Keeping the Faith Movie | Keeping the Faith Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order)  

Ben StillerBen Stiller...Rabbi Jake Schram
Edward NortonEdward Norton...Father Brian Finn
Jenna ElfmanJenna Elfman...Anna Riley
Anne BancroftAnne Bancroft...Ruth Schram
Eli WallachEli Wallach...Rabbi Ben Lewis
Ron RifkinRon Rifkin...Larry Friedman
Milos FormanMilos Forman...Father Havel
Holland TaylorHolland Taylor...Bonnie Rose
Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein...Ali Decker
Rena SoferRena Sofer...Rachel Rose
Ken LeungKen Leung...Don
Brian GeorgeBrian George...Paulie Chopra
Catherine Lloyd BurnsCatherine Lloyd Burns...Debbie
Susie EssmanSusie Essman...Ellen Friedman
Stuart BlumbergStuart Blumberg...Len
Samuel GoldbergSamuel Goldberg...Teenage Jake Schram (as Sam Goldberg)
Michael Charles RomanMichael Charles Roman...Teenage Brian Finn (as Michael Roman)
Blythe AuffarthBlythe Auffarth...Teenage Anna Riley
Jonathan Randell SilverJonathan Randell Silver...Alan Klein
Brian Anthony WilsonBrian Anthony Wilson...T-Bone
Juan PiedrahitaJuan Piedrahita...Omar
Kelly DeadmonKelly Deadmon...Woman in Bar
Raphael M.A. FriederRaphael M.A. Frieder...Cantor
Bodhi ElfmanBodhi Elfman...Howard the Casanova
Chris GardnerChris Gardner...Basketball Kid #1 (as Christopher Gardner)
Santi FormosaSanti Formosa...Basketball Kid #2
Francine BeersFrancine Beers...Greta Nussbaum
Rena BlumbergRena Blumberg...Chaya
Ellen HauptmanEllen Hauptman...Roz Lentz
Liz LarsenLiz Larsen...Leslie
Matt WinstonMatt Winston...Matt
Nelson AvidonNelson Avidon...Joel
David WainDavid Wain...Steve Posner
Donna HanoverDonna Hanover...Confessional Woman #1
Wai Ching HoWai Ching Ho...Confessional Woman #2
Howard GrellerHoward Greller...Doctor
Brenda DenmarkBrenda Denmark...Nurse (as Brenda Thomas Denmark)
Marilyn CooperMarilyn Cooper...'Don't Walk' Lady
Hawk KochHawk Koch...Rabbinical Professor
Craig CastaldoCraig Castaldo...Radio Man (as Radio Man)
Keith PerryKeith Perry...Old Man Hit with the Censor
John ArochoJohn Arocho...Bully
Derrick EasonDerrick Eason...Co-Worker
Ray CarlsonRay Carlson...Monsignor
Barbara HaasBarbara Haas...Mother in Synagogue Reception Room
Sunny KeyserSunny Keyser...Mother
Lorna LableLorna Lable...Mother
Paula RafloPaula Raflo...Mother
Hillary Brook CanterHillary Brook Canter...Daughter
Dana LubotskyDana Lubotsky...Daughter
Alexandra RellaAlexandra Rella...Daughter
Eugene S. KatzEugene S. Katz...Mohel
Tony RossiTony Rossi...Hot Dog Vendor
John P. DuffellJohn P. Duffell...Father Duffell
Keith WilliamsKeith Williams...AIDS Patient
Dagmara DominczykDagmara Dominczyk...Claire
Kryss AndersonKryss Anderson...Craig
Sophia AlexisSophia Alexis...Party Guest
Tony DevonTony Devon...Jewish Neighbor
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Giovanni CapitelloGiovanni Capitello...Bartender at cocktail party
Bronwen CarsonBronwen Carson...Sexy Secretary
Robin ClarkRobin Clark...Singer In Gospel Choir
Andre Da SilvaAndre Da Silva...Guitar player
Dan GriffinDan Griffin...Various
Marshall Dancing Elk LucasMarshall Dancing Elk Lucas
Jeff MillsteinJeff Millstein...Synagogue member / movie patron (scenes deleted)
Tom ModernTom Modern...Party Guest
Joseph OliveiraJoseph Oliveira...Night Club Patron
Victoria RongVictoria Rong
Laura SummerLaura Summer...(voice)
Amy WilsonAmy Wilson...Ruth (scenes deleted)
Frank FloydFrank Floyd...Choir Member (uncredited)
Curt HaywardCurt Hayward...Transvestite Hooker (uncredited)
Paul HoganPaul Hogan...Karaoke Singer Sean (uncredited)
Martin PfefferkornMartin Pfefferkorn...Homeless Man (uncredited)
Jessica PrinceJessica Prince...Synagogue Member (uncredited)
Shabazz RayShabazz Ray...Self (uncredited)
Robert F. SaundersRobert F. Saunders...Man in Front Row (uncredited)
Bernard J. TarverBernard J. Tarver...Movie Theater Patron (uncredited)
Cliff TownsendCliff Townsend...Gospel Choir Member (uncredited)

Keeping the Faith Movie Trailer

Keeping The Faith (HD) Trailer

Keeping the Faith Movie Description

In Keeping the Faith Movie, There have been so many romantic comedies made that it's hard for any film to break through because of the depth and breadth of the competition. It is He who does. 

This surprisingly funny romantic comedy takes a fresh approach, portraying a romance involving not one, but two men of the clothes. 

They are not even of the same cloth because one is a Catholic priest and the other a Jewish rabbi. The girl of his dreams is also the girl of his youth as all three were best friends in grammar school. 

Now, after years of separation, Anna (Jenna Elfman) returns and both men immediately fall madly in love with her.

The Keeping the Faith Movie is full of religious humor and fast-paced dialogues, which will keep you smiling between laughs. 

The romance is sweet and there is such good chemistry between the actors that it is easy to believe they have been friends for life. Edward Norton produced, directed and starred in this gem and he shows himself to be a master at spinning a magical yarn with very few flaws. 

This was Norton's first directorial effort and it bodes well for his future on the other side of the lens. His work with the actors was amazing, and his pacing in the Keeping the Faith Movie was excellent. 

The Keeping the Faith Movie flowed smoothly from one scene to another and kept the audience engrossed and engrossed.

The whole cast is amazing. Norton plays Father Brian Finn and is funny and friendly in the role. Rabbi Jacob Schramm is played by Ben Stiller, whose comedic star is on the rise. 

In this Keeping the Faith film, he backs up his stellar performance in 'There's Something About Mary' with a character that is just as entertaining, but more detailed, with more range. Anne Bancroft is also superb as the rabbi's mother. 

She has the routine of a New York Jewish mom right down to the accent. A dynamite performance.

The real news in this Keeping the Faith movie though is Jenna Elfman. She lights up the screen with her gusto and her charming girl-next-door beauty. 

She is dynamic, hilarious, sensitive, sexy and sweet and pretty much steals the show. After his stupendous performance in AdTV, he once again proved that he is a talented actor and comedian. 

One can only hope that the popularity of this Keeping the Faith Movie gives her access to more and better parts.

“Keeping the Faith” is one of the funniest, smartest, warmest comedies of the last several years, and it's a great directorial debut for costar Edward Norton. 

This works on several levels; As a loving look at relationships, Judaism and Catholicism on common ground in compassion towards people, in embracing love, no matter what the obstacles... and all while respecting the different religions which makes it a very unique and unique one. special Keeping the Faith Movie!

Norton and Ben Stiller play lifelong friends who meet as kids, a brilliant, funny girl with whom they bond. 

Eventually she leaves, and the two boys grow up, one to become a priest and a rabbi... then the girl returns as a successful businesswoman, and the friendship is rekindled... until romance Does not enter the picture!

Each character is unique and likeable; Norton is a sweet, funny klutz who is endearing in his weirdness; Stiller is kind and quick-witted, treating his temple's matchmaking efforts with sarcastic humor; Jenna Elfman (who has never been an onscreen sweetheart) is both intelligent and vulnerable, and totally believable as the one person the two would fall in love with.

Major issues are addressed in the Keeping the Faith Movie (a priest's vow of celibacy, interfaith marriage, religious discrimination), and are dealt with and resolved in such a positive, loving way that you wonder why these issues ever become a problem. ! All of this reflects well on Norton, who shows remarkable sensitivity both as a colleague and as a director!

The supporting cast is amazing; Anne Bancroft is superb as Stiller's mother, Eli Wallach and Ron Rifkin are equally good as the rabbi and leader of the synagogue; Director Milos Forman is very good as Norton's mentor, Father Havel. 

Two other support players must also be selected; Lisa Edelstein has a great slapstick scene with Stiller as the Jewish 'date from hell', and Brian George is hilarious as a "Sikh/Christian with Jewish in-laws" bartender who confides in Norton.

There are lots of great one-liners, inspired visuals and a resolution that's both believable and satisfying. This is a 'feel-good' Keeping the Faith movie that you can enjoy again and again! I highly recommend it!

Keeping the Faith (2000) *** Ben Stiller, Edward Norton, Jenna Elfman, Eli Wallach, Anne Bancroft, Ron Rifkin, Rina Sofer, Lisa Edelstein, Milos Forman. (Director: Edward Norton)

So did you hear about the priest and the rabbi and the 'business woman'? Well, if this sounds familiar, don't be put off by this oft-repeatedly hilarious romantic comedy in cinema history.

Childhood companions Jake Schramm, Brian Finn and Anna Reilly - three Manhattan 8th grade gunslingers - reunite nearly 2 decades later when Anna returns to the East for a short stint as a high-powered brokerage So a lot has to be done. 

businesswoman (portrayed in perfectly sexy appeal by Elfman from TV's kooky couple `Dharma & Greg') who lives with her best friends, Jake (still in fine leading man/comedy mode) and Brian (Norton, equally Dandai) gets her hands full. in his directorial debut) are a rabbi and a priest, respectively.

It seems the best friends only grow stronger when their female compatriots move past pre-adolescence and share more than just their unusual friendship: their devotion to different religions. 

Anna's sudden return to their lives makes matters more difficult the fact that both friends are in love with her but it is Jake who makes the first move as the frustrated young rabbi is constantly set up on disastrous blind dates. 

He is going. His interference troupe ('kosher-nostra'). After overcoming the initial awkwardness the two friends become a casual sexual relationship which only becomes more complicated when Jake cannot handle the fact that Anna's non-Jewish background must be factored in if she is to attend their synagogue. 

Wants to be a full rabbi. Meanwhile, Brian finds his libido on leash when Anna begins to subsist in his dreams, leading to a comical revelation from the film's conclusion.

This threesome has such witty and blunt chemistry fueled by Stuart Blumberg's screenplay that the pedestrian storyline (will Jake realize what a good thing Anna really is and will Anna realize Brian really does want the best for her) no brainer (and I have to admit Stiller's climax, which addresses his followers with Maia Pulia, seemed to miss its mark as 'betraying' his people made any real sense didn't), the Keeping the Faith film moves along smoothly and makes light of religious overtones (the depiction of a young Jake sorting through his Jewish rabbi hero trading cards is a genuinely funny moment, with a contemporary spin on Mickey Mantle along the way) Would love to find a rookie card). 

Edelstein is the memorable as well as sinfully sensual sofar in, respectively, Date from Hell and Date from Heaven for Jake. Bancroft and Wallach also lend shtick, a veteran character actor with all the nurturing of a nosh at Carnegie Deli.

Elfman has proven to be a lovable comedian and has always reminded me of Jamie Lee Curtis and adds just the right bounce as a grown up tomboy. 

Stiller continues his stint as the hardest working man in comedy, with a dry turn as another accomplished rabbi and Norton displaying the tricky balance of a skilled actor of his generation (his choir persona paired with his good-hearted priest and For his habit is completely advanced. 

Perfect imitation – i.e. Dustin Hoffman's 'Rain Man') – is matched only by the straight forward approach to filmmaking; Cutting down on fat but keeping the high-calorie comedy quota intact.

He even brought in his former director Milos Forman (who put Norton through his paces on “The People vs. Larry Flynt”) for a small cameo as an elder pastor in the film's biggest laugh (between I get to get an interrupt). -night phone call to Norton he says he was 'dreaming of his mother's sausage').

To believe in love and laughter is to appreciate a wonderful romantic comedy that has both in spades.

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