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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Elisabeth ShueElisabeth Shue...Linda McKay
Kevin BaconKevin Bacon...Sebastian Caine
Josh BrolinJosh Brolin...Matthew Kensington
Kim DickensKim Dickens...Sarah Kennedy
Greg GrunbergGreg Grunberg...Carter Abbey
Joey SlotnickJoey Slotnick...Frank Chase
Mary RandleMary Randle...Janice Walton
William DevaneWilliam Devane...Dr. Kramer
Rhona MitraRhona Mitra...Sebastian's Neighbor
Pablo EspinosaPablo Espinosa...Warehouse Guard
Margot RoseMargot Rose...Mrs. Kramer
Jimmie F. SkaggsJimmie F. Skaggs...Wino
Jeffrey ScaperrottaJeffrey Scaperrotta...Boy in Car (as Jeffrey George Scaperotta)
Sarah BowlesSarah Bowles...Girl in Car
Kelli ScottKelli Scott...Mom
Steve AltesSteve Altes...Dad
J. Patrick McCormackJ. Patrick McCormack...General Caster
Darius A. SultanDarius A. Sultan...Gate Guard
Tom Woodruff Jr.Tom Woodruff Jr....Isabelle the Gorilla
David VogtDavid Vogt...Helicopter Pilot
Gary A. HeckerGary A. Hecker...Gorilla Vocals (voice) (as Gary Hecker)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Steven FischerSteven Fischer...Businessman (uncredited)
Robert ShepherdRobert Shepherd...Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Stephen SziblerStephen Szibler...Old Ebbit Grill Patron (uncredited)

Hollow Man Movie Trailer

Hollow Man (2000) Official Trailer 1 - Kevin Bacon Movie

Hollow Man Movie Description

In Hollow Man Movie Sebastian Kane and his team have worked tirelessly to develop a formula that can not only render animals invisible but also revert them to normal at will. 

With government pressure on him to show results, Sebastian decides he will be the first human to try the formula. He briefly disappears, though attempts to bring him back fail and he finds himself trapped. 

As work on the formula continues, the others in the lab notice him becoming increasingly unruly.

The standard is to expect great special effects and violence from director Verhoeven. He is also known for integrating themes and good stories into these predominantly influenced films. 

On this occasion though it fails to do exactly that and what is left is a fast paced and enjoyable film which in effect makes up for everything it is not in its essence. The plot is very basic and never gets any deeper. 

Sebastian's descent into madness isn't really a descent into insanity so much as a short journey that isn't really built up to much as it is just given away. 

Instead though, the effects are really impressive and make the film worth watching, as not only are they great, but they are also used very well in the action rather than just being a film in itself.

The cast is okay but there is really not much to work with in terms of content. Bacon is more interesting when he is not on screen. 

His characterization is very thin and he fails to portray any sort of 'lineage' in his character's behaviour. Shu is pretty cool and enjoys running around with the flamethrower. 

The rest of the cast is fine but basically just act as fodder like the actors in a typical slasher film would have to settle as the film rolls.

Overall I really enjoyed Hollow Man Full Movie as it is a very expensive special effects movie that relies on spectacles to keep things moving. 

The effects are great and take the mind off the lack of real substance and the action is very enjoyable in the end. A really cool special effects movie as long as you don't expect anything else.

Some viewers complain "it's not scary". Well, no, not in the way that a typical horror movie is scary. 

Instead, it's more of a psychological thriller. If you remember the 1933 Universal movie "The Invisible Man," you meet the Invisible Man only when he's already gone insane. 

What happened before? The film is more about what could have happened in the past, although the film only takes the basic idea and sets everything in the present day.

Sebastian Kane (Kevin Bacon) is a brilliant scientist who, unfortunately, is not independently wealthy. 

Thus it is dependent on the military for its funding. He manages to make a gorilla invisible, then visible again with a serum he has invented with the said funding, but then lies to the oversight committee about his progress, though this leads to his project being shut down. 

There is a danger of He convinces two members of his team—Linda McKay (Elizabeth Shue) and Matt Kensington (Josh Brolin)—to directly conduct human trials without informing the oversight committee or telling the other team members that they are going rogue. Be taken Sebastian says that he will be the human test subject.

Now Sebastian crawls a little to start. She was formerly involved with McKay, but they broke up and now – unknown to Sebastian – she is seeing Matt. But Sebastian is now in love with Mackay once again. 

So the team makes Sebastian invisible but repeated attempts to make him visible again fail. Sebastian first plays pranks on the team members using his invisibility power, becoming increasingly agitated, angry and violent as he is trapped in this invisible state and feels like a lab rat. 

He completely loses it when he learns of Linda and Matt's involvement. Before he completely loses it, though, he's hitting the streets and doing some increasingly bad things, given that he can't be seen and therefore held accountable.

The final half hour is a lot of edge-of-your-seat suspense, somewhat die-hardish, and then parts of it are just plain boring. 

The film makes good use of special effects, especially when Sebastian is transforming between being visible and invisible. 

However, unlike today's films, special effects are used to enhance the story, not replace it. I highly recommend it and do not understand the current low rating.

I'm quitting listening to critics or checking the votes on IMDB; From now on if it looks any better than the trailer I'm going to watch it. 

The Mummy from the trailer looked cool and despite the small reports, the Scary Movie trailer looked fun despite the negative comments, and after leaving Hollow Man Movie in the theater because I heard it sucked, it Turns out it's a lot of fun. If you like the trailer then go watch the film.

Of course, what the trailer shows off are incredible special effects, and no one can deny that they're pretty cool. 

But they're also used to great effect, and the story itself is well constructed and well paced, with plenty of heart-pounding action. It's not entirely believable towards the end, and the final action sequence isn't remotely believable, but it's all in great fun, and significantly more enjoyable than the overrated Invisible Man, which I always thought was the best. One of the less interesting horror movies. 40s.

But don't listen to me. Watch the trailer and skip it if it doesn't inspire you to watch the movie. It represents the film very well.

Hollow Man Movie is a ride, baby. It's not as scary as the commercials would have you believe, but I'll be damned if this isn't one of the most entertaining horror movies I've ever seen. 

It's hard for me to tell the good special effects from the bad in this age of computer-generated, digital effects (they all start to look alike after a while), but it has some of the most impressive sequences I've ever seen in Thin Layer. 

I think it's one of the most special effects-intensive movies ever (aside from the latest Star Wars), and they dazzle, so it's a shame the story doesn't quite measure up. It starts to get a little tiring in the third act, but what the hell, I was entertained.

Other than Kevin Bacon, there was no real stand-out performance in Hollow Man Film. The invisibility serum induces severe emotional instability in animals, so Bacon's character decides to try it on himself. 

Problem is, Kevin is already nuttier than squirrel buds, so it's not the smartest of decisions, but he runs the project, so he calls the shots. 

Destruction ensues. It's a really clever idea for a horror movie, and the smart ways scientists have come up with to detect bacon in its invisible form will never cease to impress. It's nice to see that technology has finally made it so that they can do just about everything you can think of in a movie.

Paul Verhoeven is what makes Hollow Man Full Movie most appealing to me. I really love his go-for-broke over the top directing style, and this one in particular is put to good use.

He took a step in the right direction by distancing himself from hack-supreme Joe Esterhaus in the entertaining but flawed Starship Troopers, and now he's back on his feet again. 

I can see him on set yelling like a madman, "More blood, more blood!" Foaming at the mouth for. He doesn't shy away from gore, violence, sex or anything. He immediately jumps. I like it. Hollow Man Movie almost deserves 8/10 stars. Worth the price of admission for the effects alone. night!

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