Ginger Snaps Movie | Ginger Snaps Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Emily PerkinsEmily Perkins...Brigitte
Katharine IsabelleKatharine Isabelle...Ginger
Kris LemcheKris Lemche...Sam
Mimi RogersMimi Rogers...Pamela
Jesse MossJesse Moss...Jason
Danielle HamptonDanielle Hampton...Trina
John BourgeoisJohn Bourgeois...Henry
Peter KeleghanPeter Keleghan...Mr. Wayne
Christopher RedmanChristopher Redman...Ben
Jimmy MacInnisJimmy MacInnis...Tim
Lindsay LeeseLindsay Leese...Nurse Ferry
Wendii FulfordWendii Fulford...Ms. Sykes
Ann BaggleyAnn Baggley...Mother
Graeme RobertsonGraeme Robertson...Toddler
Maxwell RobertsonMaxwell Robertson...Toddler
Pak-Kwong HoPak-Kwong Ho...Janitor (as Pak-Kong Ho)
Bryon BullyBryon Bully...Hockey Kid
Steven TaylorSteven Taylor...Puppy Kid
Nick NolanNick Nolan...Creature / Gingerwolf
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Crissy CalhounCrissy Calhoun...Horror Film Girl (uncredited)
Joey Paul GowdyJoey Paul Gowdy...Student Blue Backpack (uncredited)
Lucy LawlessLucy Lawless...Announcer on School's PA System (voice) (uncredited)

Ginger Snaps Movie Trailer

Ginger Snaps (2000) - Official Trailer

Ginger Snaps Movie Description

In Ginger Snaps Movie, Somehow I missed catching this almost "underground" flicker, although I mentally logged in to check it out. (Sorry, check 'ot''s Canadian) Addressed that problem yesterday when I picked up the DVD from the $5.95 bargain bin!

I'll keep it simple. This is, if not the best horror Ginger Snaps Movie I have ever seen...very close to it! This is the only horror Ginger Snaps Film that has ever "touched me" emotionally and that is quite extraordinary. 

As a werewolf Ginger Snaps Movie it's simply excellent - blows digitized crap like Underworld out of the water. The film's very budgetary constraints ultimately helped – the director had to rely on old-fashioned "acting" to maintain audience credibility. 

Though Isabelle is the "ginger" of the title and she's great, it's Perkins as Brigitte who commands respect for her effort.

The Fitzgerald sisters find themselves very much on the outside in the school social hierarchy with their fascination for 'staged horror'. 

It isn't until Ginger is bitten by a werewolf, in what is undoubtedly the most graphic and realistic lycanthropic savagery ever... that they are forced even further into social isolation. 

What neither the sisters nor the Ginger Snaps film ever ignore is their bond to their sister, who herself was consumed by the blood-alliance in childhood.

There is nothing predictable or unnatural about this Ginger Snaps Movie, from the script to the camera angles to the heart-wrenching tragedy of Ginger's condition. And that's what makes this Ginger Snaps Movie blow away most other horror movies - it's multi-dimensional with strong characterization.

Mimi Rogers is spot on, too, hitting the right notes in a small part as the girls' mother as a frustrated mother and increasingly unfulfilled wife.

The Ginger Snaps film brilliantly weaves the pain of coming-of-age with the physical change brought on by the lycanthropic condition. Amazing imagery of menstrual blood at critical moments.

Mention should also be made of Chris Lemche's role as Sam, who is the school drudge and their only friend, not that Ginger is of interest. 

Slaterish in a somewhat Christian style, he contributes emphatically to the Ginger Snaps film's success.

Brilliantly handled with both excellent werewolf effects and the saddest of photographic memories....not something one would expect to see in formulaic horror flicks devoted to this subject matter. The very last scene is both moving and inspired.

Obviously I am not alone in this belief. The Ginger Snaps film is one of the highest ranking for its genre. I would personally increase it to 7.5 but that is neither here nor there.

I can't imagine why it got such a limited theatrical release worldwide, but the production teams behind Scream, I Know What You Did..., Cabin Fever, TCM, Dog Soldiers, and myriad other clones must have Must keep a close watch. Find out more how to make (and stage) a scary Ginger Snaps Movie with no money!

I would have thought that $19.95 for the DVD was money well spent!

I'm tired of horror movies. I really am. I don't enjoy most serial killer slasher flicks because they are not my piece of cake. One, they don't scare me. 

Two, the quality of Ginger Snaps Movies has dropped drastically since John Carpenter's "Halloween" and the result is recycled slasher hits and their uncountably many sequels, all replays of the previous one. Three, the whole formula is getting old.

There are bands of teenagers and cult followers who love horror movies. I am not one of those (un)lucky persons. 

I respect well-made modern horror movies, but I yearn for the old days, when there were just blood-'n-guts-type serial killers with unbeatable enemies fighting virgins and non-virgins in terrifying circumstances. Something more happens than in the movies.

Yep, real scary movies are hard to find nowadays, which is why "Ginger Snaps Full Movie" — a modestly sized Canadian werewolf movie — succeeds more than another crude bit-by-a-werewolf-soon-you-are. -A killer-man-beast movie. (Pardon the random and disorganized string of words.)

Werewolf movies are as old as days. Over the years, with unattractive productions such as "The Wolf" (1994), the legend and actual terror of the werewolf has diminished and images of the animal have morphed into some kind of cute, lovable dog figure.

"Ginger Snaps Movie" is one of the darkest werewolf movies, and also one of the most realistic. It follows the story of a teenage girl who receives the mythical powers of the species' hair-raising after being attacked and killed in the Canadian wilderness.

Ginger (Katherine Isabel, who starred in this year's "Freddy vs. Jason") is a happy 16-year-old with a happy social life status. 

So is his 15-year-old sister, Brigitte (Emily Perkins). But one night in the woods outside their home, the two girls are attacked by a vicious beast, and Ginger soon begins to undergo some changes. 

At first it's minor things, like growing hair in weird places. Then there's this weird thing, like the tail growing.

Soon she becomes the "cool girl" of school, hanging out with the right crowd and so on. Her sister is put off by Ginger's new image, and is uncomfortable with the new, brash, quieter Ginger, who no longer hangs out with her sister.

But the changes become too pronounced, and she slowly begins to evolve into a hairy beast that threatens not only Brigitte's life, but those around her, too. Especially when Ginger's bloodlust begins to come to her senses.

I think the key to this Ginger Snaps film is its humble tone. It was a low-budget Canadian werewolf movie -- nothing else -- and it has a simplicity about it. It's somewhat original, even though the actual premise of Werewolves has been used to death over the years.

The unique look at the werewolves makes this a fun Ginger Snaps film. It brings the legend of the mythical beast closer to reality - providing a perspective on what it might actually be like to gain the beast's abilities in today's age. 

Sure, the overall premise may be ridiculous, as werewolves are works of fiction, but if you've ever wanted to know what it might have been like - just for fun - then check it out for a feel-good adventure.

Sisters Ginger and Brigitte are walking in the park when Ginger is attacked by some sort of wolf who leaves her with a severe bite before getting away. 

Already in Ginger's period she is troubled by the various changes in her body but it is clear to Brigitte that the changes in Ginger are more sinister and she tries to find a solution.

Despite the fact that the title is too clever and silly for the film, it declares that it is actually a very strong teen horror. 

Among the usual teen slasher movies, this Ginger Snaps Movie stands out as one that doesn't fall into the usual clichés (either accidentally or intentionally) and focuses on just being a good movie. 

The script cleverly uses the adolescent transformation and the werewolf transformations as one and it totally works very well. Ginger's transition has been gradual and scripted.

The Ginger Snaps film is blood-soaked, but not the kind of gore where teenagers are thrashed to death for the entertainment of the audience. 

Here the Ginger Snaps film builds slowly from the blood to a steady thing but not in a sensational way. When the Ginger Snaps Full Movie comes to a close, it's good not to lose sight of the wolf itself - often the hint of the creature is better than the actual effects, both work here. Overall the cast is good. 

Of course the supporting cast plays the usual teen stereotypes but, unlike others in this genre, they are not just fodder. 

The best playing comes from Isabelle and Perkins—the former in particular gives a really good performance that brings the script to life.

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