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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Robert De NiroRobert De Niro...Jack Byrnes
Ben StillerBen Stiller...Greg Focker
Teri PoloTeri Polo...Pam Byrnes
Blythe DannerBlythe Danner...Dina Byrnes
Nicole DeHuffNicole DeHuff...Deborah Byrnes
Jon AbrahamsJon Abrahams...Denny Byrnes
Owen WilsonOwen Wilson...Kevin Rawley
James RebhornJames Rebhorn...Dr. Larry Banks
Tom McCarthyTom McCarthy...Dr. Bob Banks (as Thomas McCarthy)
Phyllis GeorgePhyllis George...Linda Banks
Kali RochaKali Rocha...Atlantic American Flight Attendant
Bernie SheredyBernie Sheredy...Norm the Interrogator
Judah FriedlanderJudah Friedlander...Pharmacy Clerk
Peter BartlettPeter Bartlett...Animal Shelter Worker
John ElsenJohn Elsen...Chicago Airport Security
Mark HammerMark Hammer...Greg's Hospital Patient
Amy HohnAmy Hohn...Ticket Agent
William SeversWilliam Severs...Father O'Boyle
John FioreJohn Fiore...Kinky
Marilyn DobrinMarilyn Dobrin...Atlantic American Lost Luggage Clerk
Marci ReidMarci Reid...Traveler
Frank SantorelliFrank Santorelli...Courier (Wrong Bag)
Russell HornsbyRussell Hornsby...Late Night Courier (Right Bag)
Patricia CookPatricia Cook...Little Girl
Cody ArensCody Arens...Little Boy
Cole HawkinsCole Hawkins...Little Boy
Spencer BreslinSpencer Breslin...Little Boy
Ina RosenthalIna Rosenthal...Wedding Worker
Kim RideoutKim Rideout...Nurse
Kresh NovakovicKresh Novakovic...Airport Policeman (as Kresimir Novakovic)
John Joseph GallagherJohn Joseph Gallagher...Cop
G.A. AguilarG.A. Aguilar...Cop
Lynn Ann CastleLynn Ann Castle...Security Guard
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Robbie BryanRobbie Bryan...Man on Airplane (uncredited)
Phillip V. CarusoPhillip V. Caruso...Airport Baggage Swipe (uncredited)
Jon M. McDonnellJon M. McDonnell...Bartender (uncredited)
Erik-Anders NilssonErik-Anders Nilsson...Patron on Plane (uncredited)
Alan Francis SullivanAlan Francis Sullivan...Airport Security (uncredited)
Vinny Vella Jr.Vinny Vella Jr....Little Boy (uncredited)
Buzz ViscontiBuzz Visconti...Bar Patron (uncredited)
Todd WallTodd Wall...Caterer #2 (uncredited)

Meet the Parents Movie Trailer

Meet The Parents (2000) Official Trailer

Meet the Parents Movie Description

In Meet the Parents Movie Haha this is one of those comedies that you will always remember. Full of classic lines that my wife and I consistently use on a daily basis, like "if it has a teat you can milk it, puff Meet the Parents Movie magical dragon, the circle of faith and so on... 

"Meet the Parents is full of phrases that make me laugh every time I think about it. And that's what defines a good comedy for me. If I watch a comedy I want to laugh and that's what you get with it. 

Some people might not like it but for me they don't have a sense of humor and it's just a pity for them. You have to like Ben Stiller, because it's basically he who is the great comedian in the Meet the Parents Movie. 

If you don't like it, you probably won't like the Meet the Parents Movie either. Like I don't like Adam Sandler Meet the Parents Full Movie. 

I think that man is not funny and that's why his comedy is painful for me to watch. The whole story in Meet the Parents is basically about the relationship between Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. 

Robert De Niro who plays his role brilliantly anyway. Other actors are also good but it is not them who move Meet the Parents Film forward. To me it's already a classic Meet the Parents Movie when I think of the best comedy I've ever seen.

Our story begins when a male nurse named Greg Fokker (Stiller) is about to propose to his girlfriend Pam (Teri Polo); Unfortunately, things take a turn for Meet the Parents Movie worst and it's not before Greg can say, "Will you marry me?" She learns that Pam's father, Jack (Robert De Niro), approved of Pam's sister's fiancĂ© because she had asked Jack for permission to marry her before. 

Shocked, Greg decides to wait until tomorrow where he is on his way to visit Pam's parents, and seeks Jack's approval before proposing to Pam. 

Must be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. Pam's mother (Blythe Danner) is great, but herein lies the problem: not only is it clear from the beginning that Pam's plant-expert father isn't actually a plant-expert (as Jack learns that Jack Greg learns after Meet the Parents Film plant Greg gives him - one of Meet the Parents Movie rarest plants in the world), but it turns out that Jack is actually in the CIA and was a "human lie detector", as Pam himself calls. 

In fact, Jack even gives Greg an in-scene lie detector test to see if he likes dinner earlier in the evening. "Yes," responds Greg, to see Meet the Parents Movie needle jump. "Well, that was a little too rare for my taste, maybe." 

Greg, desperately seeking approval (and nervous as ever), inadvertently causes havoc in his potential parents' home. 

Nervous shot like a drug addict, Greg is Meet the Parents Movie definition of a nervous wreck, and all his problems seem to escalate more and more to a weird-if-tragic comic showdown.

You know how sometimes you get really nervous, but try to hide that fact? You keep calming yourself until you do something, then all your nervousness explodes and you start knocking around saying stupid things - let alone stupid things you never do ? And then you look around and everyone is looking at you like you're some kind of freak? Well, that's Meet the Parents Movie case with Greg's character in "Meet the Parents" - he's so easy to recognize. 

Like all of us, we want to keep our cool and impress people – but once we lose it, Meet the Parents Movie coolness slips further and further away from our grip, until we get hit on Meet the Parents Full Movie feet Let's do. 

For Greg's character, little things get bigger and bigger and bigger - from knocking over Meet the Parents Full Movie remains of Jack's mother (and letting a cat go to the bathroom on Meet the Parents Movie remains), setting fire to the house and busting a septic tank. 

until. Things seem to be spiraling out of control and getting worse and worse.

In one scene, Greg tries to impress everyone while playing volleyball in a pool. His team is losing because of him. "Get up and hit the ball," Jack tells him. 

So the next time the ball hits Greg, he jumps up and hits the ball with all his might, sending it flying... 

Pam's sister (who is married Meet the Parents Movie next day), shattering her nose. gives. Greg lands back in the pool and begins to cheer, until he learns that he has poked his sister-in-law's nose. Then everyone looks at him as if he is an insensitive fool.

Such things have happened to me countless times, and that's why I can identify with Greg so easily. 

People are yelling at Greg for doing something, and when he does at Meet the Parents Movie end, it has the opposite effect and everyone looks at him like he's a fool, even though he did what he was told.

That's what makes this Meet the Parents Movie so great - not only is it insanely fun, but we can easily identify with the main character countless times throughout the Meet the Parents Full Movie. 

That's probably the best thing about Meet the Parents Movie comedy.

Meet the Parents Movie main character in "Meet the Parents" is a Chicago-based male nurse, Greg Fokker (pronounced how) who realizes how unlucky one person can be. 

He is about to propose to his schoolteacher girlfriend, Pam (Teri Polo), when his sister Debbie (Nicole DeHuff) calls and reveals that his new fiancée, Dr. Bob Banks (Tom McCarthy), has been blessed by her father. He asked before doing so.

 Question. Meet the Parents Movie information forces Greg to reconsider the way he chooses, and instead jumps at the opportunity to meet Pam's over-protective parents, when they go two weeks later to arrange for Debbie's wedding. Go to the East Coast.

At the airport, the attendants lost Greg's parcels. Thus he comes without any baggage. Once at Pam's parents' home, they exchange greetings and familiarize themselves with each other. 

Pam's parents, Jack and Dinah Byrnes (Robert De Niro and Blyth Danner), learn of Greg's unusual last name, that he doesn't like cats, and that he is a male nurse, all facts that are related to Pam's father. 

do not match well. Greg manages to gift Jack with a pleasant supply of rare flowers. 

However, even though Pam explained to Greg that his father was fond of rare flowers, he wasn't too impressed.

Even more complications arise, especially when Greg learns of Jack's strange behavior and suspicious gadgets, such as polygraphs and hidden cameras in every room of the house, as well as Pam's brother, Danny (John Abraham) and Pam. 

Will be meeting Debbie soon. In-laws, Larry (James Raybourne), and Linda Banks (Phyllis George), and Pam's wealthy ex-fiance, Kevin Rawley (Owen Wilson). 

Soon, Greg's chances of getting Jack's permission for his daughter's wedding become less and less as his misfortune only manages to escalate.

The film introduces Greg and Pam to silly quirks that come to the fore later in the story. 

Pam's parents are also quite behaved; The film doesn't go over the top but portrays him with serious humor and charismatic wit. However, it is De Niro and Stiller who make the film. 

They make for a very effective comedic chemistry, even more amusing than the likeable shtick between De Niro and Billy Crystal in "Analyze It." 

The filmmakers take advantage of the unprecedented tension between Greg and Jack, and put them in one hilarious situation after another.

While outrageous and sometimes explosively funny, director Jay Roach takes the plot seriously. His previous films, including the Austin Powers films and "Mystery, Alaska", have had trouble taking anything seriously. 

But "Meet the Parents" has an emotional connection, develops solid empathy for Greg, and we truly believe he has something precious that can be lost: Pam.

The film doesn't fully develop the romantic chemistry between Ben Stiller and Teri Polo, thus at times I didn't believe the two were actually in love. Relationships sometimes feel worn out and complicated. 

There are also important plot nuggets that have only been partially investigated: Jack's pot-headed son, who could have contributed much to the drug-related material, to provide another string of conflicts within Jack and Greg. Left as a plot device.

I really enjoyed the whimsical performances and apt casting. Ben Stiller reprises his "There's Something About Mary" role with lovable charm and vaguely zany flippancy. 

Robert De Niro is perfect in the role he was born to play, with a serious attitude that results in a core of the film's funny moments. Blythe Danner is also charming in the kind of role that's becoming too normal for her.

"Meet the Parents" is one of the funniest Meet the Parents Movie of the year. It gives the audience a solid story that doesn't interfere with Meet the Parents Movie comic content, but contributes to it. 

Top notch performances and lively direction also take Meet the Parents Film to a higher level. During a year in which effective humor is an endangered species, "Meet the Parents" is a landmark achievement in mild entertainment.

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