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Gladiator Movie Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Russell CroweRussell Crowe...Maximus
Joaquin PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix...Commodus
Connie NielsenConnie Nielsen...Lucilla
Oliver ReedOliver Reed...Proximo
Richard HarrisRichard Harris...Marcus Aurelius
Derek JacobiDerek Jacobi...Gracchus
Djimon HounsouDjimon Hounsou...Juba
David SchofieldDavid Schofield...Falco
John ShrapnelJohn Shrapnel...Gaius
Tomas AranaTomas Arana...Quintus
Ralf MoellerRalf Moeller...Hagen
Spencer Treat ClarkSpencer Treat Clark...Lucius
David HemmingsDavid Hemmings...Cassius
Tommy FlanaganTommy Flanagan...Cicero
Sven-Ole ThorsenSven-Ole Thorsen...Tigris
Omid DjaliliOmid Djalili...Slave Trader
Nicholas McGaugheyNicholas McGaughey...Praetorian Officer
Chris KellChris Kell...Scribe
Tony CurranTony Curran...Assassin #1
Mark LewisMark Lewis...Assassin #2
John QuinnJohn Quinn...Valerius
Alun RaglanAlun Raglan...Praetorian Guard #1
David BailieDavid Bailie...Engineer
Chick AllanChick Allan...German Leader (as Chick Allen)
David J. NichollsDavid J. Nicholls...Giant Man (as Dave Nicholls)
Al AshtonAl Ashton...Rome Trainer #1 (as Al Hunter Ashton)
Billy DowdBilly Dowd...Narrator
Ray CallejaRay Calleja...Lucius' Attendant
Giannina FacioGiannina Facio...Maximus' Wife
Giorgio CantariniGiorgio Cantarini...Maximus' Son
Allan CordunerAllan Corduner...Trainer 1 (extended edition) (as Alan Corunder)
Michael MellingerMichael Mellinger...Trainer 2 (extended edition)
Said AmelSaid Amel...Proximo's Man (extended edition)
Adam LevyAdam Levy...Officer 1 (extended edition)
Gilly GilchristGilly Gilchrist...Officer 2 (extended edition)

Gladiator Movie Trailer

Story Of  Gladiator Film

Ridley Scott's Gladiator Movie isn't a perfect movie, I think even the toughest of fans, of which I'm firmly one, know it deep down. Yet just as Commodus is keen to point out in the film that he has other qualities that deserve, so does the Gladiator film. 

Enough to actually make it an enduring favorite of fans of the genre and deserving of the Academy Award acceptance it received.

In terms of narrative, plot and story arc simplicity reigns supreme, something that Scott and Russell Crowe never did. 

Also to my knowledge, there has never been a denial of the gladiator Movie debt to Anthony Mann's 1964 epic, The Fall of the Roman Empire. 

Some people resent this, which is odd because while the producers of Gladiator Movie didn't stand up to being brave enough to declare that they were unique with their film, what they did was bring a static style of film to a new generation of audiences. was rejuvenating. 

And this bloody act, the influence and interest in all things Roman or historically film that followed the success of Gladiator Movie, is for all to see.

What we do in life, echoes in eternity.

So there is no originality in the story. While some of the CGI is hardly "Grade A" stuff, and there's a bit of over-mugging acting in the support ranks, as some of the cast struggles to grasp the necessary period setting, there's still the way Gladiator Movie emotionally. Can feel committed to - the movie overrides the teasing. 

Crow's Maximus is the man who wants to be a man and the man that women want to be with. As he walks through life's pain and emotionally strong trials and tribulations, we are with him every step of the way, urging him to shatter his fate for a day of revenge; Brilliant in every painful frame with Crowe, won the Academy Award for Best Actor that he should have won the previous year for The Insider.

Supporting Crowe is Joaquin Phoenix, who casts Commodus as the villain and Connie Nielsen as Lucilla (pitch Nielsen's turn here against Diane Kruger in Troy to see the class difference for the historical period game). 

Oliver Reid, except mortal coil, but leaving behind a spicy two-fold performance as Proximo Gladiator film Task Master. Ollie is brilliant in both body and CGI spirit. 

Richard Harris is pulling heart strings, Derek Jacobi classy, ​​David Hemmings too, while Djimon Hounsou Juba – Maximus right hand man and confidante – gives the character a level of gravity that is inspiring. I didn't know man could make such things.

The dialogue is literate and poetic, resplendent with iconic speeches. The action is never far away, but never at the expense of human characterization. 

The flaming arrows and bleeding edge of the Germanic conflict kick things off with a pulse-raising clarity, and Scott and his team never flinch from this standard. 

Gladiator Film arena fights are edge-of-seat inducing, a surprising piece of entertainment action sequence construction for the Battle of Carthage. And then the finale, the culmination of the two men's destinies, no soft soap from Scott and Crowe, lands it in heart with a scintillating thunder.

 A great swords and sandals film that carried its helmet to past masters, as well as reinvented the genre. Bravo Maximus Decimus Meridius. 

Fabulous Story! Great writing! Superb acting! Great direction! Great score! This film has it all. I especially enjoyed the mood of the film. 

While there's a lot of action in it, there's a subtle elegance to the picture throughout that gives it a great style. The film flows effortlessly from scene to scene, while simultaneously creating amazing intensity and nail-biting excitement.

The acting in the film lives up to the expectations. Russell Crowe is brilliant in his role as Maximus, the "general who turned slave, who became a gladiator Film, who defied an emperor.

" Crow's intense style is a perfect nod to Maximus' relentless determination and confidence. Joaquin Phoenix is ​​equally amazing in his role as the corrupt Emperor, Commodus. 

He plays a great villain as he is able to give Commodus depth by showing some weak or fragile sides, while at the same time turning the ruthless nature of his unstable character to shine immediately. 

It also helps that Joaquin has a classic Caesar look that works perfectly with his role.

Connie Nielsen is also great as Lucilla. However, perhaps two of the best performances in the film were given by some of the acting stalwarts in supporting roles. Richard Harris and Oliver Reed were exceptional who will be remembered as crowning achievements at the end of their careers. 

Harris was perfect as Marcus Aurelius, the aging Caesar who reflects on his life and wonders how the world will remember him. And Reid, in particular, gave my personal favorite performance in the film as Proximo, the gladiators' trainer. The way he talked about gladiator Film lives, the splendor of Rome and the "adventures of the Coliseum" really added to the excitement and anticipation when watching the film.

Gladiator Film is filled with many memorable moments that will have to be seen more than once to be fully appreciated. The excitement I felt when Rome was shown for the first time in all its wonder and wonder is my favorite scene. 

But the whole movie is early! Hans Zimmer provides the perfect perfect score to capture the various moods in the movie. Ridley Scott sets the perfect tone with his artistic and creative direction. 

I would recommend it to anyone who can stomach chugging intensely and enjoy an epic story for the ages. After Braveheart, this movie is the biggest movie of all time!

I borrowed this movie on DVD, but I wish I had seen it in the theater because it would have been a lot more fun and powerful there. 

Despite this, Gladiator Film is one of the most powerful and moving movies I've ever seen. The plot is so smooth at once, as well as the acting and great musical score. Director Ridley Scott makes every effort to make Gladiator Full Movie an epic, and so does he. 

I have to say that anyone who likes Ridley Scott (I'm sure) should watch this. It's a lot like Ridley's other movies (Black Hawk Down was amazing too). 

If you can stand a little bit - well, well, there's a lot of blood and clots, you should see that. Russell Crowe shows an outstanding performance like none other. I don't think there's a bad movie that's made by Ridley Scott or starring Russell Crowe. 

The fact that the brutal fighting involving innocent slaves in Gladiator movie actually took place in real life centuries ago makes it even more interesting and powerful. Emperor Commodus is actually an evil and life-like villain who shows a lot of his wits in his attempts to take his revenge against Maximus.

Ridley Scott went to several different locations to shoot Gladiator Film to make it look real, and he does. The film is set in Rome, and it looks exactly like that. 

You feel as if you are in the crowd, hearing them cheering on seeing death. 

To some of you, this might sound a bit barbaric, and believe me Gladiator movie is very barbaric and brutal, although it teaches a very strong lesson about what happens when an economy turns violent like Rome Is. Ridley Scott goes to great lengths to make Gladiator Film look real, because even though the characters are fictional, it all actually happened. 

Innocent people had to go through brutal battles while thousands rejoiced either for his death or the death of the enemy. If you were an inexperienced fighter, chances are you would be killed. But the strange thing is that Rome loved it. 

People came from all over to watch these fights and see the blood shed, so you can't blame the characters in Gladiator Full movie for being so sad and sad the whole time. 

Gladiator film itself is very dark. The theme is dark and the ending is dark. There is extreme violence from start to finish (for those action movie watchers, this is a movie for you). But if violence is about you, don't let it happen. 

The special effects make Gladiator film great, but it's the acting and the story that make it great. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to have a good time. Definitely makes you think. ***** Out of *****.

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