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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Dennis QuaidDennis Quaid...Frank Sullivan
Jim CaviezelJim Caviezel...John Sullivan
Shawn DoyleShawn Doyle...Jack Shepard
Elizabeth MitchellElizabeth Mitchell...Julia Sullivan
Andre BraugherAndre Braugher...Satch DeLeon
Noah EmmerichNoah Emmerich...Gordo Hersch
Melissa ErricoMelissa Errico...Samantha Thomas
Daniel HensonDaniel Henson...Johnny Sullivan (6 Years)
Jordan BridgesJordan Bridges...Graham Gibson
Stephen JoffeStephen Joffe...Gordo Hersch (8 Years)
Jack McCormackJack McCormack...Commander O'Connell
Peter MacNeillPeter MacNeill...Butch Foster
Michael CeraMichael Cera...Gordy Jr. (10 Years)
Marin HinkleMarin Hinkle...Sissy Clark
Richard SaliRichard Sali...Chuck Hayes
Nesbitt BlaisdellNesbitt Blaisdell...Fred Shepard
Joan HeneyJoan Heney...Laura Shepard
Jessica MeyerJessica Meyer...Teenage Runaway
Kirsten BishopKirsten Bishop...Carrie Reynolds (as Kirsten Bishopric)
Rocco SistoRocco Sisto...Daryl Adams
Rosemary De AngelisRosemary De Angelis...Mrs. Finelli
Dick CavettDick Cavett...Dick Cavett
Brian GreeneBrian Greene...Brian Greene
Melissa FitzgeraldMelissa Fitzgerald...Linda Hersch
John Di BenedettoJohn Di Benedetto...Con Ed Supervisor
Terry SerpicoTerry Serpico...Con Ed Worker #1
Brian SmyjBrian Smyj...Con Ed Worker #2
Nicole BrierNicole Brier...Stoned Teenage Girl
Brantley BushBrantley Bush...Young Intern
David HubandDavid Huband...Lounge Bartender
Timothy BrownTimothy Brown...Roof Man Billy
Chuck MargiottaChuck Margiotta...Pedestal Man Gino
Karen GlaveKaren Glave...Lanni DeLeon
Frank McAnultyFrank McAnulty...Desk Sergeant
Derek AaslandDerek Aasland...Stoned Man #1
Jim McAleeseJim McAleese...Cozy Bartender
Catherine BurdonCatherine Burdon...Young Woman #1
Jennifer BaxterJennifer Baxter...Young Woman #2
Desmond CampbellDesmond Campbell...Forensic Tech Hector
Danny JohnsonDanny Johnson...Uniformed Cop #1
Colm MagnerColm Magner...Uniformed Cop #2
Brigitte KingsleyBrigitte Kingsley...Bar Waitress
Tucker RobinTucker Robin...Frank Jr.
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Barney ChengBarney Cheng...Barney the Delivery Man (uncredited)
Curt GowdyCurt Gowdy...1969 World Series Announcer (archive sound) (uncredited)
Cleon JonesCleon Jones...Cleon Jones (archive footage) (uncredited)
MetsMets...Mets (archive footage) (uncredited)
Robert NicotraRobert Nicotra...Softball Player (uncredited)
Richard NixonRichard Nixon...Richard Nixon (archive footage) (uncredited)
Nancy E.L. WardNancy E.L. Ward...Nosey Neighbour (uncredited)
Al WeisAl Weis...Al Weis (archive footage) (uncredited)

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Frequency Movie Description

IN Frequency Movie It's 1999. Jim Caviezel plays John Sullivan, a detective whose life is falling apart. Recently separated from his girlfriend, he and his police partner Satch (Andre Braugher) are unable to solve a serial murder case, which has been reopened due to the discovery of the skeletal remains of a previous victim. Is. 

The thirtieth anniversary of the death of his firefighter father (Dennis Quaid) is also approaching. John is beginning to sink into despair.

One night John stumbles upon his father's old ham radio. He tries to start the machine once again. 

When he does and begins a conversation with another operator, however, he learns that the person he is communicating with is his long-dead father. 

Somehow, due to the presence of the Northern Lights, John is able to teleport back in time to 1969 and literally change the course of his existence.

The concept of time travel communication may seem far-fetched to some, and the "Frequency Movie" is sometimes a bit hard to grasp, especially since the Frequency Film doesn't directly state that the father and son interact with each other through time. 

Why are you able to talk with. Despite Frequency Movie, the production operates as a science fiction thriller with supernatural overtones. 

While the filmmakers succeed in producing "Frequency Movie", most viewers may have to leave the argument at the entrance of the theater before seeing it.

"Frequency Movie" is a well-structured motion picture; The Frequency Film is focused throughout. Although its story changes pace in different periods, for the most part viewers can follow along with the characters. 

It is a Frequency Film with a complex and challenging story. Due to the complexity of the Frequency Movie, we are very much involved in it, if a little confused. 

Screenwriter Tobias Emmerich links to original and reimagined material here. Gregory Hoblitt creates just the right amount of action and suspense, combined with tender emotion, to create a Frequency Film the likes of which we haven't seen before.

Dennis Quaid and James Caviezel are perfect choices for the lead characters. The quad performs with intriguing tension and appropriate receptivity. 

Caviezel dazzles with depth and finesse. Offering refined supporting roles are Andre Braugher ("City of Angels", "Get on the Bus") and Noah Emmerich ("The Truman Show") who deliver some light-hearted material as John's best friend. Huh.

Director Gregory Hoblitt ("Fallen," "Primal Fear") vividly executes the themes on screen. The Frequency Film is brimming with ideas and has enough plot for a television series. However, "Frequency Movie" is not without flaws. 

Sullivan's chaotic life is portrayed only vaguely. Although we care for the character, more development would enhance the relationship between him and the audience. 

Some of the make-up effects depicting the age difference were outrageous. Andre Braugher appeared as if his makeup artist was straight out of junior high, applying way too much pancake cream plaster on him. 

The Frequency Film fictional climax ends with a formal battle rather than continuing its battle of wits.

Despite some unacceptable exterior problems, internally it is a very effective production. Overall, "Frequency Movie" has a very comprehensive story and puts interesting characters in fascinating situations. 

The Frequency Film certainly deserves recognition, but don't watch it unless you plan to have a thorough discussion about it later.

Several Frequency Film have deal with changing the past and the ensuing effects on the future. "Back to the Future", "Timecop", and "The Final Countdown" come immediately to mind. 

Director Gregory Hoblit (his "Fallen" (1998)and "Primal Fear" (1996) were both excellent) explores that theme again in "Frequency Movie". But writer Toby Emmerich (in his first writing credit), puts a different spin on the theme. 

In most 'changing the past' Frequency Film, a character goes back in time. In "Frequency Movie", one main character lives in 1999 while another lives in 1969--and you see the actions in 1969 immediately affecting 1999. Sounds confusing, huh? Well, it is. But it works.

The Frequency Movie opens with the introduction of the Sullivan family. Frank (Dennis Quaid) is a heroic New York firefighter, and escapes a harrowing situation to return home to his wife and his 6-year-old son John. 

It's an exciting time in New York, as the 'Miracle Mets' have made the World Series. Frank is a ham radio user, and a strange disturbance in the sky (solar flares, I believe. 

I never took astronomy) in the sky has really increased the range of his radio. "I'm reaching people I've never reached before", he says. 

Flash forward to 1999, when young John has grown up into a 36-year-old NY homicide detective (James Caviezel) with relational problems (and possibly a drinking problem as well). 

We learn his father died several years earlier in a warehouse fire, and it's obvious that John has never really gotten over it. 

He ends up setting up the old ham radio (did I mention that the solar flares are back?), and contacts a fellow New Yorker named Frank. It certainly won't ruin any big surprise when I tell you that it's his father Frank--in 1969. 

After recovering from his astonishment and convincing his father who he really is (his knowledge of the 1969 World Series proves quite helpful), they begin a series of nightly conversations. Unfortunately, their conversations change the past--and the future--in very dangerous ways. 

A serial killer who should only have 3 victims suddenly has more, and John must use his knowledge of the crimes (30 years old to him) to guide his dad in a 1969 pursuit of the killer. And the chase is on. 

Will they stop the killer? Will the solar flares last long enough for them to finish their plan? Will anyone in 1999 or 1969 believe them?

That lengthy 'plot summary' really didn't ruin any of the suspense--or come close to explaining the whole story. 

So, it goes without saying that the story is pretty convoluted and involved. But it's not hard to follow, and the Frequency Movie grabbed me and kept me interested throughout. Granted, you will need to use a serious amount of 'suspension of disbelief'. 

If you get hung up on "there's no way they could be talking to each other" or "changes in the past wouldn't immediately appear in the future--they would have already happened and would have been there all along", you'll do 2 things: (1) you'll give yourself a headache, and (2) you'll miss out on a very entertaining Frequency Film. 

The reason I gave Frequency Movie more stars than last week's "U-571"? I cared about the characters, and I found "Frequency Full Movie
" much more entertaining. 

Also, the story was quite original--with great use of the Miracle Mets and the 1969 World Series throughout.

Speaking of the characters--Quaid and Caviezel both do great work. Their conversations via radio are very touching and authentic (once you accept the general premise, of course). 

Although Quaid is a 'Frequency Movie star', don't let that fool you--he's a very good (and probably underrated) actor. 

Just watch him as Doc Holliday in "Wyatt Earp" (1994), Remy McSwain in "The Big Easy" (1987), or Gordo Cooper in "The Right Stuff" (1983) if you don't believe me. And Caviezel's a real up-and-comer (1998's "The Thin Red Line"). 

He does a great job as a grieving son who is reunited (in a way) with his father, but watches his joy dissipate in the face of the mess he's created. 

He also believably portrays a character who has memories of the way things were, but is now bombarded with 'new' memories of the way things have become. 

The other characters are definitely secondary, but Elizabeth Mitchell as wife/mom Julia, and Andre Braugher (TV's "Homicide", 1998's "City of Angels", and 1989's "Glory") as Frank's policeman friend Satch are both solid.

Frequency Film has some decent action/suspense scenes, and 1999 John's radio conversation with his buddy Gordo (in 1969) is very funny. 

There have certainly been better action/suspense/serial killer Frequency Movie (the action scenes weren't amazing, the story has some holes, and I thought the ending was a little cheesy), but the heart of the Frequency Film is the relationship between Frank and John. 

I bought into that relationship fully, and that's why I liked Frequency Film as much as I did. And that's why I definitely recommend seeing "Frequency Full Movie".

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