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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Sandra BullockSandra Bullock...Gracie Hart
Michael CaineMichael Caine...Victor Melling
Benjamin BrattBenjamin Bratt...Eric Matthews
Candice BergenCandice Bergen...Kathy Morningside
William ShatnerWilliam Shatner...Stan Fields
Ernie HudsonErnie Hudson...McDonald
John DiRestaJohn DiResta...Agent Clonsky
Heather BurnsHeather Burns...Cheryl 'Rhode Island'
Melissa De SousaMelissa De Sousa...Karen 'New York'
Steve MonroeSteve Monroe...Frank Tobin
Deirdre QuinnDeirdre Quinn...Mary Jo 'Texas'
Wendy Raquel RobinsonWendy Raquel Robinson...Leslie 'California'
Asia De MarcosAsia De Marcos...Alana 'Hawaii'
Ken ThomasKen Thomas...Agent Harris
Gabriel FolseGabriel Folse...Agent Grant
Christopher SheaChristopher Shea...Agent Jensen
Mary Ashleigh GreenMary Ashleigh Green...Young Gracie
Cody LinleyCody Linley...Tough Boy
Eric Ian GoldbergEric Ian Goldberg...Alan
Danny KaminDanny Kamin...Krashow (as Daniel Kamin)
Konstantin SelivanovKonstantin Selivanov...Ivan
Mona Lee FultzMona Lee Fultz...Russian Waitress (as Mona Lee)
Sergei LevtsukSergei Levtsuk...Russian Bodyguard
John CannJohn Cann...Russian Bodyguard (as Johnny Caan)
Debbie NelsonDebbie Nelson...Pageant Announcer
Don CassDon Cass...Pageant Director
Laurie GuzdaLaurie Guzda...Assistant Director
Jimmy GrahamJimmy Graham...Backstage Security Guard
Rupert ReyesRupert Reyes...Security Guard (as Ruperto Reyes Jr.)
Bernadette NasonBernadette Nason...Pageant Matron
Stephen BrutonStephen Bruton...Bartender
Jessica HolcombJessica Holcomb...Beth
Jennifer GareisJennifer Gareis...Tina
Ellen H. SchwartzEllen H. Schwartz...Self (as Ellen Schwartz)
Cassandra L. SmallCassandra L. Small...Starbucks Cop
Marco PerellaMarco Perella...Starbucks Guy
Cynthia DornCynthia Dorn...Preliminary Judge
Catenya McHenryCatenya McHenry...Newscaster
Paige BishopPaige Bishop...Warehouse Dentist
Lucien DouglasLucien Douglas...Warehouse Hair Stylist
Georgia FoyGeorgia Foy...Miss United States
LeeAnne LockenLeeAnne Locken...Nebraska
Pei-San BrownPei-San Brown...Arkansas
Isamari WhiteIsamari White...Florida
Kimberly CrawfordKimberly Crawford...Maine
Jamie Drake StephensJamie Drake Stephens...Maryland
Dyan ConnerDyan Conner...Massachusetts
Kelly BrightKelly Bright...Minnesota
Dee Dee AdamsDee Dee Adams...Missouri
Shana McClendonShana McClendon...Nevada
Janie TerrazasJanie Terrazas...New Mexico
Holly MillsHolly Mills...Ohio
Angela Van De WalleAngela Van De Walle...Oregon
Tarah BartleyTarah Bartley...South Carolina
Farah WhiteFarah White...Tennessee
Summyr MillerSummyr Miller...Utah
Jessica HaleJessica Hale...Vermont
Pam GreenPam Green...Washington
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Deborah AbbottDeborah Abbott...District of Columbia (uncredited)
Cynthia AguiarCynthia Aguiar...Pageant Audience (uncredited)
Shane AllisonShane Allison...Waiter (uncredited)
Dustin AmyDustin Amy...Starbucks Patron (uncredited)
Brea AngeloBrea Angelo...Pennsylvania (uncredited)
Ricardo AzulayRicardo Azulay...Victor (uncredited)
Johnny BarteeJohnny Bartee...Audience Member (uncredited)
Whitney BlakeWhitney Blake...Georgia (uncredited)
Fred BothwellFred Bothwell...Pageant Judge (uncredited)
Greg BronsonGreg Bronson...Security Guard (uncredited)
Devin CarbaughDevin Carbaugh...Club Dancer (uncredited)
Robert F. CawleyRobert F. Cawley...Pageant Judge (uncredited)
Camille ChenCamille Chen...New Hampshire (uncredited)
Constance DasseConstance Dasse...Audience Member (uncredited)
Ryan DavisRyan Davis...Drum Circle-Extra (uncredited)
Brian DecaroBrian Decaro...Pageant Employee (uncredited)
Lisa Del DottoLisa Del Dotto...South Dakota (uncredited)
Jeremy DenzlingerJeremy Denzlinger...New York Cop (uncredited)
Troy DillingerTroy Dillinger...Pageant Security (uncredited)
Katy DunlapKaty Dunlap...Iowa (uncredited)
Dan EgglestonDan Eggleston...Pageant Employee (uncredited)
Scott GrossmanScott Grossman...Self (uncredited)
Troy HarrisTroy Harris...Parent (uncredited)
Kirby M. HiscoxKirby M. Hiscox...FBI Agent (uncredited)
Nikki MartinezNikki Martinez...Montana (uncredited)
Jennifer MatyearJennifer Matyear...Audience Member (uncredited)
Dawn McCoyDawn McCoy...Delaware (uncredited)
Brent MitchellBrent Mitchell...FBI Agent (uncredited)
Matthew S. MoffettMatthew S. Moffett...Cab Driver (uncredited)
Nora J. MooreNora J. Moore...Russian Woman (uncredited)
Rana MorrisonRana Morrison...Misty (uncredited)
Douglas M. NelsonDouglas M. Nelson...Benefactor (uncredited)
Trevor Doyle NelsonTrevor Doyle Nelson...Audience member (uncredited)
Nita RainwaterNita Rainwater...Indiana (uncredited)
Mylinda RoyerMylinda Royer...Pageant Judge (uncredited)
Harry SantiagoHarry Santiago...Stage Manager (uncredited)
Maverick ShawMaverick Shaw...FBI Agent (uncredited)
James SingletonJames Singleton...FBI Agent (uncredited)
Spike SpencerSpike Spencer...Bar Guy (uncredited)
Hollie StensonHollie Stenson...Wyoming (uncredited)
Scott SwansonScott Swanson...Hairstylist (uncredited)
Clint TidwellClint Tidwell...FBI Agent (uncredited)
Richard E. WaitsRichard E. Waits...Pink Tie Man (uncredited)
LaToya WardLaToya Ward...Pageant Manager (uncredited)
Wendy Wells-GunkelWendy Wells-Gunkel...Alamo Guest (uncredited)
Jerry WuJerry Wu...Coffee shop (uncredited)
Michelle YergerMichelle Yerger...Idaho (uncredited)

Miss Congeniality Movie Trailer

Miss Congeniality (2000) Official Trailer - Sandra Bullock Comedy HD

Miss Congeniality Movie Description

In Miss Congeniality Movie A funny plot full of clever hooks, and a wonderful, engaging, full performance by Sandra Bullock is what makes miss congeniality 2 Miss Congeniality Full Movie really funny. and hot. and enjoy.

Expecting more than that would be a mistake and a shame, and at times it turns out to be a little too silly for its own good, including anything from Miss Congeniality Full Movie last half hour.

 But what works, the works, and the first hour of creation, and Bullock's transformation (and through him that spark of humor and authenticity) are first-rate. 

Michael Caine supports him because he backs everyone in Miss Congeniality Full Movie business with class and finesse. Benjamin Bratt, playing a sort of distant girlfriend to Bullock's FBI agent cum beauty contestant, is a little conscious of her good looks and doesn't rest enough to make her a star.

He could learn a lot from Kane and Bullock, both of whom are skilled actors capable of saving, and even lifting, what is mostly regular production. For a light fare, it's a pleasure. 

By Miss Congeniality Full Movie way, the only "Miss United States" beauty pageant is an "on-line" pageant, which has a hefty entry fee, and appears to be a commercial and possibly exploitative tie-in to the film. 

Famous (and infamous) national pageants are Miss America and Miss USA. The film is meant to dispel the stereotypes that contestants often espouse, and it provides some pretty good fodder.

Miss Congeniality stars Sandra Bullock as FBI agent Gracie Hart, who must go undercover at Miss Congeniality Full Movie Miss United States beauty pageant to prevent a psychopath from committing untold murders.

The premise is simple, it's a Pygmalion/My Fair Lady scenario that turns the rough and tough Gracie into a viable competitor for the pageant. 

Thus we have all the comedy that grapples with her from literally everyone, including her own opinion on the pageant, because she's being asked to do something she doesn't believe is in her makeup. 

Miss Congeniality Full Movie mystery of who the killer is is strong for a good portion of the Miss Congeniality Movie, and even once it becomes known and the drama takes center stage, it's still hard to take the smile off your face. .

Jokes abound, in which Bullock finds chemistry with all of her co-stars. She is an underrated comedy actress, and her ability to bond with an entire cast is amazing to watch. 

Reference the sexual tension with Benjamin Bratt, the unrelenting animosity with Ernie Hudson, the way she bounces off other beautiful girls, and the best sub-drama with Michael Caine, who plays a camp stylist and laughs. Whatever scene he is in, he walks to lift it, climb on it from the roof.

It doesn't push Miss Congeniality Full Movie boundaries of comedy, but thankfully it's a consistently funny act, aided by a super cast that the screenplay suggested it had any right to be.

Okay, this is a silly Miss Congeniality Movie with a far-fetched and ridiculous plot, and it's predictable. But for whatever reason, it's pretty entertaining. 

Sandra Bullock has such a winning and likable personality, she has this way of making Miss Congeniality Movie that look better than they really are. 

She also has a gift for comedy and a screen presence which is undeniable. I can't think of any other actress who can play miss congeniality 2 role.

Miss Congeniality Full Movie characters in the Miss Congeniality Movie are well developed, and you seem to really care about them. The performances aren't bad, Michael Caine is great and he has a field day in miss congeniality 2 role. I thought it was a funny film, what can I say.

Grace Hart has always been like a tomboy with a sense of justice so it should come as no surprise that she became an FBI agent. 

Her position is threatened when an agent is injured after disobeying her orders, but when a terrorist known as "The Citizen" threatens Miss Congeniality Full Movie Miss USA beauty pageant in San Antonio, Texas, So she is the only agent who can go undercover as a contestant. 

Although it will not be an easy task; Gracie has never in her life worn an outfit that used high heels or beauty products! Once there he is placed under the wing of coach Victor Melling and slowly learns what to do if he is to gain everyone's trust, progress in the tournament, and uncover the terrorist.

Miss Congeniality Full Movie Miss Congeniality Movie doesn't provide too many surprises but it doesn't matter as it provides a lot of laughs. Gracie is a fun main character; Sandra Bullock did a great job in miss congeniality 2 role. 

She is convincing as a tough agent who doesn't care about trivial things like her looks and at Miss Congeniality Full Movie same time looks convincing as a beauty pageant contestant. Michael Caine's performance as Victor contrasts nicely as he does everything the 'right' way and Gracie requires constant teaching. 

There are also funny scenes between Gracie and her fellow contestants and amusing performances from William Shatner and Candice Bergen.

There are some actresses who do weighty or worthy work and there are some who make popular Miss Congeniality Movie. 

Sandra Bullock is one such actress who falls into Miss Congeniality Full Movie latter category. Yet, in this category, she is top of the tree and it is in films like Miss Congeniality that she proves it.

For a fish out of water comedy, this is a film that plays to Bullock's strengths – her tomboyish image at pace, her warm humor and her ability to play for laughs and deadpan. 

Thus, Bullock is allowed to shine through a cast list featuring Michael Caine and Ben Bratt. However, if I had one criticism, it would be that there are occasions when Kane is seen brazenly robbing and camping it up for Miss Congeniality Full Movie camera without any real effect.

There are some really funny moments, mostly centered around slapstick and it's nice to see a Miss Congeniality Movie that doesn't take itself or its setting too seriously. Many competitors offer good supporting performance and thus, it is difficult to choose one.

Overall, it's a bit trite, but anyone renting/buying this Miss Congeniality Movie will certainly know what to expect - familiar, funny and inevitably sweet-natured - just like Sandra Bullock.

I have loved this film since Miss Congeniality Full Movie first time I saw it. Even taking into account that it was 10 years ago when this rom-com was released, and most rom-coms are forgotten by a lot of people in the sands of time because they and how many of them manage to be simple, this one has always managed to stick with me and maintain an excellent reputation, in my eyes, how amazing and fun it really is, and it's actually my favorite One of Miss Congeniality Full Movie Miss Congeniality Movie.

Multiple advantages: I feel the delivery of all the lines and scenes in this Miss Congeniality Movie is perfect for the goal it has set out to accomplish. 

Sandra Bullock was the perfect choice for the role, and all the other supporting actors and actresses are brilliant in their parts and bring to you a Miss Congeniality Movie that is nothing but fun and laughs from start to finish. 

However, you do get a little more than what's in store. I've found myself completely hooked every time I've watched it over Miss Congeniality Full Movie years, as it grabs your attention with the plot and antics and won't let go. 

Miss Congeniality Full Movie performances, like I said, are amazing and the cast really knew how to work with what they were given. The jokes and antics are hysterical and although many will tell you the Miss Congeniality Movie was funny in a bad way when they hate or dislike comedies, don't listen to any bad reception it may have received and watch it for yourself with a clear conscience, Because it's really enjoyable, in my honest opinion.

Very minor, a few drawbacks: Yes, Miss Congeniality Full Movie turns out to be a bit mediocre at times, and at others they definitely could have handled the material a bit better, but apart from those two cases, I thought the film had was, made a sense, perfect, and utterly amazing and amazingly hilarious and excellent for every bit of value it should have been hilarious and excellent.

I've enjoyed the Miss Congeniality Movie for a long time, I still enjoy it and see it from start to finish as a fun and thrilling adventure that I can always watch for the simple pleasure of watching it, not just to pass the time. 

Guys, don't just pass it off for a chick flick, as some people might find that a great time. Even though it's a rom-com, I consider it a masterpiece because of how much it gives miss congeniality 2 audience and how incredibly satisfying it always is.

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