Little Nicky Movie | Little Nicky Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Adam SandlerAdam Sandler...Nicky
Patricia ArquettePatricia Arquette...Valerie Veran
Harvey KeitelHarvey Keitel...Dad
Rhys IfansRhys Ifans...Adrian
Tom Lister Jr.Tom Lister Jr....Cassius (as Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr.)
Rodney DangerfieldRodney Dangerfield...Lucifer
Allen CovertAllen Covert...Todd
Peter DantePeter Dante...Peter
Jonathan LoughranJonathan Loughran...John
Robert SmigelRobert Smigel...Beefy (voice)
Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon...Holly
Dana CarveyDana Carvey...Referee
Jon LovitzJon Lovitz...Peeper
Kevin NealonKevin Nealon...Gatekeeper
Michael McKeanMichael McKean...Chief of Police
Quentin TarantinoQuentin Tarantino...Deacon
Blake ClarkBlake Clark...Jimmy the Demon
Rob SchneiderRob Schneider...The Townie
John WitherspoonJohn Witherspoon...Street Vendor
Clint HowardClint Howard...Nipples
Leah LailLeah Lail...Christa
Jackie SandlerJackie Sandler...Jenna (as Jackie Titone)
Mannie JacksonMannie Jackson...Harlem Globetrotters Coach
Orlando AntiguaOrlando Antigua...Harlem Globetrotter
Matthew JacksonMatthew Jackson...Harlem Globetrotter
Curley 'Boo' JohnsonCurley 'Boo' Johnson...Harlem Globetrotter
Herbert LangHerbert Lang...Harlem Globetrotter
William StringfellowWilliam Stringfellow...Harlem Globetrotter
Lou DunbarLou Dunbar...Harlem Globetrotter
Frank SiveroFrank Sivero...Alumni Hall Announcer
Lewis ArquetteLewis Arquette...Cardinal
George WallaceGeorge Wallace...Mayor Randolph
Christopher CarrollChristopher Carroll...Hitler
Ellen CleghorneEllen Cleghorne...Mom
Reggie McFaddenReggie McFadden...Dad
Philip BoldenPhilip Bolden...Son (as Philip D. Bolden)
Laura HarringLaura Harring...Mrs. Dunleavy
Isaiah GriffinIsaiah Griffin...Scottie Dunleavy
Brandon RosenbergBrandon Rosenberg...Baby Zacariah
Kevin GradyKevin Grady...Fitzie
Jodi OutmanJodi Outman...Roney
Erinn BartlettErinn Bartlett...Fenner
Salvatore CavaliereSalvatore Cavaliere...Sal the Demon (as Sal Cavaliere)
Henry WinklerHenry Winkler...Henry Winkler
Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne...Ozzy Osbourne
Bill WaltonBill Walton...Bill Walton
Regis PhilbinRegis Philbin...Regis Philbin
Sylvia LopezSylvia Lopez...Sylvia Lopez
Sidney GanisSidney Ganis...Weatherman (as Sid Ganis)
Todd HollandTodd Holland...Reformed Demon #1
Gerard BuggeGerard Bugge...Reformed Demon #2 (as Gerard 'Sheck' Bugge)
Mary BrillMary Brill...Church Woman
Suzanne FrydmanSuzanne Frydman...Pregnant Woman
John KirkJohn Kirk...Young Man
Tom McNultyTom McNulty...Screaming Man
Michael GiarraputoMichael Giarraputo...Half Court Shot Fan (as Mike Giarraputo)
Fred WolfFred Wolf...Fan
Jana SandlerJana Sandler...Angel #1
Kalie Stewart-ConnerKalie Stewart-Conner...Angel #2 (as Kalie Stewart Conner)
Stephanie ChaoStephanie Chao...Angel #3 (as Stephanie Chad)
Kimberly VelezKimberly Velez...Angel #4
Tracey OstrandTracey Ostrand...Angel #5
David SardiDavid Sardi...Popeye's Cashier
Tom WinklerTom Winkler...Human Dartboard
John FarleyJohn Farley...Human Dartboard
Tim YoungTim Young...Cop
Troy BrownTroy Brown...Beating Cop
Eli WolstanEli Wolstan...Vendor Cop
Michael Charles RomanMichael Charles Roman...Kid #1
Peter Anthony TambakisPeter Anthony Tambakis...Kid #2 (as Peter Tambakis)
John WhiteJohn White...Vomiting Kid
Jeff ImadaJeff Imada...Chinese Delivery Guy
Craig CastaldoCraig Castaldo...Bum in Alley (as Radioman)
Mary DivenyMary Diveny...Lady in Park
Stuart RudinStuart Rudin...Bus Shelter Bum
Ng Thanh NhanNg Thanh Nhan...Korean Vendor
Michael GoldfingerMichael Goldfinger...Nut Vendor
Peter LinariPeter Linari...Fat Guy (as Peter Linardi)
Rico BuenoRico Bueno...Gardener (as Ricco Bueno)
Lynn WilsonLynn Wilson...Mother with Carriage
Lillian AdamsLillian Adams...Old Lady at Game
Andrew L. MenschAndrew L. Mensch...Boy
Gwen YeagerGwen Yeager...Fan (as Gwendolyn G. Yeager)
Joseph S. GriffoJoseph S. Griffo...Evil Little Person (as Joe Griffo)
Cindy SorensonCindy Sorenson...Female Little Person
Jake McKinnonJake McKinnon...Big Bird
Michael DeakMichael Deak...Gary the Monster
Agustín AlvardoAgustín Alvardo...Man in Church (as Agustin Alvardo)
David Michael John CastnerDavid Michael John Castner...Man in Church
Dana MoirDana Moir...Man in Church
Paul Tanksley Jr.Paul Tanksley Jr....Man in Church
J. Graysen StubbsJ. Graysen Stubbs...Church Kid
Jess HarnellJess Harnell...Gary the Monster (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dan AndreiuDan Andreiu...Protest Attendee (uncredited)
Michael BenderMichael Bender...Basketball Fan (uncredited)
Paul Michael BloodgoodPaul Michael Bloodgood...Basketball Fan (uncredited)
Steven BrillSteven Brill...WNYH Reporter (uncredited)
Juan CanopiiJuan Canopii...Demon (uncredited)
Jan CitronJan Citron...Springtime in Purgatory (uncredited)
John ForkerJohn Forker...Basketball Fan (uncredited)
Christopher FrancisChristopher Francis...Church Parishoner (uncredited)
Vincenetta GunnVincenetta Gunn...Angry Woman (uncredited)
Curt HaywardCurt Hayward...The Butcher Chasing Little Nicky (uncredited)
Tim HerlihyTim Herlihy...Korean Man (uncredited)
Timothy HuangTimothy Huang...Scared Tourist (uncredited)
Sarah KnowltonSarah Knowlton...Quartet Singer (uncredited)
Lex LangLex Lang...Voice Of The Demons (voice) (uncredited)
LeJonLeJon...Demon (uncredited)
Corey LubakCorey Lubak...Courtroom Attendee (uncredited)
Johnny LuckettJohnny Luckett...General from Hell (uncredited)
Dan MarinoDan Marino...Dan Marino (uncredited)
Ryan McGonagleRyan McGonagle...Basketball Fan (uncredited)
Paul McMichaelPaul McMichael...Press at Basketball Game (uncredited)
Alex MooreAlex Moore...Basketball Fan (uncredited)
Erich 'Mancow' MullerErich 'Mancow' Muller...(uncredited)
Lance PollandLance Polland...Basketball Fan (uncredited)
Charley RiceCharley Rice...Sports Reporter (uncredited)
Lee RothLee Roth...Basketball Fan (uncredited)
Randy TroyRandy Troy...Mobber (uncredited)
Rosemarie TursiRosemarie Tursi...Basketball fan (uncredited)
Pheenix WadePheenix Wade...Basketball Player (uncredited)
Taylor WayneTaylor Wayne...Blonde fan at baseball game (uncredited)
Carl WeathersCarl Weathers...Chubbs (uncredited)
Mia ZieglerMia Ziegler...Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Little Nicky Movie Trailer

Little Nicky (2000) - Official Trailer - Adam Sandler Movie

Little Nicky Movie Description

In Little Nicky Movie When I saw this movie for Little Nicky Full Movie first time, I was crazy! And this was one of those incidents in which I was in a crowded theater where I was about to laugh at way too many gags! It wasn't embarrassing at all, but kind of weird. 

On Little Nicky Film other hand, most of the visitors were parents with young children. Please ignore the PG-13 rating--Little Nicky Movie is not a Little Nicky Movie for the young! I think anyone who's seen any of Sandler's previous Little Nicky Full Movie should know Little Nicky Movie by now. 

His sense of humor may be immature, but that doesn't mean it's suitable for little eyes to see.

I watched Little Nicky Movie Little Nicky Movie again after buying the DVD. First off, I'm impressed to find the cool easter egg! This is actually Little Nicky Full Movie first DVD to be presented at InfiniFilm. 

But since it was used as an Easter egg, it was not credited as Little Nicky Full Movie first InfiniFilm feature. Well, as I learned a lot about the behind the scenes work of Little Nicky Movie; mostly involving special effects, makeup, costume and set design; I got a better respect for Little Nicky Movie people who were responsible for making "Little Nicky" happen. 

I thought of it as more than a shallow comedy. It's clear that the producers of Sandler's previous films didn't have to bend over backwards to produce any flashy effects - in fact, most of them were made on modest budgets.

However, Little Nicky Film laughs have faded a bit. Since Little Nicky Movie is a silly, superficial comedy, don't expect to pick up on any of the subtle humor you might have missed the first time around. 

I've always found Sandler's scholarship to be very silly and meaningless. But he is one of those people who can make me laugh at things for no apparent reason. Almost as if I'm laughing at him. 

I've seen "Billy Madison" countless times and I still roll over with laughter every single time. But most of the jokes with "Little Nicky" that I found silly-funny on my initial viewing were downright silly on my second.

Little Nicky Full Movie one thing to anticipate is a stellar cast. You will be surprised to see the celebrities making cameos. 

Some big-name stars include Harvey Keitel, Patricia Arquette, Quentin Tarantino, Reese Witherspoon, and (my personal hero) Rodney Dangerfield! And that's just to name a few. 

It also helps if you've seen Sandler's previous Little Nicky Movie, especially in a special scene with one of our mystery cameos. 

A great inside joke will be played on you. And of course, expect to see a number of Sandler regulars, including Alan Cowart, Clint Howard, Peter Dante, Blake Clark, and Jon Lovitz.

"Little Nicky" is not a thought piece and will probably do nothing to contribute to mankind. But it is a very funny comedy that I simply recommend that you do not watch it again and again. 

You will enjoy it very much Little Nicky Movie first time! Of course, the DVD has some pretty cool features, so pick it if anything.

Let me explain a little about Adam Sandler's Little Nicky Movie (and his recordings and his SNL show). His humor is something you either love or hate. 

There is no middle ground and really no category for Little Nicky Movie except 'Adam Sandler humor'. It also came to my attention that Little Nicky Full Movie people who think Sandler is stupid think Little Nicky Film same about Jim Carrey and almost any other pure comedian, limiting their comedy tastes to 'Scary Movie'.

Little Nicky is a Little Nicky Movie that every Adam Sandler fan should see. The picture is about Little Nicky Full Movie son of Satan, who comes to earth to save his father from extinction. 

Everything (yes, everything) that happens in Little Nicky Movie, from Little Nicky Full Movie cast to the script to the celebrity cameo appearances, pays homage to Sandler's earlier works. 

Those little or sometimes big references are links not only to Sandler's past films but also to his recordings and SNL shows. Little Nicky Movie is a real treat for every true Adam Sandler fan!

Also a great production with a great heavy metal soundtrack makes Little Nicky Movie Little Nicky Movie one of Adam's best Little Nicky Full Movie till date.

I have to warn you that you need to have at least some experience of Adam's previous efforts to appreciate 'Little Nicky'. Of course if you're a fan of Adam Sandler you'll love Little Nicky Movie. If you're not, please rent 'Die Hard With A Vengeance' one more time...

Satan has decided to remain in charge of Hell for a few more years, a decision that enrages his two sons (Adrian and Cassius) who decide to create their own Hell on Earth and rule there instead. 

Whenever they leave Hell, Satan's powers begin to wane and it is less than a week before he is destroyed. 

With no choice but to send away his third, weak son, Satan sends Nicky to Earth to capture his brothers and bring them back to Hell and restore the norm. However simple and naive Nicky struggles to cut it in Little Nicky Full Movie real world.

I'll always give Adam Sadler's Little Nicky Full Movie a go because I often find ample moments of induced craziness amidst childish and fairly unfunny material. 

Sadly, Little Nicky Film outing features such a terrible plot with terrible acting, unfunny writing, tired special effects, and crude jokes and almost no moments that surprised me and made me laugh. Instead Little Nicky Full Movie is downright stupid and has very few laughs.

Of course it may well appeal to some with its silly humor and silly jokes but personally it was pretty laugh free and Little Nicky Full Movie whole idea of ​​the Little Nicky Movie was too dumb and silly to really work. 

Little Nicky Full Movie actual plot is never a really strong aspect of a Sadler film, but here it is everywhere. 

It's not that it doesn't make any sense, it's more that it lacks any sense of fun and the dark tone is completely wrong and the usual moments of inspired madness are really limited to a moment or two (the best Fonz being covered) in bees!).

Little Nicky Full Movie cr*p script is not helped at all by a cast that is either rubbish or wasted. Sadler himself falls into the 'nonsense' camp with a performance that's akin to his usual swag but even more intolerable. 

With his twisted expression and foul voice, he was truly painful to watch and it's not based on hatred of Sadler (I loved him in Punchdrunk a few days ago) it's based on Little Nicky Film fact that it was nothing There's a terrible performance with but a terrible idea and a terrible character to work with. 

Little Nicky Movie support cast is made up of a lot of familiar faces, but few are used well and many of them are embarrassing. 

Keitel falls into Little Nicky Full Movie latter category and has a thankless role unworthy of his talents. Ifans and Lister are mostly given a tough job doing voice work with bad dialogue (in their head) and they weren't funny at all. Arquette is given nothing to do, but is lame and annoying nonetheless. 

Various cameos are mixed in. Taratino is just dumb; Dangerfield is fine but not given enough time; Vedder, Witherspoon, Witherspoon and others are all given nothing more than to show their faces but Lovitz and Schneider provide some unexpected weirdness in at least very small roles.

Overall, Little Nicky Full Movie Sadler films are average in general, but I must say that I found Little Nicky Film one devoid of all but the slightest hint of the inspired humor that he can often create.

Little Nicky Full Movie story is stupid and silly, the acting is both bad and embarrassing, the script is filled with jokes that are mostly unfunny (a bad combination) along with bad taste. A real waste of time that will only appeal to Sadler's most hardcore fans and those who really like very basic comedies.

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