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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Monica BellucciMonica Bellucci...Malèna Scordia
Giuseppe SulfaroGiuseppe Sulfaro...Renato Amoroso
Luciano FedericoLuciano Federico...Renato's Father
Matilde PianaMatilde Piana...Renato's Mother
Pietro NotarianniPietro Notarianni...Professor Bonsignore
Gaetano AronicaGaetano Aronica...Nino Scordia
Gilberto IdoneaGilberto Idonea...Avvocato Centorbi (as Gilberto Idone)
Angelo PellegrinoAngelo Pellegrino...Segretario politico
Gabriella Di LuzioGabriella Di Luzio...Mantenuta del Barone
Pippo ProvvidentiPippo Provvidenti...Dott. Cusimano
Maria TerranovaMaria Terranova...Moglie Dott. Cusimano
Marcello CatalanoMarcello Catalano...Lieutenant Cadei
Elisa MorucciElisa Morucci...Lupetta
Domenico GennaroDomenico Gennaro...Farmacista
Vitalba AndreaVitalba Andrea...Moglie farmacista
Giuseppe PattavinaGiuseppe Pattavina...Pretore (as Pippo Pattavina)
Franco CatalanoFranco Catalano...Negoziante
Daniele ArenaDaniele Arena...Agostino
Giovanni LitricoGiovanni Litrico...Pinè
Gianluca GuarreraGianluca Guarrera...Nicola
Michel Daniel BramantiMichel Daniel Bramanti...Sasà
Giuseppe ZizzoGiuseppe Zizzo...Tanino
Totò BorgeseTotò Borgese...Milite fascista (as Toto' Borgese)
Emanuele GullottoEmanuele Gullotto...Negoziante dischi
Aurora QuattrocchiAurora Quattrocchi...Tenutaria bordello (as Rori Quatrocchi)
Claudia MuziiClaudia Muzii...Prima Prostituta
Ornella GiustoOrnella Giusto...Seconda Prostituta
Conchita PuglisiConchita Puglisi...Terza Prostituta
Noemi GiarratanaNoemi Giarratana...Sorella Renato
Paola PacePaola Pace...Prima Donna linciaggio
Lucia SardoLucia Sardo...Seconda Donna linciaggio
Adelaide AlessiAdelaide Alessi...(as Adellaide Alessi)
Angelo BattistaAngelo Battista
Vanni BramatiVanni Bramati
Claudio CastrogiovanniClaudio Castrogiovanni
Alessandro CremonaAlessandro Cremona
Lazzaro CroceLazzaro Croce
Francesco DragoFrancesco Drago
Patrizia De LiberoPatrizia De Libero
Maria Teresa Di ClementeMaria Teresa Di Clemente
Giovanni FebraroGiovanni Febraro
Fabrizio FerracaneFabrizio Ferracane
Sebastiana FicheraSebastiana Fichera
Sebastiano FisichellaSebastiano Fisichella
Angelo FortunaAngelo Fortuna
Antonio FulfaroAntonio Fulfaro
Turi KillerTuri Killer
Giuseppe LucianoGiuseppe Luciano
Chiara MarcheseChiara Marchese
Salvatore MartinoSalvatore Martino
Giovanni MartoranaGiovanni Martorana
Antonio PellegrinoAntonio Pellegrino
Claudio PianoClaudio Piano
Antonello PuglisiAntonello Puglisi
Carmela PulvirentiCarmela Pulvirenti
Adriana RizzaAdriana Rizza
Roberto RizzaRoberto Rizza
Giada SalesiGiada Salesi
Sergio SeminaraSergio Seminara
Orio ScadutoOrio Scaduto
Agostino ScuderiAgostino Scuderi
Fausto SiddiFausto Siddi
Vincenzo TerranovaVincenzo Terranova
Agostino UrsinoAgostino Ursino...(as Agatino Ursino)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Drew BreedenDrew Breeden...US Soldier (uncredited)
Brandon FibbsBrandon Fibbs...American Soldier (uncredited)
Noam MorgenszternNoam Morgensztern...Child (uncredited)

Malena Movie Trailer

Malena | Official Trailer (HD) - Monica Bellucci, Giuseppe Sulfaro | MIRAMAX

Malena Movie Description

The first time I saw this utterly beautiful film, I knew nothing of the amazingness of Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso) or the ethereal beauty of Monica Bellucci.

All the essential knowledge was packed into my head within the two hours I spent watching Malena. It is a coming-of-age film, set in World War II in a small town in Sicily. 

The main character is a young guy named Renato, and through his completely understandable obsession with a married woman named Malena (there couldn't have been a better performer than Monica Bellucci in this role), we follow him through a few years. I see myself maturing. Time. 

Most of the team focuses on Malena, of course, but it's all through Renato's eyes (he's following her around all the time), and his affection for her. 

It's no surprise that all the men in town (even the teens) mostly see him as a hot piece of meat, but it's this guy's pure love that will ultimately make the difference in his (and her) life. brings

The end credits will leave you after "life goes on" and possibly the strongest feeling of sadness you've ever gotten from a movie.

Great cinematography, excellent performance by Monica Bellucci (though she barely speaks throughout the film) and the boy playing Renato, amazing score by grand maestro Ennio Morricone (Oscar nominated), this movie became my all time favorite And Monica Bellucci is my most recent (and strongest) obsession! A perfect 10, although it may seem over the top to some of you.

In "Malena" Giuseppe Tornatore mixes many of his memories of wartime Sicily à la Fellini's "Amarcord" and combines them with adolescent curiosity. 

La Truffaut's short "Les Mistons", which celebrates the bright and enchanting beauty of the title character. focuses on. Played by Monica Bellucci. However, "Malena" is much more than a celebration of Bellucci's curvaceous body, which on the other hand is most effectively photographed by an able director. 

But "Malena" has other things to offer. For one it is a coming of age picture, masterfully narrated and shot, wonderfully scored by Ennio Morricone, in many ways a companion piece to Tornatore's better known and critically acclaimed "Cinema Paradiso". Is. 

It's nostalgic, endearing, funny, touching, at times also daring, sensual, yet still beautiful and innocent, but still also sad, tragic and unexpectedly shocking - the film is a symphony of all those feelings. 

which are brought together through two very strong characters, the boy and the desired woman. 

Not to be neglected An allegorical aspect very prevalent in "Malena" is often overlooked: the action takes place with World War II as the backdrop, where motherland Italy prostrates itself to Hitler and a mere satellite of Nazi Germany. becomes, once ferociously captivated with virginal beauty. How fast can things change...

Finally, a caveat: The international release version of the film is cut by no less than 17 minutes, reducing several scenes laden with seductive sexuality - which represent the core of the film - to an absolute minimum. 

While the film miraculously still works that way, the experience is decidedly less intense. See the original if you can.

Although sweetened by a narrative through the eyes of a teenager, Malena is a film that attempts to criticize the inherent savagery of men in a 'civilised' society.

Through the story, the audience is shown the cruelty that people are capable of as a collective unit, with each individual playing a small part. It attempts to expose the blatant hypocrisy and fragile morality that hides just beneath the surface.

Malena is also a discourse on beauty and its brutal power. The feverish lust it produces in a man, and severe and terrible jealousy in a woman. 

The audience's feelings of appreciation for Malena's beauty are gradually overtaken by a feeling of utter dismay for Malena's beauty being the cause of all her woes.

Technically the film is true to its time - a small Italian village that goes through the ravages of World War II. The story unfolds through the eyes of a young boy, who takes us on a journey of lust, love and maturity. 

We watch helplessly as his innocent outlook on life is shaken by the realities of society, while he helplessly watches the misfortune of the beautiful Malena.

From the director of Cinema Paradiso & The Legend of 1900 comes a coming-of-age tale that's gripping and heartbreaking in equal measure, and captures the worst tendencies of human nature with its interesting, albeit not intuitive, premise is, which strives to be many things. Once again it fumbles more than it succeeds.

Written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, the coming of age boy's love-struck fantasies are handled smoothly, even packing in some hilarious bits as the plot progresses, but It is in the silent voyage of the Titanic Signora where it receives its dramatic and emotional burden. It is a story of the perils of innocence and beauty but not realizing its full potential.

The camera expertly mimics the male gaze to a tee. The details of the period have been suitably reproduced. And Ennio Morricone's soulful score helps keep the audience's emotions in check. 

As for the performances, Giuseppe Sulfaro plays his part well, but it's Monica Bellucci and her quiet, sad rendition of The Names Lady that leaves the most lasting impression and ranks among his best works.

On the whole, Malena is an exquisitely crafted, gorgeously drawn and finely acted period drama, which blends comedy, romance, coming-of-age and social commentary elements into a single picture, but its execution Happens a little below expectations and settles for less than what it was. 

capable of doing. Nonetheless, the interest rarely wanes and Monica Bellucci's sensuous presence and measured input make it well worth a ride.

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