impossible Movie original film. Big action scenes? Yes. 

Slow motion? Yes. plots? Pot? good theme music? any kind of argument? Nope won't need them! Or at least it felt so. 

Mission: Impossible Movie plot of the first film was clever despite being open to holes - the plot here looks like an undeniable piece of genius in Mission: Impossible Movie first person! The story really only serves to set up the action sequences and as such I can barely remember the illness and only crap action sequences!

I knew to expect slo-mo and OTT action for a director like John Woo, but I had no idea it would be all so superficial and weak. For example the car chase where Hunt and Nyah meet is ridiculous and very annoying. 

Sick's heist is a hazy shadow of Mission: Impossible Movie original film's heist scene and the final motorbike chase is good but only an indication of what Wu has done before. The plot makes overuse of the whole 'face mask' thing - it should do about 8 or 9 times - not many of those times that Hunt can mask Mission: Impossible Movie people involved! Another example of how silly this is.

While Cruise was cool in Mission: Impossible Movie first film, he is sleek and tough - an image that just doesn't work. He was much better in the first film. 

Scott as the villain is non-existent and very dull. Newton is sexy but not more than that. Rams is good and Hopkins has a pleasant little role.

Overall Mission: Impossible Film is OTT mess. The plot is shabby and Mission: Impossible Movie action sequences are silly and often have no logical reason behind them! The overuse of face masks just points to a lack of a good script and Wu's slow pace just feels tired and unimaginable. 

Only the final action scene is enjoyable, but until then you might be interested in closing it and watching De Palma's better Mission: Impossible Movie instead.

Mission: Impossible was a fast paced espionage thriller that really got you thinking, which is what I love in a Mission: Impossible Movie. 

Since John Woo, one of Mission: Impossible Movie kings of the action genre, has taken over for Brian De Palma, you can expect Mission: Impossible II to be an intense action film with a majorly dumbed down plot. 

Everything to do with Mission: Impossible Movie plot is laid out for us basically immediately. Now, all there is to do is sit back and watch those classic John Woo action sequences. 

In Mission: Impossible Film, Ethan Hunt is once again a secret agent, and is sent on a mission to stop a devious agent from stealing a deadly virus for his own use.

I liked the first Mission: Impossible Better because it had a more advanced plot. The Mission: Impossible is just a bland shoot 'em up action Mission: Impossible Movie. Nothing wrong with that now. Mission: Impossible Film was still extremely entertaining. 

It didn't fit in with the first film. Even the character of Ethan Hunt, though still played by Tom Cruise, is different. 
In Mission: Impossible Film, he does not seem that serious about his work. He is more arrogant. However, I love that the character now has absolutely amazing hand-to-hand combat skills.

Overall, if you are looking for a smart spy thriller like the first film, Mission: Impossible Movie is not the point. If you are looking for a fun action Mission: Impossible Movie with amazing action sequences, Mission: Impossible Film is it.

Ethan Hunt is back with another theoretically impossible mission. Tom Cruise once again delivered at least one satisfactory performance, with all the other cast members included, but John Woo's direction was a bit too much at some points. I fail to see how it was necessary for Hunt to drive his motorcycle to the front wheel while firing at an oncoming car. 

Or about Mission: Impossible Film gun that lay in the sand at the end of the Mission: Impossible Movie? Was that a little unrealistic, or was it just me?

The story was good, Mission: Impossible Film acting was convincing, and the action sequences were well put together, but they were too much. 

One of Mission: Impossible Film other things that really saved Mission: Impossible Full Movie from the action-packed ambiguity was some very clever and well-placed dialogue, especially from Ving Rams, once again Luther Stickell ("Ethan! Nyah is in the building! Do you copy!")

Despite the shortcomings of M:I 2, it will undoubtedly be very satisfying for the true action fan. There are explosions, gun battles, car chases, deadly viruses, Jackie Chan style fight scenes and even a hint of some WWF moves in those fights. Mission Impossible 2 is a good action Mission: Impossible Movie. 

I wasn't too impressed, but I didn't even feel like I just wasted two hours. Go see the Mission: Impossible Film, just don't expect it to be a phenomenal gift from the action Mission: Impossible Movie gods it was made for.

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