Gone in 60 Seconds Movie | Gone in 60 Seconds Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order)  

Nicolas CageNicolas Cage...Memphis Raines
Giovanni RibisiGiovanni Ribisi...Kip Raines
Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie...Sara 'Sway' Wayland
T.J. CrossT.J. Cross...Mirror Man (as TJ Cross)
William Lee ScottWilliam Lee Scott...Toby
Scott CaanScott Caan...Tumbler
James DuvalJames Duval...Freb
Will PattonWill Patton...Atley Jackson
Delroy LindoDelroy Lindo...Det. Roland Castlebeck
Timothy OlyphantTimothy Olyphant...Detective Drycoff
Chi McBrideChi McBride...Donny Astricky
Robert DuvallRobert Duvall...Otto Halliwell
Christopher EcclestonChristopher Eccleston...Raymond Calitri
Vinnie JonesVinnie Jones...The Sphinx
Grace ZabriskieGrace Zabriskie...Helen Raines
Michael OwenMichael Owen...Kid in Rice Burner (as Mike Owen)
Jaime BergmanJaime Bergman...Blonde in Drag Race
Holiday HadleyHoliday Hadley...Waitress (as Holiday Hopke)
Harry Van GorkumHarry Van Gorkum...Forge
Frances FisherFrances Fisher...Junie
Grace UnaGrace Una...Jenny
Jesse CortiJesse Corti...Cop - At Quality Café
Stephen ShellenStephen Shellen...Exotic Car Salesman
Alexandra BalahoutisAlexandra Balahoutis...DMV Clerk
Rainbow BordenRainbow Borden...Car Jacker #1
Vic ManniVic Manni...Worker (as Victor Manni)
SanjaySanjay...Glass House Guy (as Sanjay Pandya)
Doria AnselmoDoria Anselmo...Glass House Girl
Lois HallLois Hall...Old Woman
Dean Rader-DuvalDean Rader-Duval...Hype (as Dean Rader Duval)
C.J. PicerniC.J. Picerni...Go Cart Kid
Kevin WeismanKevin Weisman...Intern 2
Anthony BoswellAnthony Boswell...Buddy
Billy DevlinBilly Devlin...Detective Jurgens
Bodhi ElfmanBodhi Elfman...Fuzzy Frizzel
Arye GrossArye Gross...James Lakewood
Greg CollinsGreg Collins...San Pedro Cop
Cosimo FuscoCosimo Fusco...Adjacent Mechanic
Eddie MuiEddie Mui...Billy Moony
Joseph Patrick KellyJoseph Patrick Kelly...Snake G.R.A.B.
Scott BurkholderScott Burkholder...Rent a Cop
Margaret Kontra PalmerMargaret Kontra Palmer...Televangelist Wife
Charlene BloomCharlene Bloom...Swimming Girl
Kevin WestKevin West...Intern 1
Billy 'Sly' WilliamsBilly 'Sly' Williams...Cop
Alex WaltersAlex Walters...Fireman
Lombardo BoyarLombardo Boyar...Paramedic
Angela TassoniAngela Tassoni...Accident Victim
Scott RosenbergScott Rosenberg...Private Doctor
Steve DantonSteve Danton...G.R.A.B. Officer #2
Tyler PattonTyler Patton...Security Guard
Carmen ArgenzianoCarmen Argenziano...Detective Mayhew
Dan HildebrandDan Hildebrand...Saul
King AlexanderKing Alexander...Bar Dude
Nick MeaneyNick Meaney...Thug
Michael PeñaMichael Peña...Ignacio (as Michael A. Pena)
Juan PinaJuan Pina...Gang Banger #2
Tim DeZarnTim DeZarn...Shotgun Guy (as Tim Dezarn)
John Carroll LynchJohn Carroll Lynch...Impound Manager
Douglas BennettDouglas Bennett...Wrecker Driver 'Mel' (as Doug Bennett)
Bob SattlerBob Sattler...C.H.P.
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dan AndreiuDan Andreiu...Driver (uncredited)
Greg BronsonGreg Bronson...Paramedic (uncredited)
Rebeca CristianRebeca Cristian...Girl in Bar (uncredited)
David 'Shark' FralickDavid 'Shark' Fralick...Car Thief (uncredited)
Cecily GambrellCecily Gambrell...Accident Victim (uncredited)
Michael GeraldMichael Gerald...Officer (uncredited)
Trevor GoddardTrevor Goddard...Don (uncredited)
Brad William HenkeBrad William Henke...(uncredited)
Ken JenkinsKen Jenkins...Televangelist (uncredited)
Janis JonesJanis Jones...Dock Worker (uncredited)
Master PMaster P...Johnnie B. (uncredited)
Brian McNamaraBrian McNamara...Parking Garage Attendant (uncredited)
George MeyersGeorge Meyers...Fireman On Bridge (uncredited)
Bob PepperBob Pepper...Mechanic (uncredited)
Drew RenkewitzDrew Renkewitz...Toolie the Bartender (uncredited)
Paul SinacorePaul Sinacore...Bar Patron (uncredited)
Kenneth SwartzKenneth Swartz...Stoner #1 (uncredited)
Vincent TerzianVincent Terzian...Dock Worker (uncredited)

Gone in 60 Seconds Movie Trailer

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Gone in 60 Seconds Movie Description

In "Gone in 60 Seconds" is an energetic, clever, stylish action picture with high octane star power and lots of awesome looking automobiles. 

If you're a spectator interested in cars, Gone in 60 Seconds Movie production, by producer Jerry Bruckheimer ("Con Air," "The Rock"), is well worth a look to feast your eyes on Gone in 60 Seconds Movie dazzling vehicles. 

Although Gone in 60 Seconds Movie hides a stink of weakness in many areas, its precise action and excitement make it a moderately successful summer thrill ride.

Gone in 60 Seconds Movie stars Giovanni Ribisi ("The Mod Squad") as a young scoundrel named Kip Raines who fails to deliver a long list of expensive cars to powerful criminal Raymond Calitri (Christopher Eccleston) when Gone in 60 Seconds Film opens. . 

When Kip's life is thus threatened, his older brother, Randall "Memphis" Raines (Nicholas Cage), a retired but skilled car thief, is asked to complete a task in exchange for his brother's survival. Carries: Steel Fifty Cars—specified by model, color, year and make-in only four days.

Memphis recruits a team of bandits in Gone in 60 Seconds Film first three days to help them pull off gone in 60 seconds full movie robbery. 

Gone in 60 Seconds Movie crew includes Sarah "Sway" Wayland (Angelina Jolie), a sexy yet gruff retired car thug who gets to know Memphis through past business, Mirror Man (T. Tumblr (Scott Caan), Atlee Jackson (Will Patton), Toby (William Lee Scott), and Donny Estricki (Chi McBread).

Contributing to Gone in 60 Seconds Movie drive and tension is a subplot involving two police detectives, Roland Castlebeck (Delroy Lindo) and Drykoff (Timothy Olyphant), who suspect from past experience that Memphis and their crew are up to no good, and an extra episode. keep watch. them.

There isn't much time for character development here; Gone in 60 Seconds Movie audience gets to know about the rugged lifestyle of these people and imbibe tough personalities through gone in 60 seconds full movie hard core, stylish atmosphere of the films. 

To make matters even worse for the film, gone in 60 seconds full movie dialogue fails to define the characters with a gritty cultural tone. I am not saying that I think abuse and vulgarity are necessary for a thriller to flourish; I really respect Gone in 60 Seconds Movie director's decision to stay away from excessive hate speech in a film that could very easily have earned an R-rating. 

However, I believe in a film like "Gone in 60 Seconds", for the character's knowledge to be strongly developed, Gone in 60 Seconds Movie dialogue needs to be believable and authentic.

Despite the problems, the characters are effective because of the top notch, entirely attributed to the cast. 

Nicolas Cage's melodramatic performance is intense and reassuring. Angelina Jolie's cool look looks perfect here. The Delroy Lindo is deliciously sturdy and reliable. Giovanni Ribisi, Scott Caan, Robert Duvall, Will Patton, and Christopher Eccleston provide inspiring supporting roles.

The film includes standard structure, with a satisfying first act that elaborates on the story's style and character objectives, establishes a fast-paced theme of action, but lacks depth and strong character introduction. In Gone in 60 Seconds Movie act we encounter a few more problems: the story wastes time during most of Gone in 60 Seconds Movie section, never really building up to gone in 60 seconds full movie third act. 

While the middle of gone in 60 seconds full movie Gone in 60 Seconds Movie takes up much of the time, and a sex scene provides a solid mid-plot, not much happens. The third act is a huge adrenaline rush with furious wall-to-wall excitement and one of Gone in 60 Seconds Film most intense car chase scenes ever filmed.

The soundtrack to "Gone in 60 Seconds" makes a huge contribution to Gone in 60 Seconds Movie inspirational action sequences. 

It's the car chase-like scene that makes Gone in 60 Seconds Movie work, despite the many devastating flaws. 

Dominic Cena, whose career has consisted mostly of directing commercials, has a catchy style and decisive attitude in "Gone in 60 Seconds" that will provide audiences with two hours of hustle, thrill, and excitement—but no more.

Also, poor Nicolas Cage, I knew him well... at one point (presumably in Las Vegas) he was a box office heavyweight. Now... well, you can probably pick up one of his latest films on DVD for £2.99 at petrol stations. 

However, before his decent run into disappointingly bad cinema, he made some very funny Gone in 60 Seconds Movie. Yes, he has won Oscars in his time for his deep and meaningful acting, but you won't find anything like that here. just fun.

Nicolas Cage (originally) plays Nicolas Cage - just a Nicolas Cage who used to steal expensive cars, only to retire. 

However, his loose cannon of a brother steals (or doesn't steal - I forget - it doesn't matter!) for (or from) the wrong mobster in LA which means Nicolas Cage who is now a retired car thief. No. He must steal a load of Flash motors in one night or his brother ends up in the car crusher (literally!).

If you love driving fast (and, judging by the 'Fast and Gone in 60 Seconds Movie Furious' franchise, a lot of people do) then Gone in 60 Seconds Movie one's basically for you. 

It's an action film and it's more than numbers, but when it's Gone in 60 Seconds Movie much fun, who cares? Everyone cranks their performances up to eleven and it all turns out to be one of those adorable 'over-the-top' action flicks from Gone in 60 Seconds Movie eighties and nineties (yes, I know it was made in 2000. 

but it definitely feels like a nineties Gone in 60 Seconds Movie) with a real cartoony vibe to it. You have Christopher Eccleston playing the 'Evil Brit Villain', just like any other evil British villain you've seen in Gone in 60 Seconds Movie cinema. Vinnie Jones and Angelina Jolie are ready to show their faces, but feel a little underused for what they could have been.

Ultimately, it all rests on Nicolas Cage's manic shoulders and he carries the film with pride. It's loud, dumb and it's basically one long car crash that you probably won't be able to take your eyes off.

"Gone in Sixty Seconds" can be an entertaining action Gone in 60 Seconds Movie as long as you don't take it too seriously.

The film is professionally made but it is still very clear that the script had to be rewritten several times. 

The story feels muddled at times and has some pointless action side-plot lines. Everything in the film doesn't seem to be connected to each other.

It is somewhat of a shame for Gone in 60 Seconds Movie story as the film had a very good cast which could have really made Gone in 60 Seconds Movie unforgettable, if it had a better and coherent story. gone in 60 seconds full movie cast is filled with some seriously big names; Nicolas Cage, Giovanni Ribisi, Angelina Jolie, Scott Caan, Will Patton, Delroy Lindo, Timothy Olyphant, Robert Duvall, Christopher Eccleston, Vinnie Jones. 

Every filmmaker can be jealous of such a cast. Robert Duvall is particularly excellent in his role but he looks a bit different in Gone in 60 Seconds Movie. He is too good an actor to be in a film like Gone in 60 Seconds Film. Why he ever agreed to do gone in 60 seconds full movie film, I will never understand.

There are some good moments in Gone in 60 Seconds Film Gone in 60 Seconds Movie, especially the car chases. The film is well edited by action gone in 60 seconds full movie experts; Roger Barton, Chris Lebenzon, Tom Muldoon, without ever really going over the top. 

The gone in 60 seconds full movie is nothing memorable but it does provide some good entertaining moments and characters.

For what it's worth, it's better than either of Gone in 60 Seconds Movie two "The Fast and the Furious" Gone in 60 Seconds Movie. 

Why? Because at least it doesn't take itself as seriously as those two Gone in 60 Seconds Movie. For Gone in 60 Seconds Movie reason at least, "Gone in Sixty Seconds" is still an enjoyable Gone in 60 Seconds Movie to watch, despite my equally low rating. 

The fact that I'm rating it as low as it is has everything to do with the story aspects of the film, but nothing to do with its entertainment value.

Nic Cage stars as Randall Raines, a retired car thief who is forced out of retirement to save his brother Kip's (Giovanni Ribisi) life after he is caught stealing 50 cars by his brothers. After completing the work to be done, tightens the screws on the job. A Night. He must bring together his old crew that he can count on to help him get his brother out of Dutch. 

But the police are on it, so can he pull it off? It was one of the great candidates for a film to re-make as the original was far from a classic. And if you don't go into it expecting too much, and turn off the thinking part of your brain, you can ignore the plot holes and just take the Gone in 60 Seconds Movie for what it is. 

You'll end up enjoying the ride. See it on a double-bill with "Gone in 60 Seconds Movie Fast and the Furious" for a night of high-speed hijinks, just don't take the car out for a spin right after.

My grade: B-

DVD Extras: 7 minute Jerry Bruckheimer interview; Bruckheimer Bio/Filmography; Action Overload: Highlight Reel; big chase; "0 to 60" featurette; "Wild Rides" featurette; moving stars; Creed's "Painted on Heart" music video; Theatrical Trailers and Trailers for "Shanghai Noon," "Mission to Mars" and "Coyote Ugly"

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