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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Robert De NiroRobert De Niro...Master Chief Billy Sunday
Cuba Gooding Jr.Cuba Gooding Jr....Chief Carl Brashear
Charlize TheronCharlize Theron...Gwen Sunday
Aunjanue EllisAunjanue Ellis...Jo
Hal HolbrookHal Holbrook...'Mr. Pappy'
Michael RapaportMichael Rapaport...GM1 Snowhill
Powers BoothePowers Boothe...Captain Pullman
David KeithDavid Keith...Captain Hartigan
Holt McCallanyHolt McCallany...MM1 Dylan Rourke
David ConradDavid Conrad...Lt. / Cmdr. / Capt. Hanks
Joshua LeonardJoshua Leonard...PO2 Timothy Douglas Isert
Carl LumblyCarl Lumbly...Mac Brashear
Lonette McKeeLonette McKee...Ella Brashear
Glynn TurmanGlynn Turman...Chief Floyd
Dennis TroutmanDennis Troutman...Boots
Joshua FeinmanJoshua Feinman...DuBoyce
Theo Nicholas PagonesTheo Nicholas Pagones...FC Mellegrano (as Theo Pagones)
Ryan HoneyRyan Honey...Surveyor 2nd Yarmouth
Chris WarrenChris Warren...Young Carl Brashear (as Chris Warren Jr.)
Lester B. HansonLester B. Hanson...Admiral Yon
Jack FrazierJack Frazier...Rear Admiral French
David Richard HeathDavid Richard Heath...Medical Officer
Demene HallDemene Hall...Mrs. Biddle (as Demene E. Hall)
Alimi BallardAlimi Ballard...Coke
Shawn Michael HowardShawn Michael Howard...Junie
Troy LundTroy Lund...Blonde Gate SP
Henry HarrisHenry Harris...Rescued Pilot
Matt DotsonMatt Dotson...Marine Guard at Hearing
David MeyersDavid Meyers...Dr. Cudahy
Richard Perry TurnerRichard Perry Turner...Dr. Dinkins
George 'Chick' RankinsGeorge 'Chick' Rankins...Cab Driver (as George 'Chick' Rankins)
Richard SandersRichard Sanders...Donny Moor Bartender
Henry NobleHenry Noble...Black Inductee (as Nasir Najieb)
Dennis BatemanDennis Bateman...Navy Instructor
Eric NewsomeEric Newsome...Naked Grunt
Steven Clark PachosaSteven Clark Pachosa...Navy Recruiter / Chief Petty Officer
Marilyn Faith HickeyMarilyn Faith Hickey...Pinch-Faced Woman at Detox Center
Bruce BurkhartsmeierBruce Burkhartsmeier...Presiding Officer
Michael Tyrone WilliamsonMichael Tyrone Williamson...Waiter
Michelle GuthrieMichelle Guthrie...Therapist
Michael Patrick EganMichael Patrick Egan...Sailor
Scott KraftScott Kraft...Ropeleski
Tim MonsionTim Monsion...News Reporter
Dulé HillDulé Hill...Red Tail
Timothy McCuen PiggeeTimothy McCuen Piggee...School Master
John PolceJohn Polce...Hospital Security (as John J. Polce)
The CountThe Count...Band Leader
Allen GerbinoAllen Gerbino...Aerial Coordinator / Pilot #1
Art GotisarArt Gotisar...Pilot #2
Robert BlancheRobert Blanche...Shore Patrolman
Ivory Leslie DilleyIvory Leslie Dilley...Frantic Girl (as Ivory L. Dilley)
Chad Wesley SmathersChad Wesley Smathers...Drowning Boy (as Chad W. Smathers)
Wayne MorseWayne Morse...Navy Orderly
Rachel JahnRachel Jahn...Candy Striper
Jon Du ClosJon Du Clos...Sunday's Assistant
Leon RussomLeon Russom...Decker
Richard RadeckiRichard Radecki...Fan Tail Chief
Randy FlaglerRandy Flagler...Bomb Chief
Jeremy TaylorJeremy Taylor...Deckhand
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ayanna BerkshireAyanna Berkshire...Jazz Club Dancer (uncredited)
Carl BrashearCarl Brashear...Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Heath CentazzoHeath Centazzo...Navy Deck Hand (uncredited)
Mark CorreyMark Correy...Hero Ensign (uncredited)
Jayson CrittendenJayson Crittenden...Naval Recruit (uncredited)
Joe GuarneriJoe Guarneri...Navy Deck Hand (uncredited)
Dylan HillermanDylan Hillerman...Navy Patient (uncredited)
Ethan HoytEthan Hoyt...Naval Officer (uncredited)
Chris KruegerChris Krueger...Deep Sea Diver (uncredited)
Jonah LoebJonah Loeb...Navy Soldier (uncredited)
Koko MasakoKoko Masako...Cigarette Girl (uncredited)
Roger PetanRoger Petan...Hospital patient (uncredited)
Tyler PoseyTyler Posey...Boy (uncredited)
Geno RomoGeno Romo...Diver (uncredited)
Laurie SlaterLaurie Slater...Ballroom Dancer (uncredited)
Bruno Van ZeebroeckBruno Van Zeebroeck...Winch Operator During Leg Accident (uncredited)
Kevin Michael WatsonKevin Michael Watson...Naval Officer (uncredited)
Brad Everett YoungBrad Everett Young...Shocked Navy Diver (uncredited)

Men of Honor Movie Trailer

Men of Honor (2000) Trailer #1

Men of Honor Movie Description

In Men of Honor Movie Military training films are becoming so common that they are becoming a genre unto themselves. We have more major ones, 'Officer and a Gentleman', 'Top Gun', 'GI Jane' and now 'Men of Honor Film'. 

The fact that it turned out to be true doesn't change the fact that the formula is the same. The film is probably more like 'GI Jane' as it focuses on the desegregation angle.

The story is indeed quite inspiring and probably the best human-interest story among those mentioned above. 

Carl Brashear (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) is undeniably a man of great courage and principles, and his strength of character is clearly seen in Men of Honor Movie. 

Unfortunately, director George Tillman has tunnel vision in presenting the characters and constantly favors showing Brashear in opposite positions to avoid character development for the various characters other than Brashear. 

Billy Sunday (Robert De Niro) is a central figure, and we don't know much about him, except for the opening scene, a scuffle, and a few scenes with his wife. 

For example, Brashear sees the mark on Sunday's palms and we must assume that he plowed, but there is no follow-up on that point. Mr. Pappy (Hal Holbrook) only gets one short scene by which to judge him. 

The rest of his screen time consists of him lounging around and boasting. If a director is going to make a human-interest story, he has to humanize the characters.

Cuba Gooding Jr. delivers an outstanding performance as Brashear. This is probably the best I've seen her. It's a role and character that's more complete than anything he's played before, and he rises to the occasion. 

In 'Jerry Maguire', Rod Tidwell was a charming, but one-dimensional character with the depth of a rain puddle. 

Brashear is far more complex and grounded, and the issues he faces are life crises, making the role that much more challenging. It's an excellent recovery from Gooding's previous role in 'Chill Factor,' a film so terrible it was almost professional suicide to take part in it.

After trying his hand as a comedian (`Analyze This', 'The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle', 'Meet the Parents'), Robert DeNiro returns to his dramatic roots with a stellar performance. 

DeNiro isn't a bad comedian, he's just such a great dramatic actor that it seems like he shouldn't be wasting his time doing comedy. De Niro supports Billy Sunday, a tortured soul with a stoic personality. It is a pleasure to watch him work.

It seems like every movie I watch lately has Charlize Theron in it. I watched 'The Legend of Bagger Vance', 'Men of Honor Full Movie' and 'The Yards' in a row and I began to wonder if he had a role in every movie in the 2000s (actually, he only did five).  

It was a small role for Theron, but she played it well and managed to match DeNiro. David Keith, who co-starred with Richard Gere in 'Officer and a Gentleman,' has a cameo here

The DVD has some interesting special features, including reflections by the real Carl Brashear and some deleted scenes.

I enjoyed the film despite the clichéd plot and one-dimensional presentation. I rated it 7/10. I'm a sucker for underdog stories and I have a passion for stories where strength of character is the central theme. 

The film is particularly strong in both areas and brings us two memorable acting performances that make up for some of the director's shortcomings.

I'm certainly glad that a movie was made about the amazing life story of Carl Brashear. As was the case during the civil rights era, Brashear became an inspiration for people from all minority groups who were unprepared for the expected status quo.

Brashear, played by Cuba Gooding, Jr., set an example in the conduct of the life he had chosen. Just like Jackie Robinson who integrated baseball and stuck it to his character and demeanor. 

As Brashear, Gooding knows he does not want the sharecropper life that his father Carl Lumbly has and Lumbly makes it clear that he has gotten more out of life.

But while Harry Truman unified the armed services after World War II, the Navy still had its restrictions. A black man can only be a cook or an officer's servant, the real fighting parts deny him. That's not enough for Gooding who applies to be a Navy deep sea diver.

Once at the diving school in Bayonne, New Jersey, Gooding has it all thrown at him, mostly by Robert DeNiro, the Master Chief Petty Officer in charge. 

DeNiro may have some leftover prejudice, but he is a hero nonetheless and one who can inspire if one can cross the racial divide.

The best thing about Men of Honor Full Movie is the chemistry between DeNiro and Gooding. They definitely come from different places, but as they get to know each other, the two become Men of Honor Full Movie.

Men of Honor Movie stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as real-life Navy diver Carl Brashear, who became the first African American Navy diver by challenging the one-man Navy. Sometimes on his side and sometimes on his adversary, there was one person Carl Brashear really admired. 

His name was Master Chief Billy Sunday (Robert De Niro). Sunday in many ways pushed, stimulated and helped Carl become the man he wanted to be.

I really liked Cuba in Men of Honor Movie. His portrayal here is as liberated and as powerful as Denzel Washington's was in The Hurricane. 

Through every scene, we can see his passion, motivation and determination to achieve his dream. We can see the struggle within him as he prepares to make his father proud. 

I also liked how the director built up some of the key diving scenes and built up a lot of tension. Brashear's encounter with a submarine during a salvage mission is heart-stopping and spectacular.

The only flaw I could see was in the supporting cast. Cuban and De Niro's characters are very complex and exciting to watch. Which makes you a little sad when they have to butt heads with such two-dimensional supporting characters. Rogue Lt. Cdr. 

Hanks, Sunday's wife (Charlize Theron), the eccentric diving school colonel (Hal Holbrook) and Cuban's love interest are characters that I found lacked much depth. A little more time could have been given to develop these characters to make them more convincing and more effective. 

Why did that colonel always stay in his tower? How come Sunday's wife was so bitter and always drunk?

Another curious question has to be. What happened to Carl Brashear's marriage? I mean if Men of Honor Movie is portraying the life of this man then wouldn't his marriage be an important event? Maybe it's just me. 

The Man of Honor, however, is a perfect example of victory and the faith that envelops the human spirit. 

The film will inspire and make you feel for the struggle of this man. I believe this was the reason this powerful story was told. My hat goes off to you Carl Brashear. I really admire your strength.

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